Deep Sai

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“She was a beautiful wild storm; not the kind you run from, the kind you can't help but chase.”



Chapter 1-


He was borderline obsessed, but he’d never admit it.


You can see the life in her eyes, a magnetic sparkling blue, like the deep waters of a hidden grotto. She herself, like a mermaid, long blonde hair like a lush summer sunrise, spilling over bronzed shoulders, continuing on downwards and forming a spiral.


She was a goddess, a work of art. Nothing he has drawn could compare to the angles of her face, the playful gleam in her eyes. Her voice exudes nothing but confidence; she means what she says, and she’s not afraid to push your opinions back on you.


She was a force to be reckoned with, and she could see right through him.




Sai was sitting beneath a tree near Training Ground 3, drawing in his sketch pad. He had been thinking of a new jutsu lately, and has been trying to sketch it to perfection. He wasn’t listening as the rest of Team 7 fought each other like wild animals, and he had no intention to. It’s not that he dislikes their fighting techniques, it just wasn’t his style.


While he was more stealthy and prefered to do his missions at a distance, they liked to fight each other up close and personal, and not even he could keep the fake smile on his lips during the sweltering heat that the summer brought upon their village. It was downright miserable.


His heart seemed to stop when he heard her voice. His gaze swept from his drawing to the sound of the noise. She was standing in the open field next to his pink haired teammate, wearing nothing more than a soaked through black training bra and some standard black shorts that reached right above her knees. She was breathtaking.


She knew she was gorgeous, and she knew she could get anyone she wants. He wasn’t really one for playing games, he didn’t honestly know how to play games, but he knew that if he were to give into her, show her the effect that she had on him, she would know she had won, and he didn’t want her to stop looking at him the way that she did.


He stood from his position on the ground and wrapped his supplies up. He walked the distance from the tree to the two females, and as he slowly approached she greeted him, as he knew she would.


“Sai, good afternoon. You’re looking very… hot today.” Ino seemed to purr.


Sai knew what people thought of him. He knew how girls viewed him particularly. He had heard the whispers as he passed in the streets, saying the same name. Always. Sasuke. He knew he had a strong resemblance to the Uchiha, and he had learned, with perked up ears on nights Sakura went a little too far with Sake, how the Yamanaka girl had fancied said Uchiha since her childhood.


He wouldn’t be used as a second hand version of someone’s long term wet dream. He knew she might not think of it that way. She might be completely oblivious to the fact that the only reason she wore barely any clothing, flaunted her body around him, whispering seductively “innocent” words at him, all was because she wanted Sasuke. And he wasn’t having that.


He wanted to make sure that when he took her, and he will take her, she would be begging him for it. She will say his name over and over like a beautiful record player stuck in place, unable to utter a single other word. He looked at the girl


“Good afternoon, Ino. That’s funny, I was just about to say the same about Sakura here.” he looked his teammate up and down, noticing how her mouth had dropped open. “I’m going home to take a cold shower. Tell Kakashi I left?” he looked at the pinkette. She wasn’t saying anything and he didn’t expect her to. He started walking towards the path leading to his apartment, equipment in hand, and as he was out of sight he could hear the two women yelling almost viciously at one another, although he couldn’t make out what they were saying. Sai smiled.




Nights were hell for Sai. He had such intense, sexual dreams. Dreams about her golden hair wrapped up in his fist, holding her tightly against him while he fucked her from behind. Dreams with her calling to him from her bed, eyes glowing from the moonlight, giving her an ethereal, godlike appearance.


He would wake up hard and panting, his hands already moving against the large bulge under his pants before he was even aware of it. Picturing her on her knees in front of him, opening her pale pink lips and licking the tip of him, taking him into her warm, wet mouth. He couldn’t sleep without her appearing, like a midnight succubus for his thoughts alone.


He would draw her how he wished he could see her. With her on her knees in front of him, looking up at him with her lust-filled, sapphire eyes.


He opened his window, thankful for the summer night breeze drifting in, and closed his eyes, breathing deeply. ‘Yes, she is beautiful.’ Sai thought.


‘And she is mine.’


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