My Best Friend's Daughter

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Because if Sasuke couldn’t recognize his own daughter, then there’s no chance in hell that he could recognize Naruto’s--especially when he had hardly ever seen her.

This is probably going to be a multi-chapter story, and it should have a rather interesting concept. So, the usual warnings: this will not contain bashing of Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, etc. This is not a loli story, Himawari is of age in this story. The story will center around Sasuke and Himawari, no other pairings will be focused on aside from mentioning or very small scenes.



His marriage to Sakura had always been a little tenuous.

He loved her, if not as a wife than as a companion and teammate; she was the bearer of his child, the woman that was easily the closest to him, and one of the three people in the world he could say with certainty that he trusted.

That didn’t mean that everything was okay. Sakura was bitter, and that was understandable--she knew why he had to leave for all of those years, but that didn’t mean she was okay with it. More often than naught, he found himself sleeping with her on the opposite side of the bed; she was neutral to him most of the time, and only friendly in front of Naruto or Sarada in order to keep up that facade of a happy marriage.

It didn’t exactly sit well with him, but it wasn’t as if he could do anything; well, he couldn’t do anything that his ever meddlesome pride would allow him to do.

That day in particular had been a grueling one. It had all started with him forgetting to put his dishes in the sink, and it had escalated into an argument that had left Sakura in tears and Sasuke fleeing the house in an attempt to avoid his wife’s wrath--he just hoped that she wouldn’t destroy their home in a fit of rage, because their finances really couldn’t afford that.

He didn’t have many places to go. Naruto would probably kill him if he found out that Sasuke had made his precious ‘Sakura-chan’ cry, and the list of Sasuke’s other friends was pitifully low.

Basically, he wandered the streets until he entered the first place that caught his eye: which just happened to be a bar.

He hadn’t planned on drinking, but the bartender had offered him the first shot on the house--a clear ploy to get him to buy the rest out of his own wallet, though Sasuke wasn’t in his right mind to be fair.

Somewhere between the first dozen and the second dozen, Sasuke had forgotten his wife even existed. What was that stuff? He didn’t recall the name, but it was strong--he wasn’t quite plastered, but he wobbled ever so slightly on the balls of his feet when he stood up, and if he hadn’t been an Uchiha his vision would likely be blurred.

“I’m- I’m leaving,” Sasuke said, and to his credit he did not slur his words. He just sounded like a third grader trying to read a list of synonyms out of a thesaurus.

He walked out, and by some sheer amount of luck he managed to do it with some dignity left.

Sasuke thought he knew where he was going, but really, he didn’t; he walked and walked for quite a while, and eventually he bumped into… someone.

He saw indigo hair, and blue eyes--though his inebriated state prevented him from examining the woman any further. She was rather pretty, he noted, with curves in the right places even if they weren’t particularly pronounced; thin and lithe, flexible like a gymnast, at least he figured. He figured her to be twenty or so… maybe just a tad younger, but he wasn't sure.

“-cle,” the woman said, and she shook him on the shoulder--she was a lot shorter than Sasuke, and he couldn’t help but look down at those big blue eyes in wonder. “What are you doing out here? Oh, jeez.”

“I was walking,” Sasuke said. “Ju- just walking.”

“Uh huh,” she said disapprovingly. “Great--I’d take you home, but I know-” Something captured Sasuke’s attention for a moment, and he did not hear the next few words. “-would get really mad at you; and I don’t even know what Dad would do if I dragged you to our house. Probably get a camera or something.”

She was wearing this very nice, cream colored dress. It wasn’t provocative--but it exuded that ‘sweet’ and ‘innocent’ look, and if she had any idea that Sasuke was looking at her with that kind of hunger, she probably would have turned and ran.

“Come on,” she said, and she grasped his wrist. “I’ll have to get you a hotel room so you can sober up over night.”

“Hotel room,” Sasuke murmured, “yeah, yeah that sounds like exactly what I need.”

Sasuke was complaint, and the girl lead him to the nearest hotel; fortunately, that was only a block or so away. The check-in process went smoothly, though the girl mumbled something about him owing her as she forked over a few bills from a wallet shaped like a toad.

They received their room key, and she lead him right there. Sasuke shrugged off his boots, he tore off his cloak, and he glanced about the room--the girl flicked on the lights, and pointed him to the bed.

Sasuke gave her one last look, and decided one thing. What else would this girl want? She had taken him to a hotel room after all.

He swooped her up, and threw her onto the bed without further ado.

The girl gasped as she landed on it--but he was too fast for her, and by the time she’d begun to get up, he had found his way on top of her.


“Shh,” Sasuke said, and he pressed a finger to her lips. His mind swirled, and some small part of him screamed that this was wrong, that he was cheating on his wife; but the alcohol spoke louder, his lust bellowed at his loins to take her, and Sasuke couldn’t hold himself back.

He hiked up her dress; her panties were a warm yellow, soft to the touch and looking so innocent. Sasuke slipped a hand underneath the front of them, and without interlude, slid two of his fingers into her folds.

The girl jolted--her face twisted up slightly in pain, but there was something else there too. “Wh- what are you doing,” she said, but the resistance had ebbed from her body.

“I need to warm you up,” Sasuke said, “because I want to make sure I don’t hurt you.”

“By d-doing what?” she whispered.

He chuckled in that infinitely sexy way of his, and declined to respond; instead he simply continued to pump his fingers in and out of her. His free hand slipped beneath the top of her dress, beneath the fabric of her bra and to caress those lovely breasts of hers--they weren’t big, not even close, but they were rounded and perky, and Sasuke took great delight in running one of her nipples in between his thumb and finger.

“Oh…” she said. It took a minute, but soon, he felt that familiar wetness around his fingers--it had only been a matter of time. Sasuke was used to this kind of thing: Sakura had always been the type that needed a little ‘extra’ to get aroused, so he’d had to develop techniques to get the juices flowing. “T-that feels really good, erm…” She hesitated for a moment.

“Call me Sasuke,” he said, as he continued to pump his fingers in and out of her.

Again, she hesitated. He leaned forward until their lips were mere inches away from each other.

“I want to hear you say my name,” Sasuke whispered. “I want to see those perfect lips form the word, say the syllables--I want you to know exactly who is going to do these things to you.”

Oh, the implications that would have if Sasuke knew who he was saying these things to.

The girl swallowed.

“Sas-uke,” she said, and there was an emphasis on every bit of the word.

“Good girl,” Sasuke said, and to reward her he added a third finger to her folds. He continued to tease her nipple, to squeeze her breast, to delight in those little whimpers she made as her arousal soaked the hand that he had slid beneath her panties.

Finally, he deemed her ready. Well, maybe not--but at this point, his erection was overwhelming and he couldn’t stop himself. With nimble fingers despite his alcohol-addled state, Sasuke undid his pants; he slid them off, followed by his boxers which he kicked nonchalantly onto the floor.

The girl caught a glimpse of his member, but a glimpse was all she needed. ‘B-big!’ she thought, because that was the best way to describe it--many had wondered why Sakura had chosen to wait for Sasuke for so long, and one of the contributing factors was almost certainly his prestigious size.

He withdrew his hand from her folds, and used his arousal-slick fingers to slide her panties off. “I don’t want you to attract any attention,” Sasuke said, and before she could react he had wadded up her undergarment and shoved the panties into her mouth.

She made a few muffled sounds, but for obvious reasons he could not understand her. Sasuke took a good sniff--her arousal was overwhelming, and he was so hard, so damned hard that even if she wasn’t as into it as she was, he likely wouldn’t have been able to hold himself back.

It was a good thing that this girl wanted him as much as he wanted her then.

Sasuke pressed his length against her entrance, and the poor girl recoiled slightly; he got that sense of deja vu, but Sakura had acted the exact same way the first time they’d had sex. Strange, he thought, but he paid no mind.

It took him a moment to work the head inside of her, but he managed. Her pussy seemed to embrace him, her wet walls working along the sides of his member, the smell of her juices overwhelming. “Fuck,” Sasuke groaned, and without warning he shoved two inches inside of her.

The girl jerked, and if it weren’t for the panties in her mouth she would have alerted everyone at least within a kilometer of them. “Oh kami,” were the only audible words she said, and any sort of coherence was lost as Sasuke forced another two inches inside of her.

“You are way too tight,” Sasuke said matter of factly. “I’m glad to be one of the lucky men to take a pussy like this,” he murmured, though he didn’t know that ‘lucky man’ was a better way to describe his position.

She let out a few muffled groans, and Sasuke almost wished that he actually knew what her name was. Dirty talk was something that Sakura loved especially, so Sasuke had quite the arsenal of things to say--but most of them required something better to call her than ‘girl’ or ‘bitch’. Oh well, it was only a small limiter, and it wasn’t as if she wasn’t receptive enough as it was.

He began to thrust in and out of her, slowly and in a way that belied his lust. The girl was lucky that even Drunk-suke was a patient man, because really, she was so overwhelmingly tight that any other man likely would have hurt her, especially if they had Sasuke’s considerable size.

Her pussy felt… amazing--Sasuke was partial to call it a wonder of the world based on how good it felt. The grip, the tightness, the sheer wetness of it: all of it contributed to an experience that Sasuke sorely hoped he would remember in the morning… well, in that moment at least.

Sasuke pushed her limits a little, and found her able to take his increased pace. Faster and faster, wet slaps echoing throughout the hotel room--her muffled groans simply spurred him on, and Sasuke knew that this girl was the type to cum easy.

All it took was a little nudge of her clit to get the poor girl to hit that plateau, and she came with a fury around his cock. He held her and rode out the wave, still thrusting into her, that new tightness making the experience even better for the Uchiha.

A moment later, she settled down; though that didn’t stop Sasuke. He merely continued to thrust, and he couldn’t help but notice how wonderful her blue eyes looked when they were full of hunger and lust. For such an innocent looking girl, who wore such innocent clothing, Sasuke marveled at how animalistic she could look.

He liked that.

“Fuck,” Sasuke groaned. He tapped her clit again, it was almost like a ‘cum’ button by this point, and she came yet again. This time, it was too much for him.

He buried himself inside of her, and came. She shook, because the feeling of hitting her own orgasm and then that feeling of him cumming inside of her was too much for the poor girl. She seemed to go almost catatonic--yet Sasuke did not spare her any slack, and he continued to thrust even as he hosed down her insides with his hot white cum.

After a minute or so he was spent, and Sasuke fell to her side on the bed. His member slipped out of her with a wet plop, and his seed began to leak down her thigh.

Sasuke yanked the panties out of her mouth, and threw them off of the bed without a care in the world.

“Not bad,” he said.

Then he rolled over, and promptly fell asleep. He wasn’t exactly a lightweight, but after a good amount of shots and a steamy (if a little short) sex session, Sasuke was spent in more ways than one.

The girl panted long after he fell asleep, and couldn’t help but realize just how fucked the whole situation was.

She also couldn’t help but realize just how awesome that night had been.


He woke up to the feeling of a soft body pressed against his.

His first instinct: he and Sakura, somehow, had made up. That was a good thing, he thought, and the first thing he did was wrap an arm around his wife’s waist and kiss her on the cheek--it was lovey dovey, sure, and not really his thing… but he knew that she would appreciate it, and maybe even give him a blowjob as compensation.

The girl jolted slightly, and Sasuke realized that this was not his wife, because his wife’s hair was pink and this girl’s was indigo.

She turned her head toward him.

Blue eyes, indigo hair--and now that he wasn’t nursing anything less than a mild hangover, he could see the whisker marks on her cheeks, and the resemblance to her parents.

“H-hi, Uncle.” Uzumaki Himawari said.

He blinked.

“Oh fuck,” Sasuke murmured.


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