Konohamaru's Luck

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Konohamaru Sarutobi sat on chair grumbling as he signed the paperwork.He reluctantly stood as naruto for the cermony but he also have to act like a hokage for this day.He cursed naruto for throwing away his work on him as he heard the door opening.

The person who entered is hinata uzumaki,the wife of naruto.Even in simple dress her figure is so alluring.He have to admitt that she became a total MILF after marriage.

Hinata looked around saying"Anbu leave us for a moment".Konohamaru got nervous as hinata approached him but was shocked as a pair of lips kissed him saying "Congrats Seventh Hokage".Konohamaru mind shut down as he realised she didnt know that he is not naruto.After the kiss he didnt want to betray his brother so he decided to tell hinata.

Hinatas stood before him saying"i hope you are ready for your gift naruto".Konohamaru sat there in shock and arousal as hinata unbuttoned her shirt as she waved her naked boobs infront of his face.

At this moment he know that he will be in a trip to heaven or down to hell.All his reasonings shut down seeing her boobs infront of him.It was a taboo sight for him as his dick hardened.

Hinata smiled as she zipped his pants only to find a 12 inch cock infront of her.She looked amazed saying"Wow you look bigger than usual naruto.How?".

Konohamaru searched his mind as he said"Well i asked sakura for pills increase my size so that i can pleasure you.Do you like it?".

"I love it husband" hinata said as she licked his dick from top to bottom.Konohamaru moaned as his mentors wife was giving him a blowjob.He had enough as he held hinatas hair and shoved all his length in her throat.

Hinata eyes widened as she choked on her husbands huge cock as he face fucked her.Her eyes rolled as she was not getting enough air.

Seeing her face going pale konohamaru speed up as he cummed inside her throat.Hinata moaned in pleasure as salty cum entered her stomach.She greedily drank it as it tasted intoxicating.

Konohamaru pulled his foot long cock back with a pop sound as hinata gulped the remaining amount saying"i might get addicted to this new taste naruto".

Hinata stood up as she undressed completly standing nude before the person impersonating as her husband.Konohamaru drank in her nude body as it was a sight only for his mentor naruto.

Hinata crawled on the table as she waved her bubly ass saying"Come on naruto fuck your hot wife.It was your fetish right.Fucking me on hokages table".

Konohamaru threw the morals away as he lined up behind her.He pressed forward as he moaned at her tightness.Hinata also moaned as her pussy stretched more than usual as her husband went inside her with his new cock.

Konohamaru stopped as he hit something.He looked down to see all his cock vanished into her pussy hitting the entrance of her womb.He was amazed because of all the women he fucked hinata is the only one to take all his cock inside her completly.No girl in brothels was able to do so.

He slowly went back as he slammed his cock inside her pussy.Hinata moaned happily as narutos cock touched her womb.Never in her life she felt soo full or stretched as now.

She turned back saying"Pound me naruto.Fuck me hard".

Konohamaru smiled as he speed up slamming his hips against her ass.He moaned heavily as her tight pussy walls held his cock as it moved.He grabbed her by hair as he went full on fucking her hardly.

The hokage office was filled with slapping sounds as his balls and hips slammed into hinatas pussy.Hinata was in heaven never in her married life naruto was so rough as now.Combined with his new cock she know that she will break sexually by her own husband.

Hinata body shuddered as shesaid"Iam cumming naruto.Fuck me more.Breed me like a bitch wife.Fuck my slutty pussy more.place a child in my womb again".Konohamaru flipped her  as he sucked on her tits greedily while fucking her pussy.He kissed her on lips as hinata cummed hard on his dick coating his balls heavily.

He lifted her up as he slammed his hips upwards as she clung onto him for dear life.She kissed him as she heard him saying"Sorry hinata-sama but i cant concentrate enough".

Smoke filled hinatas vision as in place of her husband stood konohamaru.She paled as she understood what happened.She just fucked a person other than her husband who was still fucking her.She placed her hands on him saying"stop it konohamaru.Release me".

He smiled as he increased his pace saying"sorry hinata but i cant stop now.Its too late".

Hinata gasped as his dick hit her womb again as she said"stop~ this~this is not ~right.ahhh".Hinata words failed her as her tongue came out in pleasure as he pounded her.Hinata knew that the cock was not her husbands but the pleasure she was getting clouded her mind with lust.

Konohamaru got near as he said"Iam cumming hinata-sama.Take it all".

Hinata eyes widened as she said"no not inside.Please cum outside.Todays not safe iam might get pregnant".

The thought of impregnating her fueled his lust as he pressed his cock against her womb as he unloaded his cum.

Hinatas entire body body shivered as torrents of hot fertile cum blasted into her ovulating womb.She clung onto him as for the next 5 minutes her womb was continuously attacked by fertile cum.Konohamaru placed her on table as he realised what he had done.

He just fucked the wife of the most powerful ninja on planet.He realised how screwed he was but the sight of narutos wife twitching due to his pounding as her pussy dripped with his cum made his cock hard again.A moan was heard as hinata struggled to get up.

Realising that she was about to hit him,he kneeled on ground as he begged saying"Sorry hinata-sama.I cant control it.You are just too sexy.Please i will do anything just dont tell naruto".

Hinata looked at him absent minded as she scooped some of the cum dripping from her pussy and drank it.She gulped the salty cum as she smacked her lips in delight.She put her hands on him saying"Dont worry konohamaru i wont tell him.Because that was a amazing pounding.You made me realise how much of a woman iam.Due to sheer pleasure you gave me i will not punish you".

He was glad beyond belief that he was spared.Hinata looked at his cock as she got near it and sucked the remaining cum off.She looked at it saying "Wow its still hard".

Hinata saw his pleading face but flicked him on face saying"Dont get your hopes high.That was a one time mistake.It will not happen again.Iam married with two children and have a amazing husband.So i hope this incident will remain a secret between us right".

Konohamaru saw her scary face as he nodded as he saw hinata dressing herself.Before she left she kissed him on lips saying"Remember no one must know this".Konohamaru looked at her ass swaying as she left the room.

Konohamaru looked at his hardon as he said "Fuck this i cant continue the job with this condition".As he dressed he thought to himself saying "there is no one time for me after tasting that unattainable forbidden fruit hinata.I will make sure i will fuck that pussy and make it mine one way or another".


Hinata walked towards her house as she placed a hand on her stomach saying"Damn konohamaru.Now i have to take the anti pregnancy pills to make sure iam not pregnant".

Hinata went home not knowing that her entire life will flip over in a few months.





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