The Seductive Red Head

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The Seductive Red Head

            Naruto is sighing, after dealing with Pain after his attack on the Leaf he was tired. More he was having to overwork himself to help repair the village from the attack. Luckily he is being loved by the villagers and treated like one of their own and he is enjoying this. But lately he felt off, like someone was following him through the village and watching his every move. He was sure that it had to be Hinata because he was aware she followed him around the village at great length. But he also knew that she had a crush on him so that was something to consider as well. That is more because she confessed her feelings to him and he honestly was trying to figure out how he felt about her as a person. But he was sure that he was attracted to her in a physical sense but not in the emotional ‘I love you with all my heart and soul’ kind of person.

            Seeing his favorite place he entered the Ramen stand and shouted,

            “Hey old man how are you doing!”

            “Ah, Naruto good to see you how are you doing this fine day!” Ayame came out from the back and smiled seeing her little brother sitting at the booth.

            “Tired from working in the village all day for the most part. Could use some of that heavenly ramen you make.”

            “Hahaha! Righ away! Ayame the Naruto Special.” The woman laughed,

            “Right away dad.” She got her apron on and they began working on Naruto’s order. A super supreme size ramen bowl chucked full of vegetables, meat, and noodles. He drooled at the smell of the heavenly dish and started slurping up the noodles but he tasted something off with the meal. There was the heavenly taste but it felt like something else was in the dish as well.

            “Hey old man did you add something to the ramen?” The man smiled,

            “Don’t worry about it. I got some new spices and wanted to test them out with you before adding it to the other meals.”

            “Oh well it is okay but don’t add it to my ramen next time would ya?” The old man laughed and Ayame giggled,

            “Sure we won’t do that again.”

            Naruto sat there eating his meal until finally finishing it in a matter of minutes before burping loudly and paying for his meal. Upon exiting the restaurant the door signed flipped to close and the old man smirked viciously,

            “Well that went better than I hoped. It would seem he was sharper about the special stuff I put into the ramen.”

            “Sure was boss,” Ayame smiled, “But he didn’t put too much thought into it didn’t he?” The man sighed,

            “Yeah but onto the next faze. Make sure they are unaware with what happened today okay?” The girl saluted and opened the curtain to show a knocked out Ayame and her father Teuichi on the ground.

            Naruto was feeling sluggish, something was off with him and he wasn’t sure what it was. Something about that ramen was sitting well with him and he was growing more concerned. Especially considering he knew that the meal itself was changed up. Maybe they added some kind of sleepy powder to it or something wouldn’t be the first time that happened to him. But he was sure something was happening to him at this point. Upon opening his door and reaching his bedroom he collapsed on the bed unconscious not knowing someone was inside of his apartment.

            “Sorry sochi I couldn’t help myself. Now you are all mine.”

Time Skip (Lemon Coming up don’t like don’t read)

            Naruto woke up, he looked up and saw that he was not in his room or in a place that was familiar to him. He tried to move his arms but saw they were handcuffed to the bedpost. Next he tried to channel the Nine-tails chakra but it too was not working normally and he assumed someone sealed it away from him.

            “Give it up hero your not getting out of that bed.” Turing his head he saw someone standing there and it was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. She had long red hair that ran down her back, violet eyes, large g-cup breasts that defy gravity and had large nipples that stood at attention, wide birthing hips, a red patch above a tight looking pussy, and long creamy legs to compliment her soft looking ass.

            “See something you like big boy?” Naruto blushed,

            “Who the hell are you!”

            “They didn’t tell you did they?” The boy shook his head, she sighed. Figures you trust a drunk and pervert and they can’t even do that job right. “Well how about this, you are my sochi and I’m your Kaa-san.”

            “Mom? Bull shit then where have you been my whole life?”

            “Truth? I don’t know one day I was saving your life from the Nine-tails and the next thing I knew I woke up in an unknown place with Danzo talking about me being the next breeding machine for his army. Didn’t like that idea personally so I quickly put that down and beat him and his cronies back. Eventually I escaped that little shit hole and now I’m standing in front of you. Nice work with Pein by the way it got me all hot and bothered.”

            “Huh but you’re my mother this isn’t right!”

            “Oh but it doesn’t matter sochi, I look at you I see your father but your greater than him especially there.” She pointed down and saw she was staring at his penis. It was rock hard and standing at a proud height of about 12 inches and 5 inches wide. If he was honest it was something he was proud of now but was ashamed of when he was a child because the boys teased him for his big cock.

            “Doesn’t matter you don’t have a choice. You see there are special seals on your body that prevent you from moving around or even moving at all. So sit back and let me enjoy this.”

            Without warning Kushina quickly got on the bed with her head near his crotch and started breathing heavily on it. He felt his cock getting harder and constricting as he desperately wanted to feel her mouth around his cock. But he was fighting his mind to remember this woman gave birth to her and this was wrong in some fashion of incest being frowned upon in society.

            But soon the thoughts were being wiped out when she took the tip into her mouth and soon started sucking on it with her tongue just swirling around it. She heard him moan and knew she was on the right track in breaking him so she dug her tongue down the hole making him nearly buck up but remembering he can’t move. He growled lightly before she took more of his cock into her mouth and started sucking on it more and more as time was going on. Eventually she got the whole thing in her mouth and that was amazing to him. He never thought someone would be able to jam the whole cock into their throat at this point. More importantly, she was fondling his balls with her hand that were cold to touch but making him burn even hotter than before.

            Eventually the pleasure got too much for him and exploded into her mouth and she sucked down every drop of his cum. removing her mouth from his cock she kissed the tip of it and then smiled at Naruto. She moved her breasts over his face and tempted him to move his head so he could suck them. This lead to Naruto seeing her pushing her pussy around his cock and whispering,

            “Your going to enjoy this. Embrace that you are mine and this will get more enjoyable.”

            “Not a chance! Your not going to convince me no matter what!” She frowned slightly but then smiled again.

            “We’ll see about that.” Without warning she slammed down on his cock and started pounding into it. It was huge inside of her, she was sure in a few quick thrusts he would penetrate her womb if she was not careful. But that would be if he was helping so it was not close yet.

            Kushina felt the pleasure going through her body and started by hopping on his lap while having her tits flapping around in her face. She saw that Naruto was watching them with lust and desire and decided to give him a taste of her breasts. She bent down to where his lips could reach them and he started sucking on her left tit. He was surprised she could still produce milk and greedily started drinking it for all it was worth. She smiled and started slamming her hips down even more to try and get him to cum into her at this point but he was not going to do that. He was still fighting her and she was getting frustrated by that.

            This lead to Naruto seeing her showing off her hip movements and the taste of her milk also was convincing him to submit to her. But he was still fighting her bit by bit. Sadly the part of his mind that was rational was losing and it was getting weaker as time was going on.

            Finally Kushina felt her end and finally climaxed on his cock forcing him to moan but he realized he was not feeling his own release yet. He panicked and wondered why while Kushina was catching her breath at this point.

            “You can’t cum unless you submit entirely to me.” She turned away from him and started bouncing on his hips again while having her ass being his only enjoyable view at this point. He really wanted to cum but the idea that he would do it in his own mother was horrifying for him. But he was not sure if he could last much longer because he was feeling the rational part of his mind dying as time was going on.

            Kushina whispered,

            “If you just give in and submit to me I promise to let you go free and even let you cum. Come on you know you want to? Men from all over the world have dreamed of fucking me on this bed and having me fuck them into oblivion and you are still resisting. Come on give in you know you want to.”

            “N-n-n-n-no!” Naruto felt his restraint going and while his brain was still saying no his body and cock were saying “Fuck morals! Just let go and let us bang this hot ass bitch!”

            “Come on Naruto I can feel it, your balls are so heavy, they are big as oranges, and they are getting heavier as time is going on. Your cock is twitching like crazy in me and really wants to let go. Do it Naruto give up and become mine!”

            “Fuck!” Naruto finally felt it, his mind died and he was gone. Kushina looked over her shoulder and saw his mind was blank and that his mind of resistance was gone as well. So removing the seals and turning around she leaned down,

            “Naruto.” The boy stared up at her,

            “Yes love?” Kushina smiled,

            “What is your objective.”

            “Fuck you as much as you want and bring ever lasting pleasure.” Kushina smiled even more. She did it. Her son’s mind was broken and now he was a pure fucking machine. The idea that she was his love was amazing to her and warmed her heart but he was going to do what she wanted from here on out. And if more women joined the party down the line that is fine but she was top woman around her and that is how it is going to stay.

            “Now then my love why don’t we make some changes to your situation.” She undoes his handcuffs and removes the seals on his body to allow him to freely move around. Upon sitting up she smiled at him, “So show me stud what you know about sex.” Kushina turned around and wiggled her ass at him. He didn’t hesitate and quickly mounted her like a stead and started pounding his cock into her wet pussy. There she was moaning from the friction of his cock running against her tightening walls and forcing her to nearly climax after four quick thrusts in a row. This was amazing he easily was controlling the tempo of the sex and it was making her feel like she hit nirvana at this point.

            “Naruto grab my hair and treat me like a bitch.” He grabbed a chunk of her hair and pulled her head back while slamming into her. He then took one of his free hands and smacked her ass causing her to moan from the painful stimulation going through her body. Soon this lead to Naruto pounding into her slapping her ass constantly that finally she screamed,

            “Cumming!” She finished and cummed all over his cock where he then followed in suit and filled her pussy to the brim with his seed. But she was far from done and quickly turned the position around where this time she was in missionary. From there Naruto knew what he was supposed to do and started dropping his hips down on hers making her moan. Pulling his head down she made him suck on her tits and enjoy the milk that was coming from them. From there the pass got faster and harder as time went on and she was loving every minute of their encounter.

            Next they flipped the position into her sitting on his lap while he is pushing up to meet her coming down on her. He was still sucking on her tits and she found it adorable that if she was there for him as a baby this would have been cute but this is more of a turn on for her.

            Soon they reached the fun point in her mind after having his fill of her tits and sitting on the bed Kushina ordered him to fuck her standing and that is what he did. He got underneath her legs and started fucking her in the standing position and leaving her begging for more as time was going on. Her legs were getting numb but she didn’t care because the sexual release she was getting was worth it more than her legs were.

            Finally he finished against the wall where he nearly pushed her through the wall while holding her in mid-air and fucking her in place. The power he was generating in his hips was enough to make her wonder if he would make a hole with him almost adding chakra to the pounding. But he finally climaxed into her and she moaned at being filled up again and released herself on his cock before his cock finally softened up and he removed himself.

            “Sorry my love I can’t go any further.” Kushina kissed his lips,

            “That is fine, we can continue in the morning after your instructions.”

            “Yes ma’am.” He carried her to the bed where he put her on one side of the bed and he laid down on the other. Kushina didn’t like that and ordered,

            “Roll over here so I can sleep on your chest got it?” He nodded his head and quickly rolled his way over to her and laid on his back and started falling asleep as soon as she was comfortable.

            Kushina was thinking of all the fun they were going to have and maybe if she played it right a child might come from this little mix. Luckily, she did know that there were some women in the village that found Naruto sexy and wanted a piece of him including that little Hyuuga girl. She had plans of using her in the future to cover her own track while she is gathering a harem for herself to play with and for her son to bang and wear out when she is not in the mood. On top of that she wanted grandbabies soon so that way she could spoil some children in the near future. But for now she would settle for this and even knew the first person she was going to go find and bring into the fold,

            Miya did say Inoichi isn’t paying attention to her anymore so nothing better to do then bring her in on this deal.

Chapter end

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