Mother Moon

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Times might have been considered harsh but that was just an opinion. The social rules were simple. The fox has the children and the wolf protects his family. Simple as that. But every once in a while there was a fox that didn't want to be mated off. A fox that wanted to make his own destiny. For this story, that fox is named Naruto.

"I won't do it! I refuse!" The male glared at his adoptive parents. He was currently in human form and his fuzzy tail was poofed out and lashing irritatingly behind him. His blue eyes glared at the older males and his arms were crossed over his chest. His orange fox ears were back on his head, mixed in with the bright yellow hair.

Iruka sighed, his own fox ears back as well. "Naruto, please listen. You need to do this. You need someone to take care of you."

Kakashi sighed. "Besides, don't you want children?" His wolf features showed that he was rather exhausted with this conversation. It seemed like they had it every time the mating festival was brought up.

Naruto hissed at them. "I can take care of myself and who even said I want kids?!" And with that he stormed off to his room and slammed the door. The clicking of the lock was soon heard after.

Kakashi raised a brow. "Well that was an interesting result." He gave a half grin that had his mate rolling his eyes.

Iruka just ran a hand through his hair before he went to start dinner. "He just needs time to think about it. Every young fox wants to eventually bare their mate's pups." A sad look passed over his face a for a second before it was gone. "I say we make ramen to cheer little Naruto up.


In a manor across town another fight was happening. Fugaku glared down at his son. "Sasuke. You WILL attend the mating festival in two days. This isn't a choice."

Sasuke merely rolled his eyes and continued watching TV. "What's the point? You already got Itachi and his mate who is now pregnant." His big brother Itachi had mated with the gorgeous golden fox Deidara and they were expecting twins.

Fugaku growled. "I will not have a son that breaks tradition. You are going and that's FINAL." He stormed out of the room and according to the slamming of the front door, out of the house.

A few minutes had passed before the long-haired fox poked his head in. "You know Sasuke. You may like going, un. I didn't want to go either but I'm definitely glad I did now." Deidara put one hand on his belly while smiling.

Itachi soon came into the room as well. "You're a wolf which means that you will need to find someone for your first mating cycle. Otherwise you will be extremely uncomfortable and possibly rather violent due to your increased sex drive that will cause you to lash out at everyone. It may also cause your death because if you ever lash out at me or Deidara I will have to kill you."

Sasuke merely clicked his teeth and curled further into the couch.

Itachi chuckled and stepped in front of Sasuke, blocking the view of the TV. He bent down and poked the younger wolf in the head. "Foolish little brother. You have nothing to fear."

Sasuke frowned and rubbed his head. He was always amazed that Itachi could see through everything. "Yeah? Well what if I don't find the fox I'm destined to be with? What if there is no one out there for me?"

Itachi sighed as Deidara stood next to him. "The Mother Moon would not have forgotten you otouto. Just go and find out for yourself."

The days went by fast and soon it was time for the mating festival. The purpose was to allow wolves and foxes to meet and hopefully marry. Sasuke walked through the crowds, a bored look on his elegant face. His ebony black hair was only a shade darker than his black wolf ears and tail. His body was lean and had a porcelain quality to it. His eyes were currently black but if angry they could turn red. He didn't even notice all the foxes that were looking at him, hoping he'd look their way.

Sasuke's expression only brightened a bit when he saw a familiar wolf. He walked over to the shaggy brunette. "Hey Kiba."

The wolf turned and grinned wide at his elusive friend. "Yo Sasuke! They finally made you attend huh? Well trust me, you'll be glad you did. Look at all the babes!" He gestured to show what he meant. Kiba had shoulder length shaggy brown hair. His ears and tail though were white which definitely made him an eye catcher. He had more of a muscular build than Sasuke and he wore face paint for a reason that Sasuke didn't care enough about to ask.

Sasuke grunted. "Doubt it. You find anyone yet?"

Kiba shrugged. "Sorta. I got my eye on one." He pointed to a redhead. "Never seen a fox like that before."

Sasuke looked over and raised a brow. "...That's because that isn't a fox dumb-ass. It's a raccoon." Kiba looked confused which made Sasuke groan. "You truly never paid attention in history. While the dominants are always wolves, the submissives are channeled through three different species depending on the area. Foxes, Felines, and Raccoons."

Kiba blinked then grinned. "Fuck! I definitely gotta have him now. Whatcha think he's doing in this area anyway?"

The raven grunted. "Probably just visiting. Not many other species stay here." He then watched as Kiba walked over to the red-head. His lips twitched into a smirk when Kiba got punched in the gut by the redheaded raccoon. If he knew his friend like he thought he did, Kiba would be even more determined to have him. Deciding that he should wander around some more Sasuke walked through the crowds. He froze though as a scent suddenly hit him. His eyes closed and he breathed deep.

Where was such a scent coming from? It was intoxicating. He opened his eyes and searched. His eyes locked on a head of bright yellow hair. The smell was coming from that fox. He instinctively knew that this was the fox that Mother Moon had made for him.


Naruto grumbled as he walked through the crowds. He was tan with bright sunshine hair. He had three whisker marks on each cheek and blue eyes that put a summer sky to shame. He didn't like the feeling of being watched, not to mention how noisy it was here. He paused as he suddenly felt a chill go down his spine. His fur stood on end as his senses screamed that a predator was near. His eyes looked through the crowd before stopping. A raven wolf was staring directly at him.

Naruto's eyes widened when he saw the raven smirk. He gulped when the damn wolf licked his lips. Holy shit! A shiver went through him and he tried to deny the pull he felt. He finally was able to shake himself out of the trance he was in and realized that the raven was now directly in front of him. His eyes narrowed into a glare. "What?"

Sasuke smirked. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. What is yours?"

Naruto glared more. "None of your damn business!" He then kicked the wolf in the crotch and ran for it.


Sasuke groaned and fell to his knees. His eyes locked on the retreating figure. He now understood why Kiba really liked the feisty ones. The festival was one week long so Sasuke knew he would see the fox again. When he got home he went straight to his brother's room and knocked. "Itachi. I have to talk to you." When he didn't get an answer he opened the door. He really wished he hadn't. Deidara was sitting on the bed while Itachi knelt over him. The elder wolf's cock was in the fox's mouth. Sasuke was now officially scarred for life.

Itachi was built in a way that couldn't be described. Muscles flowed through him like streams flowed through meadows. He was beautiful there was no denying that. But he was also Sasuke's brother and therefore Sasuke couldn't help but compare himself to the elder male. The comparing didn't take long and considering Sasuke's age he figured he was doing pretty good.

The elder Uchiha glanced over and growled, eyes red. "Close the door Sasuke."

Sasuke quickly did so and retreated to his room to pull his eyeballs out of their sockets.


Meanwhile, Naruto was throwing a fit at his house. "I don't want to go anymore. There was a creepy wolf there who got all in my space."

Kakashi chuckled. "That probably means he likes you. You should go back, get to know him."

Naruto whined and stomped his foot like a child. "But he's creepy! I don't wanna do it!"

Iruka walked in and lovingly rubbed Naruto's ear to calm him. "How about this. You go one more day, with an open mind, and if you still hate it you don't have to go again until next year."

Naruto calmed easily with the rubbings and leaned into the touch. "...I guess that sounds okay."

Iruka nodded, pleased with that answer. "Good. Now, dinner is ready everybody."

The next day Naruto hesitantly wandered around the festival. He still hated the feeling of eyes on him. His ears were back on his head and tail between his legs. He really did not want to be here. He froze when he got a familiar feeling. He looked up and sure enough the raven haired wolf was there smirking at him. He frowned. Maybe he should slap that smirk off his face.

Sasuke confidently walked over to the fox. "Hello again."

Naruto nodded. "Hello...Sasuke."

Sasuke chuckled. "So, do I get to know your name?"

Naruto looked away before he mumbled out, "Naruto Uzumaki." He was kind of hoping the wolf wouldn't hear it.

Sasuke hummed and said it, "Naruto Uzumaki." He tasted the name on his tongue and decided that it pleased him. He then moved a strand of golden hair out of the fox's eyes. "Such beautiful eyes should not be hidden. Not even by hair as lovely as this."

Naruto turned bright red with embarrassment and looked up at him. He literally had no comeback for that. He tensed when he felt fingers brush against his lips and then moved to gently grab his chin. His eyes widened as far as they could go when Sasuke leaned in and very publicly kissed him. It was light yet passionate and it took Naruto's breath away. He vaguely heard cheering around them but he didn't pay attention to it.

When Sasuke finally pulled away he smirked at the dazed look on HIS fox's face. He had just marked him in front of everybody. Now no one would dare try to take Naruto from him. But just to be certain, while the fox was still dazed, he bent down and nuzzled his neck. He took in that delicious intoxicating smell and pressed his body against the smaller one. He was placing his scent on the male. He nuzzled the neck some more before he nipped it. He approved of the small gasp he got as a reaction. He then pulled back and just stared at the other male.

The blond was breathing heavily and when he finally got his senses back he realized that Sasuke had a very possessive look and aura to him. He frowned and his fur puffed out. "You jerk! You just claimed me!"

Sasuke raised one brow. Well this was an interesting reaction. One he did not think would happen. "Of course I did. You are my mate given to me by the Mother Moon. You must sense it as well."

Naruto glared. "All I sense is that you're an asshole! Stay away from me!" He then ran off yet again.

Sasuke grinned. "Sorry but I can't do that, Naruto Uzumaki." He was going to find out about this fox and make him his.

For the rest of the mating ceremony Naruto had locked himself in his room. Finally it was over.

Iruka knocked on the door. "Naruto? You need to come out."

In response Naruto threw a shoe at the door.

Iruka sighed. “Come on. You need to go to the socializing groups and the uke meetings.”

Now, to clarify. Unmated semes and ukes, whether claimed or not, must go to specialized meetings and socialization groups. The meetings were seperated into uke and seme. The socialization groups were just everyone together at the same time. In the meetings they would simply talk among each other about their lives and their wants for the future and stuff. It was simply a way to make sure no one was cooped in up their house all day. The groups were so that everyone could mingle and possible find the one destined for them by Mother Moon.

Naruto sighed and got out of bed. "Okay." At least he'd get to see his friends. He went to his closet and pulled out his clothes. After pulling on his favorite orange shirt he put on a pair of white skinny jeans and his sneakers. Then he did his hair and brushed his teeth before going downstairs. He stopped walking though and scowled at the two white wristbands that sat next to his plate, mocking him. He looked to Kakashi and Iruka.

"What are these doing here?" His beautiful blue eyes narrowed.

Iruka blushed and looked away. Kakashi had no problem answering though. "The Uchihas called. They said that their youngest son had made a public claim on you."

Naruto glared, his tail poofing out and ears back in anger. "I refuse to be claimed by that asshole!"

Iruka looked up now. "Watch your language Naruto. You should never call your seme something as foul as that."

The blond growled but put them on. "He is NOT my seme. I'm not hungry." He took his wallet, shoved it in his pocket, and stormed out of the house.


Sasuke smirked as he got ready for the seme meetings. He had picked out a dark blue shirt with the Uchiha symbol on the back as well as some black jeans that looked amazing on him. He also put on the red wrist bands that showed he was no longer available.

He went downstairs and instead of getting some of the already made breakfast by Deidara he took a tomato out of the fridge and began to eat it like an apple. He grabbed his wallet and headed out. It wasn't a long walk to a building with a sign calling it “Seme Club” and when he got there Kiba was waiting at the gate.

Kiba grinned when he saw the wristbands. "Well you work fast."

Sasuke smirked when he saw no wristbands on his friend's wrists. "And you work slow."

Both wolves headed in and went to take a seat in one of the sitting areas, waiting for other semes to join them.


Naruto had already arrived at the building on the other side of town called “Uke Club”. He hated how the town was so determined to separate the two groups. He looked over when the door opened and grinned at seeing his friend. "Haku! Good to see you man!"

Haku smiled softly as he looked at Naruto. Haku was the most uke person on the planet. He had long hair of black that he always wore down. His face was beautiful, his eyes soft brown, and his body was probably everything a wolf would want.

"Hello Naruto. I see you are claimed." His feline features showed curiosity. His ears were perked and his thin tail was waving slowly behind him.

And now Naruto's smile turned to a frown. "Actually I'm not. Some dick-wad wolf thinks he owns me but doesn't. I'm only wearing these to make Iruka happy."

Haku nodded, smile still in place. He knew all about his friend's dislike of the mating rules. "How are Iruka and Kakashi?"

Naruto turned sad and looked away. "The results came back...Iruka is infertile. He will never have babies."

Haku nodded. "Please tell them I am sorry for their loss."

The fox nodded. His expression turned happy again at seeing a certain redhead. Many people said he was bipolar with the way his mood would change to suddenly. "Gaara! I thought you went back to-"

He was interrupted by Gaara's soft yet commanding voice. "My uncle transferred to teach art the college here so I now live here."

Only mated wolves were allowed to go to college. Yet another reason Naruto hated the system.

He tensed as he was suddenly being hugged by an over-active fox. "Naruto. Get off me before I break your arms."

Naruto quickly let go and took a step back, a guilty look on his face. "Sorry." He scratched the back of his head with a hesitant laugh.

His friend was a raccoon with beautiful green eyes and a subtly aggressive behavior. Pretty much as long as you didn't touch him or piss him off you were safe. He also had no eyebrows which Naruto was always curious about.

"So did you have fun over break?" Break = Mating Season. Naruto said, trying to change the topic.

Gaara scowled. "A wolf came on to me and pissed me off. I punched him in the gut."

Naruto busted out laughing. "I did the same except I kicked the wolf in the nuts." He seemed proud. Which of course he was.

Gaara's green eyes looked at him. "Is he the one who claimed you?"

He sighed. "Yeah. But I won't accept this! Believe it!"


The raven that was being spoken of was sitting calmly in a black lounge chair, ignoring whatever Kiba was rambling about. Well until he heard his name.

"Sasuke! Aren't you even listening to me?" Kiba pouted.

"No, I rarely do." He answered bluntly.

The white eared wolf rolled his eyes. "I said, who did you claim?"

Sasuke chuckled. "A beautiful blond fox with an attitude."

Kiba raised a brow. "And his name?"

Sasuke shook his head. "His name is none of your business. I won't share until he accepts me as his mate."

Shock filled Kiba's expression. "Why wouldn't he accept you?!"

Sasuke smirked. "Why didn't that raccoon accept you?"

Kiba chuckled. "Good comeback."

The door opened and more semes walked in. Unbeknownst to them all, this day was going to be extremely exciting. For everyone.


Okay so I have this chapter the same way I have it on but the next chapters may be put a bit closer together in order to get the proper amount of length in them. I haven't decided yet. Anyway, hope you like the reposting of this story.

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