Toward The Distance

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Kaguya sealed away, the dust settled on the evnts of the 4th Shinobi World War.

But for Naruto, his eyes were still glued on Madara.

His body, it was all the blond haired teen could see, as he walked over after the kage and Hagoromo had vanished. They'd disappeared into golden light, no doubt headed to the Pure Land. Sasuke had been the one to block Kaguya's attack, performing a strange jutsu Naruto had not recognized before dying in his arms. Obito was at Kakashi's side, his conversation with Rin in limbo leaving him hollow.


Strangely drawn to the long haired raven, Naruto quietly stepped over.


A man once considered a god.


Now reduced to a sideshow pawn in a chessgame he was never the king of.


Naruto felt something akin to pity swell up in his chest. But it was soon replaced as he found his hands settled on the man's chest before he saw what he was doing. He was healing the internal wounds, sealing closed the ruptures in the organs and fixing the damage done by the extraction of the beasts and the demonic statue. Madara, after his final conversation with Hashirama, opened his weary eyes to set them on the golden glow of the latest in the life cycle of the desperately loving side of the twin sons of the sage. He reached up, wanting to touch the strands of the sun that shone atop the teen's head. Naruto stared down at him, a determination in his eyes, healing the Uchiha completely. He'd lost Sasuke, the inner workings of his mind refused to lose it's soul's mate a second time.


After the healing had taken full effect, Madara slowly sat up.


"Your crimes were by no means justified, but in truth if not for you the shinobi world would still be at war with each other." Naruto got Madara's attention as he waved a hand toward the survivors of the war from every village, helping each other.


"As long as man exists, there will be war in this world, young one." Madara countered as he felt his lungs fill with air, his body returning to health bit by bit. He stared at Naruto and Naruto stared at him.


"But as long as we exist, we will find a way to bring peace, even if only for a little while. Now stand. Come with me, you must face the concequences for your actions." Naruto's eyes were somehow, different, as were Madara's as the much older male replied.


"Punish me all you the victor go the spoils." He took the glowing hand as it was offered.


"You are more than that, a flowering treasure among the weeds in my eyes."


"Ah ah ah, keep to your current lifestyle, little brother."


"Of course, dattebayo~"


Their eyes regained their normal looks, the current lives returning to conciousness. Naruto shook his head, "I don't know what that was, but I liked it, now come on!"


Madara chuckled, he had no clue what had just happened, but he too could not deny his enjoyment of the event.


When Naruto offered his arm, Madara took it, and they walked together through the mass of shinobi. All around them stared in disbelief, shock and anger radiating through some of them. Kakashi, still recovering from his injuries couldn't comment, but Sakura stormed over to the two of them.


"Naruto! what the hell are you doing?! That's our enemy! why is he even still alive?! What happened to Sasuke-kun! huh?! where is he?!" her shrill screaming could be heard all throughout the camp. Some people poked their heads out of their tents to see if something had happened. Naruto waved her off coldly, escorting Madara to his tent.


She reached over to grab his shoulder and he smacked her hand away. "You dare yell about Sasuke.... yet you did nothing as he was laying there dying except cry! You're a fucking healer for fucks sake! But. it's ok. I lost Sasuke, but I think he already knew what he was going to do before he did it. He hasn't left me completely alone, now if you will excuse me, I have some things I need to discuss with Madara."


Sakura stared at Madara with narrowed eyes. "What is going on?" she hissed with a venom potent enough to rival Orochimaru.


Smirking, Madara leaned down to whisper into her ear, "Sasuke may be gone girl, but I was Sasuke before Sasuke was Sasuke, the life before us was us before we existed as well...." , he left it at that and left her to her confused and disorganized thought process.


Once inside the tent, Naruto powered down and whipped Madara around to face him. "So?" the older man spoke as if he had better things to do than pay attention to the sudden change in atomosphere in the small space.


10,000 years worth of sexual frustation was saturating the very tent and they both knew it. Each life they led they were never allowed to touch,a few kisses here and there, perhaps one smacking the other with his genitals, but that was all there was.


Naruto stalked toward the man old enough to be his great grand father with a deadly gleam in his eyes. Madara nearly purred as the kitsune's tails appeared behind himself, one reaching out to stroke him under the chin lovingly.


"Stop beating around the bush.....Naruto. Fuck me, and I mean now." Madara's voice was filled with authority as he walked closer and putting a hand to Naruto's chest, pushed him back onto the bed. The only things in the tent were a twin sized bed, a table with a medkit on it, and a small chair. Removing his pants with one swift ripping motion, Madara straddled Naruto's lap. He groaned at the feeling of the younger male's cock, just as thick, heavy and hard as Hashirama's had once been, cradling his ass against it.


Naruto didn't have any complaints about that, he reached up to smack both of Madara's ass cheeks with the palms of his hands. "You don't need to tell me twice... though I do love hearing you say it....come on sexy, tell me what you want, or I won't give it to you." he thrust his hips upward just a little bit, the heat of his clothed dick colliding with the now drizzling wettness of the elder's pussy.


"....", Madara said nothing as he reached down to undo the other's pants. Naruto allowed this, watching and listening as his member caressed Madara's asscrack. He even ground himself between the slit, pressing against the backdoor with a sly smirk. Naruto leaned over, making out with Hashititty, sending shivers of pleasure shooting up and down Madara's spine. The kitsune's tongue trailed along the sage markings and over the eyelids, lapping at the mouth as the tongue inside intwined with his own. His free hand pinching and pulling at a hardened nipple on the otherside. Madara's breath hitched as the teen ground harder against him, cock twitching in the sexually charged air.


"Naruto...." the older man groaned, his eyes rolling back into his head with every kiss, suck and caress of the younger man. He wanted him, no he needed him, now. Chuckling softly, the blond removed his mouth from Madara's chest, taking off  the rest of his clothing and his hands returned to kneading and groping Madara's ass. One hand even slipped down between his legs to run over the beautiful pussy that lay trapped between their bodies.


Once again, their eyes changed and the voices speaking were theirs and yet not theirs.


"I've waited this long to make you mine....I can wait a bit longer, elder brother...." the voice teased.


"You will NOT deny me! not tonight... it is the night of the full moon, we can finally mate after all these eons....fuck me! fuck me little brother!!" the other voice was eager and frustrated.


Just as soon as it had happened, the two returned to normal, Madara pouting at the smirk on the younger man's face.


"To think I would ever see the great and powerful Uchiha Madara, sitting against my dick begging to be's almost funny really..." Naruto was still teasing, which enraged the Uchiha to no end. Instead of getting upset however, Madara leaned down into his ear and whispered seductively, his thick, muscular thighs squeezing the teen's hips between them.


"Fuck me...don't stop, don't hold back, fuck me with everything you've got. I want you, I need you, deep inside my pussy...."


He was Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Madara always got what the fuck he wanted, even if it took a few lives to get it done.


Naruto smiled, attacking his lips and neck with biting bruising kisses. Lifting the other up into his arms, Madara helped him in aiming, as Naruto buried his cock as far as it could go into the wet and ready pussy that burned for it. Slamming Madara down onto his dick, Naruto began to thrust almost instinctively, hands gripping and squeezing the other man's thighs. A low moan escaped Madara as he rode Naruto hard and fast, arms wrapping around his neck, claws digging and dragging down his back.  "Harder....! more, deeper, fuck me!!"

Thrust after thrust, Madara bounced on Naruto's thick cock, the blond flipping them over to lay him flat against the bed they lay on. Kissing down his neck, he bit into it while his hips worked overtime, slapping into Madara's harder and harder with every strike. The bed rocked against the tent wall and the floor, Madara's voice grew to a scream as the teen fucked him with the force of a volcanic eruption. "I'm cum...I'm cumming!!"


Sakura was still standing outside, listening and watching through the slit in the tent....


Naruto exploded inside his older lover, cum shooting deep inside the Uchiha's pussy. Kissing him passionately, the blond pulled out fast enough to dip his head down, sealing it over Madara's abused folds, drinking his climax as the raven moaned in pleasure. Rising up Naruto laid back while the other man rode his face. Pussy pressed against eager lips, Naruto devoured Madara's cunt with percision only gained through experience."I'm oh god what you do with your tongue is just...! AH!" Madara came with a keening cry. Naruto swallowed it all down, he obviously had been training with Jiraiya in more than just ninjutsu. The teen's hands once again grabbed handfuls of Madara's ass and squeezed, cum dripping down his chin as the older pulled away, panting.


Sakura could not believe what she had just witnessed, as Naruto laid down on his back and gathered the man into his arms, Madara's face snuggled into his chest. Madara wrapped his arms around Naruto, closing his eyes.


A God now reduced to a mere man of great power


His only home in the world left, inside the arms of the teenager who brought him to his knees.


Time would tell what would become of this....



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