The Epidemic

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Author Notes: Stories involves incest. Story focuses more on Boruto and will spread out to other characters. If you don't like any of this, then please don't read. It's that simple.

Week 1: Discovery

"There she goes again…" Boruto muttered as he looked through his window and saw his mother leaving the house. He looked at the time and it was a quarter past one in the morning. "Same time again…" He muttered and looked back down to see his mother a bit farther away now. "Okaa-san….where are you going?" For the past couple of months, Boruto has noticed his mother leaving in the middle of the night to go somewhere. At first, he thought she was just going out to see his father at work to deliver him food or something. He cursed his father for making his mother to such a thing, especially in the middle of the night. However, that turned out to be false, especially since his father was home tonight.

So, where would she be going? It puzzled Boruto. She would always leave on the same day of every month, at the same time, and not come back until like three hours later. He would also notice how exhausted she would be the next morning. Just, exactly what was she doing? This time, Boruto was determined to find out. He decided to follow her tonight.

He quietly opened his window and jumped out of it. He jumped between buildings as quietly as possible. He would stay far enough away to avoid getting heard by his mother, but not too far that he would lose sight of her. As he followed her, he noticed the direction she was going. It was in the direction of his Grandfather's house. This confused him even more.

He hid in a tree as he saw his mother walk past the gates to the Hyuuga Mansion. He quietly jumped on top of the gate and searched for his mother. He saw her walk down the corridor towards his Grandfather's room. He raised an eyebrow as he tried to figure out what she was doing. He watched her slide open the door and enter it.

Boruto quietly jumped down and quietly sprinted over to the door. He knelt down and leaned his head towards the door to try and hear anything inside.

"I see you two already started…" His eyes widened a little when he heard his mother's voice.

"You took your time, Nee-chan…I couldn't wait anymore…" That was his Aunt's voice and it sounded really different and weird.

"I'm glad you're here though, Hinata…come…come and join your sister…" He heard his Grandfather tell his mother. This was just confusing. What was going on in there?

"Yes, Otou-san…" His mother responded, almost obediently.

"…what is going on in there?" Boruto whispered. He reached for the door to slide it open a little, but realized that they would probably notice him if he did that. So, he took a few steps away from the door and knelt in front of the paper screen. Taking a kunai from his pocket, he carefully cut a hole through the paper screen and moved it quietly around to make the hole a bit bigger to peek through. When the hole was big enough, he put the kunai away and looked through it. He immediately placed a hand to his mouth and his eyes widened at the sight he saw. '….what the…this can't be happening…what is this...?'

Inside the room, his Grandfather was on his feet, head tilted back and mouth slightly a gape, and both his mother and aunt kneeling down in front of him, liking his genitalia. Boruto was too shocked to move from his spot. His mother was cheating on his father with her own father. Why was this happening? How did this happen? He never expected his mother to do something like this. He always saw her as an angel who would do anything for her family. She was so kind, so pure of heart that this was the last thing he expected from her.

"Oh Kami-sama..." His Grandfather moaned as both of his daughters licked around his penis and even flicked their tongues on his mushroom shaped tip. They worked his glands like pros, covering his penis with their saliva. Both girls moaned in unison, showing that they were enjoying this as much as he was. Hanabi was already undressed and fully naked while Hinata was still in her clothes. "I love this time of the month…to spend such quality time with my two beautiful daughters…"

"Me too…Otou-san…" Hanabi moaned in response, licking up and down the side of his cock. Hinata moaned as well, going down his length and then flicking her tongue against his balls.

"That's it…such good girls...your performing the Hyuuga Ritual as well as always…" He told them, taking his hands and placing them on their heads, moving along with them.

'H-Hyuuga…ritual…w-what the hell is that…?' Boruto wondered. Was that why his mother was doing this? Some sort of ritual in her family that involves sexual acts between her, her sister and father? Has she been doing this all this time, even when he was younger? This ritual…just what kind of ritual was this?

Hinata and Hanabi continued their oral performance on their fathers dick. Every inch of it was coated with the mixture of their saliva. Hiashi moaned and looked down at his two daughters. He smiled at them and motioned with his hands to pull them away from his penis.

"Hinata, start getting undressed…while Hanabi, you can start suckling on it." He told the girls and they nodded.

"Yes, Otou-san…" They both said in unison. Hinata stood up and began undressing. Boruto eyes widened as he watched his own mother strip in the middle of the room. Hanabi moved closer to her father's cock and flicked her tongue at the tip before opening her mouth and went down on him. Hiashi groaned as he felt his younger daughter's warm mouth envelope his penis. Hanabi bobbed her head on her father's dick taking most of it in her mouth. She would flick her tongue at the tip when she reached the apex before going down and trailing her tongue down the side of his length. Hiashi would groan and moan along with her movements. How he loved getting a blow job from his daughter.

Hinata on the other hand, removed her skirt and stood in the room with her white lacy bra and panties. Her father looked over at her and stared in awe at how beautiful she looked. He watched her unclasp her bra and letting the garment fall to the floor, revealing her gorgeous large breasts. Her perky nipped twitched from the contact of the cool air. Hiashi couldn't help get aroused even more at the sight of his oldest daughter's breasts as Hanabi groaned a bit, feeling his penis grow an inch or two in her mouth. However, that didn't deter her as she continued to move her head on his penis. She felt his erection twitch several times, figuring Hinata was now removing her panties, making their father even hornier.

Indeed she was as she slid her white panties down her legs and stepping out of them. Boruto's eyes widened as he just saw his own mother strip completely and stood in the room in all her naked glory. It was an unbelievable sight to him. One that he made sure to memorize and forever keep in his mind, despite how wrong it was. However, from what he was seeing happening right now, it wasn't as bad as he thought it may have been. He shook his head slightly. What was he thinking? It was wrong. He shouldn't be thinking of his mother like this or spying on her. Yet, it was her fault. She was the one cheating and committing incest. Maybe, it wasn't his fault he was thinking about her this way. Everything he has seen and thought about was a result of his mother committing both adultery and incest. It was her fault he was having these thoughts…wasn't it?

"Come here…" Boruto turned his head back to the hole as his mother sway her hips towards her father. Hiashi placed a hand behind her and gave her butt cheek a squeeze. She moaned from his action and then began to rub her butt cheek in small circles. Hanabi continued her blow job, placing her hands on his thighs to help keep her balanced. While Hinata placed her hands on her father's shoulders to keep her steady while he kneaded her ass cheek.

Boruto could only stare and watch in fascination as the bulge in his crotch was begging to be attended to, but he couldn't move nor figure out what he should do since he was experiencing his first ever boner. So, he dealt with the tightness and pain and just continued to observe the incestuous being committed just on the other side of the paper screen.

Hiashi moved his fingers before inserting one in between her ass cheeks, making her squeal in surprise. He was now moving his finger in and out of her ass, while placing his other hand on his younger daughter's head, helping her move faster.

"Ahhh...Otou-san...not there...ahhh..." Boruto heard his mother make a sound he never heard come from her before. It strangely sounded, angelic to him He actually wanted to her her make that sound again. When she did, he felt his bulge throb in excitement. He suddenly found his new favorite sound and he desperately wanted to hear it over and over again.

He was granted his wish as Hinata continuously let out that same sound every time her father's finger thrust inside her anal cavity. "That's it Hinata...Hanabi...moan for me..." He told his daughters and they obliged. He then removed his finger from in between her butt cheeks and pulled her face towards him before kissing his daughter. They both moaned against each others lips while Hanabi continued her fellatio, increasing her speed when Hiashi moved her head faster. He broke the kiss and groaned as he felt his first orgasm of the night approach. "That's it Hanabi...I'm gonna cum..." He told her as Hinata quickly knelt down next to her sister.

"Hanabi...I want to taste it too." She told him as Hanabi opened one eye to look at her, but didn't stop bobbing her head. She pouted at her sister's non verbal response. Hiashi groaned as his release was quickly approaching.

"Ahhh! I'm cumming!" He shouted and released his semen into his daughter's mouth. He pushed her head down his length and kept her in place as he unloaded streams of his semen down her throat and in her mouth. She did her best to swallow everything, but it was proving to be too much and she forced her head up and removing his throbbing penis from her mouth. Hinata quickly took over, placing her mouth over the head and taking in the remaining semen. Some managed to spray itself on her face and chest, but she didn't care as she loved tasting her father's semen.

Hanabi swallowed the remaining semen in her mouth and then looked over at her sister and pouted. She felt frustrated that she was unable to take in all of their father's sperm, but let it go as she knew there will be more times for her to try again. Hiashi's penis eventually stopped throbbing as the last of his bursts ended. He groaned as he pulled his penis away from Hinata's mouth and looked down at her. Hinata swallowed whatever was left in her mouth and then looked back up at her father with lustful eyes.

"You taste good as always, Otou-san..." He smiled and ran a hand through her hair.

"Thank you...but it's only possible because of how well you two do. I knew with enough practice you will get used to it." They both nodded as Boruto felt his body shake a little. His pants developed a wet spot located in the area of his bulge as he felt an incredible feeling erupt from within his body. He experienced his first ever orgasm and managed to stain both his boxers and pants. His first ever orgasm felt euphoric. Why didn't someone tell him something this amazing existed?

He had his eyes closed and clenched his fists against his pants during his orgasm, which left him unaware of what was happening inside the room. Hinata laid down on the floor and spread her legs open as she revealed her soaking wet cunt to her father. "Otou-san...I want it..." She pleaded with him. The sound of her voice alerted Boruto and he opened his eyes to see his Grandfather making his way in between her open legs and aligning his penis with her opening.

"As you wish...Hinata..." Her father smiled warmly at her before pushing his erection inside her. Hinata let out a loud moan as her father's penis entered inside her. Boruto's eyes widened. His Grandfather was officially having sex with his mother and she sounded like she was really enjoying it. He wasn't sure exactly what they were doing, but he knew this was not something either of them should be doing with the other.

"Ahhh...Otou-san...I missed having you inside me..." She moaned loudly.

"Me feel so warm and wet..." Hiashi groaned, feeling her walls clench around his penis. He then started to move, thrusting himself in and out of his daughter. Hanabi watched next to them, pleasuring her own pussy with her fingers. Hinata moaned in pleasure as her father's cock went in and out with strong thrusts that hit her sensitive spot each and every time. He hit her cervix with every one of his thrusts and it led to a spine tingling sensation that felt amazing.

Her breasts bounced in the same rhythmic movement as his thrusts. Their flesh smacked against each other, causing a resonating sound to echo throughout the room and into Boruto's ears. His penis was once again erect as his mother and Grandfather were having incestuous intercourse with one another. He heard about sex, but didn't care enough to learn more about it's purpose and or how it was done. All he knew was that it was something done by two people who loved each other, making him to believe it was only done by husbands and wife. Yet, that was not what he was seeing. This was his mother and her own father having sex. Never did he think he would see something like this.

"Ahhh...faster Otou-san..." Hinata pleaded and he happily obliged, moving faster inside her. Hanabi was tired of pleasuring herself so she crawled over to her sister and quickly latched onto one of her swaying breasts and started sucking on them. Hinata screamed in delight. The pleasure was intensified by her sister's actions. Hiashi smiled warmly at their bonding. This was exactly the reason for the secret ritual. To bond with one another and join together as a real family. He looked over at Hanabi's ass and reached his hand out to thrust his fingers inside her wet cunt. Hanabi let go for a moment to let out a moan.

"Ahhh...Otou-san...keep doing that..." She moaned in approval and then quickly went back to sucking on her older sister's breasts.

Boruto felt his bulge tighten against his pants again, throbbing along with each of his Grandfather's thrusts. This was an unbelievable sight. One he should feel grossed out about, but he couldn't take his eyes off of them and was actually enjoying it.

Hiashi took his other hand and reached for his daughter's free breast and gave it a squeeze, pinching her nipple in between his fingers. Hinata was overcome with all the pleasure the two of them were giving her. She couldn't help tilt her head back and moan in pleasure. Boruto felt his heart skip a beat when she did this. He was incredibly lucky that she had her eyes closed otherwise there was ever a chance she would discover him through the hole he made. However, she quickly turn her head away. Hinata opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling, feeling her father's hot cock inside her, filling her up entirely. Something she would admit her husband wasn't able to do right at the get go.

" feel so good...I'm gonna cum..." Hiashi told her as she lifted her head slightly to look up at him.

"Me too..." She replied back as he smiled at her. He smiled back at her and took his hands to grab her by the waist and slightly lift her ass up and then continued to pound inside her. Hinata screamed again, turning her head to watch her younger sister continue to suck and flick her tongue across her breast. Hanabi looked right back at her sister and gave her a wry smile before going back to focus on ravishing her breast.

Hiashi grunted and sped up. He could feel his release coming and it showed in his movements and the way his penis throbbed inside her. "Ahhh...Hinata...did you remember...the pills..." Hiashi asked her.

"Y-Yes...I took it before coming here..." She replied back. "So...go ahead...cum inside me..."

"As you wish..." He nodded and focused mainly on his thrusts and release.

When Boruto heard this, he questioned what pills she was talking about. He never saw her take any pills, nor did he she any pill bottles anywhere in the bathroom. Just what were these pills?

"Ahhh...Otou-san...I'm cumming!" Her scream snapped him away from his thoughts as he own penis started throbbing itself. His Grandfather suddenly began to thrust harder and faster, leading some to become more erratic.

"Hinata...Hinata...I'm cumming!" Boruto knew what was coming, so he expected his grandfather to do what he did before and let both of them drink the white fluid again. However, he was shocked when he saw him thrust one last time, deep inside her, and both letting out loud screams. Hanabi let go of her breast with a pop and looked down to see her father's penis throb and release his semen inside his sister. She had a look of lust in her eyes, wanting the same exact thing, feeling jealous of her older sister, but knew she was going to get the same thing soon.

Hiashi groaned as he filled his daughter up completely. He could only do this when his daughters take a special pill made by the Hyuuga clan that prevented the chance of giving birth far more better than the average birth control pill. One would say it would be wise to sell the product, but they didn't want to give away their special ritual that would possibly create a huge scandal and who knows what else. So, they kept it a secret from everybody and none of them regretted it. This was a special ritual for their bloodline, their family name and they planned to keep it that way.

"Ahhh...Otou-san...your hot filling me up...I love you Otou-san..." Hinata cried out, feeling her insides get coated by his sperm.

"Me too..." Hiashi replied back to her. Hiashi groaned as the last of his cum came out. Both of them started to pant as he slipped himself out of her, watching as some of his semen leaked out of her entrance. He smiled and then leaned down towards her, planting a kiss on her mouth. They both moaned in delight.

Boruto shuddered once again as he had his second orgasm, one that was more powerful and stronger than his first. The stain became bigger and he panted, feeling hot. He didn't know what to do in this situation, so he just tried to catch his breath and wait until the pleasure and his erection settle down. However, the individuals in the room were not going to give him that. He looked through the hole again and saw his Aunt kissed his Grandfather and then lower his body to the floor.

"My turn, Otou-san..." She smirked as she rubbed his penis to get him hard again.

"Of course..." He told her as he became rock hard again. She smiled seductively and aligned her entrance to the tip of his penis. Once it was centered, she dropped down at him, letting out a loud groan as her father's penis entered inside her.

"Ahhhh...Otou-san's feels so big..." She moaned and then started lifting her hips up. She quickly went back down, placing her hands on his chest to balance herself, and began riding him. Hiashi looked up at his youngest daughter and smiled at her, moving his hands to squeeze her breasts. "Ahhh...yes...keeping doing that...ahhh!" She moaned, entering a euphoric state that she never wanted to leave.

Boruto was almost at his limit. He couldn't believe they were going at it again. He felt his bulge grown again, but it wasn't as strong as the other two. 'How could they keep going?' He wondered as he watched his Aunt's ass move up and down on his Grandfather's penis. He then saw movement in the corner of his eye and saw his mother sitting up and then crawling over to the two. Hiashi saw his daughter and smiled at her. Hinata crawled over to his head and placed her core over his face and then went down. She moaned as her father started licking her pussy.

"Ahhh...Otou-san..." She moaned, placing her own hands on his chest. She squirmed as her father's tongue was working magic on her sensitive vagina. Hanabi was lost in the pleasure of having his cock inside that she didn't care what her sister was doing.

'What the hell...this body feels so hot...?' Boruto was so confused by his emotions, the only thing he could do is continue to watch. Both sister's opened their eyes to look at each other and then leaned forward, kissing one another, moaning into each others mouths. This action caused Hiashi's penis to get harder. While Boruto's bulge strengthened, almost as if it was given a dose of adrenaline the moment his mother and aunt began kissing each other. ''Damn it...'

The trio continued their movements until they all released their orgasms. Hinata and Hanabi remained locked together through their lips as their orgasms coursed through their body. Hiashi came inside Hanabi, filling her up with his white semen and drank Hinata's vaginal secretion as it sprayed down to his waiting mouth. The three shuddered and squirmed as they held onto each other, giving into their orgasms. This was the ritual Hiashi loved. The bonding between each other through sexual intercourse.

Boruto groaned as his third orgasm erupted, leaving a large stain all over his pants and boxers, making his crotch feel wet, hot and sticky. He couldn't believe everything he saw. This was one of the most thrilling and hot nights he ever had. When his orgasm died down, he looked through the hole again and saw that they seemed to be going straight into another round. He couldn't handle another, so he barely was able to stand up as his knees felt incredibly weak and ready to collapsed at any moment. He did drop to one knee, but luckily for him, it didn't alert anyone in the room. Once he gently hit his legs a couple of times to get blood running through them, he exited the Hyuuga Clan Mansion and headed home.


Once he got home, Boruto immediately took off his pants and boxers and looked at the damage. They were getting dry, but he could see some of the sticky substance still on his clothing. He knew he couldn't let his mother or anyone else find them like this. He went to the bathroom to clean up and then got into his pajamas. Taking his stained clothing, he left his house and found some random dumpster and tossed his clothes in them. He sighed and frowned as he thought back to what happened tonight.

'Damn...Okaa-san...why...why are you doing this...? What is this ritual? Have you been doing this every month?' All these questions and he could never get an answer unless he asked her himself. That was something he did not want to do. However, he wanted to know. He wanted to know if there was a way to find out. He sighed and went home.

When he got there, he laid on his bed and looked up at the ceiling. He was barely able to get any sleep and when he looked at the time, it was almost six in the morning. He got up and went to his window and his eyes widened slightly as he saw his mother returning. She looked exhausted,sweaty and there was a certain glow to her.

He clicked his tongue in annoyance. He knew what she was doing. Now, he needed to figure out what he can do about it.

To Be Continued...

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