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Naruko sighed, shifting her gaze to her right to her two new teammates. 'Great' She thought, stuck with a doormat and a raving fan girl, what kind of team is this. She couldnt believe she had been stuck with the two grils she would have rather stayed as far as possible from, she could handle it, but that didnt mean she had to like it. Then there was her sensei, a woman she had never even seen around the village, taking in her apperance, Naruko had to say she was a little disgusted she didnt expect to have a.... whore as a teacher. The clothing that the purple haired woman chose couldnt have been worse, a tight mesh shirt, see through baring her ridiculously large breast to whoever happened to glance her way. A short skirt, that Naruko was pretty sure wouldnt cover much if the woman so much as leaned back. Looking closer, she could see a small glint of mettalic on each of the womans nipples, scoffing at the thought of her having pierced the pink nubs. Her eyes moved up slowly, before piercing blue eyes met brown, seeing the smirk on her sensei's face, no doubt watching as Naruko inspected her body.

"Now, how about something to get to know each other" Anko smiled, looking at her cute little genin's. She would have to thank the Hokage later, he had given her such perfect little girls to corrupt for the sake of the village. "I know, how about we tell each other our favorite kinks." She said with a sinister smile, feeling it grow as all three girls blushed deep red. 

"Y-you perv! what do you mean share our kinks! we've never even had sex!"  Naruko shouted, turning away, not even able to look in the womans direction, her face burning hotter than she had ever felt. She felt something bump into her, turning to see Hinata slumped over, having fainted from the question. Then much to her surprise, a small voice from Ino sounded out before her sensei could say anything.

"W-well, ive always wanted to try s-sucking a guy off." Ino almost whispered, staring at the ground as she told her teacher her answer. She had never been shy, always flaunting her body in the academy, so she figured she had no reason to hide from the woman getting ready to teach her. She nearly jumped as an arm wrapped around her, bringing her face into the valley of the older womans breast, and to no one's surprised this action confirmed Naruko's early discovery, the woman's nipples were definitley pierced. She was glad none of her friends were around to see this, she didnt want anyone getting the wrong idea about her, but she found herself slowly leaning into the woman's touch the longer she felt herself between the bountiful breasts. 

"Yay! atleast on of my pretty little students isnt scared to speak her mind!" Anko yelled excitedly, holding the girl in a death grip. This was perfect, once one answered the rest would soon follow, and then making them into the Leaf's ninja whores would be easy. She had to say that the Hokage knew what he was doing when he chose ger for the job. Although thinking back, picking her for this job while she gagged on his cock probably made it a lot easier on his part. That reminded her she needed to pay him a visit to say her thanks for finally giving her a team, maybe an all night fuck session would be in order. A dreamy smile spread across her face, a small trail of blood leaking from her nose before she shook her head of the thoughts. "Good one blondie #1, now how about the little loud mouth over there. Tell us yours while we wait for your shy friend to wake up." She said, eyeing the downed Hyuga intently.

Naruko rolled her eyes, pushing the raven haired girls head off of her, hearing her hit the ground with a thud, like she said a total doormat. Finally she turned her attention to her teacher, the woman still clutching the blushing Yamanaka tightly. She sighed, supposing there was no way out of this, so looking up with intense eyes she swallowed her prize. "I... I don't know about kinks, but ive been swinging for the same team since i could remember." She said, looking away, never noticing Anko's eyes widening, her grin turning more evil. The purple haired babe let go of the young heiress finally, before slithering her way to Naruko. She used the girls lack of awareness to her advantage, grabbing her and pinning her to the ground, faces inches apart. 

"Ohoho, little Naruko Uzumaki likes girls does she." Anko slowly moved her face closer, her perfume wafting into the small girls mouth, causing her blush to brighten. Large breasts pressed against her own budding one's, the girl shivering slightly in pleasure. She moaned, feeling the woman's wet tongue slide across her lips, before pulling away. "We can explore that another time." Anko said with a wink, hopping off the girl drawing a groan of dissaproval from Naruko, already wanting to feel the older woman ravish her young body. She felt a tingle in her crotch, one she knew she would be taking care of in her bed tonight, mind filled with images of the snake mistress, pleasing her in ways she could never imagine. 

Ankos's eyes rested on the prone form of the last member of her team, having been inspecting the girl the whole time, she just needed to know what was hidden under that jacket of hers. Grabbing the girl, rolling her over so her chest pointed up, her hands found the zipper, tugging it roughly. Her eyes nearly grew to the size of dinner plates at the sight, she knew the girl was hiding something, but this was almost insane. Two milky breasts spilled out, unimpeded by a bra or even a shirt beneath the girls hoodie. Anko squealed like a school girl, hands grabbing at the two mounds as she felt the unconcious girls, feeling her up in her vunerable state. "Oh my god! who knew the little mouse was packing." She cried, the two young blonde's unsure what to do as their teacher sexually assaulted their team mate. 'The enemies of the village have no idea just how lucky they are to get to play with a girl like this' The puplette thought, finally releasing the hold on her students tits, not bothering to cover her up, instead lightly slapping her face. "Come on sleeping beauty, time to wake up." She said.

Hinata's eyes fluttered open, staring into the face of her sensei, that was before she felt a breeze slide across her chest. her eyes snapped down, she cried out, quickly covering her chest from the others, hiding her face in embarassment. She couldnt believe they had seen her chest, she couldnt stand having the massive breasts, feeling like a cow everytime she saw them in the open. Not to mention the stares she got in her own compound, she didnt think she had the heart to walk around in public with them on display. 

"Well, now that that's out of the way, lets get on to your genin test." Anko said, raising a hand as the girls tried to protest. "Ah, ah ah, no back talk, either stay quiet or i'll fail you imediatley." She watched each girls mouth snap close, smiling at their obedience, that would be useful later. "Now let me tell you about our little squad, welcom little girlies to the newly reinstated kuinoichi seduction squad." She said, watching as the girls paled. "Now im sure you get from the name your job no? Of course you will nedd training, and thats where i come in, Anko Mitirashi, village whore." She said triumphantly, not noticing the girls expression of fear and disgust. "Now as for your test, lets make it interesting, the three of you have to lose your virginities by tomorrow."

"W-what, our virginities?" Ino asked, eyes tearing up at the thought. She had to have sex to become a ninja? her dad hadn't prepared her for something like this.

"You can't make us do that, you have no right" Naruko shouted, there was no way she was going to go fuck some guy just to be a ninja, the old man wouldnt ever make her do something like that.

The girls looked at the woman, who just smiled "Sorry girls, Hokage's orders." She said, standing up to leave. The girls knew what that meant, the leader of the village had made the test, and their was no way around it. Naruko watched as the two girls next to her cried, their sensei already leaving the clearing they had been sitting in.

Naruko sighed once again, this day couldnt get any worse, but as she stood she figured it could have been. She could not even have a chance at being a ninja, failing again and having to repeat. So with a determined look she clap her hands together, gaining the attention of her teammates, each looking at her with now red eyes. "W-well you know just as well as me that if the Hokage ordered it, then we have to do it, so no point in setting it off." Naruko's eyes slitted in determination, fire returning to them. "Besides, its not like we have to be alone, we can all do it together, it shouldnt be as scary, plus i'd rather see girls naked than guys anyways." She said, trying to get the girls to agree, hoping to atleast having something to look at while they did the deed. "I know the perfect guy, theres no way he would say no to us." She said, already grimacing at her choice.

"So let me get this straight, you three need to lose your virginities tonight to pass your sensei's test, and you want me to do it?" Kiba asked, looking at the three in front of him, Naruko standing in front of the other two, who hid behind him. This had to be a joke, the three hottest chicks in his class wanted him to fuck them? They had no choice either, if they wanted to be ninja they had to have sex, and he was getting all three. His nose bled lightly, this was a dream come true. "A-and you arent fucking with me are you?"

"For the last time no! Its serious Kiba, now do you want to do it or not!" Naruko was beyond annoyed, she practically hands the mutt three girls on a silver platter and he questions it, she had half a mind to leave. "Or would you rather us go to someone else." she said, watching the boy splutter at the thought.

"What! no way, i'll fuck all three of you, come on in." he said hurridley, opening the door for them." He watched each walk pass, checking them out on the way in. He would have to thank god for letting something like this fall into his lap, three girls were giving themselves to him willingly? What did he do to deserve this. Deciding to test his luck, his hand shot out as Ino stepped past, grabbing a hand full of the girls ass through her skirt. His cock twitched as his hand sank into the soft skin, the girl only squeaking, but making no move to stop him, man was he going to have fun tonight. He shut the door, loocking it as he followed them into the living room, leading them to the couch. He sat down in the middle, Ino and Hinata taking a seat on either side of him. 

Naruko looked at them, noting there was no space left for her to sit, that was until Kiba patted his lap, a lustful grin on his face. She rolled her eyes, groaning as she turned, the short shorts that made up half of her outfit riding up, showing off half of each cheek. She heard Kiba moan as her ass landed on him, already feeling his hardened member dig into her. She shifted from side to side trying to get comfortable, causing him to wrap his arms around her, hands resting on her pert breasts. "God i can't believe im doing this" she said, feeling him grope her chest.

"Oh come on, no point in waiting, lets get started huh?" Kiba said, smirking as his hand moved from her breast onto Ino's thigh, rubbing slowly, sliding her skirt up. Oh! i have an idea, why dont you guys strip for me, ive always wanted a private show" He said huskily, pushing Naruko off of his lap, he laughed as she rolled her eyes, waving at the other girls to stand up.

"Fine, whatever Kiba, just don't let this go to your head. Well, let's get started then." Naruko said, starting to sway her hips, the two next to her following suit. Kiba sat excitedly, pulling off his shorts, leaving him in a pair of boxers. He swore his cock had never been this hard, watching the three girls begin to remove their clothes piece by piece.

His first treat was watching as Ino bent over, slowly pulling her skirt down, revealing a black G-string that rode up between the pale cheeks of her ass, the thin fabric not enough to cover her lips or the small pucker of her ass. HIs eyes shifted to Hinata, nearly cumming in his pants as she revealed her massive DD-cup breasts, each jiggling with any movement, the tiny pink nipples that capped them looking so enticing. Finally, the main bitch he wanted to shut up, stripped of all her clothes, pussy dripping as she displayed her neatly trimmed patch of hair above it. Naruko, the annoying pest that never stopped getting on his nerves in the academy. He swore this had to be a dream, the three bombshells giving up their pussies to him, for free, all because of their sensei. He had to find that woman and thank her himself, and maybe if she made them do something like this, she was just as wild herself. He took in the sight of the three, naked and waiting, obviously wanting the boys next order, this was perfect, not only were they willing, but they wanted him to order them around, now it was the perfect situation. "I want you three to crawl on your hands and knees, and undress me yourselves." He said, watching them drop eagerly, they were just like his mom described weak women, bitches ready to be taken by an alpha. He couldnt hold back the slight laugh as he looked at them, three heads now positioned between his legs, he felt a hand grip his boxers, pulling them down until they fell to his ankles, watching them stare at his cock in awe. 

The first to react was Ino, her smooth hand coming to grip his shaft, feeling the warmth as he fell back on the coach moaning. He wasn't huge by any means, sitting at a comfortable 5 and a half inches, but for girls who hadnt done anything like this, it was a little intimidating. He nearly went crosseyed as she went a step further, the blonde wrapping her pink lips around the head, suckling on it." F-fuck Ino, thats good" He moaned, his hand coming to rest on her head, lettting her play with the tip before he made her take more. He looked at the other two, both watching the girl work, "What are you idiots doing, my balls need some attention to." he nearly snarled at their inaction, his clan instincts starting to take hold. The two seemed to snap to attention, before both heads dipped below the one working his cock, two mouths latching onto one nut each. Now he decided to work Ino, fist  clenching in her hair as he shoved her down, feeling her throat give way as a strangled moan vibrated around him. Fuck she was tight, the wet walls clamping down with each gag, feeling her choke on him as her friends worked his sac, unaffected by the girls current situation. He used her hair like reins, moving her up and down his shaft, feeling the suction of her throat as it moved in and out, barely giving her anytime to breathe throught her nose. He sighed as he held her down, hilted inside, as saliva from her mouth dripped onto her friends faces, each working furiously, never dropping the cum tanks from their mouths. Deciding it was time to move on, he yanked the girl off, throwing her to the side as he stood, the two girls working his balls trying to follow. "Alright you little sluts, line up with your asses in the air, i need some pussy." He said on a commanding voice, watching them scramble to the ground. he smiled as he watched them line up, ass cheek to ass cheek, each pussy, tight and pink ready for him to use. He watched them lower their chests to the ground, Hinatas udders squishing under her weight as she pinned them between her and the floor, each in a position of submission by Inuzaka standards, bot that they knew.

Kiba stepped behind Hinata, hands grabbing the creamy white skin, spreading the cheeks before giving each a slap, watching them turn a satisfying red. He had always had a kind of crush on her, pining for her affection in the academy, and now here she was, bare assed and ready to take his cock. He slapped her ass with his dick, before rubbing the tip against her slit before lining it up, He moaned as he began to sink in, the tight warmth engulfing him, he stopped as he came to a barrier, giving her ass a slap before jerking his hips, pushing through her hymen like it was nothing. he ignored the feeling of her blood running down his sac, and the whimpers from her mouth as he started pounding into her, stretching her cunt for the first time. His hands reached under her, lifting her slightly to play with her tits, pinching her nipples as he fucked her. he felt like he was claiming a bitch, beating his hips against hers. The other girls squirmed, watching him take Hinata making them want him more, each shaking their ass trying to get his attention. Their pussies dripped to the floor, forming wet spots beneath each, both wanting nothing more than to be taken and fucked into the floor. "Ugh... Kiba i-its so good" Hinata whimpered, feeling a cock for the first time, her mind was in pieces, unsure of what to do as each stroke brought her closer to her end. She nearly cried out as he pulled out, looking back to see him scoot over to Ino, moving her panties to the side before plunging in immediatley, the girls face contorting into pure pleasure.

Kiba had thought Hinata was tight, but Ino's slimmer body outdid it by a mile. The pussy clamped down on him, trying to suck him in, he had to take a minute as he bottomed out, resting inside of her, savoring the feeling of a fresh cunt. The muscles jumped around him, as the girl below moaned like a whore, he could imagine her in a brothel in some other country, just a quick fuck for civllians and shinobi alike. He began to move, the girl almost curling in on herself in pleasure. He knew deep down it would be easy to break her, make her his and keep her, but when he thought about it, if their sensei was making them do this, then she would probably do things like this on missions. Kiba didnt mind having a girl with a healthy sex drive, but having a girl that was being whored out by the village was off the table. Clearing his head of more serious thoughts, he focused on the feeling of his cock in the tight hole, nuts beating into her thighs as he slid in and out, her pussy drooling as he pumped her. He could feel himself getting close, but he reserved that honor for Naruko, his thinking being since she tried to ruin his life in school, why not try and end her career with a kid. He smiled at the thought, not knowing it was common in their new line of work. he slowly pulled out of ino, slapping her ass once more as she collapsed, hips moving like they were riding and invisible cock. 

Finally he came to the last hole he needed to break in, looking down at the tanned ass of the one girl he hated most. He leaned his face close, deciding to give her a mark any inuzaka who fucked her in the future would recognize, biting into her ass, making his mark on the blonde haired skank. There was no hesitation as his cock entered, breaking her hymen and going at it with her like there was no tomorrow. His hands grabbed a handful of hair, making her arch her back as he rode her, his pelvis slapping into her ass, juices from her pussy forming strings that attached the two at the hips. He was so close, so close to getting revenge and he was going to take it, feeling his balls tighten as he pushed into her, pinning her beneath him as he began firing his load. Spurt after spurt entered her, the feeling of it splashing into her cervix driving her wild. She could hear him moaning, feeling accomplished she made him cum, shivering as he filled her, her sex addled brain not registering the implications. 

Kiba fell back on the couch, snapping his fingers to get the newly inducted bitches attention. "Come on you whores, my dick wont clean itself." he said, watching as they shakily crawled to him, tongues licking their combined juices, lapping them up eagerly. he heard the door open, watching as his mom walked in, looking over the scene before ruffling his hair.

"Have a good night Kiba" She said, before walking into her room, no doubt tired from work,

Kiba looked down, smiling at the girls fighting over his cum covered cock, trying to get as much as they could in their mouths. He took his phone, taking pictures as they blew him, smiling at the new black mail material he had. This wasnt the last time he would have them one their knees for him, not by a long shot.


Thats the end of the first chapter, sorry to anyone waiting for a chapter from my other story Shota CRA, i was getting a little tired of the less graphic sex scenes and didnt know where to take it. But if you all like this one, i'd be happy to continue, not that im abandoning the other one, just needed to write something to get through this rut.

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