The Price of Success

BY : Shortcake
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Author's note: This story will make more sense if read following "Teach Me" by MLWood It's such an inspiring story that I've decided to take it up and run with it. More chapters to come, with Sakura and her friends.

Sakura and Anko spent the next 2 hours refining their characters and outfitting themselves with appropriate weapons. Sakura had a number of excellent poisons on hand – paralyzing, sleeping, neurotoxins, and more. Anko helped her disguise them as cosmetics and helped the younger kunoichi choose various hairpins and jewelry to wield them with. Once they had their bags packed and outfits laid out, Anko wiped a bead of sweat from her brow and allowed her thoughts to turn to more carnal matters. “Let’s take a bath. God only knows when we’ll get another one.” Sakura blushed lightly as the older kunoichi took her by the hand leading her into the bathroom with the oversized tub.

“Well, I… I guess that is a good idea. You know, to unwind a bit.” She bit her lower lip nervously as she bent and drew the bath. She didn’t know why she felt so uncertain; she’d seen Anko at the bathhouse before. She turned around to see Anko fully naked, her remaining clothes discarded in the corner. Sakura gasped at the sight of the well endowed kunoichi before her. Anko’s curvy figure belied her strong muscles and gravity had not yet affected her ample bosom. She blushed a deep red.

Anko smiled deviously at the blushing, pink-haired young woman. “You’re wearing too many clothes.” The raven-haired beauty reached forward and boldly unzipped Sakura’s short red dress. Her other hand reached around the back of Sakura’s neck as she leaned in, kissing her full on the mouth. Sakura moaned softly, relishing the feel of Anko’s strong feminine hands on her body. Tentatively, her own hands found Anko’s waist. As the kiss deepened, Sakura slid her left hand up cautiously exploring Anko’s breast.

Anko broke the kiss briefly as she liberated Sakura from her dress. “Turn around.” Sakura complied, her voice faltering “I… I’ve never… you know… with a woman.” Anko smiled as the young kunoichi stood compliantly for her, allowing her to quickly remove her pants and underthings. “Then it’s high time you learned, princess. Get in.”

Sakura found herself seated in the tub between Anko’s thighs with her back against the slightly taller woman’s chest. Her hands naturally stroked Anko’s long, smooth legs as Anko leaned in, lightly kissing Sakura’s neck and shoulders. Sakura sighed, “Oh… I had no idea.” Anko replied between her ministrations, “The night is young, Sakura. I intend to spoil you completely.”

Sakura felt gentle hands caressing her pert breasts; her nipples firm and erect in response. Words failed the young woman completely as she moaned softly, “Oh… Anko…” Anko’s hand made its way down Sakura’s sculpted abs and moved to the mound of pink curls between her thighs, “Do as I say, princess, and you will be rewarded. I have a low tolerance for disobedience. Is that clear?” Sakura replied hesitantly, “Y-yes, Anko.” Anko pinched Sakura’s nipple and twisted it firmly, “That’s ‘yes, mistress.’”  her voice suddenly harsh.

“Yes, mistress!” Sakura gasped at the sudden pain which left as quickly as it came, replaced by Anko’s soothing tones, “That’s much better, princess.” She caressed the swollen nipple tenderly, cooing with more kisses on Sakura’s neck. Sakura breathed deeply and relaxed her head to the side, her hands still moving slowly up and down Anko’s lean, shapely legs. The raven-haired kunoichi grinned wickedly, “Now, do NOT cum until I give you permission. Understand?” Sakura replied promptly, “Yes, mistress.”


Anko began playing Sakura with the skill of a maestro. With one hand caressing her breast, the other explored the young woman’s hot sex. Fingers slid up and down her folds, teasing at the bundle of nerves in her now swollen clitoris. Eventually, the fingers settled into a rhythmic pattern of swirls, pushes, and pulls that turned Sakura into a moaning, highly excited mess. “Now remember, princess, not yet.” Anko cautioned her. “Y-y-yes, mistress.” Sakura stammered. Kami she was so close, how would she ever hold back long enough? “Please… please, mistress…” 

Anko continued to play with the pink haired pussy. “Oh, are you having trouble, my dear princess?” She taunted. “Y-yes, mistress!” Sakura was tensing her muscles, desperately holding back. Anko leered at the sight of Sakura’s excited erotic body, wet with the bath water and responding to her every touch and word. “Then beg.” She said simply.

Sakura complied utterly, “Oh, please, mistress! Please! Please fuck me! Please let me cum!” Anko smiled and slowed her hand a bit, leaving the young woman hanging, “oh, but cum in the bathwater would be so dirty. Do you want to be a dirty girl for me princess?” Sakura moaned in anguish at the slower pace. This was practically torture but it felt so amazing. “Yes! Yes! Mistress! Make me your dirty girl, please! Please make me cum in the bathwater! Please! Please mistress!”

Anko smiled mischievously, keeping the young woman at the edge, “What will you do for me, princess?” she teased mercilessly. Sakura felt as though insanity would take her at any moment, “Anything you say, mistress! I’ll do anything you say! Please… OH FUCK ME! Oh! Please let me cum! Let your fucking dirty princess cum in the bath!” Anko took a moment longer, delighting in the young woman’s words and desperate voice. She sighed, “Very well then, cum now.” She pressed hard on Sakura’s clit in time with her words. Sakura’s entire body clenched with climax as she screamed, “YES MISTRESS! OOOH!” Her body shook as the mind-numbing orgasm consumed her and she gasped for breath. Anko continued stroking Sakura’s clit, “That’s it, you dirty little princess. Keep coming until you are spent.” Sakura found herself unable to speak; only moans and screams came from her lips as her body convulsed in her lover’s grasp for several minutes. Finally, sensing the young kunoichi on the verge of total collapse, Anko released her hold, moving her hand to her own swollen clitoris. She came in just a few strokes adding her own juices to the bathwater.

Anko massaged Sakura’s shoulders gently as they basked in the afterglow. The younger woman slowly regained her composure and turned her head to kiss Anko fully on the mouth. “Thank you. That was incredible.” She exclaimed as she leaned on Anko’s shoulder.

Anko grinned naughtily, “and after this bath, we’ll have Kiba hard as a rock all day tomorrow. Let’s get some sleep.”

Five am came all too soon. “Why the hell did Neji want us dressed like this? Who ever came up with these outfits knew nothing about traveling in comfort.” Sakura complained bitterly as she struggled to breathe. “The fuck if I know, princess. These dresses are not exactly my idea of a good time either.” Anko scowled in agreement. Just then Neji arrived, followed immediately by Shino and Kiba.

“Because you’re playing a part and you will speak like the ladies you are pretending to be.” Neji stiffly quipped.

Kiba sniffed the air and his eyes widened. “Well, it seems that girl’s sleepover was a fun party.”

Sakura shrugged, “Just a bunch of girl talk.” Kiba breathed deeply, “Talk. Yeah, right.”

Unable to resist the opportunity, Anko chimed in, “Some of us know how to show a girl a good time.” As she elbowed Kiba with a wicked grin.

Neji was not amused. “I’m sure you must be talking about the backstory you two wrote. Let’s move out and you can bring us all up to date. Kiba, you and your nose take the lead. Shino, cover our backs.”

The two shinobi nodded as they formed up and headed out of the village just as the first rays of morning sun broke the horizon. Kiba sighed, “gonna be a long day.” “Indeed.” Shino agreed.

They finally made camp for the evening as the sun was low in the sky. They set up camp quickly and ate without much discussion, each of the ninja reflecting in their own thoughts.

“Well, Kiba, you have first watch, Shino second, and I’ll take third.” Neji announced with his usual confidence. His voice faltered slightly, “Uh… Sakura… you will sleep with me so that we continue our appearance of being married.” He blushed slightly, clearly somewhat nervous about the proposition.

Sakura smiled, “As you wish, dear husband.” Anko and Kiba both snickered at her reply. Shino slowly shook his head, his hand covering his face.

Neji decreed, “Yes, well. That is all.” He glared at Anko, “And that is enough.”

“Hardass.” Anko murmured under her breath. Still she laid out her bedroll, tired from the day’s journey. Shino laid down as well as Kiba took up his post.

Sakura laid out a bedroll for her and Neji having quickly changed into a much more comfortable and appropriately modest nightgown. Neji sighed and laid next to the beautiful woman. “Goodnight.” He grumbled stiffly as he turned to the side. “Goodnight dear.” Sakura cooed gently as she spooned against the reserved and proper Hyuga. Third watch would be the perfect opportunity for her to complete her ‘mission’ from Kakashi. She could hardly wait.

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