Naruto the Kami of Lust

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Additional Warnings This story contains generous amounts fo lemon including Oral, Anal, HJ, BJ some bits of Yuri with Fingering, Fisting and some Toy usage. This series will sometimes occasionally use GB and some Body Modification/Ehancement cia the use of chakra it will also occasionaly have some Inc as well now with all of that out of the way let the story commence!

 Chapter One:Kurema

It was a warm sunny day in the Village Hidden in the Leaves, the sun was shining brightly greeting the village like na old friend its golden aura resembled the aura of the village's residential Jinjuriki Naruto Uzumaki. This bright radiant orb of light was hidden somewhat under a barrier fo clods as it overhung a cerulean curtain that matched the azure eyes fo the yellow haired hero. Blue birds were chirping a merry tune as they were perched in thier lofty branches in the forest sureeound the village corridors giving off an aura of peacefulness during what was known as the Era of Peace.

All was calm in the village itself the denizens were whistling a merry tune as they went about their routine of repairing the village seeing as how it had taken heavy damage during the Foruth Great Shinobi War. The village had recovered rather rapidly due to the efforts of the yellow haired hero and his comrades helping to repair three sections of the village faster than had been intended to be repaired these three were the Residential District where our heroic yellow haired shinobi called his home, the Commerical District allowing the cilage working class inculding its denizens to shop again and the Diplomatic District whrere the Hokage Tower resided.

Seeing as how the Residential District was on the western side of the village this is where our story begins it is here where our heroic blonde shinobi sttles in quite nicely as the Kami of Lust. Nestled deep within the heart of the Residential District is the home of the Uzumaki unlike the otherhouses in the district which were apartments this spacious home was built solely to house four indiciduals whom were the members fo the clan they are Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage his wife Kushina the matriarch of the clan and their two children Naruto and Karin.

Upon entering the house one would see the den area which included a rather comfortable leather couch with two recliners a bear skin rug on the floor and a fireplace to keep the clan warm and toasty during those cold winter nights. Next is the dining area with carious appliances setting neatly on the tiled counter with a stove and a fully stocked refridgerator. Walking down the hallway one could see that there were pictures of the clan hanging along the wall in a rather symettrical fashion there were three bedrooms one for Minato and Kushina and the other two were for thier two children with two bathrooms for every member of the clan to takea shower individually.

Currently our heroic yellow haired shinoib was in his bedroom more spefically lying on his king sized bed that was big enough for three people to rest upon he was wearing his normal outifit, a black and orange colored jumpsuit with the mesh amror underneath his soul pircing azure eyes were staring up at the celing he was rather bored seeing that the Fifth Hokage had giiven him the day off. Our heroic yellow haired male had grown into quite the handsome young teenager muscles rippled his body from all the training he had done with his fellow comrades of Squad Seven Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha however he wasn't without his fair share of scares that marred the sun tanned flesh underneath the orange and dark jumpsuit as calloused hands lied flat on the king sized bed as he let out a short sigh not knowing what to do on his day off.

Suddenly the yellow haired male could hear the low docile tones of his Tailed Beast Kuream whispering inot his ear the heated breath tickling against his earlobe caused him to shiver a little bit as the yellow haired male wondered as to what the fox demon was going to say. 'Listen kit I know you're bored why don't you have a little fun with me for a while.' Curios as to what the Tailed Beast was talking about the yellow haired male replies with a curious puzzled look on his face. "What are you talking about Nine Tails?" Kurema smirked bearing fangs causing the yeloow haired hero to shiver a little bit sending goose bums up and down his body as the fox demon had a rather perverted smirk on its visage.

It had been seventeen years ago that the Nine Tails had attacked the village as it had been extracted from Kushina by the Masked Man after she had given birth to the yellow and crimson haired children. The Masked Man was quite surprised that Kushina didn't die after the Tailed Beast had been extracted from her seeingthat her life span and life force was rather strong it was this that kept her alvie all these years allowing her to raise both of her children. After engaging with the beast in a rather intense struggle to recature it with efforts of the Fourth Hokage and his predessor Hizuren Sarutobi the Third Hokage Minato was able to recapture the beast using the Reaper Death Seal to split the beast in two sealing the one half into hsi daughter and the other half into his son however the effect fo the Reaper Death Seal resulting in the death of the weilder.

Kushina was aware of this fact using her left over life force she had brought her husband back to life leaving jsut a sliver for herself the duo were able to raise their two children Kushina retured from her lfie as a kunoichi to take care fo the two children while Minato stayed as Hokage ruling the village with a stern yet gentle fist until his retirement this was where Tsuande of the Senju came in to take his place as the Fifth ruling as Hokage jsut waiting for the day that his son would take over seeing as this was dream ever since he was a little child.

There was a slight problem though Naruto was a wonderful candidate to become the Seventh Hokage seeing as how his squad leader had been the Sixth after the incident with Danzo and the Five Kage his father Minato had taught his son rather well in politics and eloquencey making him a excellent speaker not to mention the elder had seen jsut how well his son had handled the last war single handedly turning the tide for the Allied Shinobi Forces to gain e upper hand against the aggressors of the war the only problem being was that the blonde had too much built up tension this the elder blonde though would make his son a little bit of a short fuse with a hot temper something that Minat feared that Naruto had inherited from Kushina seeing as her nickname was the Red Hot Habenero after all.

Minato had sought help from the Nine Tails seeking ansolution to help his younger son quell his firey temper which would match a rather impressive Katon blaze thus the Tailed Beast decided to help the elder yellow haired male while Naruto was resting in the bed his azure eyes were begining to grow heavy until he could see a puff of smoke appearing out of nowhere causing the blonde haired shinobi's soul pircing azure eyes to flicker wide as he could see a rather impressive sight which was a fest for the eyes causing those azure eeys to open widely as he feasted upon the sight that was before him as a ravishing cromson haired female was sitting on the bed next to him wearing only just a night gown that matched her crimson locks.

Naruto couldn't help but stare at the crimson haired beauty his azure eyes locked on to her soft supple sun tanned felsh thsoe rather impressive breasts alogn with rather impressive sized nipples causing the yellow haired shinoib to lick his plae lips as his mouth was watering as his azure eyes trailed down to her flattened toned stomach to her slender waist then his azure eyes scanned futher downwards seeing her wide curvaceous hips along with her heavenly long legs accompained by a rather plump heart shaped ass cheeks causing him to smirk as he watches the crimson haired beauty hsi calloused hands move over to her soft supple flesh causing the crmson haired female to blush a little bit however the blonde was rather curios as to why the crimson haired female had appeared on his bed.

"Kurema is that you how did you get out of all the seals the Minato-san had put up and why are you a girl?" Narutowondered while stratching the flesh behind his neck whihc was a tell tale sign to his curiosity yet the crimson ahired beauty was rather quick to inform him as she leaned forward to reach his ear making her breasts more prominant causing the blodne to smirk as his azure eyes begins to darken a little bit as she whispered inot the blodne's ear her breath was husky and heated causing Naruto to blush a little bit as she explained the whole thing to him. "Isn't it obicious Naruto-san I'm here to help you release that built up tension now just sit back and relax and let me do all of the work." Naruto nodded as he lied back into the king sized bed as the crimson haired female went to her work.

Kurema smiled as she engaged in a hot steamy kiss with the blonde haired shinobi as her tounge lapped at his lower lip as he let out a tender moan of pleasure as Kurema slipped her cute pink tounge into the blodne's mouth wrapping around his tounge in a battle for supremacy. In the end Naruto was victorious as his tounge slipped into Kurema's warm wet mouth causing her to maon in pleasure as his tougne snaked around every nook and cranny of her warm wet mouth causing her to blush and shudder in delight as the duo break off the kiss leaving a trail of saliva as the crimson ahired beauty begins to strip the bldone of all of his garments starting with his shirt making sure to remove the mesh armor leaving only his orange and dark colored boxer briefs.

"Alright kit lets see what you're packing." Kurema licked her lips as she yanked on the orange and dark trimmed boxers with her teeth using her fox fangs then without warning something rather impressive smacked her chin causing her to gasp in  surprise Kurema had let free Naruto's big bar like eleven inch cock seeing as how the Uzumaki males have rather impressive members causing her to smirk as she licked her lips as the crimson haired beauty removed herslef of the crimson colored night gown from her body revealing her beautiful body as she went to work pleasing the bldone male by light stroking his big bar like cock using her soft supple moisturized hand however the crimson haired beauty had a bit of trouble wrapping her hand around the base of the bldone's cock causing him to smirk.

"What's the matter Kurema-chan can't get a good grip on my cock?" Naruto inquired teasingly as he watching the crimson haired beauty as she was strokign on his cock as he could see that his cock tip was bubbling pre cum as he begins to lightly lose control of his sanity as the crimson haired female begins to tease him a little bit futher by using her cute pink tounge to lick the blodne's big bar like cock causing him to maon louder and more sensually as he lightly stroked her crims locks his innocent side was slowly fading away as he firmly grips her by her crimson locks pulling her up to hsi eye leve Kurema could see that he was giving in to his lust as shelocked eyes with him as he lets out a loud animalistic growl as he lets out a commanding tone. "Stop teasing me slutty kitsune and get to sucking!"

Hearing this Kurema engulfed the blonde's cock with one swift motion casuign him to moan in pleasure as he bit his lower lip as Kurema could feel the tip of his cock entering the back of her throat causing it to open wide causign her to smile as her throat invited his cock inside rather eagerly as she begins to bob her head alogn the length of the bldone's cock causing him to maon out loudly and lewdly which was music to the crimson haired female's ears as she continues to bob her headwhile her saliva was coating around his cock as the blodne haired shinboi buckles his hips causing a couple more inches fo his cock to enter her throat more and more causing him to bit his lower lip as he praised the crimson haired female for just how skillful she is. "Ahhh fuck by Kami Kurema-chanboth your mouth and throat feel so good wrapped around my cock!"

Kurema showed off a little bit of skill by maoning loudly and lewdly around the bldone haired shinobi's hard throbbing cock causing him to maon in pleasure as he continued to buckle his hips in a ryhmthic manner as he bites his lower lip as he knew that Kurema was craving the blodne's bar like cock's hot thick rich and sticky cum causing him to smirk as his balls were smacking her chin as he stroked her hair. "It seems this horny little kitsune wants my dickmilk dosen't she?" Kurema nodded her head in agreement as he begins to increase the speed and power of her thrusts as he could feel his balls stirring as he smirked at her. "Well you gotta earn your meal horny bitch ues every skill you got to milk my big cock for my cum slutty foxgirl."

Kurema smiled as she could feel her entire body heating up as her pussy was getting wet at this entire event as she licked he rlips inwardly she then uses that same pink tounge to wrap around the blodne's hard throbbing cock he could feel the big purplish viens pulsing powerfully causing his heart to beat at a rather ryhthmic pace as sweat was rolling down the hills and valleys fo his strong spine as he continues to fuck the crimson ahired female's mouth and throat loving the wet wall squeezing around his cock as it it was the tight walls fo her dripping wet pussy causing his balls to stir even more as he feels them tightne a little bit as the crimson haired female uses her mouth and throat to massage and caresses the blodne's big bar like cock causing him to go cross eyed.

Feeling his balls tightening signaling his laod's release as he bites his lower lip as felt his entire body tense up feeling globules of pre cum to enter Kurema's mouth and throat causing her taste buds to explode causing her to maon loduer and lewder as loved the taste fo the bldone's pre cum as she used her throat tomilk the blodne's bar like cock at a rather faster rate. "Ahhhh fuck Kurema-chan it seems you like my pre cum huh well you're gonna love the taste of my cum when I blow my load deep down your thorat." Naruto was no fool as naive as he wanted the other villagers to belive that he was he knw that woman were used for only one thing and one thing only- to please a man's cock was the only thing that they were good for in the younger blonde's mind however each and every time he thoguht of this the elder blonde was quick to rebuke him saynig that women were to be lvoed and cared for like the precious cause that the shinobi fight for yet his mother was secretly telling Naruto the opposite when his father wasn't lsitening.

Naruto continues thrusting his hips feelign that his load was vastly approaching he could feel his cock throbbing and twitching as Kurema was humming a tune sending pleasurable vibrations aroudn his cock causing him to bite his lower lip as he held her head down with both his hands as his load shot out form his cock tip. KUREMA-CHAN I'M CUMMING!!" With one last powerful thrust the blodne haired shinboi shot down what was amounted to a gallons worth of cum deep down her throat causing her cheeks to puff up a little bit as she gulped down his cum as her eyes glaze over as her lust overwhelmed her as she gulped donw the bldone's cum causing her flattened toned stomach to bulge a little bit as the bldone sputtered out as his orgasm died down over the span fo about three seconds as he panted falling back down on the king sized bed as the crmosn haired beauty licked her lips. "Ahhh Naruto-sama you're cum tastes delicious its so rich and creamy dickmilk I love it!"

Hearing this Naruto smirked as he gripped the crimson haired female by her slender waist seeing as how he could recover rather quickly as he picked Kurema up lining her tight dripping wet pussy up with his cock allowing her to feel the cock tip against her dripping wet folds causing the crimson haired female to maon in pleasure. "Alright Kurema-chan its time for me to claim this slutty kitsune as my onw!" Naruto growls into Kurema's ear causing her pussy to qiver a little bit as the blodne haired male to smile as he placed the crimson haired female on the length of his cock before gripping her wide curvy hips pulling her futher down on to the length of his massvie mosnterous cock as he gritted his teeth as he begins to bounce thcrimson haired beuaty on the length of his cock as Kurema lets out loud lewd maon of pleasure.

"Ahhhh fuck Naruto-kun your cock is so big it can reach so deep inside mypussy!" Kurema bites her lower lip as the blodne haired shinobi massaged and caressed her soft supple breasts seeing that Kurema's nipples were erect seeing as how they were sosensitive as the yellow haired shinobi was smirking while kissing her neck makign sure to suckle the junction between her neck and collar bone increasing her pleasure output spurring her onward bouncing down on the blodne's cock as her round heart shapped ass cheeks were smacking against the blodne's powerfully strong thihgs making a loud wet flesh slapping sound then the blodne plays with the crimson haired female's fully erect nipples causing him to smirk. "It seems that my slutty little kitsune is really enjoying this." Naruto buckles his strong hips up to the tune fo the crimson haired beauty's downward bounces the blodne actualy is thanking the Fifth Hokage for giving him the day off.

As the blodne increased the speed and power of hsi thrusts feeling how tight the soaking wet inner walls of the crimson haired beuaty's tight pussy as he begins to smack her rather round heart shaped ass cheeks causing them to jiggle and boucne a little bit all the while the crimson haired beauty's tight pussy squeezes around the blonde shinobi's hard throbbing cock as she bites her lower lip. "Ahhh fuck Kurema-cahn your pussy is so tight it feels so good wrapped around my cock I can feel those lovely juices coating my cock!" Naruto groaned in pleasure as he continued his onslaught fo the crimson haired female's tight pussy as the inner walls squeezed around the blodne shinobi's cock as she kept bouncindown on the blodne's cock as she let out loud lewd maons of pleasure as her pussy coated his cock in her juices as sweat was dripping down both fo thier strong and slender spines.

Naruto could feel his balls stirring a little bit signaling the release of another load as he could feel himself giving into his animalistic nature as hsi fingernails dig into Kurema's soft suppple skin all the ehile the blodne was smacking her round heart shaped ass cheeks causing the blonde to moan in pleasure causing him to smirk as Kurema's bountiful breasts bounced up and down with each and every thrust and bounce in tune with each other as the blonde ahired shinobi pinches and tweaks her erect nipples tuning them like a radio dial to his favorite station as he could feel his load vastly approaching. "Ahhh fuck Kurema-chan I'm so close to cumming agin." Hearing this the crimson ahired female increases the speed and poer of her bouncings as both her round heart shaped ass cheeks and her bountiful breasts to bounce as Naruto could see Kurema's clit throbbing causing the bldone to smirk as he lightly pinches it teasingly causing the crimson haired female to smirk.

Hearing the crimson hairedd female squealing in pleasure he could see that during some points his cock was hitting her g-spot causing the crimson haired female to scream the bldone's name as she experience a body rocking orgasm causing ehr pussy to spasm agaisnt the bldone's cock as he smirked as he priased the crimson haired female as he allowed his more commanding side to take control of the suituation. "Ah fuck Kurema-chan your pussy feels so good I'm aobut to claim it as my onw both your pussy clit and even your cumt belongs to me!" With that the bldone hiared shinobi increases the speed and power of his thrusts yeagain as he utilized the speed of his father's nickname and with one final thrust he let out a loud roar while biting the crimson haired beauty's neck growling in her ear. "KUREMA-CHAN I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!" With one last thrust the bldone hiared shinobi held the crimson hiared beauty down by her wide curvy hips as he shot as to what was amounted to a gallons worth of cum deep inside the crimson haired female's pussy as her flattened toned stomach began to bulge a little bit mroe.

Seeing as how the blonde haired shinobi had gained the ability to recover quickly after each and every one of his orgasms he pounces upon the crimson haired female who was posing rather cutely and sedivtively as the bldone haired shinobi gripped the crimson haired female by her curvy hips as he spreads those bountiful ass cheeks revealing the tight little pucke hole as he smirked while licking his lips. "Only one last hole for me to claim Kurema-chan." Naruto says with a commanding voice waking the crimson haired female out of her zoned out status as the blonde haired shinoib lined up his semi erect cock as he inserted the cock tip into the crimson haired beuaty's tighter back door as he begins to buck his strong hips as his cock grows while insde her asshole.

Naruto gritted his teeth as he begins to increase the speed and poer of his thrusts as his big balls smacked Kurema's bountiful ass cheeks as the blodne gripped her hips uisng the full force fo his weight on top of the crimson haired female's tighter back door as he buckles his hips as he gritted his teeth as he maoned and groaned in pleasrue. "Ahhh fuck Kurema-chan your assholefeels so much better than your pussy!" Kurema lets out her own loud lewd maons in pleasure as she gripped tightly to the bed sheets as the blodne could hear the bed creaking to this pleasure fueled experience as he grinned as he felt her tight inner walls were squeezing around hsi fully erect cock causing him to moan in pleasure while still buckled his hips.

Kurema wanted to buck her hipsagainst the bldone's thrusting hips which were tow piston powered steam engines as his balls were smacking against Kurema's rather bountiful ass cheeks making a lodu wet flesh slapping sound as he could feel hsi balls stirring yet agains as he smirked as his whiskers whihc were three yellow shortened whisker marks as he was panting and goraning like an naimal breedingwith his mate as the kitsune was maoing like a bitch in heat something that the bldone took great pleasure in as the blonde summons up a space time scroll which housed a vibrator seeing as how Sakura had seeing as how the pink haired medical kunoichi had a secret storehouse of toys that she would use on not only herslef but also her secret lover Ino Yamaka when her lover Sasuke was away on a mission and even more frequently when he went on his trip to atone for his isns during the war.

Naruto could feel his balls tightening signaling yet another load was approaching causing him to bite his lower lip feeling this load approaching from his cock tip as precum leaked from his cock leaked inotthe crimson colored female's tight asshole causing her to mewl seeing as how she was being transformed into a cumslut a personal cock sleeve for the blodne to fuck anyway that he please as many perverte d images of the bldone and his massive monsterous cock as Kurema could only use her tight inner walls to squeeze around the bldone's throbbing pulsing cock as she gripped the bed sheets as the bed was making loud creaking sounds as the bed was rocking to the bldone's powrful thrust as he gets closer and closer ot the edge. "Ah fuck Kurema-chan I'm so close to cumming again!"

Naruto continued his onslaught for the span of about thirty minutes the blodne hiared shinobi bit his lower lip as with one fina powerful body rocking thrust seeing as how each and every thrustresembled an earth quake erupted insode the crimson ahired female's tight asshole as he uses the vibrator to toy with Kurema's pussy seeing as how her eyes were rolled back into her heas and her tounge was outside her mouth then the bldone lets out a lodu groan. "KUREMA-CHAN I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!" With that being said the blonde hiared shinobi grips the crimson haired female's curvy hips as he released what was amounted to a gallons worth as Kurema's flattened toned stomach bulged a little bit more as the bldone feel back on the king sized bed as sweat was dripping down the hills and valleys of his strong spine as Kurema panted heavily as the duo embraced into a pleasure induced slumber.

A/N Thus ends the first chapter it might start out short, but this series will get a little bit logner as this series picks up steam with that being said the next chapter will be uploaded soon so with that being said buh bye for now. 




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