Fated love

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It is said that ninjas mature faster than civilian people, as they suffer personally the world tragedies in more a intensive way. Violence, assasination and wars being common to them, they tend to a certain hardness toward feelings. Because of that, it is also said they love equally intense, like a burning sun, as death was always around the corner.

Being the son of a Kage, A understood better than the mayority. At the age of thirteen, A has experienced fear, anger, happiness, relief and so many other feelings. However, love was not one of them. He was supposedly the next in line to be the Raikage of the village, so both physical and brainy training were required, which left him no time at all to pertain in social activies. In fact, A must admit that he didn't have any female friend. Sure, he knew a lot of girls, how could he not, being the village leader's son, but never an authentic one.

Fate, however, surprises us all, even a boy as A. He participated in last year chunin exams, which were held in Konoha. There, he passed the different evaluation stages, resulting in his promotion from genin to chunin, fortunately now one step closer to the Kage hat. But, most importantly, it was in Konoha where he found love. A certain Konoha kunoichi stole his hardened heart. He hadn't even spoken to her, but as far as he had seen, she was perfect. She had midnight black hair, with tints of blue, cut in a hime style. Her mouth and nose were delicate, her eyes were two lavender pools, the famous Byakugan of the Hyuga clan. Even if some considered the Byakugan to be creepy, to A, her eyes were the most beautiful thing in the world. She was dressed in formal yukatas that made her look regal, princess-like.

The girl performed incredibly in spite of her calm looks, and she earned as well the chunin rank, surprising A more. He make up his mind to aproach her, but somehow he couldn't, his mind too numb whenever he saw her. Desillusioned, A returned to Kumo. There, he decided to investigate, so he asked the council diplomatics information about the Hyuga clan. He discovered the girls name, Hana, she was from the main family. Excited, A imagined sceneries in which they met again the following years, but to his disappointment, the status quo of the shinobi world didn't let them met again. So A trained and trained with his adoptive brother Bee, becoming the strongest in Kumo after his father. With strength women focused their sight even more in him, and he had his way with them, although the affairs never lasted.

Years later, A discovered Hana married the heir of her clan. His heart broke, he had never really forgotten Hana and still had hope he would be with her, but fate was sometimes cruel. Indeed, fate is cruel, but he had a surprise hidden for A: maybe to be with Hana wasn't as far as he thought it was.

Well, here I leave an small prologue for my next fic. As you have guessed, this time A is going to fuck Hinata's mother, Hana Hyuga (I don't know her name, but many fics name her Hana, so for me it is canon). I will slowly write a couple of chapters, depending of the free time I have on my studies. Have a good day, and as always, I appreciate your suggestions and reviews!

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