Enjoying Holidays with the Uzumaki's

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Enjoying Holidays with the Uzumaki's

Konohamaru could barely hold his joy as he sat on the bed of the Uzumaki household.

The spirt of winter has fallen over Konoha, and Christmas is in full swing. Every house, building and monument is dressed in red and green décor. While being blanketed in a white cloth of snow. Children eagerly waited for their presents on Christmas day while parents rushed and dashed around to prepare for family, friends and the slew of parties that is thrown around them.

But the thirteen-year-old ninja isn't getting a new toy or ninja gear for presents this year.

He sat in his boxers, legs dangling off the bed of Kushina Uzumaki's queen sized bed, with a playful smile on his lips. The hefty twitching bulge in his pant hinted at his arousal as he waited for the door to open in front of him.

"Tah dah!" Naruko announced with a flourish of her arms and a huge grin as she kicked the door open.

A sight of utter lust appeared in front of the young ninja. Naruko, the ever-bouncy blonde, is wearing nothing but a single thin ribbon wrapped around her as if she was a gift under some horny tree. With a collar around her neck tied in a bow, the rest barely covered her most intimate parts, the pink of her stiff nips poked out form the very tip of the red cloth. Below, her already dampen muff is covered completely, but every curve and crease of her gapping lips can be seen through the thin veil of red. Along with her swollen clit that stuck out like a reindeers red nose.

Behind her, where her tight cushiony butt poked out, the ribbon dung deep into the crack of her ass. Every bouncy and wiggle of her hips only make more of her failure of clothing disappear between her luscious cheeks.

Her mother, while having more clothing, seemed to outshine her in every way. In her early forties, Kushina Uzumaki looks as young as any women in her early twenties. The light emerald eye shadow and ruby lipstick added to her devilish allure.

Her Santa costume consists of a very short red top, an even shorter skirt, and red clear pantyhose. The top did its job in covering only the top of her enormous breast. The size of Konohamaru's head, the swollen and perky mammaries stretched out the fabric to it limit even with the underside of her milky tits peeking out from the top. While the tips of her slightly darken areole's poked out from the heart shaped hole in the top that showed off her cleavage.

Traveling down to her toned stomach, Kushina's skirt stopped at tip of her middle of her waist. She would even have to bend over to show any lucky person behind her the full pear shape of her jiggly butt. Tightly held in see through red panty hose that shows she's going commando like her daughter. Unlike her younger kin, the red head has no shame of showing the tuff of red hair over her mature pussy. A neat bush above her slit that, unlike her bunny slut of a daughter, isn't as aroused. Although the bulge in the young boy's pants made her think otherwise.

"What do you think?" Naruko giggled with the bounce of her chest.

"I am shocked this thing still fits me really…" Kushina sighed a little in relief that the top did explode into confetti.

Konohamaru cold only nod dumbly at how lucky he is.

After the fiasco at the hot springs, where he fucked Naruko dumber then she was before, the blonde became his devoted cock slave. Desperate to do anything for him as long as he gave her a good dicking, Naruko became his pet. With the daughter of the fourth, the future hokage, and one of the most powerful ninja as his sex slave, young Konohamaru knew just what his next move was.

Get into bed with the hottest milf in the world.

So, he asked, after a giving Naruko a good skull fucking, if she could convince her mother to have sex with him. And to his luck, it worked.

For Kushina, she has gotten desperate. Being a single mother is hard, being a single ninja mother is rough. Being a single ninja mother with a scary reputation and being the widow of the worlds greatest hokage is make it's impossible to get anyone to just lay into her. Either men were too sacred of her to ask her out or they respected her died husband too much to try. Her toys help, but not having the real thing in years is true hell for her.

So, when her bubbly daughter asked for a threesome with her new boyfriend, the older woman tripped over herself to say yes.

'Although I didn't think it would be someone so young…' Kushina looked a little hesitant at Konohamaru's form. Sure, he seemed to be packing a healthy endowment in his pants, but she wonders if he even knows how to use it.

"Alright let's get this show going!" Naruko skipped her way to the foot of the bed with her mother fallowing behind with a roll of her eyes.

"Honestly, Naruko. How did bag a boyfriend if you don't even know how to be sexy?" The older woman walked with graceful, and seductive sway of her hips. Smoldering green eyes gazed at the young ninja with utter lust as she licked her plump lips. Slowly. And with great hunger.

"Oh…Oh boy…" Konohamaru swallowed a little fear. Thinking he may be a little in over his head. Shaking her wide birthing hips down, Kushina came face to face with the heavy and large bulge in the young boy's boxer's. She tickled her fingers up his legs to the hem of shorts.

Purring with a salivating tongue, "Now. Let's see what momma is working wi-Ow!?"

The mother's chin was hit was something hard, fleshy, and big when she pulled Konohamaru's pants off. When she got a better look at it what hit her, her mouth hung open and her pussy moistened up instantly.

"Ohh…" Kushina muttered as she stared up at the tower of cock in front of her. At a foot long, the massive, thick pole of flesh and veins, twitched in sync with the young stud's healthy heart. The bulbous head leaked its clear pre-cum. Slowly dripping down its length and making the slutty milf lick her lips in greed. The powerful raw male musk sent her hormones on overdrive.

"You weren't joking when you said he was hung." Kushina was practically drooling as she reached for Konohamaru's cock. Her finger's barely wrapping around the soda can wide shaft as a joyful shiver went down her back. Her cunt gapping opening at the hot sweaty dick in her hands.

Her daughter chuckled as she moved next to her mother. Pushing her pillowy tits up against the young boys viral cum sack. The peppy blonde was about to say something but her mother suddenly trying to choke herself on Konohamaru's dick made her blink in shock. The lustful red head took nearly the entire member in her throat without even choking.

With a massive bulge and blissful look on her face, Kushina came. Her body twitching her pussy gushed as she squirted through her clothing and moaned with pure delight at the euphoric taste on her lips. She sucked and gobbled all over Konohamaru's shaft with her green eyes tearing up. Her eye shadow smearing her face as her lipstick smeared all over the thick cock.

"H-Holy shit!?" Konohamaru nearly bit his tongue to stop himself form dropping a huge load of his seed inside of the older woman's gullet. He held nothing back and grabbed he woman's hair to plow her face in her crotch.

"Fuck Naruko! I didn't know your mom was such a slut!" The young boy growled as he piston his hips. Gagging the red head and pounding her throat with great fever, choking her as her mascara ran down her face. Yet instead of trying to push Konohamaru off, the older woman revealed in the rough treatment. Happily twirling her tongue across the throbbing veins as her cunt gapped and gushed open.

"Muu~" Naruko pouted at her mother. The woman's head was a blur as it was bobbed up and down succulent cock. "Come on mom! Share a little would ya!"

That seemed to snap the two of them out their sexual haze as Konohamaru lighten his grip on the Kushina's hair. Allowing the red head to pull her head back up, her ruby lips covered in spit and brown pubes as she cough up an apology.

"Gak! O-Oh Sorry honey. I just haven't had a good fucking in so long." She moved back with a lustful sigh and deiced to pop her breast over one side of Konohamaru's cock. Naruko fallowed her mother's example and swallowed the other half of the member with her own breast. The young man's viscous cock head pop up between the valley warm tits and the heart shaped hole in her shirt.

Naruko swiftly took the head of the burning rod in her mouth. Greedily she sucked and licked the head for all she was worth. Her lips kissing both hers and her mother's breast, while her tongue slathered the underside of the mushroom tip. At the same time both her and her Kushina pump their breast moved up and down. Squeezing tightly to feel the pulsating cock send quakes through their bosom.

"There. Isn't that better?" Kushina smiled at the blissful look on the young mans face and the joyful sigh form her daughter. She too sighed in heavenly at the warm feeling of the little boy's fat cock throbbing through her body.

Both women moaned at the feeling of them harden nipple rubbing against one another. Kushina joining her daughter in pleasing the fat head. Staining it with red lipstick kisses as while as adding her won tongue into the mix. Swapping with her daughter at sucking and licking the exposed length as they shared the throbbing organ.

Konohamaru threw his head back in joyful hiss as his cock is squeezed in a cloud of soft yet firm flesh. Both of the sluty women's chest are perky and warm. Yet Naruko's youth made hers much firmer then her mother's cloud soft tits. The eager pleasing of his cock made his hips buck into whoever was sucking on his fat member.

"We love your big fat cock." Naruko moaned as she took her lips off the massive cock for her mother to have a turned adoring it. Pumping her breast faster while the lustful red head dived down between hers and her daughter bosom. As she came up for air, she licked her lips of the spit and pre-cum while her daughter took her turn.

"Mm. I can't wait to see you cum all over our slutty tits." Kushina groaned with a desperate wiggle of her hips. Her daughter isn't able to suck as deeply as her, but she replaced that with speed and hard sucking. Her repeated gagging and constricting of her mouth sent waves of pleasure up the viral stud's body.

"If you two want my jizz so bad." With a snicker Konohamaru grabbed Naruko by her pigtails, and thrust his hips up and her face down into her breast. Forcing her to swallow half his cock as he jerked his hips in blinding speed. "Then you whores better work for it!"

The duel attention form both of the slutty cum buckets brought Konohamaru closer to his climax then he thought. From Naruko's first gag form his bitch breaker of a cock in her throat, he groaned out a deluge of jizz. Like a volcano of thick white baby batter, it exploded form the choking blonde's mouth and nose.

"Guluck!?" The pure viral essences of jizz firing like a cannon down the blonde's mouth made the blonde whore cum like a fountain through her cloth. Showering the ground in her lust as her eyes rolled back in pleasure and her body shook and shivered. The gallon full of cum didn't stop flowing even though the energetic blonde was slowly passing out from the lack of air. Not that she care as Naruko drunk as much seed as she could.

"Ah…N-Now whose being greedy?" Kushina tried to tease her daughter's greedy nature but feeling the shaking and thumping of the Konohamaru's spurting cock made waves through her body. Her pussy letting off a small orgasm as she watched her daughter's mouth get inseminated.

Yet the young stud is kind enough to share. With his shaft still blasting his seed like fountain, Konohamaru pulled the barely conscious Naruko off his cock. A rain of white showered the two women as the young Sabatorui let lose the last of his spunk. His hard cock giving three more sharp thrust of cum form between Kushina's tits. Showering the older woman while she held her mouth open to catch his jizz like gooey, thick snowflakes.

Naruko fell on her back covered in jizz and panting with her legs spread wide open. Her gasping gaping cunt spurted her clear lust in weak squirts. Too cum drunk to move as she tried to regain her breath.

Kushina, licking the creamy white off her face, stood up and pushed Konohamaru on his back. His shaft standing rudely hard and thick in the air while the lovely red head stood and hovered over it. Her juicy large butt covering the young ninja's view. She took his cock in her hand, her steaming hot pussy hung over it as she lowered herself. Slowly eating the young boy's member with her hungry hole.

"Ah! Mmm…" Kushina moaned as she felt herself be slowly spread wide open. "Fuck! Your so much bigger then Minato!"

Every inch of the little boy's cock made her feel stuffed. Her stomach bulged out a little form the hearty shaft and only half of it was inside of her. The slutty mother moaned as she felt the thick vines and the fat head tickle he walls while her greedy pussy leaked increasingly of her arousal by the second.

Konohamaru on the other hand growled at how tight Kushina is. Even with the older woman haven given birth, she is still tighter then her own daughter. Constricting him like a viper, Kushina's squeezing cunt planned to milk him for all he is worth. He grunted with every inch of his cock being swallowed up by mature woman's pussy.

"Ohh…yes…" Kushina sighed as she finally bottomed out on the foot long of dick. A twitching lump in her stomach is the symbol of her accomplishment. Her cunt gushed as she came with the biting of her lower lip. Her body quivering as she got used to his size and girth.

But Konohamaru is a young man and has not time to wait for the older slut to ease her way on to him. He roughly grabbed Kushina's arms as he threw his hips up. Slamming his cock deep into the milf's tight bitch hole and never stopping his assault. Barreling his member straight into her womb as he fucks Kushina. Using her arms like reins, the young boy pulled back on her as he ruined her pussy. Plowing through her like a freight train as he bounced the broken woman on his cock.

"Too bish!" The milf squeal as her boy was ravaged by the young boy. Her large tit nearly hit her in the face at the brutal pace. "Your cockish is too big! You're going to-Hiiii!"

Kushina squirted hard and loud as she came in arch of liquid that cascaded on the ground below. Her fat tits bounced along with her body as the young boy fucked her hard and without remorse. Konohamaru's raging shaft plowed up her womb. Battering her walls with deep and powerful upwards. Orgasmic tremor shook her body as another climax burst through her.

"You were so desperate for a cock that you came as soon as I was in you?" Konohamaru snickered as he pounded the sexy widow's ass. "I am got fuck you so hard your going to forget about the fourth you cum sucking sow!"

The red head's only response was gabbled moans and another either shattering orgasm through her body. Her tongue rolled out as her emerald eye looked of the ceiling of her home while the young boy, old enough to be her son, turned her into her cock craving bitch.

Naruko, finally awake form her cum dazed stupor, crawled over to her sex addled mother. Licking her lips as she is face to face with where he raging member met and shattered the place where she was born form.

The lustful blonde poked out her tongue and gave a long lick to the failing ball sack that would sling up and hit her mother's throbbing clit like a whip. She kissed and sucked at the large cum churning orbs with her sperm stand ruby lips. Naruko's licking and suckling made the young man yelp in shock, but he didn't stop rearranging the slutty red head's womb.

"Get pregnant you fat titted cow!" The young boy roared as he felt his seed rush through his cock. Kushina's hungry cunt hasn't had a cock in long time. It squeezed and tighten around him greatly with the desire to eat up all his baby batter.

The fucked dumb milf responded only with grabbled moans as another wave of pleasure ran through her. "Yesh! Yesh! Cumsih in me! Fill my greedy old pussy!"

With one finally thrust, Konohamaru's pisshole kissing Kushina's uterus, the young ninja let lose a deluge of spunk. His biggest load yet, it made the older woman's belly grow. Every pump and hump of the manly cock shot a powerful rocket of cock snot right into in Kushina's womb and fired out from the tight confines of her muff.

Naruko kneel below them with her tongue out and her mouth wide open to catch all the stick ropes that squirted out. Pleated her face white as her mouth came over and over again. Her body jerking as a silent scream ripped through her. Her eyes fluttering in and out of thought. Her body going near limp with Konohamaru's cock and his grip on her arms holding her up.

Once the young man was spent he let her go. Letting the fuck broken milf fall into the mix of cum and quim on the floor. Kushina's large ass quiver as laid on her knees drool form her mouth and dripping cum form her beaten cunt. Her eye un focused as she moaned and gasped with other worldly pleasure.

Naruko, seeing the dumb fucked look on her mother's face, giggled. "I told you he was great~"

A shadow loomed over the both of them. Although Kushina is too cum drunk to notice Konohamaru's raging boner standing tall and defiant above them. The young boy still primed and ready for another round with a cocky sneer.

Naruko, with a greedy lick of her lips, was gald her mother was fucked too stupid for another go with the cock monster in front of her.

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