Couples Of Konoha

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Sasuke hummed softly as he slowly took Sakura inside, his hands over her eyes. He wanted to surprise her, and had made sure she couldn't see. "No cheating," he said with an amused tone when Sakura tried to move his hands away. "I told you, Kitten, I worked hard for this surprise. You know how hard this was?" Sakura finally quit trying to move his hands away and let out a playful sigh.

"Okay, Sasuke-kun, I promise I won't look."

Smiling, Sasuke slowly made his way to the living room with her, sitting down on the couch with a soft chuckle. "Okay Kitten, you can look," Sasuke finally said as he pulled his hands away.

Sakura stared in shock. The room was lit by only candles. There was a vase of white roses on the coffee table with a bottle of wine next to it, two glasses filled already. Sakura stared another moment longer before glancing over at her husband. "Okay, what do you want...?" she asked with a raised brow, thinking her lover was wanting something and just trying to get her in a good mood.

Sasuke couldn't help but laugh at her reaction, kissing her cheek with a big smile before he shook his head. "No, no, I'm not trying to get anything. I just thought...well, I figured you'd like a nice evening to ourselves. Menma owed me a favor, so he and Hinata have Sarada right now." Grinning again, Sasuke handed Sakura a glass of wine before taking his own, watching quietly until Sakura smiled.

"You swear you aren't just trying to get something...?" Sakura asked one last time.

Sasuke placed a hand over his heart and nodded. "I swear. So just enjoy tonight, Kitten."

As they drank their wine, Sakura slowly leaned against Sasuke, resting her head against his shoulder. "Thank you," she mumbled after drinking more wine, giving Sasuke a loving smile. Sasuke nodded and finished his glass of wine before setting the glass down on the table, clearing his throat.

"Scootch, babe. I'm going to massage your feet."

Sakura finished her glass of wine before nodding and moving over a little before laying down with her feet in his lap. Sasuke smiled and calmly removed her boots, tossing them to the side before he began to massage, starting with her right foot. Sakura simply closed her eyes to enjoy the massage, having a big grin on her face as she sighed happily. "You must be in one of your moods," Sakura teased softly. "You don't always act so romantic. It's about...50/50 with you, darling. It's either romantic, or sticking your dick in my ass while we shower," she added and giggled. Sasuke shrugged and chuckled as he switched feet, slowly starting to massage her leg as well.

"Well, I am in a good mood, my Kitten. I'm so happy. I mean...we're finally a family. We have a kid. We're MARRIED. I just...I'm so happy with you." Leaning over, Sasuke kissed Sakura's forehead softly before he went back to massaging her feet. After just a few minutes of massaging, Sasuke asked, "Do you want more wine? We both know how much you like it." Sakura opened eyes and nodded after a moment, sitting up with a smile.

"I bet you just want to get me drunk," Sakura teased with a soft smirk. Sasuke smirked back and shrugged yet again as he filled their glasses with wine.

"Relax, Kitten, I won't make you do anything too embarrassing," he teased, handing over the glass.

When the bottle of wine was finished, the two of them were blushing and grinning a bit. Sasuke pointed in front of the fire and said, "Another massage, Kitten. Your back this time, before we have our fun."

Sakura quickly moved to the fire and then slowly stripped until all she had left on was her panties. Turning to face Sasuke, covering her chest with one arm, Sakura smiled and giggled. "Hurry up, Sasuke-kun. Your Kitten is waiting," she said in an innocent voice before she moved to lay down by the fire, laying down on her stomach. She kept eye contact the entire time. Sasuke stared in silence for a moment before he slowly stood up and went over to her, smiling as he got into place.

As he began to massage Sakura, starting out by working on her shoulders, Sasuke commented, "God, my pants suddenly feel way too tight." Sakura could already tell, of course, seeing as how she could feel her husband's throbbing bulge against her ass. Gripping her shoulders gently, Sasuke leaned down once more, kissing her head slowly, breathing in her scent. "God, I love you so fucking much," he whispered in her ear.

Sakura slowly looked up and blushed a bit as she stared before she suddenly pulled Sasuke down into a kiss after turning onto her back. Sasuke gripped her hips and kissed her back softly, nuzzling her for a moment before he began kissing her shoulder. Slowly, Sasuke pulled Sakura's panties off and threw them to the side before he began to kiss her shoulder again. Soon however, Sasuke pulled away so he could strip as well. When he was fully naked, he caught Sakura staring at him. "What? Do I have something on my face?" Sasuke asked.

Shaking her head slowly, Sakura grinned. "'re just so hot," she admitted before pulling him back into a kiss, her tongue slipping into his mouth as Sasuke gripped her hips again, slowly grinding on her clit as they made out. Sasuke soon broke the kiss and smirked before he kissed down her body, teasingly licking her nipples before giving them a kiss. Sasuke stopped kissing kissing down her body when he got to her pussy and looked up at his wife, offering a loving smile before he spread her pussy lips and began to eat her out. Thrusting his tongue, licking her clit, teasingly licking her lips, Sasuke worked in silence, listening to the sounds his wife made. Her moans and gasps only made Sasuke's already throbbing cock even harder. When Sasuke added his fingers, Sakura groaned loudly and bit her lip, sitting up a bit so she could watch him tease her.

Looking up, Sasuke pumped his fingers with a smirk before he licked her clit a few more times. He then simply stopped and pulled away, moving back up to kiss her lips, sliding his tongue into her mouth. Sakura blushed as she tasted herself on his tongue, but didn't complain at all, simply kissing back. She gasped again when Sasuke suddenly sank into her pussy, slowly filling her until he was resting balls deep. Reaching down, Sasuke began to tease her clit as he began thrusting, using his free hand to tease her ass. He slowly rubbed her anus with his middle and index fingers before he smirked into their kiss and sank his fingers in. Soon, Sasuke was thrusting into her as hard as he could, yet moving slowly, his fingers moving just a little quicker than his cock.

"Fuck, babe, you feel so good," Sasuke groaned into her ear as he pumped his cock and fingers into her holes, slowly kissing her shoulder before he began kissing her lips once more. Sakura moved back against him, tightening and relaxing both of her holes for him as she kissed back with soft moans. It didn't take long before Sakura whimpered from pleasure and had her orgasm, squirting hard already, her walls tightening around her lover's cock. Sasuke, when he felt her tighten, sank balls deep and moaned happily as he began to flood her womb with his seed, throbbing with each burst of cum he shot into her.

When Sasuke slowly pulled out, the two of them panting, he couldn't help but laugh weakly as Sakura moved so she was on top of him. Slowly sinking back down his throbbing length, Sakura sighed happily as she took him balls deep. Looking down at Sasuke, Sakura laced their fingers together and leaned down to kiss his lips as she moved her hips, slowly riding his twitching cock, the fire casting shadows across their faces. Sasuke held Sakura's hands and thrust up into her, teasingly biting her lower lip before slipping his tongue back into her mouth once again.

As Sakura rode him, moving her hips hard yet slowly, taking his cock balls deep with each thrust, Sasuke groaned and pulled away from the kiss, almost whimpering from pleasure. "Baby, I..." he began, already throbbing, his cock sensitive from his last orgasm.

"Shh, darling, I know. I'm close, too..." Sakura replied softly, whispering in his ear.

Only a few minutes later of Sakura riding him hard, the two kissed each other, moaning into the kiss as they had their orgasms. Sasuke shot his load directly into her womb once again and Sakura squirted, the two feeling extra sensitive. Their bodies tingling with orgasmic bliss, the two held each other close, panting softly.

"What a hell of a massage," Sakura finally murmured.

"Extra deep," Sasuke replied sleepily.

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