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A/N: What’s going on, guys? Another crazy Naruto lemon fic that will seem like a crack fic too. All I can say is that I really wanted to see where this story could be taken. It originally belonged to BigE2955 but he placed it on indefinite hiatus. I liked it and didn’t want to see it go unfinished. After getting his okay, here we are. The first chapter will be the first chapter of the original with my added parts as the chapter was too short, at least for me.

It has the same idea with it as well. Meaning that this isn’t love; only submission. This one is also going to be a massive harem, like the original stated. Don’t like, don’t read.

Warning: MILF, cheating, blow/tit-job, hair pulling, anal, mind-breaking & squirting.

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Mikoto Uchiha

Sitting on a desk in a well-furnished study, inside a nice house, sat a lone figure. He appeared to be in his mid-twenties with golden blonde hair with two bangs that framed his handsome face. The male had clear blue eyes that would pierce your soul. He stood at 6ft even with a muscular body that was showed underneath anything he wore. On his finger was a wedding band, something that saddened a lot of women. This was Naruto Namikaze.

There was one problem with Naruto that no one, other than his wife, knows about. He was a sex machine. If he doesn’t get off with a tight pussy a day, he goes wild. True, he had a beautiful wife that satisfied his urges but…he desired more. So much more than her. After getting his sexy wife’s permission, which ended in satisfying hours of hot sex that got her point across that she was the main bitch, he began to plan on getting what he needed to survive.

Right now, he was looking over a student profile, interest clearly written on his face. The student he was looking over was Sasuke Uchiha, a senior of his school. Sasuke was an interesting kid and had a lot of potential waiting to be unleashed. It reminded Naruto of himself, when he was that age…only minus the pale skin and black hair. The problem was Sasuke had been caught selling drugs on school ground and was suspended. The school board was waiting for his decision on whether he should be expelled or not. He already knew his answer.

Naruto would say no and give the kid another chance for two reasons. One: he liked the boy. The second was more carnal. It was Sasuke’s mother; the sexy Mikoto Uchiha. Just thinking of her made his cock twitch. She was a stunning beauty with large and plump HH-cup bust, slim hourglass figure, and a wide, firm, ass. Mikoto had long silky, shiny, black hair that fell to her mid-back. Finishing off her lovely appearance were her soft, welcoming dark orbs many got lost in.

The blonde had arranged a meeting with her at his home, after contacting her about the charges against her son. He assumed she was expecting to give her and Sasuke some mercy. That was the case…but not without a price. Smiling, Naruto closed the case and stood from his desk, popping his sore joints. Since he was home, he dressed casually. Orange t-shirt, comfortable black pants, and barefoot.

A soft knock sounded on the front door. Naruto smirked a little as he was thankful that he sent all of the help home early, just so he had the privacy to do what he wanted. Letting the smirk drop into a small smile, he walked to the door and opened it; revealing the beautiful figure of Mikoto.

Like usual, she looked dazzling with her blue blouse and black skirt that fell to her knees. The blouse was unbuttoned slightly at the top, showing some cleavage, of her luscious tits that many men lusted after. He was one of those men. “Mikoto!” Naruto greeted before taking a step back. “Come in.” He stated.

Nodding with a small smile, with anxiety clear in her eyes, her heels clicked against the hardwood floor with each step. It did make him a little sad to see such a gorgeous woman looking so terrified but he got over that quickly. Besides, he wasn’t about to expel the boy. “Would you like something? Tea, coffee, water?” Naruto offered the beauty, wanting to see as welcoming as possible before doing what he planned.

“No thank you.” Mikoto denied with a shake of her head and small smile. She liked the young principle. He was always nice to her son and was someone kids went to when they needed help. “Do you mind if we sit down? We’ve much to discuss, right?” The beauty asked.

“Yeah. You’re right. Follow me.” Naruto stepped into the living room with Mikoto following silently. Her black eyes couldn’t stop themselves from trailing down his back and to his ass. ‘No! Bad Mikoto! You’re married! And he is too!’ She reminded herself as her mind went to a dirtier side of her being under the married stud. Though thinking on her marriage, she frowned a little. It had been strained for years. The man, Fugaku, was too uptight for her. He wasn’t always like that as he’s changed over the years. Another thing that made her frustrated was his ability in the sack. It used to be enough for her when she was younger, but she was always left unsatisfied when they had sex recently. It was dull as hell too. Just missionary and he went to sleep the second he finished.

Looking around, the living room was massive, with a flat screen TV and a thin glass coffee table in front of the couches Naruto gestured her to sit with him, sitting a few spaces from her. Clearing his throat, Naruto got to what she wanted to talk about. “As you must know, Sasuke-kun might be expelled.” His voice was solemn. “As of right now, I am the only person who is preventing something like that to happen.” The blonde gave the MILF hope.

A smile of hope lit her face at his words. “So, will you turn them down?” Mikoto asked, hopefully. Her hands were folded in her lap. “Will you?” She almost begged.

“That I will…” Naruto trailed off for a second. “For a price.” He ended. “A price?” Mikoto asked, wondering what he might ask. The blonde just nodded and continued. “One that I think you’ll have no problem in accepting, if you truly value your son’s future.” Scooting a little closer, his smile widened ever so slightly. “I’d like you body, Mikoto.” The principle dropped the bomb.

Mikoto was obviously shocked about what he said and her body jerked in surprise. “M-My body?” She stuttered in a soft whisper, her eyes unable to leave his gaze. The woman couldn’t stop the soft moan from escaping her beautiful lips when a strong hand rested on her lap and gently trailed up her skirt.

Naruto smirked as he saw the effect his touch had on this woman. “You’re a very beautiful woman, Mikoto.” His voice was soft and husky, making her blush. “Your husband doesn’t appreciate such a beautiful flower like yourself. The monumental effort you put into looking like this.” He sighed softly since the idiot Uchiha obviously didn’t know what he had. “So yeah. I’d like to indulge in your body. Simple; sleep with me, right here, right now, and I’ll save your precious son from expulsion. Deny me…and he’ll be sent home faster than you can walk out of here.” Naruto explained, his voice still hushed but darker as he glared at the sexy woman.

Mikoto trembled under his intense lustful stare. She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t wondered how it would feel to be fucked by the Namikaze. He was a handsome young male and if she wasn’t married and had kids, she’d have went after the blonde. “Just one night?” The beauty whispered, unable to resist his manly hand sliding further up her skirt.

“Just one night.” That was a necessary lie. Truth is, he had cameras hidden around his house, recording every moment of their exchange. It would give her enough reason to come back until she willingly came back for him.

Swallowing heavily, she shakily nodded. “A-Alright.” Mikoto didn’t have the chance to speak as Naruto closed the distance and captured her in an intense kiss that quickly left the MILF breathless. The beauty was too shocked to do anything as Naruto reached around, grabbed her large ass, and lifted her onto his lap. Moaning into the kiss, Mikoto enjoyed how his warm palms traced her curves through her shirt.

‘YES!’ Naruto mentally cheered as his ministrations did the trick. The sexy MILF wrapped her slender arms around his neck, deepening their tongue duel. Mikoto didn’t care about her husband right now. This was the best kiss she’s ever received and she wanted to cherish it. wanting to get the younger man back, she began to grind her sex against his hard-on that poked her bottom. ‘Oh! He’s already so hard!’ Knowing she turned on a younger man filled her with great pride.

Pulling back momentarily, catching her breath, she lustfully stared back at him as his tongue tickled her lips, telling her he hasn’t had his fill. Mikoto let him enter her mouth again and saliva soon began to pool around their swapping mouths. “Hma!” She let out a seductive moan as his hands reached up and roughly groped her heaving bosom. “Oh, fuck! W-We’re both…married.” Mikoto’s protests were useless as her body begged for more of his touch by leaning into his hands.

“Don’t worry…about it…Just enjoy.” Naruto said, getting more confident in his actions and ripped her blouse, revealing a sexy black bra that barely held back her giant tits and showed off her hard nipples that the married man couldn’t wait to wrap his mouth around and suck to his hearts’ content. “Iya! So strong!” Mikoto couldn’t help but squeal like a horny school girl as he was manhandling her by all but ripping her top off. She moaned harder when he showed how strong he was by lifting her ass off his crotch so her milky white cleavage was right in front of his face. Easily snapping her bra off, he didn’t waste a second before diving his head between the valley of flesh.

Head dipping down, half-lidded black orbs watched as he buried his head between her cleavage and lapped at her skin. She gave a light moan when he felt his unused hand do the same to her skirt, letting her aroused pantie covered sex grind against his covered prick. Her slender fingers ran through his hair, encouraging him to keep going. “Yes~!” She sang when his hot mouth wrapped around her sensitive nipple while the other hand groped the twin. “That’s so fucking hot! Keep suckling me, you dirty fuck!” She spoke how she felt without a filter. The raunchy talk only increased their pleasure as Naruto gave a harder suck while lightly pinching her nub.

‘Oh, yeah. These titties are even better than I imagined.’ Naruto groaned to himself as he continued to swallow her areola with gusto. The orbs were almost as amazing as Hinata-chan’s. while not as soft, they were almost the same size, something he loved. He made sure he pleased her womanhood by slowly grounding his erection against her steamy pantie clad core. His lower head was yelling at him to end the foreplay and just fuck this bitch. While that was his game, he wanted to show this beauty new pleasures that limp-dicked husband of hers hasn’t brought her. It was working like a charm as since she was moaning like a bitch in heat from just sucking her melons.

“My other one needs attention too!” Mikoto whined as she maneuvered herself so her other jug was to his face. Not wanting to leave such a prize left alone, he quickly latched on and pleased her other orb with his hand. Below, he gently rubbed her doughy ass, thrusting her against his pre-jizz penis. “Yes! Come on, big boy! Make me scream! I don’t care what happens to me; just make me cum hard!” Mikoto threw away her reservations about cheating on her husband and the only thing left on her mind was becoming this man’s whore.

Growling into her nipple, he hooked her panties and ripped them clean off. Lashing out against the Hard nub one more time, he threw the sexy Uchiha on the table. His roughness caused woman juices to stain the floor. Kneeling, Naruto took in the sight many would kill to see: Mikoto Uchiha’s pussy. The carpet matched the drapes as the hair was beautifully trimmed that crowned her dripping snatch. Her labia pulsed as his fingers gently traced them. Little puffs of hot air shot out, making the blonde sigh as his member twitched painfully at her womanly scent.

Mikoto hissed and quaked in pleasure as she was just being teased by his strong fingers. If she was this hot from just foreplay, she didn’t know what she’d feel when he fucked her! “Oh~ Yeah!” The moaning Uchiha breathed out as his index and middle fingers buried themselves into her dripping snatch. Though, the beauty was whimpering in pained pleasure as he was going much too slow for her liking. ‘Bastard!’ Peaking down, she saw that he was staring at her, blue eyes twinkling in mischief. “Fuck!” Throwing her head back, she screamed as he curled his fingers, hitting a spot she loved to hit. This time, the pleasure was even better since it was done by a strong man who was reading her body like brail.

Smirking, Naruto decided to throw in his own dirty talk while ignoring his hard-on for the moment. “Oh? Does Mikoto-chan like her son’s principle teasing her drenched pussy that much? What a dirty whore. To think, you came here to make sure Sasuke-kun didn’t get expelled and are now getting off on someone other than your husband.” Naruto teased while still pumping his fingers slowly, yet strongly, into the warm cunt. Bringing his head close, he gently flicked the hard clit and had to hold her hips down.

Shaking her head, sweaty black locks flowing in the air, she moaned. “It-It’s all your fault…Naruto-kun! B-Besides…you’re naughty-yeah! Hit that again! – for touching me!” Mikoto teased right back while grinding her full hips into his hand when he got really deep. She mewled when he took his lips inches away from her wet clit.

“Trust me, my wife will understand.” He said cryptically. Mikoto couldn’t understand what he meant as she was losing her mind from his hand. Smirking at her sexy whimpers and honey that sprayed on his hand, he let his mouth latch onto the sensitive button that made girls go wild. Mikoto wasn’t an exception. She thrashed on the table while letting her beautiful voice moan and scream for him to keep going. He had to put a little more force into his finger jabs as her walls constricted around them with each pump and sensual lick. Naruto knew she was close to climaxing, due to how tight she was getting and how much her clit was twitching.

Wanting to taste those wonderous juices, he moved back and inch and whispered in a dark, husky, voice. “Go ahead and cum, bitch.” Like a switch had been flipped, the MILF threw her head back and screamed like a common street-walker. A massive torrent of female squirt shot out of her pussy, no doubt staining the rug below them and his hand.

Naruto decided to let her take in the feelings he just let her experience before stepping it up. He didn’t care when she let out a weak whimper when he took his fingers out of her mound. Bringing his fingers to his lips, he savored the flavor of his new woman’s taste. ‘Not bad.’ He mused to himself as she had a distinct sweet taste.

Standing, he saw her look at him. Returning the gaze, he glanced at his waistband then back at her expectedly. “Come on. Time for you to make me feel good.” He said softly.

While the tone was soft, she knew it was a demand. A demand she couldn’t wait to follow. She wanted to see how big his monster that teased her mound really was. The buxom ravenette dropped to a lewd squat, something that made his member twitch, and pulled his underwear down in a second. “Shit!” Mikoto couldn’t stop the gasped curse when his rod flung into the air.

She was in awe at the man-meat that glared at her. It was massive! When it sprung free, some of the pre-jizz that leaked out dripped on her boobs. Mikoto let out a shuttering breath as the heat of his jizz warmed her entire body. He stood at a giant twelve inches and three inches thick. Naruto’s cock easily dwarfed Fugaku’s. her mouth watered when she took note that he also had a large ball-sack that was close to hitting her chin.

“See something you like? Bigger than anything your asshole husband has, right?” Naruto asked with a smug grin. “No shit. Yours is gigantic.” Mikoto whispered dumbly; not caring if he got a bigger head from her admission. Bringing a strand of her raven locks back, she gave the member’s head a tentative lick; as if testing the waters. She found herself liking his taste. Her fingers wrapped around the gigantic veiny skin and slowly pumped it while still giving it soft licks. As she continued, she felt herself getting lost in how good it felt to be with this man. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds while more of her sacred juices trailed down her thick thighs.

Naruto groaned softly as this bitch jerked him off. While it wasn’t as good as Hinata-chan’s, he knew she was just making sure she got a good grip around his length before putting her experience to work. He didn’t miss the small shakes of her rump and the liquid rolling down that delicious skin of hers. The blonde couldn’t wait to stick his dick inside this gorgeous MILF.

Having spent some time just licking and jerking, she felt that she got enough practice and took her head back. Licking her full lips, she opened her mouth wide before wrapping them around the weeping gland and gently sucked. Adding another hand, she stroked the shaft hard. Mikoto felt happy that he finally let out a loud moan. Taking inch after inch of his prick, she swallowed ten inches of his tool, sucking and slobbering around the slab of meat that stretched her throat wide. One hand went to fondle his balls, hoping to get the content quicker. The other hand went to trail up and down his muscular frame, something she enjoyed. A mixture of saliva and pre-jizz leaked from the sides of her gagging lips as she continued to roughly bob her head up and down his tower.

Bringing one hand down, he let it play with the silky tresses and massage her scalp. Mikoto took that as him liking the serve to his tower. She doubled her efforts to make him climax. Naruto stared lustfully as her spit and his jizz drip on her white jugs. He smirked as she looked up at him. The blonde saw what he wanted to see: total submission. “Gkua!” Spit flew out of his maw when she suddenly took his whole length. “Oh, fuck yeah!” Now framing her face with both hands, he rewarded her efforts by letting her lips slid up his prick before slamming her down while he thrusted up. He noted to tears but also noted the large blush on her milky flesh and lewd moans that vibrated around his sensitive head. It told him she loved what he was doing and to keep doing it.

Mikoto felt a new rush flow through her body the second he grabbed her face and jammed it right back down his shaft. She felt like a ragdoll wit how brutal he was with her. The expression he wore, one of a feral animal, as he used her throat as a cock-sleeve felt so right! Fugaku never used her body like Naruto was. She had always wanted a real man to take her and treat her like the naughty bitch she was inside. The beauty grinned around the thundering cock as she knew she found what she was looking for. ‘Fuck yes! Finally; a real man!’ Mikoto though in utter bliss as more pussy juices rained down her thighs and stained the carpet. Moaning like a whore, she enjoyed the ride and was eagerly waiting for him to blast her mouth with cum.

Black eyes flew open when her head was brought off his cock. With teary eyes, she stared at her lover; looking like a girl who had her favorite toy taken away. Finding it cute and arousing, he explained the sudden stopping through his actions. He slapped his dripping with saliva prick against her titties. Getting the hint, she gave him a seductive smile and wink before giving him what he wanted. Naruto threw his head back and his blue orbs lidded when his new whore sandwiched his pulsing rod between those soft melons and jerked him off. It felt so good that he began to pump his hips in and out of her cleavage. The blonde groaned harder as he felt that soft tongue of hers tease his sensitive head.

Prick now set between her cleavage, Mikoto watched as his dripping head appeared and disappeared rapidly. Whenever it reappeared, she gave it a sloppy kiss while shaking her twins up and down his rampaging power-tool. her black eyes glossed in lust as she felt him twitch harder with each pump and lick. ‘Come on; cum! This bitch has earned her reward!’ Mikoto screamed in her head as she waited for the one-eyed monster to blast her with white.

“Fuck yeah!” Fists tightened around her rave locks as his balls churned. Burying his dripping tool into her gullet, her nose firmly pressed against his blonde man-hair, he continued to face/titty-fuck her like that for several more thrusts before the pleasure became too much to handle. Her titty-fuck was almost as good as his Hinata-hime’s! “Gonna burst!” Warning loudly, he drew back till his member was almost out of the pillow embrace, he shoved himself right back in and filled her mouth with the milk she’s rightfully earned. Blue eyes locked onto her bulging throat that gulped down whatever she could, as fast as she could.

Mikoto screamed around his erupting tool as his own climax made her reach another amazing climax. It amazed her how just one load of his milk caused her to cum again. The fact that she could barely breath only made it more spectacular as she made herself drink it all. Some of the nut-juice leaked out of her mouth and dripped down her chest but she didn’t care. The MILF Uchiha was too drunk on her favorite new drink.

The beauty barely felt herself being pulled off his shooting cock or the feeling of more of his seed raining down on her. She could feel and hear her heart beating a mile a second as her chest heaved up and down. Mikoto gulped down air and jizz like no tomorrow as a puddle of female juices pooled around her. In a daze, she lowly moaned when she was brought to her feet and strong hands grabbed her rump and picked her up.

On pure instincts, she wrapped her arms and legs around her new lover and submitted to his powerful tongue that ravaged her mouth. Naruto grinned in the kiss as he slowly walked to the kitchen with his sexy Uchiha babe still drunk on the orgasms she’s been though. When he felt the counter top, he sat that beautiful ass upon it and took his head back and admired the scene before him.

Mikoto Uchiha was spread eagle on his counter, juices dripping down her garden, a cock-starved expression plastered over her face, submissive eyes locked onto his blue, and her tongue sensually licking the cum that stained her mouth. Naruto did a little dance inside his head as he was about to finally nail the sexy MILF he’s been lusting after since he first met her. Grabbing his cock, he lined it against her mound. It seemed to wake her up as she stared up at the ferally grinning Naruto. Reaching up, she cupped his cheek. “Do it. Make me yours, baby. I want to get fucked by this powerful dick.” She begged softly, moaning lowly as the tool teased her waiting womb.

Unable to hold himself back with such a look and plea, he grabbed the back of her head and slammed his lips against hers, silencing her. Her glistening vagina coated his dick with her juices, making it easier for him to slid in. Being the generous man he is, he slowly pierced her womanhood to get her used to his massive size before wrecking her. The two moaned hotly in the kiss as they felt the other’s sex please the other.

While the slow insert and pumps were nice and appreciated, Mikoto didn’t want slow loving, even if her eyes rolled to the back of her skull. A full-body spasm erupted as her tight pussy walls struggled to accept the man’s fat shaft. “Fuck!” Her scream was muffled by the kiss, but could be easily heard by the slowly pumping male. She hissed heavily into the kiss as her snatch was stretched to the limit and beyond while his sack bounced against her red rear-end. Leaving the kiss, she moaned happily as her tits bounced in the air while his thrusts grew stronger. “Come on, stud! Fuck your property hard! I’m now yours! Only your cock can satisfy me! Make sure you spray everything you have into this cheating bitches womb!” Mikoto’s wanton voice aroused him to death along with her powerful hips rutting against his own.

He replied like a real man would. Raising his hand, he spanked that bountiful ass. Naruto loved how it felt against his hand and did it again and again. Roughly grabbing her face, he made her look at his lust-drive snarl. “That’s right, Mikoto-chan. From this day forward, this body is mine to fuck whenever I feel like it.” The blonde silenced her with a deep kiss that made her weak.

Her hands fell and wrapped around his back. Nails out, she clawed at his back, making him growl deeper into the passionate kiss and use her pussy even harder than before. She shook and moaned under his dominating from and could only rut her hips back, wanting to give her new master pleasure. Mikoto knew she wasn’t a person anymore. She belonged to Naruto Namikaze and she was just fine with that. Tightening her walls around his prick, she whimpered happily when he slapped her ass harder while his other hand left her face and palmed her firm breast, molding it against his skin while the other pressed into his body.

Naruto let his actions speak for him. He showed the sexy Mikoto how good she felt wrapped around him by dominating her tongue, ravaging the upper hole, while his dick rearranged her pussy, and his hands continued to play with her breast and nipples and giving her plump ass strong swats. Growling into the kiss, he pushed her slim back against the counter and railed her even harder. The new angel did wonders as the ravenette scratched his back harder.

Air becoming too much of a necessity, they ended the kiss but the new lovers buried their faces into the other’s neck. Tongue sensually licked the sweaty flesh like dehydrated animals. Small growls escaped his lips as he bashed his cock in and out of her slick pussy. Lewd slapping sounds of hips meeting and balls clasping against a rear-end resounded through the kitchen.

Mikoto held onto her lover and gave kisses and small bite marks on his neck to increase his pleasure. She couldn’t stop the pleasurable whimpers from escaping her beautiful lips. Being fucked so thoroughly was an amazing experience and she knew she’d seek the blonde every day for a daily dose of sperm. Her nails raked against his skin and the pain made only made him act more animalistic, something she savored and pushed for. The beauty could feel her hips becoming sore, but she didn’t care. Black eyes fluttered as a fucked-stupid smile graced her blushing face as she could feel his cock swelling against her caverns.

His mind and heart was rushing as sweat dripped down his body and mixed with the sweat of the screaming Uchiha. The blonde held tight to Mikoto’s sexy flesh as he nibbled the nape of her neck while his strong hands roughly massaged her glorious chest. He couldn’t get enough of her sexy voice and deliciously slutty body that reacted wonderfully to his ministrations. Whenever he gave her nipple a harsh twist, her cunt spasmed. A slap to the face, she rewarded him by pushing his lips and hands deeper into her flesh. Missionary became stale after a few more minutes of ploughing her like this. So, wanting to change it up, he grabbed her plump body and picked her up.

Mikoto yelped in surprise of being picked up and the thrusts ending. Female jizz dripping down his cock, the beauty stared at Naruto. “Baby…why’d you…stop?” She asked between large gulps of air. A feral grin was the answer she receive before being slammed onto the table face front. Her hard nipples scraped against the wooden surface as her lover soon began to plough her from behind. She moaned happily as this position was even more degrading, which meant more arousing. Nails dug into the hard surface as her pussy was railed.

Holding her rippling ass meat, Naruto used the hold to jam himself in and out of Mikoto even harder than before. Sweat dripped off his brow as an excited grin framed his face. He loved this position. It gave him so much power! Hinata-hime even requested that he fuck her doggy-style ever session they had. Tongue licked the sweat that trailed down his lips as he watched her sexy back arch into the table as her head rolled up and down with each powerful plunge. Leaning down, he sensually licked her back, making her shiver at the new stimulation. Naruto found her sweat delicious.

Uncoherent words were the only thing that came from the sexy Uchiha’s lips, other than spit, as she was being brought to new levels of ecstasy. Mikoto could only scream and hiss in pleasure as Naruto’s lips came met hers for another round. The heat of the session, and the fact of this being wrong, was too hot for the sexy MILF to bear as gallons of feminine juices lubed his manhood. Black eyes could see feral blue orbs matching the lust-matched stare. Those black eyes widened in shocked bliss when she felt two fingers play with her clit. Eyes rolled to the back of her head with little tears streaming down her beautiful face as her master was fucking the fluids out of her.

The blonde growled huskier with each hip smash. Mikoto’s doused cunt was the best lube and he used it to his advantage to make this bitch his. From the lustful screams he was eating and tight pussy that kept gushing over him, he knew it was working. As he continued to stare at his new lover, he couldn’t wait to see what she looked like when he painted her insides white. Her constantly tightening cunt walls and warm female liquids were doing the job of bringing him closer to his own climax. The familiar tightening of his balls and twitching of his tool could be felt by himself and the lust-driven Mikoto.

‘Cum! Naruto-sama’s semen is about to be inside me!’ The beautiful Uchiha thought in utter joy of being creampied by this stud. Mikoto responded by ramming her full hips back into his brutal thrusts while tightening her walls around his steel-powered tool. “Naruto-sama…let me…breath!” She begged between kisses as she was beginning to fall asleep; something she didn’t want to be when he graced her womb with his milk.

Reluctantly letting those sweet lips go, he smirked at her happy smile. Deciding to turn that smile into a scream, he stopped playing with her clit and grabbed two fist-full of her raven hair and pulled her up with him. “Yeah!” Grunting like an animal, Naruto fucked Mikoto in a standing position and glanced over her shoulder to see an outline of his cock stretching her belly. He licked his lips as he saw those delicious sweaty orbs bounce erotically through the air. But, he didn’t grope them as using her hair to plough her was much more pleasing, at the moment.

The added pain and pleasure of the new position and hair pulling only prolonged her orgasms that gushed out of her fountain. Mikoto let out a pleased screams and whimpers as he continued to make her pussy his property. ‘His…cum! He’s about to…cum!’ The MILF thought with utter joy as she felt the familiar twitching of his cock. She responded by bucking her womanly hips into his thundering tool while tightening her walls. The second she did all those things, her world turned white with black spots dancing in her vision as she got her reward.

Naruto couldn’t hold much longer against the added pleasure the horny bitch was giving him. Feeling that she had earned this, he gave a few more powerful, deep, thrusts before he shot a massive load straight to her womb. He took great satisfaction in the loud wail that escaped her lips along with the large amount of squirt drenching his spurting manhood. Her womb soon became too full, but that didn’t matter to the blonde. Mikoto’s pussy stretched as the exit was plugged by his cock, but it pressure grew too much and squeezed around his cock and joined the massive puddle that formed under the lovers.

Once he was finished, Naruto let go of the sweaty silken hair and pulled himself out with a satisfied sigh. The blonde watched the sexy woman fall like a puppet being cut from the strings when he let go. Her twitching body that kept gushing out his cum pleased him to no end.

Mikoto was gone. The second he shot his load into her cunt, she though she saw God. She’s never had such a mind-blowing orgasm or one that lasted this long. In her satisfied mind, this pleasure was worth cheating on. Slowly glancing back, her black eyes widened in happy shock while her dopey smile widened. “Oh, Naruto-sama! You’re still hard!” Mikoto marveled at how the stud was still going strong.

Scoffing, he grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. “Please, bitch. I’m not even close to being done with this fine body of yours. By the time we’re done, you’ll be getting down on your knees the second you see me.” Naruto promised with a manly grin. “Move.” He ordered, making her walk up the stairs. His blue eyes were locked onto his next target: her bountiful ass.

The confidence he was showing her turned the cheating MILF on like no other. She wanted to be dominated more by her new master and she’d do anything to please him. Arriving in the bedroom, she saw it was just as nice as his house. A nice king-sized bed with a plasma screen t.v., a large dresser, and a separate door on the left of the room. “Iya!” Mikoto yelped in surprise when she was thrown onto the soft bed, face-front. Her surprised yelp soon turned into a pleasurable moan as Naruto’s body was over her and his long prick was resting on her ass meat.

Leaning down, so his lips were next to her ear, he whispered huskily. “This beautiful body is mine now, Mikoto-chan.” Naruto promised and gave her a little bite mark. His hands rested on the bountiful booty flesh his cock was rubbing against and roughly groped both cheeks. While they weren’t as wonderful as his beautiful Hinata-Hime’s, who’s entire being seemed to be molded by the Gods, Mikoto’s rear cheeks still got his motor running. The dominating blonde couldn’t wait to hear her sexy screams when he claimed the last piece of this fine body.

Mikoto shivered at the sheer dominance this young man had over her. She knew what he was going for next and she willingly gave him permission to take her anal hole by pressing it against his strong hands. The ravenette mewled in bliss as his skilled tongue nipped and sucked at her neck. She kind of hoped his wife would walk in on them fucking. It was one of her secret fantasies to be watched. ‘For later.’ Mikoto put those thoughts to the back of her mind to just enjoy how well Naruto was reading her flesh.

Feeling he had gotten enough of her sweaty neck flesh, and proud of the marks he’s maid that signaled she was his woman, he trailed kisses down her back till he reached her bottom. Pulling her cheeks apart, he spied the tight door he’d soon spread. Naruto decided to test how tight this hole was. Slowly piercing her sphincter with his thumb, he was amazed at how tight it clung to his digit.

“Iya!” Mikoto threw her head back with a loud cry as she felt his finger go inside her. While she expected it, it still surprised her. Full hips shook in slight pain and pleasure as he slowly began to finger her backdoor while his other hand continued to grope her cheeks. “So…good.” She whispered with a large blush.

“Wow. It’s clenching so tight around my finger. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re an anal virgin.” Blue eyes brightened when he felt her stiffen. “No way! You are! Lucky day for me!” Knowing he was about to claim the last virgin part of her did wonderful things to his boner. Taking the thumb out of her bottom, he replaced it with his pointer and middle fingers and began to pump them in and out in a steadily growing pace. While watching her shake around his fingers was enjoyable, he wanted to see what this hole tasted like.

Black eyes swam in deep emotion as the beauty was getting lost on the foreign sensations of something digging in her booty. ‘Shit! Why…am I cumming…so fast!?’ Mikoto asked herself as she felt her weeping mound dripping more of her juices. Though, just before she could climax, the beauty whimpered when the pleasure of having her ass fingered was lost, the beauty was about to ask what was wrong before she let out a loud squeal as Naruto placed his face between her soft cheeks.

As his tongue invaded her sweet little hole, Mikoto continued to scream and buck her beautiful hips into his devouring mouth. Grabbing those wide hips, he held them in place so he could lick and suck that bountiful ass. Once getting it nice and wet, he moved down to suck on her slick little cunt. He didn’t mind that it still had some of his cum as the taste of her honey was too wonderful for him to focus on anything else.

Mikoto moaned like a common street whore as her master continued to go between licking her cunt and asshole while his manly hands gave her derriere light slaps. “That…feels so fucking good! Keep going, Naruto-sama. Eat out this whores dirty cunt and ass.” The beauty begged her master as she continued to buck her lower half into his face and tongue. ‘I need it! I need that cock up my ass!’ Mikoto screamed in her head as the thought of having her last virgin hole being stretched by his cock was causing her to leak out more juices for him to lap.

Naruto continued to lick and suck her sexy holes until she was wet enough for him to slide in easily. That, and he just loved getting bitches close to cumming before he speared them. So, once she was good and close to climaxing, he stopped and kept her from trying to get herself off by rubbing her sensitive pussy against his sheets. Leaning into her ear, he whispered darkly. “No, no. You can only cum with my cock now.” Without any warning, he lined his tool against her butt and jammed all of himself straight down.

The Uchiha MILF let out a strangled moan and wail the second she had her anal virginity taken by this stud. His cock, like with her pussy walls, stretched her backdoor wide enough to only be satisfied by the hot rod twitching between her cheeks. Legs shook like a leaf in the wind as her pussy spurted like a broken fountain, staining his marital bed in her love juices.

The bed began to creak and groan under the pressure of the intense fuck. Naruto didn’t let up his brutal thrusts for one second as he knew Mikoto’s tears and shouts were of pleasure and not pain. Groans escaped his lips with sweat dripping down his brow as he continued to saw his cock in and out of the tight booty that constricted around his power-tool. “Fuck!” Naruto growled as he dipped his head down right next to her face.

“Yes!” Screamed the beauty as she was addicted to the anal pounding. “Fuck me harder, you stallion! I don’t want to walk after this!” Mikoto begged her master as she tried to please him by bucking her wide hips against his tower. She was drunk on the feeling of her unused walls stretching to house the prick rearranging her innards.

“Don’t worry, bitch! You’re mine for the rest of your life!” Growled the animal thrusting blonde as one hand went to slap her red bottom while the other hand went to her mouth and play with her slutty tongue. He shivered as she went to work sucking his fingers like his cock. ‘Fuck! Too tight!’ Naruto mused to himself as he was getting closer to giving her an anal creampie. The sexy MILF ass constricted around him to well, milking him for the nut-batter. Naruto’s mind was getting foggy with lust as her womanly scent was driving him crazy along with the sexy music that were her moans, screams, and squeaks with each slap to the bottom.

Minutes passed between the two as they continued their passionate dance of the flesh. Naruto finally gave into the pleasure as his balls tightened and his pole twitched. So, driving home, he shot out another massive load that knocked the Uchiha into unconsciousness. The last thing she thought before she passed out was ‘I’m now…his whore.’

Panting with a large blush and satisfied smile, he took his dripping member out of the butt and smirked at the passed out woman. “And this is just the beginning.” Naruto mused to himself with a devious smirk.


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