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 This isn't exactly the most unique idea, but I think I'll be the first to take it past one chapter. It's pretty simple - Naruto and Sasuke will share a harem; there will be lemons, romance, and a hellof a lot of bro-moments between Naruto and Sasuke. I hope you enjoy.

“Oh… Sasuke-kun…”

Her moan, piercing and loud, bordering on heavenly. Ino dipped her head back, her luscious blonde hair having long since come out of its signature ponytail. Ino was on her back, Sasuke standing right behind her, kneading her breasts, kissing and suckling at her neck - it was a little strange doing it from a backwards position, but he managed, and with gusto considering Ino’s moan.

Then, her second moan.

“Oh… Naruto-kun…” Ino purred, shivering slightly.

Naruto grinned from in between Ino’s legs, his lips wet with her juices like an animal’s maw with water. He gave her pink and puffy folds one last lick, before drawing back. “You ready to switch, bastard?” he said joyfully.

Sasuke smirked back at him. “Sure.” he said.

The two men rearranged their positions. Ino was limp in between the duo, her body sweaty and flushed, her face twisted up in an expression of utter delight. “I don’t know what kami decided to grant me two magnificent studs…” she breathed. “But I ought to start praying to it more…”

Naruto and Sasuke both chuckled at that. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Sasuke said, as he knelt down in between Ino’s legs.

“It has… a couple of months, at least; you know how missions and such are.” Naruto ribbed. He himself had taken Sasuke’s previous position, standing right behind Ino, positioned over her lovely breasts and the vast expanses of her creamy skin. “Who gets to use which? I call dibs on her mouth first!” he said quickly.

“You’ll be missing out on her cunt, then.” Sasuke said, a smirk on his face. “If you get her mouth, then I get her pussy - and I’m not pulling out until her womb is packed full; you know how I am with that.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Naruto said, waving his hand in a nonchalant manner. “You and your womb busting; what happened to taking a girl’s ass? What happened to making her swallow your load? I mean… if you look at it objectively, one can get the girl pregnant while the other two are pretty damn safe…”

“Maybe.” Sasuke said. He paused for a moment - leaning forward and giving Ino’s slit a long lick that left her shuddering against him. Her thighs would have clamped closed around his head, but Sasuke’s strong arms successfully kept them pried apart. “But you know there’s nothing like taking a woman’s womb for your own.”

Naruto laughed. “Apples and oranges, I suppose.” he said, grasping Ino’s breasts and giving them a squeeze. He dipped his head down and claimed the fellow blonde’s lips, sticking his tongue into her mouth. Naruto was glad that both he and Sasuke were so good at eating girls out - it had left Ino paralyzed with pleasure, and thus left the wonders of her mouth open to his relentless plundering. Even as he explored her with his tongue, he continued to squeeze and grope her breasts, tweaking her nipples like a radio dial.
Sasuke of course was still steadily working Ino over. Her glistening folds were like sheep beneath his wolf-ish tongue, and therefore were no match for the experienced man. He played her like a fiddle, his tongue dancing in and out of her in a way that made her mind turn. That, combined with Naruto’s assault on her breasts and mouth, made her cum within two minutes.

“And that’s a wrap.” Sasuke murmured, standing up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Naruto smirked, retracting from Ino. The two men towered over her - both well over six feet tall, their imposing psychiques dwarfing the poor blonde in every way imaginable. She shuddered a little, thinking of all the dirty, filthy, depraved things these two could do to her… were going to do to her, would likely be more accurate.

“It’s your turn to service us now.” Naruto said. “I think I’ll take the honor of a nice throat fuck in a little bit, but Sasuke and I can both use a little ‘warming up’.”

“It’s the least you could do.” Sasuke said, almost teasingly.

Ino gulped. “Of- of course.” she said, rather shakily. The prospect of blowing one of them off was daunting enough… but two of them at the same time? She already had enough trouble with them smushing all that man meat in two of her holes at once, kami, she couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to take both cocks at once in her mouth. She hoped they would let her go one at a time… or at least alternate between them.

Sasuke and Naruto stood side by side, blue and black eyes peering down at her.

To call them both hung seemed an understatement. Really… even calling them stallions seemed to undervalue just how large they were. Whether by some freak coincidence, or by predestination, the both of them were near the same size when erect - around eleven inches. The only difference was that Sasuke’s cock was a little thicker, and Naruto’s cock was a little longer.

Right now, they were both only half hard. Ino liked to think that they did it to tease her, to make sure she knew just how big they were before the blood truly started pumping, and then proceeding to wow her world once more when they were really erect.

“Don’t be scared, Ino.” Naruto said.

“We won’t bite.” Sasuke murmured.

“Okay… maybe I will.” Naruto said laughing, shooting her a suggestive wink.

Ino flushed. Some in the village called her provocative in the village, and a few detractors even dared to call her a whore or something of the sort, but when she was around these two… she felt so young, so inexperienced, so damn weak. These two titans, with their big cocks, their warm hands, their skillful lips and tongue… they reduced her to nothing when she was confronted with them. She could hardly speak, she could hardly think, she was like a sock puppet that was stuffed full of two feet of cock and forced to cum again and again as they ravaged her body.

And she loved it.

She adored it.

Nothing would make her change her mind about that.

It wasn’t as if they treated her poorly or anything… if anything, they were so accommodating, even when they knew what they could do to her, the power that they wielded. If they said sit, she sat; if they said ‘suck our cocks and swallow our cum’, she would do exactly that.

They hadn’t even done this all that much…

It had been sort of an unspoken arrangement beforehand, that the two would share her. But it hadn’t been the two of them together at the same time. One night, Naruto would fuck a load into her womb and ass. The next, Sasuke would force her to swallow at least half a dozen loads and then some. And she loved it, she thrived in it, being essentially a sex toy for two of Konoha’s most eligible bachelors. It was a wondrous experience…

… but it was nothing compared to the two of them together.

They were conquerors on their own, and sex gods when combined in an unholy alliance of sorts. So much experience… so much cock, so much passion… they could force any woman to succumb to their whims.

Ino gulped.

She reached forward, fastening her hands around both of their shafts; in unison, the great beasts nestled between their legs twitched in her grasp, and she whimpered slightly. Ino began to stroke… and stroke, faster and faster, her body shuddering once more as she felt their members began to pulse. It was like watching a timelapse of a tree growing… and before long, Ino was staring down the barrel of two long, hard, and very hungry cocks.

“I’m a generous man.” Naruto said airily. “You can start with Sasuke, Ino… don’t want to have to make you choose.”

“How… gallant.” Sasuke said sarcastically.

“Oh, shut up.” Naruto said. “I’m saying that you can get your cock sucked first, and you want to be picky about it?”

Sasuke rolled his eyes. He directed his gaze back down to Ino, and perhaps a twinkle of amusement appeared in his dark eyes. “What are you waiting for, an invitation?” Sasuke said. “Get to work.” His member seemed to twitch in her hand expectantly, precum dripping from the tip and onto her wrist. She had to resist the urge to lick it off.

She seemed almost graceful in the way she took him into her mouth… though Sasuke knew there was a barely restrained hunger lingering in Ino. He could tell, from the way she ground her soaking snatch against the ground, to the eager way she continued to stroke both his and Naruto’s thick cocks. Ino was such a lovely package, with her tight and toned body, her sweet smile, her bubbly personality… and her willingness to degrade herself in every way imaginable so long as Naruto and Sasuke shot their loads onto her face by the end of the night.

What a lovely woman, Sasuke thought.

Even though she was no slouch when it came to sucking cock, Ino still had trouble; that was a testament to the sheer thickness of both of their cocks. Her pretty little lips looked so nice stretched taut around his girth, and Sasuke couldn’t help but groan appreciatively as she took the first third of his member into her mouth, her sweet tongue swirling around his shaft.

“Enjoying yourself, Ino-chan?” Naruto said sarcastically. It was clear that the blonde was having the time of her life - her juices had soaked a puddle directly into the carpet beneath her thighs. She was stroking Sasuke and Naruto faster and faster, and giving it all with the blowjob on Sasuke, and yet neither man seemed to flinch. As if receiving a handjob or a blowjob from a woman as beautiful from Ino was only a regular experience for them.

She merely gave an eager little hum, her mouth still stuffed full of Sasuke’s cock… which understandably made talking a little difficult. Her lips stretched in a grin; she took an audible breath through her nose, and then proceeded to attempt to deepthroat him.

Ino failed… spectacularly. At around the eight inch mark, Sasuke’s member twitched inside of her throat, and she gagged, forced to retreat off his saliva slick member, coughing and spluttering. She pressed a hand to her lips, her chest heaving up and down. Naruto let out a slightly disappointed groan… after all, she’d stopped stroking his cock, and he had been enjoying the soft feeling of her hand.

“Come on, Ino…!” Naruto said lightly, leaning a hand down and slapping it gently against her cheek. “What’s the problem? You’ve sucked enough cock for a lifetime, and yet you can’t even give my friend here a blowjob?”

She was still coughing. “I- I can…” Ino murmured. “Just give me a minute.”

“But we don’t want to ‘give you a minute’.” Sasuke said. “If you haven’t noticed, Ino, you aren’t going to keep Naruto sated with something as plain as a handjob.” He chuckled. Sasuke reached a hand down, gripping Ino’s hair and jerking her head to the side so that she was staring directly at Naruto’s swollen and erect cock. “I mean… look at him, like a kid who got his candy stolen. There’s no humane way you could live this usuratonkachi… unfulfilled and not feel guilty, Ino. So how about this: you puckered those lips of yours, take a deep breath, and get back to sucking.”

Ino gulped. “Of- of course.” she said, forcing her breathing to even out.

“Good girl.” Sasuke said. And then, he let her go; they didn’t have to tell her anything else, for in the next five seconds, she had tipped her head forward and engulfed the mushroom head of Naruto’s member. The blonde groaned appreciatively - a handjob was nice and all, but there was nothing like the sweet and warm feeling of a woman’s mouth, and Ino’s mouth was an amazing one indeed.

Sasuke walked around her, an examining look in his eyes. His member was still hard, and slick with Ino’s saliva. Sasuke was the furthest from respectful a person could get, and even as Ino bobbed her head up and down on Naruto’s member, he showed off that kind of rake attitude - ruining Ino’s pristine hair by jamming his cock into it, smearing it with her saliva and his precum. He even crouched down behind her, grasping her breasts as she continued to suck Naruto off - causing her to gasp.

“I’m ready if you are.” Naruto said. “Don’t want to keep you hanging, after all.”

Sasuke smirked. “Alright then.” he said. Then, he reached forward, and jerked Ino off of Naruto’s cock by her hair. She gasped once more, coughing and spluttering, an almost fearful look in her eyes. Naruto laughed cheerfully, calmly walking over to the bed and sitting down on the foot of it, his long and throbbing cock drooping down in front of him.
The Uchiha grabbed Ino by the sides, hefting her up. He threw her down in front of Naruto, seized the back of her head, and placed her right over Naruto’s member. “Take a deep breath.” he said. Wisely, she did. Then, Sasuke jammed her head down, her lips parting and stretching in order to take Naruto’s cock. “Come on,” he growled. “Take it you fucking whore; I’m not going to fuck you until you take every last inch.”

As if he was giving her a choice whether she would take it all or not. He just kept pushing, and pushing, Naruto’s girth forcing it way into her gullet. She was helpless to resist - if she even wanted to; she was so hot, so aroused that she was surprised her slick juices weren’t evaporating as they leaked from her folds.

Finally, she took it all, her nose pressed into his pelvis, all eleven inches of thick, meaty cock sheathed in her throat. Naruto let out an appreciative groan.

It might be worth it to mention that she wasn’t down on her knees or anything… rather, she was on her feet, bent over in an acute angle. Sasuke let go of her head, but she didn’t dare move… even as she felt him line up with her entrance.

“Here we go.” Sasuke said. Then, with one brutal thrust, he sheathed himself inside of her. She moaned - and the feel of her vibrations only intensified the pleasure for Naruto. Sasuke began to thrust, gripping Ino’s hips for leverage, pummelling the poor blonde even as she attempted to cope with Naruto’s mammoth cock stuffed down her throat. It was more man meat than any woman was ever meant to take, and yet somehow she took it - not that she had any choice. All of the teasing, the hot and steamy blowjobs and dirty talk had left her practically sizzling, and within thirty seconds she had came again, moaning and groaning, the sensations once again pleasuring Naruto at the same time.

Funnily enough, Naruto didn’t even have to do anything. He was content to sit there and hum under his breath, because not only was Ino still putting work into the blowjob - her tongue massaging his balls and her lips gently suckling around the base of his shaft - but the moans and gasps Sasuke continually forced out from her were more than enough for him. So he leaned back, as thick slaps of Ino’s pussy being serviced filled the room.

She was quashed against Naruto’s pelvis, forced further and further. He was like a brick wall, and even beneath Sasuke’s vicious assault he didn’t crumble - though Ino most certainly did. It took less than a few minutes for her to cum again, and she screamed as she did so. So many curses were lingering on her lips… but considering the dozen inches of cock shoved into her throat, she couldn’t get any of them out.

“So… I’ve been thinking.” Naruto said idly.

“About what?” Sasuke grunted, as he continued to pound Ino, the poor blonde girl’s hips rocking back and forth - one moment she’d feel Naruto’s cock nearly piercing her lungs, the next she’d feel Sasuke’s cock nearly piercing her womb. It was a never ending cycle of pleasure, and by this point, she was practically lost to the ecstasy.
“I mean… we… we make a pretty good team, don’t we?” Naruto pointed out. “I mean, look at us.”

“What… we make a good team fucking women?” Sasuke said. “Of course we do; what’s your point?”

Naruto shrugged. “I don’t know.” he said. “You ever thought that we could just… make a go of it? Upgrade from the ‘on and off’ again thing, and instead be a real team? Seriously… imagine the things we could do. The girls we could seduce. We could be like- like a package deal; all it would take is for us to lure the girl into bed, and we’d have them. Think about it.”

Sasuke thought about it; it didn’t seem to be any harder for him to think, even with Ino spasming against him. He was still thrusting, her needy pussy clenching around his member, her throat constricting around Naruto’s cock. She was plump fuck meat that both men were taking great pleasure in plundering, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
“It could be kind of weird, no?” Sasuke pointed out.

Naruto chuckled. “Sasuke… we’ve already done the devil’s threeway more than a few times. For kami’s sake, we bathed together when we were kids - sure my mom and your mom made us, but still… why would we care if it’s ‘weird’?”


“I suppose that hasn’t ever stopped us before.” Sasuke said. He was rocking his hips forward now, grounding his member into that sweet spot inside of Ino that made her go cross-eyed. Her lips were still grasping around the base of Naruto’s shaft almost desperately, the wheezes of her breathing through her nose a constant sound. “And it would be nice to have a… selection of sorts.” He tilted his head thoughtfully. “I can imagine it - waking up and having our selection of pussy waiting; we could just walk up and have our pick of the litter. Sounds… sounds nice actually.” he admitted.

“Right?” Naruto said. “I mean, we’re already roommates; we walk in on each other fucking other girls all the time. What’s the harm in adding a little fun to it? A little spice?”
“Hmm…” Sasuke hummed. “I’m thinking that if we go through with this, we could make Ino the first.” He was still thrusting forward, and she was shivering against him, her lip still sealed around Naruto’s cock. It was a miracle she hadn’t asphyxiated by now.

“Sounds good to me.” Naruto said, laughing. “Let’s make it official then.”

“Alright.” Sasuke said.

They both came at the same time: Naruto shooting his massive load directly into Ino’s belly, while Sasuke shot his equally massive load straight into her womb. She shuddered and came for what seemed to be the hundredth time, the overwhelming sensation of warmth causing her body to essentially shut down. As Sasuke and Naruto pulled away from her, she fell limp to the ground.

“Well, if we’re going to be a team,” Naruto said. “We might as well get used to sleeping in the same bed together… not like that,” he said hurriedly. “I mean, if we’re going to be collecting girls, they’ll probably want their pick too - we can like, get separate beds or just a really big one or something.”

Sasuke shrugged. “So long as you don’t snore, I suppose it doesn’t really matter.”

“The question is, whose room would we use?” Naruto said.

Sasuke chuckled. “We’re not using your room.” he said flatly. “If you took even Ino in there,” He gestured down to the blonde, her pussy leaking cum and her eyes glassy. “She would wrinkle her nose in disgust.”

“You’ve got a point.” Naruto said. He and Sasuke had been roommates ever since they had turned eighteen - having pooled together their shinobi funds to get a pretty decent apartment. Sasuke managed to whip Naruto into keeping most of the house clean, but his own room was another story. If they were going to be sharing a room from now on, clearly things were going to have to change.

Sasuke leaned down, hefting Ino up, her pussy leaking cum onto the carpet. They were in Sasuke’s room right now, dominated by a large, king sized bed. He dropped her down onto the mattress. “You sleeping in your room?” Sasuke asked.

“Nah.” Naruto said, grinning cheekily. “You ever used Ino’s tits as a pillow? It feels great.”

Sasuke shrugged once again.

The two men eased themselves onto the bed, on either side of the practically passed out, cum stuffed blonde. Naruto set his head down on Ino’s breasts, and promptly fell asleep. Sasuke eased open Ino’s legs, and slid his erection into her gaping snatch, as a nice little cock warmer throughout the night. She moaned appreciatively, a happy little smile on her face.

Sasuke shook his head. And then, he went to sleep as well.

The first woman of Naruto and Sasuke’s harem had been claimed.


So... tell me what you think. Hopefully this will appease both Sasuke and Naruto fans, though I'm doing it mostly because I had a lot of fun writing it. Stay tuned for more!

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