Mass Sexy Technique

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Disclaimer: Based off of the Natuto series. I do not the Naruto series or any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

“Mass Shadow Clone!” yells Naruto.

“Wow! Incredible!” says Konohamaru, looking wide eyed at the many Naruto’s that just appeared.

Ebisu looks at the many Naturo’s and chuckles. “Heh. I am an elite tutor. I’m not Mizuki.”

The Naruto’s make another hand seal and yell “Transform!” They change into beautiful long blonde haired beauties, each with large perfect breasts, tight shaved pussies and plump gorgeous asses. Each Naruto striking a sexy pose, showing off their curves, making lewd faces, their hands roaming their own bodies.

The sexy blonde goddesses surrounded Ebisu and moved in seductively. His eyes darted from one to the other, his dick filling with blood while his head feeling light. A few of the blonde goddess’ infront of him took notice of his growing bulge and licked their lips. Suddenly he had slender womanly hands all over his body, caressing every inch of him, well, almost every inch. They avoided his still growing cock and his balls while they teased him everywhere else. His body tingled with pleasure as he swallowed nervously, incredibly aware that his dick was being avoided.

It’s just Naruto he thought He’s just trying to shock me. He isn’t actually going to do anything more. He was starting to regain his composure when one of the girls brought his hand to her breasts. Then he could feel more of the pillowy soft tits on his back and his head. Ebisu’s cock twitched to its full hardness when one of the girls grabbed Ebisu by the chin bringing her lips close to his but just smiling. The elite tutors head was blanking, he tried to move closer to kiss her but the other Naruto’s were holding him tight. Ebisu opened his mouth and tried to reach her with his tongue but it was no use. Whenever he was about to touch her lips she’d move further back.

Ebisu somehow managed to free a hand and grabbed the back of her head, pulling her into a deep, deep kiss. Her eyes went wide with surprise and she tried to pull away. But Ebisu held her hard and kissed her harder. He managed to stick his tongue into her mouth and wrapped his tongue around the girls tongue. Slowly the girl stopped her resistance and her eyes rolled back in enjoyment, and she returned his kiss full force.

Ebisu’s hand didn’t need to hold her in place anymore so he shot it down to her slightly wet pussy. The girl moaned into his mouth as he made contact and as they continued to kiss. He rubbed her clit hard until she was dripping wet and moving her hips into his hand. Ebisu shoved two fingers into her pussy and the girls head flew back, moaning. Ebisu continued to pound her pussy even harder with his fingers, while at the same rubbing her clit with his thumb with expert technique. The girls pleasure built up more and more until she let out one final scream that meant her orgasm. She was trembling on his fingers when suddenly she vanished in a puff of smoke.

Ebisu looked around at the other girls and saw a look of confusion on their faces as they just watched their other shadow clone make out and cum from this pervert. And then all of a sudden the look changed to one of pure pleasure, as they all experienced the clones orgasm at once. When they looked at Ebisu again, it was lust that filled their eyes. One moved closer and kissed Ebisu while another took his free hand and brought it to her pussy, another took his hand off her breasts and did the same. There were three or four that were fighting over Ebisu’s lips while others were licking his neck. One of the girls shoved another to get her turn and she fell right in front of Ebisu’s massive bulge.

She grinned wickedly while she reached out to grab it through his pants. It twitched in her hand and Ebisu looked down in reaction.  She smiled at him, rubbing his cock through his pants. Ebisu smiled encouragingly while he made another two clones cum with his hands and disappear; all the other girls shuddered in pleasure, increasing their lust. Ebisu grabbed the girl who was stroking him by the chin making her look at him. “If you take that out I can make you feel really good.” One of the other girls took the cue and started to lower his zipper from the neck all the way down passed his waste.

Other girls slipped his one piece over his shoulders and down off his muscular body. As the fabric passed his cock it flung out, hitting the girl in her face. The size of it alone was enough to make the girl salivate, but the smell made her pussy incredibly moist. She gave it a tentative lick then shoved it in her mouth in one go. More girls joined her down there, stroking the remainder of his shaft while others sucked on his balls. One more girl started eating out his asshole. Ebisu Grabbed the girl sucking him by her hair and rammed into her hard. Pulling her deep onto his cock and filling her throat with cum. She fell back coughing and Ebisu sprayed the remainder of his load over some of the other girls.

Ebisu didn’t waste any time, he grabbed a girl that was licking his ear and brought her flush against his body, straddling his still hard cock while he kissed her.  Another girl was sucking the tip while he rubbed his dick along the girls slit. No, not a girl he thought It’s Naruto he smiled at the thought and whispered in that Naruto’s ear.  “Do you want me to fuck your little girl pussy, Uzumaking Naruto?”

In response Naruto gave him her most innocent look and nodded. Ebisu lifted her up and slowly slipped his cock inside her. Naruto Moaned long as Ebisu’s huge cock entered her pussy. When it reached the hilt he pulled her up and slammed her back down. He was fucking her harder and harder till suddenly she screamed and vanished. All the other clones screamed in unision, one jumped into Ebisu’s arms to take the last ones place. Ebisu pounded Naruto’s sexy clones over and over while other clones were licking his balls and his asshole. While Ebisu was pounding his 6th clone he caught eyes with a couple of Naruto’s who were making ninjutsu seals. They yelled out Transform, and all of a sudden the two still beautiful girls had two enormous cocks.  One of them move up and shoved it into his own clones ass, the other moved behind and slid it slowly into Ebisu’s ass. Ebisu Let out a satisfied grunt and pounded Naruto all the harder while he was taking it in the ass.  The feel of getting ass fucked while he was inside of Naruto’s tight pussy sent Ebisu over the edge and he came hard into her pussy.  The feeling sent her into orgasm so she spazzemed and disappeared. The two Naruto’s with the dicks came once the other orgasm hit them. The clone in front cumming while rubbing his cock all over Ebisu’s cock, the other deep into his ass.  The one in front disappeared, leaving Ebisu’s cock and chest dripping with cum.

The one behind didn’t disappear however. He reached around and grabbed hold of Ebisu’s cock now flaccid, stroking it slowly and nibbling his ear from behind.

“Hey, Konohamaru!” Naruto yelled out as he stroked Ebisu and started to slowly fuck Ebisu’s ass again. Ebisu looked up, completely forgetting that Konohamaru was still there. Konohamaru was sitting on the forest floor stroking his fully hard dick, with streams of cum in front of him soaking into the earth. Ebisu’s cock twitched. “Why don’t you try transforming again?” He said. Konohamaru stood up and walked over to his sensei, making the seals. Naruto could feel Ebisu’s cock hardening in his hand. Konohamaru was drooling as he walked closer and closer.

“Transform!” He yelled. And poof he was a sexy black haired beauty.

Konomaru paused just in front of Ebisu and struck a pose. “How do you like my sexy technique?” He asked. Konohamaru stood on one leg with the other on her knee and arms behind her head, winking and biting his lower lip. Ebisu moved closer to her, Naruto’s cock popping out of his ass. Ebisu grabbed Konohamaru’s ankle, raising her leg high in the air and using his other hand to balance her on her ass, giving Ebisu easy access to her pussy. He lined up his cock and pushed at the entrance. It was so damn tight but he broke past her walls and into her soaking wet hole. Konohamaru let out a whimper of pleasure as the length pierced her insides. While it was still slowly slipping in Ebisu Kissed Konohamaru gently and she returned it desperately. She was breathing hard from taking the whole length of Ebisu’s cock and was already close to coming.

Suddenly from behind Konohamaru he felt two hands spreading his asshole and then a tongue licking his back door. He turned his head to see a Naruto clone eating his asshole out, while the one with the dick was standing behind starring, getting his dick sucked by another clone. Konohamaru knew what was coming. He bit his lower lip and stared as the clone on his ass moved away and the cock kissed her asshole. Naruto teased her ass as Ebisu continued to slowly fuck her. Then he felt a pressure push against his back hole and felt Naruto’s cock slip inside ever so slowly. He felt so full and neither cock was all the way inside him yet. His orgasm was seconds away as the two dicks moved together deeper and deeper, until they both bottomed out inside him. Konohamaru came, shuttering and squeezing hard with both his holes on his sensei’s and rivals cock.

When his orgasm calmed Naruto and Ebisu didn’t waste any time to pick up the tempo. They were thrusting into him all the way in now and Konohamaru was going crazy from it. Naruto and Ebisu were taking turns making out with Konohamaru as they fucked him until they both shot their loads deep inside his holes. Konohamaru’s sex holes were overflowing with cum as the two dicks kept thrusting in hard. Cum squeezed out of his asshole and pussy, coating his legs with hot cum. Konogamaru came again and again while the two of them sprayed shot after shot of jizz deep inside him.

They collapsed on the forest floor together and Naruto’s clone that was in Konohamaru disappeared. Leaving Konohamarus ass feeling empy but for the cum flowing out. He rolled off of Ebisu and lay there breathing hard. Ebisu was staring at Konohamaru still, stroking in semi hard dick. Looking around he could only see one Naruto left, standing over him with cum covering her face. The one who first sucked my cock. Ebisu thought. The original. The last Naruto dropped down to konohamaru and started eating out her pussy and asshole, lapping up as much cum as she could, all the while staring at Ebisu. Ebisu continued to stroke his cock and it was returning to its full hardness.

When Naruto was done with Konohamarus cum filled holes, he whispered something into her ear and Konohamaru grinned. The two of them began crawling over to Ebisu and his once again rock hard cock. They licked the shaft up to the head together staring at Ebisu all the while. They smiled and Konohamaru said “we’re Gonna make you cum allll day Ebisu Sensai”


The Hokage was watching from his chrystal ball, jerking his cock and contemplating seriously. “That Technique would probably work on me”

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