A Bad Prank Gone Right

BY : Heikitsune25
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A Bad Prank Gone Right

Konohamaru is stuck between embarrassment and anger. Laying face first in the ground of the steamy hot spring brick, the thirteen-year-old ninja groaned.

"Pfft! Ha ha ha ha!" As his so called 'mentor' laughed at him.

"Hah ha ha! Oh man! Nice face plant!" Sixteen old Naruko Uzumaki, naked and wrapped in nothing but the steam of the hot springs, held her stomach as she doubled over laughing. Even at sixteen years old, the adamant young girl has the curvy and full body of a grown woman. Her pillowy soft breast are nearly as large as a man head, while her hips flare out wide. It balanced out her large, firm ass. Her pigtails, long enough to tickle her large tight ass, bounced with her laughing.

"Ugh…." Konohamaru groaned with a blistering red face. He wanted to get back at Naruko for her own pranks and teasing of him. He thought that scaring her in the hot springs would be perfect. Only to trip over the railing, tear his pants apart form a stray sharp stick, and fall flat on his face.

'Well at least someone happy…' He sighed as Naruko, now reduced to small chuckles, walked over to help him up.

However, as she took his hand to try and help him, Naruko slipped on the smooth wet cobble stone.

"Mph!?" And fell right into his crotch. Naruko groaned as she opened her eyes for her fall. As she did, she suddenly thought that there was a storm coming with the long dark shadow looming over her face. Only to find isn't a shadow, but Konohamaru's massive foot long cock.

Hard like steel, and burning like fire, the throbbing meat pole pulsated against her nose. The heavy musk of the young man's sweat made an odd shiver run down her spine. The hyper blonde's pussy clenched in unnecessary excitement. Her eyes trialed up the thick veins where she swallowed hard as her mouth suddenly went very dry.

At first, the young ninja thought Naruko would freak out and hit him or something. Yet she didn't. She only stared at cock with an odd look of curiosity. And hungry.

As if Naruko was hypnotized, the brash blonde ninja took her hand to gentle grasp his cock. Her mouth agape in wonder at it's size.

"Wow…" Naruko simple said as her head travel up and down the length of his cock to his large balls. It is not as if she wanted it to. After seeing such a monstrous shaft, Naruko's womanly nature, the pure instinct to breed, over took her.

Konohamaru was back on his rear with his legs spread wide open and the village's sexiest ninja with her face nearly shoved right in his testicles. His face flushed for a moment until he noticed the hungry stare in Naruko's eyes. The thought he had is a seedy one, but it would boost its ego immensely.

"You know…" Konohamaru coughed. "It kind of hurts since I fell on it. I heard spit is great at healing…dick wounds."

It is the biggest, and most bullshit lie in any and every universe.

And yet, Naruko, with determined eyes, let her tongue peak out and start licking his cock.

Naruko tenderly licked the young boy's steaming, beating cock. Unintentionally she moaned with great hunger at the taste that flooded her lips. She dragged her tongue down the long rode of veins and flesh. It felt like an eternity until she reached shocking large, and healthy balls. Letting her lips kiss and suck at the wrinkly sack. It's pungent powerful sent made her body shiver, her slutty pussy gaped in acknowledgement of the eager cock in front of her.

Slow and sensual, Naruko took in every inch of the magnificent pillar of male meat in front of her. Bringing her tongue back up in a long trail of spit before leaving it with sweet kiss on the head. Her hand was far from idle as it moves along the cock at a steady but simple pace. Her thumb and index finger circling tightly around the organ as she happily jerked off the young boy with her lips and tongue never stopping their attention.

The shaft in her hand twitched demonicly with her touch. The heat of it seemed to sear her hands and lips in pleasant sting. Wiggling her hips, and tickling her lips with her tongue, Naruko wanted more. The sluty ninja's jerking becoming feverish as the lusty blonde opened her mouth. She gobbled the engorged head, her plush lips wrapping around the tip of the shaft to give a gentle tug. Her flexible pink muscle peeked out from her mouth to tease the underside of bulbous head.

"Mmm..." Naruko hummed as she swallowed more of Konohamaru's cock. Even with him being so young, the little prankster has deep rutting musk of a viral man. A powerful and dominant stud that seemed to demand her to worship his bitch breaking organ. Which she happily obliged as she gagged as she sucked. With half of Konohamaru's manly dick lodged in Naruko's mouth, the blonde slut sputtered for a moment, spit coughing forms the edges of her mouth with her blues rolled back a little form the lack of air, before pulling back.

"God your cock is huge…" Naruko wasted no time going back to licking and sucking on the member. As if she was in a trance, the hyper active whore, showed her undying devotion to deadly foot long of man meat in front of her. Her mouth once again taking half of it down her throat, a sizable bulge beating in her neck.

Naruko lingered there this time. Through the gagging and lack of air, Naruko started to bob her head up and down as she got to the real act of giving head. Her hand moving in time with her head, matching the slick up and down rhythm. In an admit getting more of the lovely cock in her mouth, Naruko tussled her head back and forth. Yet it only resulted in her gagging more spit down her tightly wrapped lips.

All the while Konohamaru was groaned in utter delight. He always knew he is rather well endowed between the legs, but he never really cared all that much about it. Now, as one of the sexiest ninja in his village is giving him an amazing blow job, he berated himself for not flashing his cock in front of in the first place.

"Fuck…" However, he still grew frustrated at how much of his cock Naruko could take. He grabbed the little slut by her pig tails with a growl. " You can deeper than that damnit!"

With a shocking amount of strength, the young ninja slammed Naruko full force down on his member. The blonde's eyes went wide then the started to roll back in her head form the rough brutalizing of her throat through way of young boy cock. Konohamaru was in full control as he reached the blonde bimbo's head with rapid blurred movements.

"Gluck! Gak!" Harsh sounds of choking echoed out of bath house. Naruko, breathless, couldn't do anything as the little boy used her mouth like cock sock. Spit flew around her mouth as she drooled and gagged around the shaft plundering her mouth. She would have been knocked out if not for the pincher grip and tugging of her hair.

Konohamaru suddenly stood up, his hands still gripping Naruko's pigtails like handle bars, and pushed her down her back. Mounting the teenage girls face to the ground so he could use his hips to get even deeper into the blonde's throat. His balls slapping her in the chin will he growled and thrusted his hips with maddening effort.

"You dumb blonde bitch!" Konohamaru roared out his frustration as he gauged out Naruko's throat with his cock. Tired of the showy, slutty blonde teasing him with body. Shaking her hips as she walked. Hugging him with breast being shoved in his face. Now he gave back all his anger out on her.

Naruko's large, pillowy breast bounced wildly with the rough ruining of her mouth. The powerful jerking of his hips rocked Naruko's body. Her legs stiffened and twitch as she choked on the monstrous meat pole.

With a gritted sneer Konohamaru tighten his whole body as his cock gushed out a torrent of his spunk. Like his cock, the ninja's sperm is undaunting and thick. Like a cannon, the viscous white spurts of spunk, blasted and suffocated Naruko back to the land of the living as it spewed out form her out stretched lips. It fired out her nose like glutinous fireworks, pouring out all over the thick bush of child's pubic hair.

"You better swallow all of this." The young boy growled as his hip jittered and spasmed. His ball sack twitching against Naruko's chin as he his ejaculation continued for well over two minutes.

The girl herself can only swallow as the mountainous amount jizz flooded her mouth. With her coughing, and gagging out cum as she tired to take in as much as she could. The wave of jizz came like the wave of a tsunami. Each powerful shot made her quiver with a moaning gag.

"Mmph~!?" One shot even made her cum. Clear quim fired in an ide spray form her spread legs with her back shooting up like a bow. Naruko's hips humped the air as she sunk into a cock craving whore. Cumming easily form a young boy violating her mouth. Beating it and shaping it for his one use as a cum toilet. Naruko didn't think she would enjoy being turned into someone's personal sow and yet she just came the hardest she has in her whole like.

'Sho…good…' Her sex addled mind thought as another pump of spunk fired down her mouth.

Even with the gallons of jizz being poured down her belly, the young man's member is still hardy. Throbbing and eager for another round even as his raging cock head's deluge of cock snot dripped off in a slow trickle.

Konohamaru yanked his cock out of Naruko's mouth. The blonde drew in deep ragged breaths for the few short moments her masculine tormentor allowed her before flipping her over. Konohamaru raised Naruko's fat bouncy rear up in the air. Gripping and pulling at the malleable flesh. Waking Naruko form her sexed up stupor with a squeak when she felt Konohamaru's slick hot cock slap in between her ass cheeks.

With any hesitation, the young ninja slammed his cock home.

"Hiiii~ My Ashss!?" Full hilt and deep into Naruko's shithole. The now degraded mess of a girl, her eyes turned up to the sky while her tongue drooled out of her cum drunk face, came hard. Her greedy stich hole gasping and twitching while her clit spasmed hard enough to hurt.

"Y-You blonde hair cunt!" Without giving himself a moment to get used to the air tight hold on his cock, Konohamaru started railing the hyper activate blonde hard, fast, and with blinding speed. His lust filled mind didn't even notice he is balls deep in Naruko's asshole and not her pussy. All he knows that he needs to fuck this cow for all the times she teased him.

Konohamaru smacked his new slut's quivering pussy with his heavy sperm sack. He ignored her shrieking moans of delight and lust and grabbed her pigtails to use them like handle bars. Raging against her body like a rag doll. Doing the impossible and deepen his cock further into Naruko's gut.

A large bulge, growing and shrinking as he rails in and out of the blonde sow in the shape of his cock popped out of Naruko's stomach. Not that she cared. Naruko, her face twisted in broken lust, craved for more. Her fat breast swaying under her with nipples hard enough to cut diamonds. Her ass clapped and jiggled as it beaten red with Konohamaru's hips.

"I am cumming!" Konohamaru roared as he cocks fired the thick dick milk. It squirted out the tight confines of the blonde's anus.

"Yesh!" Naruko moaned through her lust crazed mind. "Pump me fullsih of your Cocksih milk!"

Konohamaru held Naruko up as he came an even bigger straight into her belly. Every blast of his seed was a fallowed with short rough jerk of his hips. Globs of white spilled out and blasted over his hips as his whole load filled Naruko's belly.

After spilling another gallon's worth of his spunk in side the whiskered face meat toilet, he pulled his cock out. Hard and ready for the next round.

With surprising strength, Konohamaru placed Naruko on her shoulders. Her back parallel to the ground with legs spread wide in the air and over her head. Her glinting pussy blinking at him as he lightly slapped it with his cock. Dazed, Naruko knew her new role in life as the thirteen-year-old boys cum bucket and smiled at him.

The former ninja now turned cock craving cow, spread her cunt wide and purred. "Please fill my dirty pussy with you cum."

Konohamaru didn't need to be told twice as he aimed his slick cock head at greedy hole and plunged deep and hard. The effect was quick as Naruko burst out as fucked silly grin as her cunt pour her orgasm in an arch. Coating her face in her own orgasm while Konohamaru started pounding away at her. Repeating the same ruthless assault on her pussy as he did on her gaping, jizz spewing asshole.

He rammed his hips down with all his weight. Hitting Naruko's wombs with thunderous force as he laid into her. Her tight slick cunt grip and sucked on his cock. Trying it's best to greedily, and hungrily trying to milk him for all he is worth. Her tight bitch hole swallowed him with no restraints as he humped away at he like a mad man.

"Yesh~! Yesh!" Her mind utter shattered, Naruko wail and moaned as her body shacked form the rampaging thrusts. The electrifying pleasure shocking her body as she gave in to Konohamaru's cock.

"Get pregnant you cow!" Konohamaru gave his last thrust, a deep heavy slam, and shot another deluge of his spunk. It flooded Naruko's cunt swiftly and crashed through her walls making her cum like a fountain. Her pussy gushed and sprayed like mad over the both of them.

Fully spent, Konohamaru pulled his spasming cock out. Long thick ropes of jizz firing and covering the cum comatose Naruko. Splashing over her twitching body, and her fucked silly face. With her eyes rolled up and her tongue hanging out, she didn't care as her pillowy breast and hair are slathered in white.

Panting, the young ninja stood proudly over his conquest. The sexy hyper active ninja laid out on her back. Her pussy gaping and squirting out both her weak orgasms and his thick baby batter. Her face twisted in crazed lust and covered in spit in drool.

With a rather weary simile, Konohamaru realized that turning Naruko into his own cock sleeve is a lot better prank then what he had in mind.

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