A Fresh Start

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Title: Fresh Start

Pairing: Naruto /Kushina 

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters.

As I repeat at the end, this is the last upload to this site.


Kakashi just rubbed his forehead tiredly.

“...and you're sure of this?” he asked but behind his mask he smiled slightly knowing why Naruto was making his decision.

Still he had to ask.

He knew Naruto was stubborn, the blonde had been his student for over three years now but this was his dream to be Hokage right here.

“I told you, train Konohamaru besides this is a chance of a fresh start for me and Kaachan.” sighed Naruto with a smile.

Kakashi closed his lone visible eye for a moment.

Dear Kami this was going to be hard to explain to Sakura nevermind the whole village.

“What time do you leave?”

“Kaachan's already packed and Tazuna sent us the keys.” chuckled Naruto.

“Then we better not keep Kushina-neechan waiting ne?” chuckled the silver haired Hokage before he pulled out his copy of Come Come Paradise.

He knew how impatient Kushina could get and there was no reason to keep Naruto any longer.


Idly Kushina had waited by the East gate for her son. Truthfully she still couldn't believe what they were doing and what they had been doing...

A blush immediately covered her cheeks.

“Kaachan.” smiled Naruto as he ran towards her.

“Is it done?” asked Kushina just wanting to hear it. She knew Kakashi would agree. The man cared for Naruto as much he had Minato.

“You told me you once wanted to be Hokage ne Kaachan?” smiled Naruto and idly Kushina rubbed where her wedding ring that Minato had given her once was.

“I did sochi but that was before...”

Kushina was stopped by Naruto gently pressing a finger to her lips.

They'd talked about Minato a lot. He was Naruto's tousan not to mention Kushina's first love.

“So let me sacrifice my dream for yours.” smiled Naruto before he kissed his mother on her forehead. His mother wanted a family, they'd long since agreed to have one together and he'd always wanted kids of his own so what was the big deal.

“Naruto-kun I...” began Kushina only for her head to bow. Her long red hair dropped hiding her tear filled eyes.

She still couldn't believe how easily Naruto had given up his dream for her.

Naruto silenced her light sobbing by lifting his mom's face up by the tip of her chin. He frowned when he saw the tears, and Kushina tried to turn away partly ashamed that she'd allowed things to go so far. But any doubts she had were crushed when Naruto eased her into a kiss and instantly Kushina deepened it as she wrapped her hands round her son's head.

She didn't care if some Genin caught them...

Eventually Naruto was the one to pull back but not before Kushina murmured her thanks over and over again.

“Come on. Tazuna-jiji gave me an address and the courier Ninja already took our stuff.” grinned Naruto eagerly. “If we hurry we can get to Nami by tomorrow morning.”

Kushina quickly dried her eyes by wiping her face against her sleeve and despite them still being a little moist, she managed a smile.

“That's more like my strong and pretty Kaachan.” smiled Naruto before he plucked the red head off the ground. The Uzumaki woman uncharacteristically squeaked as she found herself in her son's arms like a blushing bride.

“To Nami!” cheered Naruto before he broke into a dead sprint.

Kushina just stared at her son before closing her eyes as she got comfortable with one thought in her mind.

‘Arigato Naru-koi...’


At Naruto's speeds the duo managed to reach Nami by half way through the night and when she came to Kushina couldn't help but chuckle at what she was greeted by.

“We left Konoha for a fresh start and we ended up in an apartment again sochi.” she chuckled as she stared at the barely lit flat.

“It's only temporary Kaachan.” smiled Naruto checking the paper Tazuna had given him.


Well at least they only had one flight of stairs to climb.

“I know Naruto-kun.” smiled Kushina truly happy that she'd given her whole being to her son.

Slowly Naruto pulled his mother towards him and instantly Kushina puckered up as her eyes slid shut. She wasn't disappointed as Naruto kissed her softly. Their lips barely touched but both Uzumaki's opened wide and it took barely a second for the duo to be moaning as their tongues slid against one another, slow and steadily.

It was Naruto who pulled away first, and a trail of saliva was left between the twos lips.

Kushina could only blush at the intense look her son gave her.

“Kaachan...” murmured Naruto leaning his head forward, and involuntarily Kushina took a step back.

Kushina couldn't believe what she heard next.

“Strip.” Muttered Naruto with a straight face,

The red head could only gulp.

“H-Here?” she stammered with her eyes wide in disbelief. It may have been the middle of the night but they were right next to the only stairways up to the apartments.

“Hai.” smiled Naruto before he placed one of his hands on his mom’s waist. “Right here, right now I want to see Kaachan naked.”

With his free hand Naruto began to undo the belt he wore and Kushina could only glance as he pulled it out before it dropped to the floor with a clang.

‘He's can’t be serious.' She thought feeling her face heat up.

“It's okay if someone sees us.” assured Naruto still calm as ever. “We'll just show them where my dick rams into Kaachan's pussy.”

Without any difficulty Naruto managed to undo the button that held his trousers around his waist before he used his thumb let them drop to the ground.

They pooled at his feet leaving Naruto's already erect dick to spring free.

‘Oh Kami he is...' She thought feeling her face heat up even further. There was no way she could dismiss her son’s proud cock.

Kushina’s thundering heart beat seemed to block out her thoughts as despite her fears she found herself nodding.

Within seconds she was lying on Naruto’s jacket as he took her against the steps.

“It's been so long sochi ahn!” cried Kushina airily since Naruto had fucked her pussy.

Sure they’d had a heated romp in a shower before Naruto had met Kakashi but in Konoha Kushina had found a new love for her son's cock up her backdoor.

Naruto could only grin. His mom always got into it after a little shyness.

“Are you happy Kaachan?” he breathed easing his dick back into his mom’s pussy.

“Hai... Ahhhhn.” Moaned Kushina feeling her whole body flush at the sight of her son’s member disappear into her pussy. There was a simple reason why. “Your dick makes me happy sochi!" She cried lewdly.

It was a confession Kushina had found herself giving a lot more frequently recently.

Naruto could only grin and then grunt as his whole prick shafted his Kaachan’s heated pussy again, this time with a little more force.

“So happy! Ah!” cried Kushina whorishly.

Feeling brave Naruto decided he'd ask the one question that had always scared him.

“Am I better than his?” breathed the young blonde his thrusts still persistent.

No prizes for guessing who his referred too.

Kushina couldn't have agreed fast enough.

“Hai! Much better sochi.” breathed Kushina without a second thought.

She’d long since destroyed any thoughts of sex with Minato since she and Naruto had been intimate. It was just an honest truth though that she’d gladly admit.

“Naruto-kun's the best.” Cried Kushina staring at her son.

She moaned again as Naruto slammed into her. Her voice seemed to echo all the way up the flight of stairs she lay on.

“Why?” growled Naruto as his strokes picked up in fervour. He’d started asking it more often since his mom’s first confession.

He always wanted to know why.

“You're bigger than Minato!” cried Kushina taking a pleasure of her own from the admission.

Her son’s beautiful cock in her just felt so good.

“Thicker!” she breathed honestly. “DEFINITELY BETTER!” she quickly added as her breast bounced with every plunge of her son’s dick.

This wasn't like father like son this was like father but better. It summed up the mom and son duo's relationship.

Kushina wasn't just a lover to Naruto like she had been to Minato she was his mother as well.

Naruto just grinned at the declaration before he leaned down and wrapped his arms his mom’s neck. His head rested right next to hers and he made damn sure she heard him.

“You're mine Kaachan!” he grunted giving a few more savage thrusts.

“Hai… Sochi!” moaned Kushina but Naruto wasn’t done.

“Your pussy's mine too Kaachan.” Growled the blonde his thrusts somehow becoming even more fierce.

“That's right! Ugh!” gasped Kushina now clinging onto her son with her arms and her legs.

Each thrust he gave shook her whole body but it didn’t stop Kushina from saying what she wanted.

“It's yours! My pussy's yours sochi!” cried Kushina not ashamed in the slightest. “Everything's yours sochi!”

They weren’t in Konoha anymore. They didn’t have to hide it any longer.

The twosome were gasping and moaning together as Naruto’s thrust became a little clumsy. Their sweat covered chests kept rubbing against one another as Naruto kept fucking his kaachan.

For both of them this was different. They didn’t have Konoha or the Akatsuki to worry about any more.

“I'm going to cum Kaachan.” grunted Naruto, his words half coming as a growl.

Kushina felt her mind spinning as drool seeped out the edges of her mouth. She could feel every inch of her pussy suck her son’s deliciously hard dick in.

“Give it to me sochi. I want it! In my pussy dattebane!” begged Kushina clinging to her son. “I want your baby Naruto-kun!” cried the red head, drooling as Naruto kept fucking her and telling he’d never stop.

“Every day I'll do it!” warned Naruto because he’d do anything for his Kaachan.

Kushina felt like crying tears of joy at her son's declaration. They weren’t in Konoha anymore. They didn’t have to hide their love any longer.

She was so happy.

“Kaachan! Unngghhn!” groaned Naruto as he finally blew his cock’s load straight into his mom’e pussy.

Kushina gave a cry of her own as she came because of it.

“Me too… Ahhhhn!” cried Kushina as streak after streak of her beloved son’s baby batter caked her innards.

She could feel every pulse of her son’s dick and all Kushina could do was coo, before a few tears left her eyes.

Eventually the two’s climaxes subsides leaving Naruto hugging his mother tightly just enjoying the warmth of their two naked bodies together.

“So full.” whimpered Kushina as tears began to streak her cheeks.

She’d never have thought she’d find a second chance of being a mother and a lover in the arms of her son.

Naruto simply smiled, before kissing his mom on her sweat covered forehead.

He long since known giving up the Hokage hat for his Kaachan was worth it.


It didn't take long for a rumour about the two new in town being a couple.

It's not as if Naruto and Kushina made it a secret to hide their voices. Most days Naruto would just fuck his Kaachan wherever they felt like it; the forest, their kitchen, the ground in their apartment and even on the bridge of Nami once. The Uzumaki duo had even stopped calling one another Kaachan and sochi. Well, except for during occasional sexual role play.

It wasn't long until Jiraiya Uzumaki was born followed a year later by a sister named Mito.


And done... Last story I will ever upload to this site.

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