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Title: Oedipal

Pairing: Naruto/ Kushina

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters.

A Naruto/ Kushina based on the Oedipus Complex.


The Fourth Great Shinobi war was over, and after a battle in which all the nations had, had to come together many had fallen. Over half the Shinobi population at least were dead... Honestly the figure was closer to the three quarters of it. All of which would never be regained.

What, was more damning at least to those within politics were the losses of certain individuals.

The Eight tails holder, The Raikage's brother for one thing had fallen. He had died in the war at the hands of a traitor of Konoha’s own making in Sasuke Uchiha and since then Cloud had shut down all semblance of contact with outsiders due to mourning.

Kirabi-sama was the Raikage’s kid brother so it had been respected.

It was approaching a year though soon since then and Cloud had agreed to speak once the time came about continuing their part in a united alliance between the Shinobi Nations.

Truthfully, even with a year having passed, it was still taking time to rebuild most of the Villages. The damage done plus the lack of numbers had made it a gruelling year of rebuilding.

For Konoha it had suffered its own loss. A loss that was bigger than Cloud's in most neutral party’s opinions. They’d lost the Yondaime Hokage.

The Great man had fallen in a battle with a revived Madara Uchiha. But as if to underline his heroism he'd taken the Legendary Uchiha with him.

That all meant one thing…

With Kiri already not a factor due to the Bloodline Purge it had endured years back and Suna not faring well for years before the war anyway, Iwa was the strongest Shinobi nation remaining.

There was no doubting it. Their home had physically been untouched by the war due to its distance from the battlefield and other villages for one thing. However unlike Kiri whose home too had been safe from becoming war torn because of its local, Iwa had managed to retain its Jinchuuriki… In fact Iwa were now the only shinobi nation with one.

With the Kyuubi having been lost, nearing two decades ago – how was a secret known only by a chosen few in Konoha - and the rest being sealed during the War it only emphasised Iwa’s strength.

The fact was, Iwa held the last ever Jinchuuriki…

It’s why Konoha had sought a political insurance, and having offered a proposal they’d got one.


For politics, that's what it was for. It was for politics that an agreement had been reached that the 'Hero of the Nations' – that’s what the Five Daimyo had labelled Naruto - would be the last Holder standing and he would not pass on his Bijuu.

It was an agreed act of peace.

What Naruto had figured was that it could’ve been worse. He could’ve just been killed. But that was only part of it.

In exchange for him agreeing to terms he’d been offered – because all deals work on the principal, you give something, you get something – Naruto had been dressed up like a Daimyo, carted off to a palace been married – because that was what Konoha had offered, a political marriage - and since then he’d been carted off back to Iwa.

Forget the fact that Naruto had never actually done a mission before the war because he'd been raised outside Iwa’'s mountain made walls… Although to be fair Onoki-ji, the man had been pretty good to him for a long while.

Regardless, it utterly confused Naruto how he'd ended up in the situation he was in.

Now truthfully Naruto couldn't even remember his early years. Yeah no one really can but still Naruto had never questioned it because Roshi had told him the truth. The fact was that, he was a stray as a newborn that his old man had just stumbled upon. Literally it was, just by chance that Roshi had found him, crying in a basket of all things on a day when it had been pissing it down – hence the name Naruto, or maelstrom for the clueless.

Pissing it down didn’t count as a name, so Roshi had passed on that.

If it ‘hadn’t been as shit’ – those were his old man’s exact words, or if he’d have been older or a wounded Shinobi, the old man had told Naruto, he’d have probably have left him behind for someone else to find or he’d have put him out of his misery.

But he hadn’t and that was all history now…

Speaking of history, it’s no secret that Iwa and Konoha had history. A bloody history that had roots going all the way back to the very First Shinobi war which was over a century ago... It was history though that had been overshadowed because of the united effort in the most recent and bloody war.

So that too didn’t matter. No what mattered now though wasn’t the war. What mattered wasn’t even how Naruto had inherited Goku – the Four Tailed Monkey - from his adopted old man. No what mattered now was that Naruto had inherited Goku and that he was basically a symbol…

…and he couldn’t be any more than that.

The proof was the fact that like Naruto had said, he’d been dressed as a Daimyo carted off to a palace and been married…

To who?

Naruto was wed to the Fourth Hokage’s widow of all people. A woman at least twenty years his senior even if her heritage meant she didn't look it.

Maybe that was why Iwa had agreed so quickly; for one last shot of revenge at the Yondaime Hokage, had figured Naruto. Even Onoki hadn’t put it past ‘some bastards on a council’ to do something like it. True, the woman was a seal master but it all came down to one thing.

Konoha had offered a political marriage and Iwa had bitten.

…and now here Naruto was staring from a doorway at the fruits of their marriage.

He was watching his two year old daughter - Mito, being tucked in by his wife…


For his wife Kushina things were different.

Ever since the loss of her only born with Minato, Kushina had never been the same woman. For that matter neither had their relationship even if they hadn't made it obvious to anyone.

Gone had been the genuine warmth between the two. Kushina had honestly felt her navy eyes had dulled somewhat. What had been just as heart wrenching was that she and Minato had never even came up with a name for their son.

But she'd been given a second chance.

She’d been offered to Naruto, because most in Konoha’s council had thought she was barren. Sure they’d sugar coated it, with her being the last Fuinjutsu specialist in the elemental nations and Naruto being the last Bijuu holder, but Kushina saw through it.

Besides the reality of it was after being unable to save her first child she'd refused to try again because of the heart ache. It had been so long that even she’d begun to believe the lie…

But like she said, she'd been given a second chance.


The redhead placed a loving kiss on the forehead of her sleeping daughter, who seemed to grin before turning off the bedside light and making her way back to her husband.

“Cougar…” grinned Naruto cheekily, watching the scene…

Right there and then, Naruto could have sworn Kushina’s red hair had flaired like it was one of the Bijuu’s tails. In barely the blink of an eye, Naruto found himself trapped from his shoulders down to the ground in Chakra chains.

“Crap…” muttered the young blonde as he tried shaking out of his glowing blue bindings.

With a smirk on her face, Kushina just turned to face Naruto with her right hand resting on her pregnant stomach, whilst her left rested on her hip.

“I’m sorry, what was that Naruto-chan?” asked the woman.

As if to underline the age difference, Naruto just pouted before his head bowed.

“Nothing Cougar-sama…” muttered the Jinchuuriki and Kushina couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

With a click of her fingers, the chakra chains that she’d surrounded Naruto with disappeared, and the blonde breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Those things were heavy.

"Mito-chan, didn't give you too much trouble during bath time did she?" asked Naruto only to be shut up by his wife giving him a kiss on the lips.

"No Naruto-chan, she was perfect…" chuckled Kushina simply. “Unlike you, she behaves.”

"… and I suppose the angel genes came from you, Cougar-sama?" countered Naruto with a sly grin, earning himself a light slap to the chest from said cougar.

"Let's move somewhere Naru-chan before we wake the little one dattebane…" whispered Kushina softly with Naruto nodding in agreement as the couple retreated to the living room in their small cottage like home.

With Kushina already in her nightgown, Naruto sat down before he gently eased the red head into his lap. At first Kushina squirmed, trying to get herself comfy, and Naruto couldn’t help but shudder as he found his clothed cock rubbed.

"I think you’re trying to get me involved in a one man, one wife clan restoration act Cougar-sama?" grinned Naruto. It was no secret that the Uzumaki had practically been wiped out.

Kushina couldn’t help but roll her navy eyes at the insinuation. "Is that all you think about, Naruto-chan?”

At that a light snort left Naruto’s lips.

"Says the cougar that made me make sure I was a teen daddy…" reminded Naruto with an unseen wiggle of his eyebrows.

There was no way Kushina could stop a blush from coating her face as she tensed. When Tsunade had told her she was pregnant, as soon as she’d asked thrice to be sure, she’d practically grabbed Naruto the moment seen him and then locked and sealed every door that led their bedroom.

"That was different dattebane…” she muttered only to feel one of her cheeks pinched.

 “Oi, oi… None of that sad face stuff. Besides Baachan said it could affect the kid.” Chuckled Naruto before his hands wrapped round his wife’s waist moved his hands atop of her bulging stomach.

He couldn’t stop himself from softly rubbing it either, which immediately caused the red head in his hold to let out a soft breath.

“Don’t call Tsunade-chan that…” sighed Kushina, practically cooing at the touch. But she suddenly huffed, her arms crossing beneath her chest. “It’s mean dattebane.”

Naruto just grinned.

“I’ll call her a baachan…  Because. It’s. True…”

 As the two settled into an amicable silence, Naruto was more than content to just massage his wife’s stomach, whilst Kushina couldn’t help but melt to the touch.

"What’s up Kushina-chan?" wondered Naruto. He’d gotten pretty good at looking for signs in the red head, when something was up.

“I was just thinking Naruto… about Mito-chan…” admitted Kushina biting her lower lip nervously. “…and now, we’ve got another on the way I just...”

"You’re an incredible kaachan, hell you can keep me in line so don’t doubt yourself…” chuckled Naruto as he nuzzled his face into the red head’s long locks.

"Naruto…" Kushina felt tears threaten her vision at her Naruto’s loving words, wondering what she’d done to deserve a second chance like him in her life.

“Plus I thought I told you if you want another child, then why not? One, two or three…” Again Naruto just chuckled as he nuzzled his face into the red heads long locks.

“Naruto…” sighed Kushina as she bit on her lower lip to stopping herself from crying.

“If it’s a boy… Can we call it Roshi?” wondered Naruto suddenly, catching Kushina off guard slightly before she caught herself.

“After your jiji?” she murmured and she felt Naruto nod against the back of her head.

“Yeah, I mean if it’s a girl, I fail but I… er…” stammered Naruto. But that was the one thing he really wanted.

“You let me name Mito-chan…” breathed Kushina softly. Naruto had said, boy or girl she should name their first one because of...

“I know…” surrendered Naruto, with his shoulders sagging. “Bu…”

“Kami-sama, you’re hopeless sometimes Naruto-chan.” sighed Kushina, as she pressed Naruto’s hands into her stomach a little firmer. That implied rejection wasn’t she’d meant. “Of course you can.”

Literally Kushina could feel Naruto’s smile from behind her.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you…” beamed the blonde, eventually whispering it.

Again another comfortable silence settled between the two, with Naruto more than happy to just hold the red head.

Kushina though wanted something else.

"Naruto …" she breathed softly before she pulled one of Naruto’s hands off her stomach and brought it up to her chest.

A blush soon coloured Naruto’s face, as he felt the soft ample curve of Kushina’s left breast in his hands. He couldn’t help but give it a squeeze and his wife moaned out an ‘ah’ softly.

“You sure? What about…” he asked only huff when he felt the red head grind herself into his lap.

“It’s nowhere near Naruto-chan...” breathed Kushina with a shake of her head. For a few more weeks at least, there was no danger. A blush began to rise on her cheeks as she realised. “Plus I’m horny dattebane…”

It was the still going tummy rubbing that had gotten her through going from happy, to nervous, to wistful, then near crying to ecstatic and content and then to now…

Now for Naruto, having pregnancy sex wasn’t anything new… He still remembered Kushina’s words from the first time they’d done it.

“I’m not a holder so don’t be rough dattebane.” had murmured the red head.

“You’re going to be my slave Naruto-chan.” muttered Kushina

“Comfy?” wondered Naruto because the fact was he’d never sit in his lap.

With one Naruto’s hand still on her swollen stomach, the answer was obvious.

“No ‘cause you’re making me wait dattebane.” growled the Uzumaki only to moan as Naruto’s squeezed her left tit firmly. “That’s better…” she gasped as Naruto began to rub the underside of her breast through the fabric of her nightgown

‘No bra…’ mused Naruto with an unseen grin and shake of his head.

He couldn’t and wouldn’t complain about his wife’s mood during pregnancy. The real baachan – Tsunade had threatened to beat understanding into him

“Naru…oh...” gasped Kushina shutting up instantly.

Any annoyance she’d had disappeared the moment she felt Naruto slowly begin to rub the puckered lips of her pussy. He'd slipped his hand past the waist band of her dress and pants. His index and middle finger had split to trace both sides deliciously, and Kushina couldn’t help but lean into Naruto.

“Better Cougar-Sama..?” wondered the young blonde whilst repeating the treatment.

Another airy moan of agreement escaped Kushina’s lips as her sex was

“Hai…Naru…” she mumbled leaning into the blonde. She’d wanted to call him teme but, she loved being a mother and she loved being held by the teen. For all his talk, Naruto treated her like she was a glass doll at times.

Not that it bothered her much.

 Grinning, Naruto began to kiss at Kushina’s neck and the red head again hummed her approval.

“You’re learning Naruto-chan…” breathed Kushina softly.

She began to rock in Naruto’s lap because of the ongoing pussy pleasing and tentative kisses. Kushina thought her neck was being seared, every time she felt Naruto kiss it. The icing though on the cake for Kushina came when Naruto slid his left hand beneath her night gown. A soft ah, escaped her mouth when she felt Naruto’s warm hand meet her – their – baby bump and it brought another shiver from Kushina.

Idly Kushina figured that the amount of time she and Naruto had, had sex had been time well spent, not just because of the family they were building. But because of how well tuned Naruto was too pleasing her. It was a fact reinforced by Naruto He’d taken to suddenly dipping his two digits into her molten cunny…

“You don’t… oh...” gasped Kushina as Naruto’s fingering had just became more pronounced. She’d been about to tell him something about stopping… But it wasn’t hard for her breathing began to become a little laboured as her sugar walls were pleasingly grazed. Every twitch of Naruto’s fingers slid bought another shock of pleasure to the red head.

For Naruto it felt like fingers could were being bathed in heat and honey from his wife’s sex.

“Good..?” grinned Naruto before he gently bit down on Kushina’s neck, and the red head hissed slightly, before it turned to another sigh of pleasure as the young blonde licked the little wound.

“Hai...” gasped Kushina with her eyes half shut. The gentle assault on her pussy and petting of her pooch were still going in a perfect sync and she knew she was close to coming if they kept going.

…and to think she’d been Naruto’s first. It was hard to imagine the blonde ever being a virgin with how assured he was during sex. Maybe she was just a great sensei..?

“Get changed Naruto-chan…” muttered Kushina with a sigh as she somehow managed to raised her left arm and grab Naruto’s head. Still Naruto’s fingers kept probing the walls of her inside causing Kushina’s left hand to clench his blonde hair. “Don’t you dare think I’m just going to hog all the fun.” She breathed softly. It’s not that she wouldn’t have minded for the one way traffic to continue but if she did, she’d probably pass out. 

“You sure hime..?” offered Naruto because he was than happy to keep playing tummy touch.

“Cougar-sama wants to cuddle.”  grinned the Uzumaki woman, causing Naruto to chuckle.

“One second then Cougar-sama.” sighed Naruto briefly sneaking one last kiss on the red head’s cheek.

Slowly, ever so slowly the Naruto pulled his right hand from Kushina’s moist pussy, leaving the woman to just bite her lower lip to stop herself from moaning.

“Wait Naru-chan.” muttered Kushina grabbing Naruto’s right wrist.

…and in an endorsement for viagra au natural, Kushina brought Naruto’s soaked digits before sucking them slightly. The blonde could only watch over his wife’s shoulder wide eyed.

“Mmm…” moaned Kushina licking Naruto’s fingers clean and the teen only had one assessment.

“That… Was hot...” he mumbled.

“It’s the hormones.” Replied Kushina simply, sporting a blush and Naruto could only grin.

With a little effort, Naruto gently eased the red head down onto her side, still holding her stomach and Kushina just smiled when she felt a cushion placed under her head.

“Comfy?” wondered Naruto glancing down at his wife. His

“Stop stalling dattebane.” growled Kushina craning her neck over her shoulder.

Slowly Naruto got himself undressed. The grey t-shirt he’d been wearing was taken off and tossed aside, and next went his khaki pants. His erection sprang forth, Kushina couldn't help but blush and avert gaze.

"What did you think would happen Cougar-Sama..?" chuckled Naruto as he moved back behind the red head. His wife was gorgeous and she'd pretty much been grinding her beautifully round ass into him when she'd been on his lap.

"Just hurry up..." mumbled Kushina not wanting admit she was wrong.

With yet another sigh, Naruto just undid his wife's red skirt’s tie up, before unfurling. Immediately he was greeted to the slight of wife's glistening sex and Kushina couldn't help but clench her thighs together trying to protect her modesty.

It was hard to bend down, so underwear was a no go but Naruto had more than found out that the red head was as stubborn as him, amongst other similarities… Which is why she’d never ask for help... During sex was a another thing entirely.

The blonde paused as he took a moment to take in the breath-taking sight that was his half naked wife sprawled on their bed. Her flushed face only highlighted her beauty.

"Naru-chan..." mumbled Kushina trying to cover herself.

But Naruto just grinned, before he leaned down Naruto laid gentle butterfly kisses down her neck and to her shoulder as he slowly slid the nightgown down her body, Kushina letting out small moans at his touches and kisses.

"Naru-koi…" sighed Kushina softly as her navy orbs as she tried catching Naruto’s own gaze.

She could feel his member press against her back and Naruto was left to gasp as he felt Kushina's right hand move from her pussy to grab a hold of his hardened member.

“Just relax Cougar-sama.” purred Naruto, before he eased himself down and lifted Kushina's leg up from behind. When he gripped the underside of her right thigh, his hand was immediately hit with a light moisture but it didn't bother him in the slightest.

Kushina had let go Naruto's dick and her leg up so she could be filled and she wasn't disappointed. She barely saw the young blonde's dickhead over her tummy bulge, but she more than felt it's intrusion.

"Naruu..oh..." gasped Kushina the moment she felt Naruto press the tip of his dick against her aching entrance. But it turned into a long groan of approval, when Naruto pushed the rest of his rock hard dick into her tight snatch.

Naruto meanwhile had, had to take a shot of air the moment his member had begun to sink itself into his wife's velvet walls.

"You're so big Naru-chan..." muttered the red head disbelievingly as she felt Naruto bottom out in her.

He might have been a teen but his length proved he was man enough. She’d once joked the blonde was a Bijuu. That had promptly led to Naruto taking her on their dinner table.

Naruto suddenly kissed his wife's right shoulder again but he still waited.

"Comfy..?" he asked quickly sneaking another kiss, and Kushina just nodded her blushing head.

Without any further issues, Naruto began to slide his dick out and another moan left the duo at the shared friction. Naruto from the fact that every inch of his deep v diver was being hit by warmth and Kushina because every bit of her was being filled.

A warm smile crossed Naruto's face as he saw the look of pleasure on his wife's face. Kushina's eyes had closed and she gnawed at lower lip, so lost in the feel of being filled by her young lover.

"You feel amazing Naruto-kun," she said lovingly before she shifted her hips, causing a jolt of pleasure to travel through their the pair of Uzumaki's. Naruto had taken it on, the moment they'd married.

It started from thereon with a slow, gentle rhythm. Naruto could only rock his hips after all and because of the fact the two were spooning one another. But Kushina loved it. She could hear the soft little murmurs of the young blonde behind her.

"I'm so lucky." muttered Naruto sliding his junior back up and Kushina just moaned. And it went on from there.

As Naruto's walls rubbed against the heated nerves of his pregnant wife's cunt, he just grunted out how he loved her. How he'd lucked out finding her. How he'd give her as many as she wanted and Kushina melted.

All those murmurs, but not one was allowed to overwhelm the sensations she was feeling.

"Naru…oh Naruto…" huffed Kushina as she felt her young husband piston in and out of her. The fact that she was pregnant only added to it. She gasped each time Naruto would pull out just a smidge before he pushed his cock right back into her tight, hot hole.

"You're so beautfiul Cougar-sama..." gasped Naruto himself as cock was rubbed deliciously by his wife's walls. He reared his hips back again, leaving Kushina to huff as she felt Naruto's dick no longer fill her fully. But it barely lasted as Naruto gave a sudden sharp thrust. The effect was instant as Kushina's jaw dropped as she gasped once more.

Another sharp thrust followed, and Kushina was sure Naruto was trying to make sure she was pregnant.

Naruto's own mind was focused completely on the pleasure he recieved from his lower organ. His wife's pussy was one of a kind. The only kid he'd had true, but the only kind he'd ever need. It clung to his junior like a velvet vice, giving him plenty of friction to work with. Every time he tried to pull back, it felt like his wife's molten walls sucked him back in. Add the fact Kushina was a 'creamer' meant her already plentiful juices were aiding his shafts moving in and out of her love canal.

There was a pride to it. It made Naruto's heart swell, when he caught the look on Kushina's face. He could see a tiny bit of drool slip from her lips as he fucked her from behind. The fact that she was content with him. The fact that she was feeling pleasure because of him. The fact that she'd willingly bare him kids as well was something he'd never gunned for. But by Kami did Naruto enjoy it.

"I love you Cougar-Sama..." grunted Naruto and Kushina a loud 'ohhh' of approval.

It was such a turn on, for both of them. They both knew and all those facts combined plus the exquisite pressure Naruto felt on his cock and that Kushina felt from it were pushing both of them closer and closer to their end.

As she lay there being fucked, Kushina did her best to meet Naruto's hips as she held her stomach protectively. His member repeatedly pressed into her folds and her eyes became clouded with lust, keeping her mouth open almost constantly.  She could feel every thrust jolt against her cervix. It was like Naruto's dick was tenderizing it.  Some drool slipped from her lips as the thrusts became a little more forceful. She loved the way he kept murmuring how he loved her. How he'd give her as many as she wanted. Her hands clung to her stomach protectively as she moaned her approval

"Hai Naru.." she gasped holding onto her stomach. "Give  it to me..."

From the corner of her eyes she could feel his eyes locked on her face and not her body. Sure it was a marriage built in politics, but they both cared for another, even if they joked about it. And that's what made it erotic. Watching him stare at her with love as he pounded into her pussy. It was unbelievable. The heat in her stomach was boiling to the point of overflowing.

 "Naruto-chan." cooed Kushina feeling her body rocked. "Cum for me..." she groaned as seductively as she could.

Easier said than done as Naruto continued to plunged into her, grunting in pleasure.

Naruto groaned as he felt his end near. He'd heard his wife's words, and that was the end of him. Kami her voice was sexy! He didn't even bother to ask if he should pull out because what was the point? ... and even if he wanted to Kushina wouldn't let him. With no other choice, he obliged her and thrust deep inside her one last time.

"Kushina-chan..." gasped Naruto and Kushina would've laughed at the fact she was finally called her name.

She was left seeing stars though when she felt Naruto's cum blast its way into her waiting womb. In perfect turn she came with a cry of her own. Both of them groaned their release, Naruto did so into Kushina's back whilst Kushina breath was left to the room. Naruto's dick hadn't needed an invitation and the blonde was left groaning for air as he released his hot load right into his wife's pussy.

His wife meanwhile was lost in her own ecstasy. She could feel her pussy's muscles clenched around Naruto's cock and mentally encourage it to never let go.  It was beautiful. Kushina could feel Naruto's cum pouring into her womb as it painted her walls white. It was impossible to ignore. Naruto felt his cock get milked for every drop of cum he had. He could feel the way her walls contracted around his shaft, gripping it tightly to ensure that he couldn't leave until his job was complete.

"Naru..." moaned Kushina as she felt Naruto's cock seemingly stiffen as he thrust once more.

The two were left to sigh in contentment as they felt their orgasms fade. As Kushina did, her pussy relaxed around his cock and Naruto waited a good minute before he dared to pull out his ever softening member. Kushina had a tired but satisfied grin on her face as she could feel the sperm-filled cum sloshing around inside her, and her hand remained on her filled stomach.

"We'll have a few more weeks of this Naruto-chan..." she mused and Naruto just chuckled as he pulled the redhead close to him, Kushina automatically placing her head on his chest.

Naruto cleared the slightly matted locks of maroon-red hair away from her face and Kushina shot him a grateful smile. But there was another thought that crossed her mind as she stared at Naruto’s right hand that moved to her stomach. She was already picturing it. Mito-chan was going to have a sibling to play with.

“...and then you'll start thinking about a Third..." breathed Naruto grinning.

It had been nearing Mito's birth that Kushina had started to think about more kids and Naruto was with her. Neither of them wanted any of them to deal with loneliness they'd had in their lives.

“Baka Naruto-chan…” chuckled Kushina snuggling into Naruto’s chest and the young blonde wrapped his arms around the underside of the red head's stomach protectively.

Whilst the two dreamed of their future, there was a story though that no one would know except for one being. A being far greater than any human…


It didn't make sense.

The Toads had spoken of a prophecy; they’d spoken of a child who'd unite the Shinobi nations and bring peace to them. Even tales of the Rikodou Sannin spoke of such.

If his son was the one then why had the Death God…?

“I'm warning you Namikaze...” had muttered the Death God with its red eyes staring down on the man through its porcelain oni mask. “He will take all you hold dearly from you. Even her…”

Its voice was as hollow as its mist like body and Minato couldn't help the shiver escape his lips when he'd seen the Death God glance towards his wife.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth… Minato hadn't known the true price for summoning the Shinigami but it had already sealed the Kyuubi in its entirety within itself.

That alone had changed a lot.

"He will be the death of you. The death of many." added the Death God.

Even knowing all that Minato couldn't find it in himself to kill the child in his arms. And he'd found a way possibly to appease the Death God to spare his wife and his son amongst others.

But, he'd walked into one of the many flaws of man.



Basically the idea is that Fate is fairly ambiguous and that a deal with a power greater than your self isn't one to be taken lightly. Take the fact that Minato; summoned the Death God, he didn't know it would just simply take the Kyuubi in its entirety... But it did. Blame God of War for the idea of a deal with a/the God/s.

In the Oedipus myth, basically Oedipus is left to die by his birth father, King Laius. The King having asked for aid in conceiving a child with his beloved wife was warned that any child born to him, would grow up and kill him whilst marrying his mother. See the problem.

In this I tried to make the Death God's words ambiguous. "He'll take everything you hold dear..." you can see that could be lots of things, like Minato is a strong, respected Ninja, who's a hero, not to mention he has a wife, he's alive... All things he could lose if that statement is anything to go by.

By giving up Naruto, Minato doesn't have to lose anything (particularly he doesn’t have to choose between his son and wife) or so he thought... as Naruto wouldn't be his son, because no one could acknowledge that.

Obviously the 'fates' has other ideas. Anyway the Oedipus Complex ends in tragedy, this story just ends with time going on and Minato becoming another chapter in history, whilst his ‘son’ being nothing more than someone who passed on the night of the Kyuubi…



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