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Title: Matchmaker

Pairing: Naruto (son) x Kushina (mother)

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters.

Another Naruto/ Kushina 


"Oh come on, why so secretive?" chuckled Kushina, as she stared knowingly at her mentor and best friend Tsunade.

The pigtailed blonde suddenly felt her face heat up.

"No way am I talking to you about that..." muttered Tsunade as she took another shot of sake.

The two former kunoichi singletons had spent the evening at Kushina's home, just chatting and sharing a bottle, well a few of sake, until the discussion had somehow turned to sex... It was a forbidden topic considering the fact that both women were widows with chequered pasts in regards to their love lives. Still when Tsunade had offhandedly said she’d fantasised about someone besides the obvious that had immediately caught Kushina’s attention.

The obvious being Dan who’d been her fiance, Jiraiya who’d been her shoulder to cry on and Minato who’d been tall, blonde and handsome not to mention Kushina’s husband... Since Tsunade had said it wasn’t them, Kushina had joked that maybe it was Orochimaru before they’d both shuddered.

That thought had sobered the duo up pretty quickly

“On that note I’ll see you tomorrow Kushina-chan.” chuckled Tsunade as she took one last shot of sake.

She’d seen the clock and she was the Hokage after all.

Left to go home alone, Tsunade mentally chastised herself along the way for her erratic behaviour. She and Kushina had been talking about Naruto of all people; Kushina’s son and how much alike and unlike he was to Minato.

The problem was that Tsunade had mentioned Jiraya since he’d been Naruto’s sensei and that had led to how the man was a super pervert and that had mentally raced off to a place that she had dared not shared with her friend.

The truth is, Tsunade (and this was no secret) had long admired Kushina's son, Naruto. She'd watched him grow from loud and proud gaki up into a strong, handsome young man, and although Tsunade would never admit it, even more so considering she’d just entered her fifties, she’d actually fantasized about having sex with him.

‘Dear Kami what’s wrong with me...’ thought Tsunade shaking her head.

It had just happened after Naruto had comforted her one night, after Jiraiya had passed away. He’d held her, coddled her all night and he didn’t sleep or leave her side until he’d had to.

It was just fortunate Kushina didn’t know about thefantasies, @. Tsunade didn't want to think about it if she did.

The real problem though lay with Tsunade's latest fantasies. Tsunade had tried to blame Jiraiya and those ‘romance’ books of his but.... Anyway this particular fantasy was a little different. In it, she imagined Naruto and Kushina as lovers. The vision in Tsunade's mind was always erotic, for both Naruto and his mother were attractive and, as a couple, Tsunade thought they looked beautiful together.

Now although Tsunade knew she was many men’s and kunoichi’s wet dream (blame her massive chest and youth technique), it always seemed a bit too fantasy to Tsunade, that Naruto would be overtaken with a desire for her. Whilst Naruto seemed the type funnily enough to want older woman. Jiraiya had actually mentioned it once. It was just that the woman who best fit Naruto’s preferred type according to Jiraiya was Naruto's own mother.

Even at nearly forty, Kushina was still ravishing, and Tsunade often felt a bit jealous of her red headed friend's beauty, especially at how well her statuesque figure had held up after all these years.

It was probably an Uzumaki thing.

Still, sometimes Tsunade could not help but feel for Kushina. The woman was too stubborn to have looked for anyone after Minato even if it had been sixteen years since he’d passed on. Kushina’s argument was that there was no one like Minato... It was as simple as that.

It was information like this (along with Sake and a lot of time being bored as Hokage) that had fuelled Tsunade's fantasies about Kushina taking an unchaste interest in her attractive young son, and as twisted as it might sound, the naughtiness of the fact that these two were mother and son made the fantasy all the more exciting.

Her fantasies usually revolved around her friend at first struggling with the idea, but inevitably giving in to the realisation, either by her own means or Naruto's. She chuckled at that thought.

Whilst Naruto was eye candy to many these days, he wasn’t the Casanova type.

Still sometimes, just sometimes, Tsunade even put herself into the story as the Matchmaker... She would bring these lost souls together into a realm of lust and joy that neither thought possible, and even if the road they travelled to get there was difficult, in the end both would thank Tsunade profusely for all she had done for them.

However... as much as the fantasies excited her, Tsunade knew it was just wrong for her to even think about it and she often felt ashamed for having such thoughts. She loved Kushina like a younger sister and Naruto like a kid brother. Plus as much as Tsunade’s paperwork driven imagination found the idea possible, she doubted that her friend would ever allow herself to succumb to the charms, potent as they may be, ofher very own son.

Or would they? As guilty as Tsunade felt about having these types of thoughts, no random sexual fantasy had ever aroused her as much as the one about Kushina and her son.

She’d struggled with these feelings for over a year since the war and during that time it ate her up inside. She felt like she was betraying Kushina's friendship by using her as a character in a cheap sexual fantasy. It actually made her feel unworthy of the red head's friendship.

But something changed. Well, to be more clear about it, certain ‘events’ began to blend with the fantasy to the point where the line between reality and fantasy began to blur for Tsunade.

It all started when Naruto started dating Sakura; Tsunade’s last student.

The girl was Naruto’s team mate, and Naruto had been crushing on her since they were younger. The girl was his age, thin, green eyed and pretty. She also was the loud and proud type. It was funny, Naruto had pined for the girl for a long while and in the end, Sakura had given in to the blonde.

Well that’s what most people in Konoha thought. It fitted the plucky hero gets the girl idea.

Tsunade though knew Sakura had been the one to ask Naruto out. Sakura had told Tsunade, her plan before she’d asked him, and Naruto had told Tsunade how things had gone down when she'd asked.

Surprisingly to Tsunade at least, four months went by like a blur and the relationship had seemed to be going well. Sakura had told her as such. That wasn’t the problem though.

No, what the problem from Tsunade's standpoint was the change she'd seen in Kushina since her son had started dating. Kushina had vainly tried to not let on, but Tsunade could feel the tension whenever she saw her friend with Sakura. Tsunade didn't know if Sakura saw it, but Naruto must have noticed it. Surely?

Then again the blonde could be a genius one moment and as dense as a brick the next.

Plus how the hell would Naruto even contemplate his mom’s feelings as jealousy, considering Kushina was his mother?

Tsunade had figured that maybe she’d just been seeing things that weren’t there between Kushina and Sakura, like misreading a mother's protectiveness. Considering all of the sexual scenarios she had drawn up between Kushina and Naruto, Tsunade had to wonder if maybe her mind had been warped into seeing more than what was really going on now.

Then one day it finally happened, an event that gave Tsunade the impetus to find out just how much of what she was thinking was true and how much of it was just a product of her overactive imagination.


It had been another night of drinking together, to catch up and Tsunade had brought the topic to Naruto, slowly of course.

"I can't believe that he! That they would do such a thing in my own house!" cried Kushina her voice extremely agitated.

"What do you expect teenagers to do in an empty house?" shot Tsunade back, "What did you and Minato do when you were that age?"

"We had Jiraiya lurking around..." huffed Kushina crossing her arms across her chest.

“True true..." chuckled Tsunade softly.

The pervert always had a funny habit of being closer than you think.

"It’s not funny Tsunade," growled Kushina. There’s no way Tsunade would have been laughing at what she came home to today.

"Well it's not like he's going to be a gaki forever is it? So what’s the big deal?” said Tsunade with a shrug of shoulders. “Is it because you caught them, or because you dislike Sakura?"

"I don't mind Sakura-chan." interrupted Kushina with a firm look. "I'm just surprised Naruto has been seeing her this long. She doesn't seem like the type that would make for a good girlfriend."

Tsunade could only roll her eyes.

It wasn’t as if Kushina had walked in on Naruto and Sakura going at it. It was just oral, with Naruto being the giver.

Tsunade shivered as she briefly she saw herself in Sakura place. She’d once said the young blonde had a mouth on him... She hadn’t meant it in the sexual sense but…

The Hokage’s throat suddenly felt very dry.

"She was just sitting there, eyes closed, grinning..." growled Kushina. It was like the girl was doing it just to annoy her.

Honestly, Tsunade was dumfounded for a moment, not sure how to reply. The funny thing was, Kushina's tone while relaying the story didn't really sound so much like a mother in disgust at catching her son in the act. Despite what Kushina had said earlier about Naruto and Sakura doing such ‘things’ in her house, her tone sounded annoyed with something else. In fact, Kushina's voice was much stronger when she was talking about Sakura's role in all of this.

It wasn't hard to spot for a Ninja like her.

It’s why the question Tsunade wanted to ask lingered in her mind for only a few seconds and she blanked out for a second.

"What isit?" huffed Kushina as her shoulders eventually slumped. "You obviously want to say something."

Tsunade finally decided that maybe she could take a small poke at this topic without being too obvious.

"You just sound a bit odd telling this story Kushina-chan..." began Tsunade, rather tentatively. "Maybe you're just stressed out from everything that happened today, but... You sound more pissed at Sakura than you do with the gaki."

"Well..." muttered Kushina, pulling back a little. "I suppose it's only natural that I'm protective of my son. It's not my fault that he's found himself a cheap slut and needs me to watch over him."

"I doubt Sakura is really a slut..." mused Tsunade with a roll of her hazel eyes. Clingy, overbearing and maybe a little desperate at times, but a slut she was not. "Dear Kami, it's almost like you're jealous."

Now that caught Kushina off guard.

"What the hell do you mean by that?" growled the red head.

Tsunade recoiled near instantly. Now she knew she had pushed her suspicions too far into the conversation. Besides, she didn't know if any of them were true. Tsunade's fantasies about Kushina and Naruto could be so overwhelming at times that Tsunade sometimes feared they impaired her judgement. She tried to fix the situation with her next couple of statements, but it only seemed to make things worse:

"Maybe you're just being a bit harsh on Sakura." prodded Tsunade as her eyes wandered to her empty sake dish instead of the hellacious glare off Kushina.

"Even if that's true I don't understand how that makes me jealous," replied Kushina firmly. "Not unless you're saying I can't stand Naruto being with Sakura because I..."

Kushina's eyes got wide as saucers as she guessed where Tsunade had been hinting about all this time. Tsunade briefly gulped at the brief silence. From the look on Tsunade's face, Kushina now knew exactly what her friend was thinking. Not that Tsunade had any prior experience with how a friend looks at you when you accuse her of having incestuous desires, but the look of utter embarrassment on Tsunade's face told Kushina that this was happening to her now.

But there was another thought that hit the red head.

"I... think I'd like to be alone now," murmured Kushina, her voice so soft it was barely audible.

Tsunade briefly wanted to reach out and apologise but she didn’t. Instead she slowly got up.

"Take care ne?" she muttered before she left as quickly she could. She left, feeling so ashamed. It took all of Tsunade's willpower to get out of the house without breaking down in tears.


It was a very long two weeks after that for Tsunade, and somehow effortlessly, she switched to Hokage mode and just buried herself in her work and sake. There weren't any visits from Kushina. Most of the time, Tsunade just moped around her office, feeling awful about what had happened with Kushina... As much as Tsunade had enjoyed the naughty little fantasies she'd had about Kushina and Naruto (because she sure as hell hadn’t had any in the last few days), she couldn't bear the thought of doing any harm to the duo, especially Kushina, who had been a near lifelong friend.

Not surprisingly, when the two did finally meet, there was an air of tension between the two. For the first time for a long time, Tsunade actually felt a bit awkward around Kushina. But it was Kushina who’d come to her office.

Still, Tsunade had long since decided that the right thing would be apologise for everything and ask Kushina for her forgiveness. Having reflected on how Kushina had always been there for her as a friend. It made Tsunade feel all the guiltier for having betrayed that friendship.

When Kushina opened the front door, Tsunade just sat there, silent, for a moment feeling that her friend deserved the first word.

"Can we talk?" asked Kushina, as she stood in the doorway to the blonde’s office. Tsunade was surprised at how calm the usually upbeat red head sounded, but to be honest it calmed her nerves down as well.

“You know where the seal is?” muttered Tsunade and instantly Kushina turned and shut the door before running her chakra through a small emblem on the door’s back. A silencing Seal; Kept secrets in whilst it kept nosey listeners out.

Kushina seemed to ghost to a chair opposite Tsunade, as she had many times before and wordlessly Tsunade had plucked a single bottle of sake from her draw and a few dishes before she’d placed them on the desk. Neither woman said much at first, which was fine with Tsunade. She needed a couple of drinks to relax anyway, and from what Tsunade could see, so did Kushina.

When a "subject" at last did come up, it was understandably awkward. Not really knowing what else to say, Tsunade found herself apologising profusely for everything.

"It's okay Tsunade," said Kushina biting her lower lip. For a moment Tsunade thought Kushina was trying to hide some irritation from her, but then she suddenly added. "...maybe you were right dattebane... I mean about me… and Naruto-kun…" mumbled the red head lowering her gaze.

Tsunade eyes grew wide in shock. After having Kushina drop such a bombshell, there was nothing else she felt she could do. In fact for a minute, Tsunade just stared at Kushina waiting for her friend to speak. And when she did, what a story she told…

Actually, it seemed more like a history lesson that turned into a confession. Kushina first spoke about Minato’s death on the day of Naruto’s birth, the loss of the Kyuubi and the result was a woman left in tatters emotionally even if she hadn’t shown it.

“To stubborn to dattebane…” admitted Kushina with a nervous chuckle.

It had taken the end of the Akatsuki for Kushina before she felt that all the hard work had paid off and that she could just sit back and relax and be herself again. Sure she’d never shown it to Naruto but...

Naruto had been there. Through all the strife Kushina had faced through the years as a widow, all the years she’d had as a mother, all the years she had needed to right her ship emotionally, Naruto had been there wordlessly supporting her. He was the love and one constant of her life. That those words might mean more than what a mother might say about her son was something Kushina could not bring herself to admit until Tsunade had edged her into doing so.

"I took the last couple of days to think things over, but I guess I always knew it was true…" sighed Kushina as her shoulders sagged slightly. "…and now that I can finally admit it, I suppose I'm asking you what I should do."

"About Naruto?" wondered Tsunade tentatively and she received the smallest of nods from Kushina. All of a sudden Tsunade was racking her brain desperate not to lose this chance with her friend. "I... Have you ever got the impression he feels the same way?"

"The funny thing is... I have," answered Kushina, her cheeks reddening from embarrassment. Just little things, like how Naruto might glance a little too long when she was in the kitchen, a kiss on the cheek followed by a slightly longer one on her forehead... Just little things but it was enough to make her think.

"So, Hokage-Baasama..." grinned Kushina slightly, earning her a half glare and half smile off of Tsunade, "Any help?"

"I wish I could tell you..." muttered Tsunade and Kushina could only lower her head.

“Figures...” sighed the red head.

There was one way Tsunade figured.

“Look if...” she took a glance at the sake on her desk before putting that idea aside. Alcohol wasn’t the answer to something like this. “If there's any chance of hurting Naruto, then it's probably best to leave things alone but..."

Tsunade couldn’t stop herself from taking a deep breath.

"But for what it's worth, I've always thought you and Naruto would make an ideal couple."

“What... What do you mean?" wondered Kushina as her brow raised in surprise.

“Well you are the last two known Uzumaki...” chuckled Tsunade but clan politics/loop holes weren’t her point. “I mean, sure if you weren’t his kaasan you’d never think twice about it considering the age but you’re an Uzumaki woman so it’s not as if the age things a problem for you..." replied Tsunade simply. The reality was, full blooded Uzumaki, like Kushina had a greater vitality when it came to life.

Hell Tsunade’s grandmother, the First Hokage’s wife was an Uzumaki and she was around for three wars. “...and I don’t want you to end up like me, wondering what if...” added the Senju woman sincerely.

Kushina felt her head bow at that. Tsunade’s personal history put hers to shame.

“I know you have a strong bond and maybe it scares you that you could lose that...” sighed Tsunade still staring at Kushina who let a small smile grace her face at the thought of her son.

"Just how long have you been 'thinking' this?" murmured Kushina honestly curious.

Tsunade's face turned red in embarrassment. She thought that, in light of everything that had happened tonight, she owed it to Kushina to tell her secrets as well.

“A while... Plus you seem like each other's type...” chuckled Tsunade with a nervous grin. “Besides you remember the dream I had…” she added, her cheeks heating up as she averted her gaze from Kushina…

“…you mean it was sochi and me…” mumbled Kushina only for the words to die in her throat as her friend weakly nodded.

The red head simply sat there stunned as she couldn’t believe what she’d heard. What was more surprising was that she couldn’t believe she wasn’t offended by the thought of her and Naruto being in Tsunade’s thoughts in such a manner…

The reason was simple, as she and Tsunade began to meet up at their usual rate onceagain, her own head began thinking the same thing.


The next month seemed like something out of a dream for Tsunade. In truth, many of the things that were now happening for real had been in her past fantasies. Tsunade had opened a new door for her friend sexually, and surprisingly it only took Kushina a short time to get past a little bit of shyness before she appeared fully along for the ride. The real clincher though was when Kushina had found Naruto just sitting at their home.

“I broke up with Sakura-chan...” chuckled Naruto before his shoulders slumped and instantly Kushina felt her eyes navy eyes widen.

“What? Why sochi?” wondered Kushina as she moved besides her son.

“It wasn’t working out.” Grinned Naruto, as he ran a hand through his hair.

Inwardly Kushina was ecstatic, but she didn’t show it.

“It’s funny ne, you want something for so long and then when you get it, it doesn’t even matter after a while.” muttered Naruto thinking about it.

Sakura hadn’t seen it coming. She was devastated and Naruto did feel a little guilty. The “It’s not you it’s me...” line didn’t stop people from being hurt even if it was true.

Without a second thought Kushina wrapped her arms round her son, before she hugged him tightly and Naruto immediately leaned into his mom’s neck. The young blonde just took a few seconds to enjoy his mom’s company. His friends always called him a mommy’s boy and he’d never denied it.

“Why can’t I find someone like you kaachan?” breathed Naruto as he nuzzled his face into his mom’s neck just enjoying the familiar warmth.

He’d said it so softly that Kushina couldn’t stop her face from turning red hot.

“You’re the only one who understands everything and the Kurama stuff.” Murmured Naruto softly and at that Kushina could only smile as she stared down her son.

Eventually Naruto pulled away, but not before giving his mom a kiss on the cheek in thanks. It caught Kushina pleasantly off guard but what he said next practically left her imagination and brain for dead'

“Plus you’re a total babe Kaachan.” smiled Naruto giving a Gai-sensei; that’s two thumbs up and a full toothed grin.

The blush Kushina had somehow went up a notch.


When she told Tsunade about what happened, the older woman had at first laughed her head off at her friend’s story, believing it to be to surreal and convenient. Sakura had told her, and sure Tsunade cared for the girl, she was her student after all but Kushina and Naruto came first…

Harsh but true…

“...and I actually brought this as a joke.” grinned Tsunade, trying desperately to hide her amusement with one hand whilst pulling out a DVD disc from her desk’s draw. As a (sort of) a gag gift, Tsunade had even bought Kushina a copy of an X-rated film called, "Icha Icha: Taboo."

Now when she’d seen the DVD get pushed towards her, Kushina had just stared blankly at it beforeand as slow as the Konoha elders walk, her gaze had moved back up to meet Tsunade’s and then back down to the film.

Now as much as Kushina had hesitated, she took it and watched it... Alone of course because there was no way she’d watch it with Tsunade. Kushina wasn’t a curious teenager after all.

A few days after she’d watched it and the two had met up again, begrudgingly, Kushina had one thing to say...

“It was hot d‘bane...” muttered Kushina before she necked her sake dish.

“I’m sorry what was that Kushina-chan.” teased Tsunade leaning forward over her desk.

If it was anyone else besides Kushina or Shizune in the chair opposite, they’d probably have leered at the cleavage Tsunade was showing, but Kushina had just kept her head turned stubbornly.

“It didn’t help that the actors looked like you and Naruto-kun though.” muttered Kushina before taking a drink straight from the sake bottle.

At that Tsunade felt her eyes widen.

“Maybe I should’ve watched it first.” grinned the pig tailed blonde and within seconds Kushina’s glare was levelled firmly at her friend before she gave a laugh of her own.

It took a few more hits of sake, but Kushina admitted that she’d thought the mother/son sex had been "really hot." Another shot got her admitting that she’d watched the movie more than once, whilst another two had gotten her to admit that she’d masturbated furiously as she substituted Naruto and herself in the roles of the mother and son.

The last thing she’d admitted, with no further encouragement were that each orgasm left her breathless.

There was more as well. The movie had even inspired Kushina into doing things like brushing her hair as she stood nude in front of her bedroom mirror, leaving the door to the room slightly ajar. Was Naruto watching her like the son in the movie had done with his mother? Kushina liked to fantasize that he was, and this made her even feel even more hot and bothered. Sometimes she got excited enough at these times to even begin touching her.

In her fantasy, Naruto would peek through the door, just watching until at some point one of them would stumble upon the other. Of course, this being a fantasy, no harm came from such a revelation, insteadit ended in a explicit sexual encounter.

Tsunadeblushed beat red as Kushina brazenly revoke her sordid fantasy in unabashed detail.

More deeply though Tsunade couldn't believe how quickly things had changed. She consoled her concerns by reminding herself that, deep down, she knew Kushina and Naruto would be happy together. It was the one reason above all else why Tsunade wasn't all that worried about the path Kushina was going. The only problem was, it appeared as if Kushina was going to have to open up to Naruto with how her desire for him or go insane from being forced to remain silent.

The real problem though was what to do with Naruto. Tsunade had known him since he was a baby. She’d even joked about things like sex but trying to steer him towards the idea of incest -- this had been difficult enough to do with Kushina and the blonde was a lot like his mom.

Nevertheless, Kushina needed help in reeling Naruto in, and Tsunade had pledged to help her however she could.


Tsunade actually suggested "accidentally" leaving the porno for Naruto to find, but Kushina had rejected the idea too embarrassed to go that route. Still, the duo weren’t completely plan less.

When the ladies returned to Kushina's home after a more impromptu get together, they’d noticed Naruto in the kitchen slurping some Ichirakus, and on a signal given by Tsunade, they pretended to carry on a conversation.

"I still can't believe you got that thing?" sighed Tsunade."I'd be worried about getting arrested by Shizune, nevermind the ANBU." she added with a giggle.

"I’d never wear it alone..." replied Kushina with a dismissive shrug."Just maybe at a hot spring..."

Naruto quickly swallowed his noodle.

"Should I leave?" asked Naruto not sure he was in the right place.

"Relax gaki. I just booked a trip to the hot spring for me and you’re kaachan." Lied Tsunade with a grin... "Except I’ve got a meeting with the elders..."

Reality was she'd been scheming most the previous night.

"Old temes..." interjected Naruto with a shake of his head. He knew the Council was mainly run by two old prunes. "You’d think after the war, they’d ease up."

"Don’t remind me." replied Tsunade with a head shake of her own. “You alright with taking my place, gaki?”

“Me!?” wondered Naruto before he shrugged his shoulders. “Sure I guess.”

Not as if he'd turn down a free trip.

"Good, get your stuff and I’ll walk down with you two...” ordered Tsunade with a grin.

After taking one last noodle, Naruto slowly got out his seat. But not before he left one last parting shot at the blonde.

“Bossy baachan...” he breathed before quickly rushing to his room...

It earned a light growl from Tsunade whose glare turned towards a snickering Kushina.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that...” muttered Tsunade before she shot Kushina a smirk.

The red head could only stand there, staring at the ground suddenly extremely nervous.

“I can’t believe that worked.” sighed Kushina running her hand through her long red hair.

“We’re not done yet.” smirked Tsunade.


The walk to the hot spring was surprisingly comfortable for Kushina with her holding Naruto’s arm and Tsunade just watched the smiling Uzumaki duo.

‘Definitely a mommy’s boy.’ mused the Hokage but mentally she noted the looks the two had gotten off the Konoha populace as well.

Tsunade did a good job of acting natural, but she could sense the slightest hint of nervousness in Kushina. Nevertheless, Tsunade was impressed with how well Kushina was composed in light of what they were doing. Eventually the trio arrived at the hot spring and unfortunately Tsunade knew she couldn’t go any further seeing as how Kushina had asked to fly solo.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” grinned Tsunade before she gave a light slap to Naruto’s back. “Don’t have too much fun gaki.”


It hadn’t been too long since Tsunade had seen Kushina naked, but everytime they’d gone to a spar together she was taken aback, even in awe, at how amazing Kushina still looked. Kushina was the typical statuesque kunoichi with a flat stomach and hourglass figure - and she didn't even exercise!

"It's almost not fair," chuckled Tsunade to herself as she walked back to her office.

Her eyes though turned back towards the direction of the onsen. Part of her had hoped to have been watching one of her fantasies play itself out.

“Dear Kami I hope this works.” She mused out loud.


The white swimsuit Kushina had bought was nothing special, just a two piece white bikini. She’d never been fussy about such things even if Tsunade had made a big deal about it. The whole point was to show her form.

Briefly Kushina gave herself the once over in the changing rooms mirror. She’d tied her usually shoulder length red hair up into a single bun, like her obasan Mito had used to. After checking that, she glanced down at her chest before she cupped the underside of her more suitably filled bra

‘Well Sakura has nothing on me in this department...’ chuckled Kushina to herself.

She was second best to Tsunade but pretty much everyone in the elemental nations was so there was no shame in that. Hastily Kushina just suddenly snatched her towel, before she wrapped it round her lower half. She did have a plan to carry out, and her libido wasn’t in the mood for anymore waiting.

After glancing and classing herself as ‘one hot mama, dattebane’ she was gone.


Outside, having been waiting in the hot tub for a while Naruto wasn't moving much. He hadn’t needed a bout of self talk nor had he been planning something incestuous. Plus he’d only had to jump into an obviously orange pair of swimming trunks.

Left in the pleasantly warm water, Naruto was close to drifting asleep until he heard a door slide open behind him followed by his mom's presence.

Kushina stopped herself from joining her son as she realised she had a plan to stick to.

"So, what do think sochi?" she asked waiting for Naruto to turn around.

Slowly Naruto arched his head back but when he saw his mom, he nearly shot out of the bath. His eyes had to climb the tallest and most creamy looking pins and past some Kunoichi only curves before he could make eye contact and by then he was awestruck and blushing.

"Wow." he mouthed near silently and Kushina couldn't help but smile. The lust in his gaze was undeniable.

Without even realising he offered an outstretched hand and with a smile Kushina took it as she eased herself into the water right besides her son knowing full well he hadn't stopped watching. It didn't take long for her to be chest deep in the warmth and she moved as close to her son as she physically could.

Ever so slowly Kushina brought her face towards Naruto's own whilst her left hand rose from water to grab a hold of his cheek. Her other hand was still locked with Naruto's own.

"Thank you sochi." smiled Kushina sincerely. Her son's reaction had done a lot to eliminate any hang ups she'd had about her body not to mention her nerves .

Naruto was clearly distracted by what his mom was doing, even contorting a bit in his place. With every inch his mom got closer to him the more of his body and mind seemed to shut off.

Without a second thought though Kushina just eased her moistened lips atop her son's. Her eyes slowly closed, before she was shocked to her core by the contact.

The kiss lasted for only a handful of seconds max but Naruto just sat there stunned as if he'd been hit by a Chidori.

Eventually Kushina pulled back, her eyes opening more the further she pulled away and immediately a wave of dread hit her when she saw Naruto's distant look.

"Naruto?" asked Kushina staring straight at her son's misty eyed look. She couldn't stop the doubt from seeping into her voice though

Then it happened. Naruto couldn't stop himself.

"I love you Kaachan." He murmured barely louder than a whisper but his face suddenly paled as he realised the confession he'd just gave.

For months even before the war he'd tried to hide it. He tried, honest to Kami he'd tried but he couldn't any more.

The sheer disbelief on his mom's face that he saw right then though made him wish he had.

“G-gomen kaachan I...” stammered Naruto as he tried to save himself.

As if she was the real creator of the Hiraishin no Jutsu though Kushina was onto her son like a flash. Her hands shot to grab her son's face before she practically smashed her lips against Naruto's.

Momentarily Naruto froze as his brain practically shut down. His body had a mind of its own .

As gently as Naruto could his mouth began to respond pressing against his mom's. It earned the young blond a hum of approval from his mom who began to maneuver herself onto Naruto's lap. But not before she pulled back for a moment as her eyes seemed to sparkle.

“We have a lot to talk about don't we Naruto-kun.” Smiled Kushina before leaning close to Naruto for a third kiss.

Naruto couldn't believe what he'd heard. It didn't stop him from wrapping his arms round his mom's perfectly formed waist and dry humping her as the incestous Uzumaki duo began to kiss one another once more.


Elsewhere and oblivious, Tsunade's fears were getting the worst of her. What was going on over there? Several hours passed and still no word from Kushina.

There was a knock on her door before it opened to reveal her first and most dear apprentice Shizune.

“Tsunade-Sama, Kushina-San just left this for you.” offered the brunette ever polite.

As soon as she'd heard her friend's name, Tsunade moved like she was the Fourth Hokage.

“Gimme.” She ordered practically snatching the scroll from Shizune's hand before she near ripped it open. There was a simple message.

‘Speak to you later. Thank you. Kushina.’

Tsunade nearly dropped the scroll as she read it again and again.

Wordlessly Tsunade dismissed Shizune before she walked back to her seat before she seemed to sink into it.

'It couldn't be this easy?' she thought and from then on, Tsunade did little but fret and watch the clock as she waited for her friend to arrive.

X (Possibly put Naruto/Kushina conversation)

When Kushina arrived Tsunade could see the smallest of smiles on her friend's face and that she seemed okay.

"Please Kushina, tell me what happened." pleaded Tsunade only to be stopped by a simple poker faced look from the red head.

"Seals first ne." replied Kushina before she soundproofed the office.

"Dear Kami..." muttered the red head stopping as she stayed facing the door. "The last day or so have had been so complicated emotionally that it's hard to explain it all. But I'll try." She began before taking a seat next to Tsunade.

"We kissed." Began Kushina shivering about how it had been Naruto who'd deepened things. She could still feel his hands all over her just checking every curve. It was a favour she'd repaid in kind. "...and then we just talked." she added thinking about it all.

Tsunade just listened on the edge of her seat.

“About?” She prodded desperate to know more.

“Everything.” shrugged Kushina still with a smile.

It felt liberating to unburden herself like that, and Kushina was certain it was the same for Naruto. A lot of what had happened to them in the past had made both of Uzumaki's what they were today so there was no way to avoid it.

Tsunade couldn't believe it. Naruto had, had feelings for his mother?

"Are you really sure?" repeated Tsunade just to stubborn to believe what she'd been told. . "I mean, if you are, I'm so happy for the both of you."

Kushina couldn't stop her thoughts from drifting to her beloved son. Her soon to be Naru-koi.

"Like I told him, Naruto is the only person since Minato I've ever really loved, but with him there's more. Maybe it's because I've been with him longer, or maybe it's because of the Kyuubi?" wondered Kushina before she shook her head of such a thought. It didn't matter regardless. "I just feel spiritually and emotionally the bond I have with Naruto is stronger than anything I've ever felt and Naruto feels the same for me."

"He said that to you?" wondered Tsunade and Kushina's smile grew a little more.

"His love for me was why he broke it off with Sakura." chuckled Kushina slightly. She actually felt a little bad for the girl now.

Tsunade just stared before slowly a smile broke on her face mirroring Kushina's.

"Who’d have thought the kid was a romantic?" she blurted out, stunned. Tsunade could scarcely believe how things had turned out.

"I'll teach him." interrupted Kushina coyly, her cheeks reddening slightly.

Tsunade felt her own cheeks heat up at the thought of her fantasies being acted out.

"So no horizontal hula in the hot springs?" She muttered cheekily only for Kushina to shake her head whilst the grin never left her face.

"We just talked..." admitted the red head plus after they'd confessed to one other, Kushina and Naruto had both seen it as chance to come clean with each other and be sure about what they were getting themselves into. "...and Naruto decided that our first time should be something special."

"Please, let me help you with it," implored Tsunade.

"You can watch if you want dattebane." Chuckled Kushina and Tsunade nearly passed out because of the thought. "If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have even thought about any of this so I'd be honoured to have your help Hokage-Sama."


The Hokage stuff was tossed aside as Tsunade brainstormed the next few days, trying to think about what might make for the perfect night for the two Uzumaki's. However, besides a few touches she was firing blanks and the elder kunoichi in front of her wasn’t helping.

“He's the hero of the Elemental Nations.” Protested Koharu like a stubborn old goat.

“...and I just told you Naruto and his mother have plans.” muttered Tsunade growing even more bored. That was a far as she’d gotten with a perfect night for the two’s Uzumaki’s. She’d give Naruto a week off on his upcoming birthday.

“But this is a chance for the village to celebrate its greatest hero.” replied the older woman.

October tenth was now a national holiday not just a village one.

“...and Hokage-sama just told you I have plans obasan.” interrupted Naruto appearing in the room like his sensei once used to, through the window.

“Thank you gaki.” huffed Tsunade briefly glancing up to the heavens.

“Please Naruto-San, you must see how profitable this could be for the village.” pleaded Koharu.

Even the Daimyo's themselves had been pushing for a celebration on Naruto's behalf.

"No now if you don't mind leave, me and Hokage-Sama have a meeting.” sighed the blonde gesturing towards the door. The honorific caught Koharu off guard. She'd never heard the blonde be respectful to anyone besides his mother and that included her late team mate.

“Forgive my intrusion Hokage-Sama.” muttered Koharu before she let herself out with a scowl on her face.

Without Homura her influence on the Hokage was non-existent at best.

Left only with Naruto, Tsunade just grinned.

“Damn gaki. You're almost as bad as Jiraiya.” Mused Tsunade as she stared at young man proudly before she offered him a seat. “But what brings you here?”

Chuckling to himself Naruto just closed the window before he made sure to activate the room's silencing seal.

“Kaachan told me everything so I wanted to say thank you.” replied Naruto looking Tsunade square in the eye.

Tsunade just grinned, before she reached for the sake in her desk. Honestly she felt like she'd done nothing but get Kushina to think.

“I barely did anything.” She muttered uncorking one of her bottles. Besides Naruto had been a rock that put the Hokage monument to shame with his toughness since way before Jiraiiya had passed on. “Now you going to drink with me because I’ve got questions?”

Naruto could only rub the back of his nervously.

“Er... Sure I guess.” He chuckled taking the seat his mom usually occupied.

The two settled into a comfortable silence as Tsunade began pouring. A devious little thought crossed her mind though.

“Mommy’s boy...” she suddenly quipped and her eyes briefly glanced at the blonde opposite to see his reaction.

The blush that covered his whiskered face caused Naruto to turn away in slight embarrassment.


Anxiously Kushina waited for Naruto at their home in what was now their bed. She smiled at the thought, as she briefly patted the side where her son had lay barely an hour ago. There was still some warmth.

Left alone though she began to think about what the future entailed for them. It was only when she was alone did she ever really think about their future relationship. True, after they’d confessed she and Naruto had talked about everything: their pasts, especially Minato...

Her first love and Naruto’s father was something they couldn’t dodge.

Kushina had always felt Naruto held some resentment towards Minato for sealing the Kyuubi in him, but he hadn’t, or at least that what he told her.

‘It’s down to Jiji...’ was what Naruto had admitted. He was the one who told Naruto not to live up to Minato’s legacy but to make one of his own. ‘I told Ero-Sennin the same thing.’

That in itself was a weight off of Kushina’s conscience. But like Kushina had said to Tsunade, spiritually... She felt a stronger connection to Naruto than she ever had with Minato and physically she could barely remember the feelings she’d had for her late husband.

Plus, the kiss she’d shared with Naruto at the hot spring had drowned anything Kushina had believed was possible.

Her thoughts swiftly returned to the previous night, where she and Naruto had simply stayed up lying besides one another simply talking about their relationship. The concern for Kushina though, the one that had haunted her since Tsunade’s first prod and her pseudo acceptance was ‘Could she really still remain a mother to Naruto if they did or didn’t go further...

She’d told Naruto that that was what she wanted above all else. Motherhood had been the only thing she’d been able to salvage from the night of the Kyuubi’s release. The lingering question though always came up again when she was alone.

With Naruto she’d be distracted by his sincere care and with Tsunade Kushina would get distracted by the older woman’s understanding.

With neither around, there was a simple question that lingered in her thoughts.

Could she give herself to Naruto, her own son as his lover? Yes, Kushina was certain she could do. Would Naruto ever hurt her? Not willingly. He’d practically begged for her forgiveness when they’d been reunited after the war for getting hurt. But what would it do to her relationship with Naruto as his mother?Was jeopardizing it really the right thing to do?

Kushina knew she would never know for sure. She and Naruto had talked for hours about opening up these new doors to their relationship and it all sounded great in theory, but in reality Kushina couldn’t be sure how much of it was true. That wasn’t even considering how much of her desire to widen her relationship with Naruto was just about sex? It may have taken some prodding from Tsunade, but once Kushina found the courage to face those emotions she realized just how much of her fawning over Naruto all these years might have been her way of dealing with her desire not to be lonely.

“No dattebane...” murmured Kushina to herself. She’d gone through this doubt before. There was more to it and she honestly felt Naruto understood her.


Hokage’s Office

“We just talked all night baachan.” smiled Naruto simply, what more could he say. “It was nice...”

Tsunade gave an approving nod. Kushina had given her details and Naruto had just eased any last doubts she had. Still since she was with Naruto, she decided to a few more words of wisdom specifically for him.

“Take your time alright Gaki..." ordered Tsunade firmly. “You mean more to Kushina-chan than anyone even...”

Tsunade didn’t say Minato’s name, she just glanced at his photo on the wall to her left. Honestly she didn’t know how to feel about Minato. She’d never considered him or Jiraiya throughout any of it.

“Dear Kami you should’ve saw Kushina during the war.” sighed Tsunade not wanting to think about it. Tsunade herself had worried about Naruto but Kushina...

“I know.” muttered Naruto stopping the older blonde. His mom had practically cried for hours when he’d returned home half dead after his fight with Obito.

It was right then and there that Tsunade knew her role in the story was nearly officially over. Still she had a self made promise to keep.

“Just remember what I said alright kid.” Smiled Tsunade, more than happy with the answers she’d gotten.


When Naruto finally returned home he glanced round expecting his mom to have come down

“Kaachan...” he called looking for his mom. Living room no, kitchen no... “Probably upstairs...”

He wasn't wrong!

"Well hello beautiful..." grinned Naruto as he saw his mom lying on her side with her head prepped up by one hand.

"Hello." smiled Kushina as she patted the space besides her and it didn’t take long for Naruto to join her.

He quickly snuck a quick kiss on his mom’s forehead followed by one to his mom’s nose before he stopped himself from kissing her firmly on her mouth.

It earned him a pout from the older Uzumaki.

“You know baachan’s pretty crazy...” he chuckled. “I mean she’s already booked a retreat in Tanzaku for us to just spend some time away from the village and it’s only been a day since we...”

Naruto couldn’t help but blush.

“Tsunade-chan is definitely the caring type so it’s no surprise...” sighed Kushina smiling, closing her eyes for a second. She made a mental note to give her old friend whatever she wanted the next time they met.

She paused though as her thoughts were focused on the young blonde besides her.

"What’s wrong?" asked Naruto as he began to stroke his mom’s red hair.

"Mmm, nothing sochi." replied Kushina with a small shake of her head.

That didn’t convince Naruto.

"You can tell me kaachan." he chuckled seeing straight through the little act. "We promised each other we wouldn't hold anything back from now on, ne?"

Slowly Kushina opened her eyes and she was left staring at her son’s curious blue ones. He didn’t rush. He just kept a small serene smile on his face as he ran his hands through her hair.

‘Matte...’ cursed the red head. She knew there was no escape and plus she’d never been keeping secrets.

"I’m just..." began Kushina only to pause. She couldn’t tear her gaze away from the concern in her son’s gaze. “I’m terrified of this failing sochi.” She laughed uneasily.

"Terrified?" repeated Naruto as his hand stopped it’s little massage.

Tentatively Kushina nodded. “I...”

She was cut off by Naruto moving his hand to hers. He understood what was wrong at least he understood a little.

"So am I kaachan...” he admitted stunning Kushina. But he wasn’t as afraid of showing it and as he mentioned earlier, he’d said they weren't going to keep any more secrets so he carried on. “You’ve been my Kaachan, my sensei and my best friend... You think I want to lose that?” murmured the young Uzumaki as he squeezed his mom’s hand.

That moment in the hot spring flashed in his head when he’d just let his feelings slip from his mouth. Naruto had felt a Chidori twice and even that was nothing compared to what he’d felt when he’d seen his mom’s look after he’d confessed.

Kushina stared at Naruto's hand that held hers and she could literally feel the anxiety in Naruto’s grip. Despite revealing their secrets to each on yesterday what Naruto was telling her now was a revelation. Honestly Kushina did not realize just how far back her son’s love had for her had gone.

“... If you’re scared of other people we could move to Nami or Yuki and stay away from Konoha... Baachan said she’d help however she could.” rambled the blonde from out of the blue, twisting Tsunade's words a little. “I’d never leave you if that’s what you’re scared of kaachan?”

'Maybe there was something else..?' wondered Naruto trying to think what.

Naruto's heartfelt declaration seemed to just banish every last fear Kushina had.

“No... I... Of course I know you wouldn’t.” replied Kushina certainly, her eyes beginning to tear as she saw how deep her son’s feeling ran for her.

“Then what...” wondered Naruto only to be promptly shut up as he was tackled and kissed harder and more hungrily than he had ever been his entire life.


October tenth arrived in a flash and before the night Uzumaki duo had snuck out of Konoha, with Tsunade’s blessing and plea for a video tape, at the night. The trip to Tanzaku was near silent except for when the two had first gotten out of seeing distance.

“We could always stop here kaachan?” offered Naruto before he pressed Kushina against the nearest hidden tree. “Maybe baachan would get some Genin to investigate to the screaming forest...” he grinned wiggling his eyebrows.

It earned him a light clip round the ear.

“Baka. There’s no way...” muttered Kushina turning her head away.

She was gently turned back to face Naruto before he leaned in.

“You sure kaachan?” breathed the young blonde.

His body shielded her own and pretty soon the two were making out in the middle of nowhere. Before tongue’s got involved Kushina firmly put a finger between the two’s lips.

“Save it for Tanzaku, sochi...” breathed Kushina feeling her heart beat go a mile a minute.

Instantly, Naruto pulled back with a wounded pout on his face.

“Kaachan the party pooper.” He grumbled before he effortlessly lifted his mom into his arms.

“Sochi put me down dattebane...” ordered Kushina a massive blush on her face at being held like a bride.

“Nope. We need to get to Tanzaku, asap.” grinned Naruto before he broke into a mad sprint.


Even through Tanzaku Naruto hadn’t put down Kushina. It earned the two more than their fair share of compliments none more funny than the wolf whistle one older couple had given them.

Kushina had buried her head instantly in her son’s chest.

It didn’t take long though for Naruto to find the place they were looking for and both had gawked at where Tsunade had booked a room for them.

It was an old palace which had once belonged to a Daimyo that had been made into hotel. Tsunade had gone all out and that wasn’t even considering the things Kushina had brought with her.

Tsunade and she had gone on a spree.

“I still can’t believe you brought so much stuff Kaachan.” muttered Naruto with a shake of his head. Sure they both knew fuinjutsu and the scrolls they bought were barely the size of a fist but still.

Kushina just gave her son a teasing smile as she stepped right in front of him.

“You never know sochi, you might like some of them...” she quipped barely an inch from the young blonde. She got onto the tips of her toes and then leaned forward so that her mouth was right next to one of Naruto’s ears. “Actually one of them is just what I wear at home. It’s not as if I’d call you sochi when we cuddle...” she purred before she kissed Naruto’s cheeks.

His face seemed to light up at the thought.

Kushina just grinned as she unlocked the door Tsunade had got for them. She just picked things she thought Naruto might like. There was nothing special... One of her getups was your typical Konoha Jonin uniform another was her usual housewife attire, apron included amongst some more adventurous things. She’d asked Tsunade’s opinion and the older woman had just laughed thinking about them.

“Well are you coming sochi or do you want to just stand there?” smirked Kushina as she backed her way into the room.

Naruto had to take a moment to let it all sink in. After all, the red head was still his mother and he wasn't used to hearing her talk this way. Not that it made him feel uncomfortable, just more turned on than he'd ever expected. After the episode a week ago the two had gotten more touchy feely but nothing truly Icha Icha worthy.

‘Kami I hope Ero-Sennin and Jiji aren’t watching this...’ mused Naruto as he briefly glanced upward.

Jiraiya probably was...

Shaking that thought off, Naruto quickly walked in before shutting the door behind him, but when he finally got a good luck at the room, he gawked at the obvious luxury of the room. Dear Kami it looked like what one of the Daimyo’s rooms probably looked like. Velvet sheets and honey coloured flowers were everywhere. The grandness of the suite was astonishing. Tsunade had made the arrangements and had insisted on paying for it as well.

He couldn’t help but look round.

Kushina though had ignored the decoration and instead she found herself staring at a note left she found on the bedside table.

"Naruto-kun come look at this..." called Kushina as she simply stared at the note.

Naruto blinked having been messing round with a stereo. Before he got up he pressed play and just hoped for the best and immediately a light melody began to fill the room.

Kushina gave a light smile as she glanced back, and smiling Naruto quickly moved behind his mom and wrapped his arms round her mid rift and peered over her shoulder. Pleasantly surprised Kushina immediately sank into her son’s hold before she held the card up for Naruto to read.

"To a new beginning... Love, Tsunade." read Naruto before a light smile crossed his face. “Ughhh, I’m going to have to buy baachan all the sake in Nami no Kuni to make up for this...” he chuckled before he quickly kissed the side of Kushina’s red haired head.

Kushina gave a light giggle before she found herself, being rocked gently to the music.

“Baka...” she muttered settling for just enjoying her company.

Briefly Kushina caught sight of herself in one of the room’s mirrors with Naruto behind her and she couldn’t help but smile at the content look on her son’s face as he held her close. He looked so damn handsome as well even if he was only in a simply kimono. She couldn’t help but blush.

“Sochi?” smiled Kushina as she lifted her hands and placed them on Naruto’s arm.

“Hmm...” breathed Naruto as his eyes opened.

He’d sort of lost himself to his kaachan’s warmth and soft cinnamon like scent.

Briefly Kushina just sighed not really sure how to say it, so instead she dragged Naruto’s hands straight her sides so they rested firmly against her supple waist.

It caught Naruto by surprise but not as much as Kushina’s next act.

“Call me koishii... Naru-koi.” Murmured Kushina and she saw Naruto’s eyes widen from one of the room’s mirrors. It bought a soft smile to the Uzumaki woman.

Now even though he'd had plenty of time to let it sink in it still caught Naruto off guard. Mentally though he shrugged it off before he gave a bright smile of his own.

“If that’s what you want...” grinned Naruto before he slowly turned his mom round. His hands had to manoeuvre themselves as he spun Kushina round and eventually they rested firmly her firm behind. "...koishii.” he added before he leaned down his smiling face.

Like a photo out of a wedding album, Kushina couldn’t stop herself from blushing as she kissed her son. This one was soft, and sensual, with a hint of the enthusiasm that was bubbling underneath the surface.

"Mmm, good." breathed Kushina before Naruto's lips pressed against hers again. Both Uzumakis felt their heart rates pick up a notch

With her want growing, Kushina pressed back hard, her mouth hungrily sucking on Naruto’s lower lip before she began pushing him to the nearby bed.

Naruto landed with a grunt but he didn’t have long to think about it before Kushina resumed their assault with her lips on his.

"I've wanted this for so long Koishii..." huffed Naruto, his voice full of desire.

Kushina just grinned like Tora; the Daimyo’s wife’s cat did when she got a treat. Koishii... Somehow it sounded so caring but needy when her son said it. But she’d had second thoughts.

“Can you call me kaachan, sochi?” she asked briefly kissing her son’s neck. “Just for tonight...”

Even if they were going to be lovers, Kushina just wanted to try it during sex at least once. She punctuated her statement with a few light kisses to Naruto’s neck before she stared up at him.

“If that’s what you want kaachan...” sighed Naruto with a slight roll of his eyes. Kaachan, koishii, sensei, master... To him he’d call his mom whatever she wanted as long as they didn’t stop.

His answer earned him a heated grin.

"Arigatou Naru-koi." breathed Kushina before she pulled away and glanced once at Naruto and then back to her kimono. "Do you mind?" she asked offering the ends of the sash that held her kimono together.

Naruto simply smiled and Kushina couldn’t help but shiver as Naruto gently undid the sash’s knot before his hands moved to her shoulders to pry the orange garb from her.

As soon as he saw flesh Naruto made sure to lean himself so he could kiss one of Kushina shoulder before he eased his mom atop of him. The little hint was his hands landing at Kushina’s waist and the red head just crawled forward baring more lilywhite skin.

It ended with Kushina’s black bra covered chest hanging above Naruto’s face and he couldn't stop himself from kissing the valley in between.

A light sigh of content escaped Kushina’s mouth as her head dropped low to watch. Briefly she caught sight of a blatant bulge straining in her son's pants.

“Let me help...” she muttered before she moved off Naruto, her kimono only holding by her elbows before she began to undo Naruto’s own kimono.

Clearly Naruto hadn’t had Tsunade fussing over him as his kimono had only been held together by a single pin. It’s why it didn’t take long before it was unfolded before her shocked eyes. Instantly she’d been drawn to was standing proudly between his legs.

In the midst of her movement Naruto had somehow managed to squirm free of his frog boxers.

“You like?” he teased knowing he was bigger than average. Sakura-chan was a med-nin and she’d told him more than once.

He was bigger than the actor she’d watched in the Icha film Tsunade had given her, Kushina knew that for sure. He was close to seven inches and considering his length, Naruto was surprisingly thick as well. She couldn’t help but gulp.

“Let me take care of you kaachan...” offered Naruto and dumbly Kushina allowed herself to be lay down before Naruto and all five foot eight of his nakedness climbed atop of her.

It still didn’t stop Kushina from keeping her gaze glued to her son’s now swaying iron like cock.

She was brought back from la la land as Naruto began kissing her. A small gasp escaped her lips This time his tongue entered her mouth, and Kushina instantly woke up and began to moan as she sucked on it as if it were a cock. Her arms wrapped around Naruto’s bare back pulling him closer into her body and pretty soon the two were groaning in approval.

Unable to stop herself Kushina’s hands lowered until they reached her son’s perfectly taut rear and she squeezed.

It brought a sharp gasp from Naruto before he smirked.

“Eager, ne?” he breathed lowering his mouth down.

First he kissed his mom’s chin before he kissed her neck.

"Mmm.” agreed Kushina feeling it was definitely time to move things further.

Naruto knew it too. It’s why he started kissing down Kushina's body. He kissed again down the valley of Kushina’s breasts before he had to crawl back so he could her stomach.

The kisses tickled and pleased Kushina and feeling her huff and squirm at his touches only added to Naruto’s excitement. Eventually he reached the bottom of her stomach before he was greeted by his mom’s pants... With a grin Naruto kissed the little black piece that covered his mothers sex and all Kushina could do was hiss.

"Hurry up sochi..." she ordered, understanding what was going to happen next.

Naruto had been about to ask but just carried on as he grasped a side of his mom’s panties in each hand before he eased off the undergarment thanks to his mom bucking her hips. It didn’t take long for Naruto slide them down far enough and when he finally caught sight of the vision in front of him.

It was nothing short of incredible.

His mom lay on her back, kimono fully open even if she was still wearing her bra, with her legs now spread and her sex in plain view. A small line of red lay above it perfectly trimmed, Kushina couldn’t help but blush at the stunned attention of her son.

“Naruto...” she murmured embarrassed.

Naruto’s was hypnotised. The scent of his mom’s pussy hung like a cloud over him, musky but sweet, and it wasn't long before he gave into his primal-like calling to him. He face dove down, basking in the strong scent of his mom’s sex before his tongue dipped for a taste.

Like she’d been shocked by Raiton, Kushina felt all her muscles tense when Naruto’s slick tongue barely glanced the sensitive flesh of her outer lips.

"Oh Kami..." urged Kushina as her hands clenched at the sheets beneath her in anticipation.

Straight away Naruto began licking at her delicate sex, first the sides with the occasional lick straight to her slit to lap up any nectar he could.

Every nerve on Kushina’s pussy was lavished by Naruto’s tongue and it didn’t take long for the blonde to build a rhythm. His tastebud and ego revelled in the taste of his mom’s honey and moans.

All Kushina could was gasp over and over as she was forced to stare at the ceiling. Her fingers tightened their grip on the bedsheets as she squirmed. Another lick to her aching cunny followed, followed by another and another.

Naruto was relentless. It didn’t take long until sweetness was flowing freely from Kushina’s pussy. What was even better was that Naruto hadn't even touched her clitoris yet, but Kushina was already going crazy, urging him on for more.

"Yes!" encouraged Kushina, revelling in it all.

"I've had some practice." breathed Naruto as he glanced up for just a moment and Kushina’s face soured slightly knowing full well on who her son had practiced on.

But there was something she knew Naruto and Sakura hadn’t done.

Immediately she grabbed two fistfuls of her son’s hair, tugging at it

“Sochi stop...” she huffed getting the young blonde’s attention.

Kushina just mouthed come here and being the good boy Naruto soon crawled forward.

"No more waiting...” purred Kushina noticing her son was still hard.

She’d always known he was selfless. Hell it probably was a turn on for him that he’d pleasured her. Her hands began rubbing down Naruto’s sides desperate to hurry him up.

"Are you sure?" asked Naruto knowing they’d only been messing around up till then.

"Of course..." replied Kushina smiling. For over a week she’d had to make do with nothing but kissing and cuddling. It was no wonder she was anxious especially with how significant what they were about to do was.

Naruto smiled, his nervousness far outweighed by his throbbing eagerness. Plus, again he was treated to his kaachan’s sexy self, just laying there waiting for him. The sight before him, along with the scent of sex from his Kaachan ] seemed to hang around the suite was too much for Naruto to resist.

He grabbed his cock with one hand and guided it down so that he could rub the tip of his hard cock against her excited slit. There was a slight nervous squirm from Kushina before she bit her lower lip in anticipation.

Naruto too paused, before he placed his free hand upon Kushina’s waist and then ever so gently, he eased his cock a couple of inches in.

"Hmmm..." groaned Kushina in a mixture of pleasure and pain as her sex was spread deliciously.

Naruto too had to have double take.

His mom’s pussy was so warm, so moist and perfectly tight. It felt like his cock had reached heaven.

Slowly, ever so slowly he began to move his hips penetrating his lust-filled mother. At first it was just with the first few of inches of his girth. He gently began easing himself back and forth. The sensations for Kushina were incredible; she could feel her lips stretching to accommodate her son, and every inch of her pussy moulded around Naruto's member.

"Harder…" encouraged the red head gnawing at her lower lip.

Her juices were already begin to flow freely, and with the extra lubrication aiding him Naruto was more than happy to oblige.

“If that’s what you want Kaachan.” Grunted blonde as he grabbed his mom’s hips firmly and began fucking her much harder. He still hadn't bottomed out on her pussy with his cock, but he was close enough that his thighs were rubbing against his mom’s stockings with every thrust he gave.

"Oh yes Naru." cried Kushina unabashedly.

They were miles away from Konoha so who cared if anyone heard her. Honestly Kushina was too feverish to care even if someone from home caught her with her son.

Naruto was no different. All he wanted was more of his mom it’s why he began slamming his hips into his mom’s and every thrust brought another delighted cry from his kaachan.

"Harder sochi!" she continued to shout, struggling to catch her breath. It didn’t matter if the bed was shaking or that Naruto had bottomed out in her, she just wanted more. … And in her obscene state of mind she somehow found some choice words for motivation.

“You’re better sochi…" she ranted lewdly, and Naruto heard her. His eyes briefly caught hers and it didn’t stop Kushina admitting one simple truth. "Better than Minato…”

Like a switch had gone off, Naruto simply grinned as his head lowered.

"I know kaachan..." growled Naruto his eyes briefly flashed red but his mom never saw it.

Instead her world turned upside down as Naruto lifted her legs and held them up in a v as his weight shifted forward.

Naruto's hips were practically a blur as he jackhammered in to Kushina's pussy from above her, his strong chest heaving mightily as he struggled to keep up to Kushina's lust crazed needs.

"That's it sochi…" howled Kushina like she was an Inuzuka bitch in heat. She could barely keep hold on to the sheets as her son’s body rammed vigorously against hers. With all the commotion, her breasts had bounced hard and fast, making her body seem truly out of control as it tried to absorb the non-stop pounding.

"I'm gonna’ cum kaachan..." warned the blonde reaching his end.

Somehow he still managed to thrust his hips into his mother, and Kushina had only airy thought.

"Inside sochi! Please!" She cried and then like an explosive tag, Naruto blew his load.

Instantly Kushina felt her toes curl and her eyes close as she felt the searing warmth of jet after jet of her’s son’s seed spew into her vagina. The feeling of it filling her was enough to make Kushina's whole body shake with an orgasm of her own.

“Oh...” cooed Kushina as the luscious pressure thathad built in her stomach snapped beautifully as she came with a cry of her own.

Grunting as he made sure to empty himself, Naruto’s hips continued their assault on his mom’s thighs and pussy until eventually the younger Uzumaki groaned.

His hold on his mom’s legs dropped and with it Naruto somehow managed to keep himself up on shaky arms as he planted them either side of his panting mother’s sides.

Kushina could barely smile as her heart beat raced. Her face was flush, her whole body seemed to tingle but what got to her most was the nervous grin on her son’s face as he stared down at her.

“How was I kaachan?” sighed Naruto his voice tinged with a hint of nervousness. Slowly he slipped out of his mom’s confines leaving Kushina to give a slight mewl of disappointment.

It was short lived though because as soon as her son had fell besides her, Kushina just snuggled up to her son, ignoring the fluid dripping from her pussy.

“Incredible.” smiled Kushina as she leaned over to stroke one of the blonde’s whiskered cheeks.

“Really?” wondered Naruto his eyes seeming to brighten.

“Hai...” assured Kushina before she glanced to their touching lower halves. She could feel that Naruto was still slightly hard somehow.

“Probably cause of the Fox...” admitted Naruto feeling a little sheepish.

Kushina felt her eyes widen at the revelation but it didn’t stop her from chuckling, nor it did it stop her from enjoying her son’s presence beside her.

“I just want to make you happy kaachan.” admitted Naruto catching his mom’s attention, and Kushina smile only got bigger.

"So, you're up for more?"smiled Kushina as she took in the sweet scent of her son. The smile quickly turned to a smirk though.

"You think you can keep up?” growled Naruto feeling a little more confident as his pride and stubbornness kicked in.

Kushina smile turned to a smirk.

“Whatmakes you think I can't?” She challenged. Her smirk though fell back into a smile as she recalled always being questioned about her son’s energy."It’s funny. You’ve always liked staying up late ne sochi?” mused Kushina, recalling her son’s younger days. The question caught Naruto off guard but it didn't stop Naruto from grinning slightly. "You'd train at the Academy or with your team, then come home and wouldn't even shower before going to sleep, you filthy boy." she laughed thinking about it.

"You never shouted at me once kaachan..." grinned Naruto fondly."You’d tuck me in and kiss me.”

Naruto felt his face get pulled down before Kushina kissed him; once on his lips and then again on his forehead.

“You’ve grown up so much since then..." mused Kushina her voice trailing off. “So handsome..."

Naruto couldn’t help but blush. He’d never really been all that popular with the ladies. Not in his age group anyway.

“I just owe Tsunade-chan for opening my eyes." smiled Kushina a new kind of happy. “I mean I started to notice it after you came back from your training trip Jiraiya.”

She’d been amazed at how big and strong her son had grown after his two year trip away from the village, although she hadn’t wondered how big he’d become in other ways too.

“I said I’ll buy baachan all the sake in the Nami to thank her so don’t worry.” grinned Naruto and it earned him a light slap on his arm.

“You know what’s funny sochi?” mused Kushina as her right hand slowly sneaked down Naruto’s chest until it rested firmly on his slick cock. She grasped the thick shaft in her hand without protest and began pumping it gently.

“Hmm...” replied the younger Uzumaki half aware that his cock was already getting hard once more.

"You always refused to clean up when you started the academy..." chuckled Kushina and Naruto just gave a light hum slash grunt of approval. She’d always used to wash Naruto when he was little until he said he’d try it alone. “Then when I said you should get cleaned up…”

Naruto already knew what was coming and his dick got harder because of it and Kushina could tell.

"You told kaachan that the only way..." she grinned, her voice drying up as she stroked her son back to full mast. Again her son simply half groaned and half hummed his agreement. "The only way you'd wash up is if I helped you. Even though I told you I was too old for that..."

Naruto could only grunt something that sounded like a chuckle as Kushina began stroking him off more firmly.

"Umm, I think I like this story Kaachan" murmured Naruto as his attention was split.

His mom was stroking his cock faster now and really getting into it too.

"You told me if I wanted you clean I’d have to do it myself..." grinned Kushina before she let go of Naruto’s member and let out a sudden burst of laughter.

"What's so funny?" wondered Naruto with a pout.

"Just something Tsunade-chan told me a while back sochi.” chuckled Kushina."I didn't get it before, but I think I do now."

Curious, Naruto brow rose wondering what the old lady had said.

"What did baachan say?"

It earned him a light prod to his chest.

“Baka, don’t call her that…” muttered Kushina finding it a little funny."She said that she we looked like a couple but I don’t know if we proved it…”

"Proved it?" asked Naruto sort of getting it. “You mean if we could be more.”

"Hai sochi…" nodded Kushina. "I think we proved we enjoy spending time with each other but lovers... I guess I'm still waiting for more proof."

“More Kaachan?” repeated Naruto not wanting to sound too eager.

The red head simply nodded before burying her head into her son’s chest. Dear Kami she knew she was blushing.

"I… you want to know if…” began Naruto only to stop.

Being together was one thing but being ‘together’ was different if that made sense?

"You said something earlier about getting washed ne kaachan?" asked the younger Uzumaki and Kushina blinked as she looked up.

“Yeah but what does…”

Putting his arm around his mom’s shoulder once more, Naruto’s just glanced towards the shower…

"Well why don’t we start now kaachan?"

Kushina eyes widened. She hadn’t expected Naruto to get what she’d meant so… easily.

The two of them made their way the suite's shower. Like everything else, it was immaculate. Smooth marble walls and it was well stocked with an assortment of soaps and oils. It was also incredibly large, with room for three or even four people to fit in.

Naruto turned on the hot water and then went to grab a couple of complimentary robes that hung in the bedroom closet. That left Kushina to remove her kimono before she found herself staring at the rooms body length mirror.

To her there were a few imperfections. She wasn’t the tallest for one thing at five foot four, and she’d always felt her hips were a little wider than necessary since she’d given birth. To Kushina it just didn’t make sense that Naruto could find her more attractive than woman younger than her? So lost in her self-depreciation, Kushina jumped slightly as she felt Naruto come behind her, and wrap his arms around her stomach.

“Naruto-kun…” she mumbled, but Naruto just kissed the back of her head as the steam in the room rose.

“You’ve always been my beloved kaachan…” He grinned glancing at the mirror. “I mean how could I not fall for you?”

Kushina gasped as she brought a hand to her chest.


“I’ll always love you kaachan…” grinned Naruto certain before his hands began to drift lower. First his hands ghosted over the tuft of red that lay above his kaasan’s pussy before it drifted to her clit With every touch Kushina, gasped.

“Open your legs kaasan…” breathed Naruto giving his mom another kiss. “I have to clean there as well, ne?”

After having a raw sexual encounter, Naruto knew his mom had wanted to try something a little different, and the shower together provided the perfect setting. Not that it wasn't sexual in nature -- the giant erection Naruto was sporting the entire time they were in there was evidence alone of that. But with plenty of gentle caresses and here and there, the tone of this adventure was definitely slower and more sensual than anything that had happened earlier in the night.

The shower continued to pitter patter as the two Uzumaki lovers set about to wash each other from head to toe. Between the cleaning and massaging of sore muscles, they explored each other physically in a way they hadn't done yet. Even when Kushina got to the part where she washed Naruto' penis she had resisted the urge to make it more sexual than was necessary. Naruto picked up on Kushina's lead and followed suit. In addition, he lightened the mood even more by way of conversation. Eventually, he even added a few quips and got his mother laughing. She even reached out and gave a playful tug on his cock and he followed suit with a quick grope of one her breasts, making them both laugh again.

Naruto wasn't completely sure if this was the sort of thing Kushina had meant when she asked if they could be together as a couple, but he had a feeling he was on the right track. Not that the mood of their shower together hadn't constantly crackled with erotic overtones, but there was something else there as well -- a sense of familiarity developing, and with it, and sense of intimacy as well.

Of course, what was happening now was exactly what Kushina has been speaking of, and she took great delight in the direction things were going. The funny thing was, it wasn't any great stretch for them to arrive at this state of mind. In fact, the tone of their conversation in the shower mirrored many of the conversations they'd had a million times before. It reminded Kushina of something Tsunade had told her: that she thought Naruto and Kushina had chemistry together than was much more like a couple than a mother and son. With a sexy smile on her face, Kushina embraced Naruto. With her arms tightly around his neck and her heavy breasts squashed against his chest, she tilted her head and initiated a long, sensual kiss.

"I think it's time we got dried off ." Smiled Kushina and Naruto just grinned as he kissed his mom’s forehead and turned the shower off before he reached for two full-bodied sized bath towels. Once again, the experience proved to be an erotic one.

“We didn't even unpack." mused Kushina as Naruto hugged her naked form from behind.

"I can wait till tomorrow…" shrugged Naruto before he moved his mouth next to his mom’s left ear. "Besides I don't wear anything to bed anyway ..."

"You don’t?" added Kushina with a sly wink.

She’d never have guessed.

"Well, I would like to get changed so...”

In barely a second Kushina had freed herself from her son’s hold and had spun in behind him. Caught off guard, Naruto realised he’d forgotten that his mom had once been a kunoichi.

“You go make yourself comfortablewhile I go and put something on." smiled the older Uzumaki.

Naruto considered making a joke regarding the irony that after being naked or nearly naked for the last hour, Kushina now wanted to get dressed for bed, but stopped himself. He'd always appreciated Kushina as a mother, but if he was going to start appreciating her as a lover than he had to show her a different kind of respect.

“Fine …” surrendered Naruto as his shoulders slumped.

Seeing the look, Kushina just spanked her son’s ass which immediately caused him to stand upright. He didn’t dare turn though because of his mom’s next words.

“No peeking, or else.” warned Kushina chuckling as she was able to grab her scroll full of clothes shut the bathroom door.

Kushina fixed up her hair as best she could, then set upon changing into the bridal lingerie she'd bought a few weeks ago with Tsunade. A white silk negligee that ended mid-thigh, the material was completely transparent. Kushina loved the way the lingerie hugged her shapely curves, and had bought it immediatelyhaving tried it. Kushina had no interest in wearing a bra, but in the end did allow Tsunade to pick out a pair of white thong panties with a beautiful butterfly pattern that covered the front. They went extremely well together. A few dashes of perfume later and Kushina was ready.

Standing in front of the closed door, Kushina took a moment to plan something sexy for her entrance, and it was in this moment that many other memories from her recent past at least came flooding in. She thought about all the times she had walked past her son's bedroom door at night, a door much like the one that stood before her now. Kushina had done a good job in suppressing those thoughts at the time, enough that they only appeared when she was alone.

She would enter Naruto's bedroom while he slept, wearing an outfit not so different than what she had on today. In some of her fantasies he would be bewildered, in others, pleased -- the fantasies all had slightly different plots - but all ended with them passionately making love to each other.

It was all Tsunade’s fault and Kushina loved her friend for it.

Of course Kushina knew she would someday tell Naruto all of it, and no doubt their similar, sex-crazed libidos would take them to some kinky re-enactment, but Kushina didn't desire that today. Right now, all Kushina wanted was for tonight to be a memorable taste of what lay ahead for her and Naruto in the future.

When she’d finally finished sorting her hair, Kushina opened the shower door gently and simply prepped her back against the entranceway, giving the sexiest pose she could muster, with one arm hanging from the top of the door and the other resting on her hip.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked and Naruto just blinked.

His mom had chosen a lilac button top nightie that fell just below her rear. It was nothing fancy, but the fact it held and outlined his mom’s gorgeous figure, meant Naruto wasn’t going to complain.

"I don't think I've ever seen anything so sexy kaachan." He smiledbefore giving a little wolf whistle.

Kushina just laughed before she carefully slinked her way to the bed. She paused to twirl and give Naruto a different view of her spectacular body. She loved the teasing, and she knew Naruto was enjoying it considering the blush he had on his face once she’d found herself next to him.

It was only when she finally reached the bed, did she greet Naruto with a deep, searing, kiss but just as Naruto looked to repay the favour in kind, Kushina pulled away.

“Look but no touching tonight…”

Immediately Naruto pouted, before he brightened,

“What about cuddling?” he asked and Kushina just grinned as Naruto offered her his arm.

Immediately Kushina laid her head atop her son’s chest and a content sigh escaped her mouth when her son wrapped his arms round her and held her close.

‘Thank you Tsunade-chan…’ mused Kushina more content than she’d ever been.

Epilogue: Denouncement

The day after the couple came back home, Tsunade came over to visit and, as promised, Kushina recounted every detail of their "honeymoon."

"It sounds like you had the time of your life," Tsunade grinned.

"Oh yes, I did," Kushina replied. "And it's even better now that we're home again. One of the first things we did was move Naruto's stuff into my bedroom. I can't tell you what it's like to share my life with a man again."

"But Naruto was always there," Tsunade quipped.

"Yeah, but the old Naruto never stopped me while I did the laundry to have sex on the dryer," Kushina laughed, blushing. "I guess you could say the honeymoon atmosphere is far from over." Tsunade wasn't surprised to hear this. From what she had gathered from talking to Kushina on the phone earlier it was clear that she and Naruto had spent the better part of their hotel stay having sex and were nowhere near the point where their lust for each other was ready to calm down.

"It's amazing to have a man in my life again," Kushina beamed. "For better or for worse, I missed it. Whether it's sharing a house, a bed, or a heart, it's different than what I had before. And this time, it's so much better."

"I'm still not sure how to balance all this with the rest of my life though," Kushina said uneasily. "…I mean just imagine if the village found out…”

"I'll do everything I can to help you," Tsunade said, "and if it really becomes a problem, you can always move...”

Kushina's face morphed into one of disbelief.

“But Naruto always wanted to be Hokage…"

Everyone knew that.

Tsunade just let out a laugh.

“Didn’t Naruto tell you..?” she wondered and Kushina could only blink.

“Tell me what ‘ttebane?”

Tsunade just sighed.

'Typical gaki...'

This was going to take some explaining that Naruto was willing to give up his dream of being the Hokage for his kaachan.


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