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For those that don’t know my username is now AnotherFanfictionAddict but it used to be theBarefootBandit. This is a direct copy from my ff dot net story as there is a lemon in the 3rd chapter.

From here on in it's a copy and paste job :)


theBarefootBandit with my fourth (well three chapter long) fic 'Naruto: Jiongu'

A response to Pudgypudge's Jiongu Challenge: A Greedy, Money Loving, Kakuzu trained Naruto.

The Pairing: Naruto/Tsunade (big fan of the pairing). For the Record Naruto is 15. As is always the case in my stories, everyone is their Shippuden Age.

Warning: There's a fair bit of swearing in this chapter and in the story.

Please check out my other stories if you get a chance.


Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Chapter 1: The Power.

Kakuzu formerly of Waterfall could be described as a lot of things. First and foremost he was greedy. What could he say in his defence? He just loved money and there was an obvious reason for it. Money had never failed him. Hell if there was an afterlife he was sure that it ran on currency. Good pun no?

Another thing that Kakuzu could say about himself was that he was one of the few Shinobi who could boast to having an 'unnatural' (or 'natural' depending from whose perspective you're looking at things from) affinity to all five of the base elements. Hell he was someone who'd seen the skills of Hashirama Senju, the Shodaime Hokage first hand and survived and that was nearly a century ago.

That thought though about the first Hokage pissed him off for two reasons really.

One his failure to kill the Shodaime all those years ago was what had led to him being royally fucked over by his village; Takigakure (the Village Hidden in a Waterfall). Secondly it reminded him of the village hidden in the Leaves, which in turn reminded the Missing Nin of 'him'. That persistent little, thieving bastard who he'd taught, he mused with an amused smirk.

Well what could Kakuzu say, the kid reminded him of… Well him.

One the brat despised his village. Two his village had despised him right back. It was why the kid had ran off from his home and somehow into him in the first place. Third regardless of how many times Kakuzu had maimed the little fucker, the kid would just grin and then chase after him a while later. The little bastard just wouldn't die. All like him. But fourth and most important of all was that the kid appreciated money. When the former Taki Nin had found that little bit of information out, Kakuzu's curiosity had been peaked.

You see Kakuzu trusted one thing in life ever since he became a 'treasurer' of sorts and it was simply money. Be it for a Shinobi or a civilian, money talks it's just that simple. So imagine his surprise when he'd found someone so young who'd realised that. It was why he'd taken the kid with him from then on in….

There's was also the fact the kid didn't mind carrying carcasses unlike his current partner.

Kakuzu's eyes narrowed at the man who he'd been paired with.

"One of these days I swear I'm going to kill you…" He growled.

He'd have killed the man already like his older partners if the man wasn't an immortal as well.

The silver haired Nin beside him merely shot him an incredulous look back.

"If you'd kill for Jashin-sama then maybe I'd think about it but since you don't, shut the hell up and fucking carry it the whole way!"

Kakuzu just grunted in reply.

'Again with that cult bullshit'

At least Naruto, the little bastard didn't talk back to him. When Kakuzu had wondered why he'd just received smirk and a simple explanation.

'Free training and protection off an immortal Nin just to carry a corpse. What a life.'

Kakuzu allowed a brief mirthless laugh escape his mouth at the memory. The brat had a smart mouth but an even smarter mind. It was something he appreciated and that was three years ago when the kid was thirteen. Who knew how far he'd come since then? The boy was a miniature version of him in abilities, appearance and even outlook. He only relied on himself. He only lived for himself.

In hindsight though Kakuzu probably should have killed the blonde urchin by tearing his head off instead of gifting him the Jiongu, the Black Tendrils Kinjutsu he'd used on himself so many decades ago. Especially with the said brat being the holder of the Kyuubi, the legendary nine tailed fox. The same demon fox that the Akatsuki, the very group he was now a part of were after. As soon as he'd seen the seal on the kid's stomach, why the kid had been treated like crap, why the kid had been able to chase him through the whole of the land of Fire without tiring and why the kid had recovered from injuries that would've downed most Nin all made sense.

Kakuzu was no fool. You don't survive as a Shinobi for as long as he had if you're a fool. The realisation had hit him straight away.

Kid was a Jinchuuriki. Konoha's to be precise. Meaning he was the holder of the nine tails. That was how the First Hokage had split the Bijuu as peace offerings. Konoha had kept the fox whilst the other eight had been gifted to the other 'four Great' nations. His initial reaction was how could he exploit the fact that he'd come across a holder?

Sell the kid off to Cloud had been his initial thought. They loved their holders.

Rock was still cheapened by the Fourth Hokage's exploits during the Third Shinobi war so that had ruled them out. Sand was the weakest of the five so that had taken them out of the running. Mist had been decimated by a Bloodline war whilst Konoha wouldn't pay for 'property' that was supposedly theirs. So the best price he'd have gotten would've been from Cloud. There had been one 'minor' problem though. Shinobi Nations don't negotiate with Nuke Nin. They deal with them. There's a difference.

The idea of being on the run like old times like some paranoid novice didn't appeal to Kakuzu even remotely. It would leave him with no time for his own personal gains and the reality of a life without gaining more money was not one he'd comprehend. All those thoughts had counted for nought though because by the times the kid's training had been done and he'd decided to cash in.

The little shit had run off.


Tanzaku Gai


Two groans.


Followed by another moan and then a thud as a head hit the table, face firmly pressing against the table. Who'd have thought Tsunade-sama, someone who's gambling skills sucked as hard as her punches hit was actually on the brink of winning.

There was still one person left though.

"Four of a kind..." The last and youngest gambler said calmly as everyone at the table cursed the kid's luck, with the one female occupant clenching her fists so hard that the bottle she held was beginning to crack.

Naruto managed a cheeky wink at the buxom blonde before he reached out to his winnings. His ego took an enormous amount of satisfaction as he noticed several pair of eyes follow the deliberately slow gathering of his pot.

"I'll think I'll take my leave." He saluted gaining growls of acknowledgement, before he quickly cashed in and made his way out.

Outside the casino the Jinchuuriki briefly took off his mask as he ran a gloved hand through his unkempt blonde hair. The cool night breeze just felt great against his skin.

Life was good he grinned. Ever since he'd gotten away from Konoha his life was great. He had no 'material' ties to that bastard village. He was never a Ninja there. No friends, no family. Worst of all he had practically no money when he'd lived there. Kami he hated that place. But worse still was that they'd mistaken him for the fox that was sealed in him by his 'old man'. Yeah well thank you Sandaime-sama for 'telling' him on both fronts.

'God of shinobi my ass' Naruto snorted. To think that he'd once believed in that man and the bullshit he'd spouted.

When he'd found out off Kakuzu it hadn't annoyed Naruto that the fur ball had been stuck in his gut. It never bothered him that he was chosen instead of someone else. For some 'tragic' reason it had never bothered him that he hadn't had parents either. Simple reason why was because he couldn't change any of them. They were all out of his hands. What bothered Naruto was how stupid a village filled Ninja could be. All those scared glares and all those hushed murmurs whenever he was around. Dumb asses the whole lot of them. It's like they couldn't accept death was a part of Shinobi life.

Naruto ran his hands down his face and rubbed his eyes warily. Fuck Konoha, they could rot. He didn't care about them or their thoughts. Fuck'em. They'd get there's eventually.

"Oi brat…" A voice behind him suddenly called.

Naruto should've been surprised. But a life of killing for a living had made the Jinchuuriki immune to such things.

"You little bastard I know you cheated." The feminine voice growled.

The younger blonde's brow arched in disbelief. "Trust me princess I'm big enough for you." He replied with a coy smile.

The older blonde would've blushed had this routine between the two not been a common occurrence. To think Minato and Kushina's kid had turned into this cocky upstart.

"You know Tsunade-chan I just don't understand you…" The young blonde pondered out loud. "You say you've cut all ties with Konoha but here you are still wallowing in your past."

Tsunade growled again.

"You're treading on thin ice brat." She warned.

Despite seeing the legendary Nin roll up her sleeves readying herself to beat him down Naruto wasn't going to budge.

What could he say? He liked women, strong women to be precise. The fact that Tsunade hated Konoha almost as much as he did was a bonus.

"Fine, but still in all honesty it's just criminal the amount of money you lose Tsunade-chan." He chided out loud and the female Nin's fists clenched. She was going to smack him from Konoha to Kiri if he kept this up.

Now what Naruto really wanted to say that gambling (badly) wouldn't replace your true losses. For Tsunade those words would be true. She'd never win back the amount of money she'd lost. What you actually thought Naruto meant her lost loved ones when he said true losses. Yeah right!

Tsunade may have blamed the First Hokage's necklace that she wore for the loss of her lover and her younger brother's lives. But Naruto just didn't believe something that was worth so much money (several mountains apparently) could be a bad thing. Also in his eyes the necklace the older blonde wore just couldn't be a bad thing because it always drew his eyes to her breasts.

Illusion and age be damned the young immortal smirked. She'd get it. Alongside so much more thanks to the fox's presence.

Sighing to himself as he quickly glanced over his shoulder at the said 'assets' Naruto motioned to leave. He had a business decision to decide on.

"All bark and no bite huh brat." Tsunade grinned.

Naruto shrugged not taking the bait. He could fight but that would likely draw her cute apprentice to the scene and as the saying goes more women more problems. Trust me, it isn't more money more problems for a mercenary if that's what you thought.

"Unfortunately it's time for me to leave Tsunade-chan. I've got money that needs my finger prints on it."

Tsunade could only let out a hollow laugh.

"Is that all you think about brat?"

Naruto brought a hand to his chin pretending to think deeply.

"You and my next source of income so yeah I guess." He finished with a smirk before taking his leave.

Tsunade stared at the younger blonde's retreating form before shaking her head tiredly. He'd only told her that almost every time he was in Tanzaku gambling beside her.


A part of her had actually wondered what it would be like. The idea of being lusted by someone who was years younger than her actually gave her ego a massive comfort. The needy part of her had actually said why not. Who could be hurt by just one no strings attached night? But the stubborn part of her refused to give the smug younger blonde any ounce of satisfaction. On that note, she downed more of the sake that she'd held.

Stupid brat…


Naruto like all heroes walked off into the distance

"You should just pin her down with your nine tails, nuzzle her neck and mate with her right now brat."A voice growled in the back of his mind.

Naruto inwardly groaned at the sound of that booming voice.

'Do I look like you idiot?' He mentally snapped back.

The great fox huffed exasperated.

"Just do something, ANYTHING! That gets you in between her bre…"

Naruto tuned the rest out. As much as he appreciated the fox's goodwill and chakra enhancements he couldn't stand the fox's ramblings. The Randy bastard…

'You know what screw it.' Naruto surmised maybe he'd...

"Oh yeah you'd like to do that with her wouldn't you, monkey brains."

Naruto groaned.

'Damn, you're persistent.'

After what seemed like hours of trying to get the fox shut up Naruto finally had time to think. Naruto had once heard someone say first you get the money, then you get the power and then you get the women. Well he'd gotten the first two, not necessarily in that order and he still wanted more and who knows maybe Tsunade-chan would come round eventually. For now he needed to decide where his next source of income was coming from.


Good or Bad?

I had an idea a while back for a Naruto trained by Kakuzu. But my knowledge on Kakuzu was vague at the time (it was supposed to be my second story (instead of Otokage).

With their being a challenge for this I thought why not. Put something down.

Tsunade seems like a good pairing for this. I'm a fan of it. The two's relationship will be explained in due course. I said Naruto's appearance is near identical to Kakuzu's. Also how Tsunade knows Naruto will be explained soon. Obviously you shouldn't reveal your identity but.


Thanks for reading and please review.

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