Icha Icha Taboo

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Title: Icha Icha Taboo.

Pairing: Naruto/ Kushina (Uzumakicest).

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters.

Another Naruto/ Kushina story for you guys to enjoy.


'Finally!' Naruto thought to himself. He’d just finished his training with his team for the day and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. And as it just so happened, a small snow storm had rolled in later that morning, meaning that training had been cut short.


When Naruto arrived home later that morning, it was to the sight of his mother sitting next to a lit fireplace writing in a notepad of hers.

Writing was a hobby, Ero-Sennin had joked about taking up one of the times he’d been round and due to a lot of Sake, his mom being the competitive type had said she could write something much better than the Icha Icha the old pervert was famous for.

Jiraiya had just laughed at the time but Kushina had kicked him out that day and said he’d better believe it. So now, his mom sat on the floor using her little notebook which rested on a table. She looked dignified and elegant the way her long red hair was neatly tied into a bun with a pair of black glasses on. She was also barefoot and still wearing her silk pyjamas, and she had a hot cup of coffee right next to her.

"You're home early sochi…" smiled Kushina before turning her attention towards her son.

"Christmas has come early dattebayo," replied Naruto with a grin. “Look.”

It was only then when she followed her son’s finger did she look out the window and realise it was snowing.

"When did that happen?" she mused clueless.

“Probably when you were writing your Ero-Sennin beater.” Chuckled Naruto walking to his mom… "So what are you up to?"

Kushina just coughed once, before pulling her journal close to her chest.

"Never you mind, sochi…” she muttered almost stammering over her words.

Naruto just shook his head.

“You’re taking this bet with Ero-Sennin way to serious Kaachan.”

Suddenly Kushina stood up with a glare that made Naruto feel two feet tall.

“I’m not letting that old pervert beat me, are we clear?” she deadpanned and Naruto swore he saw flames behind his mom.


Instantly the glare morphed to a smile on his mom’s face.

“Good. By the way Tsunade-chan’s going to be staying over in a few days…”

“Baachan!?” chuckled Naruto...  “Sweet...”

As much as his Godmother could kick his ass, she always bought him a cool gift.

A heart warming smile appeared on Kushina face.  Christmas was shaping up…


Naruto had actually gone to bed before his mom that night, she’d insisted on still writing, but with the cold and his blanket falling off the blonde had woke up middle of the night before deciding he’d wanted something to eat.

It was only by chance that he’d seen his kaachan’s notebook there.

Curiosity had immediately struck Naruto.

“Well Ero-Sennin did say he wanted to know if kaachan’s done anything…” figured Naruto before he picked up the little book and began flicking through it.

Despite his tiredness, Naruto’s eyes roamed through the book as fast as he could to get an idea of what his kaachan was writing about… But having seen words like tousan , musume, amongst other with the word sex… The realization of what Naruto was reading hit him like a ton of bricks;

His kaachan mother was writing an INCEST story!

Well stories…

Shocked and confused were understated descriptions of what Naruto felt right there and then. He couldn't believe that his conservative, at times hot headed but always respectable mother would ever write such a thing, or even think about anything like that in the first place.
"What do you think you're doing sochi?" muttered Kushina appearing behind her son.

Once he’d slowly turned around, Naruto was greeted with a look of utter horror on his kaachan’s face as she saw that he’d discovered her secret hobby.

"Kaachan... I was just..."

"I owe you an explanation for this sochi…" she mumbled while trying her best to hold a brave face.

"N-No kaachan… I shouldn't have looked. I mean… It’s your stuff… But Ero-Sennin…"stammered Naruto only to be shushed.

"It's okay dattebane." Sighed Kushina with a shake of her head… "I need to. We might as well talk about it now and get this over with. Let's go into the kitchen and I'll make us some hot chocolate."


Naruto could only sit awkwardly, playing with his thumbs as he watched his mom boil a small pot of milk while adding the chocolate mixture. She then poured the hot chocolate in two mugs and added marshmallows on top.

"Here sochi, drink up…" she muttered as she handed him a mug.

“Thanks kaachan…" mumbled Naruto just as awkwardly.

The silence then was tangible until Kushina broke it.

“You must be surprised by what you saw ne sochi?" began the red head.

"Not really cause of clan stuff…" offered Naruto, I mean he was the one who’d helped Neji and Hinata get hitched and they were cousins from the opposing houses of the Hyuga. “… plus… I mean Ero-Sennin’s told me he thought about writing some stuff on it…”

“Don’t give me more reasons to want to beat that baka…” muttered Kushina as her hands balled into fists. His laugh that night they’d all been drinking together and the bet he’d made still annoyed her. “Please don't think of me as a perverted old lady…"

"Kaachan…” muttered Naruto. “We live in an age where clan’s inter marry… Hell look at Hinata-chan and Neji.”

Kushina just chuckled.

“True sochi.” sighed the red head. "Thank you for saying that...and for making this easy on me," she replied with a smile. But it was probably because she’d been the only survivor of the Uzumaki when she’d first come to Konoha. “It’s just I've always been drawn to romance and the thought of two people having to overcome barriers to be with each other. What embodies that more than incest?”

Naruto just scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

“You really want to beat Ero-Sennin don’t you kaachan?”

“You… Have. No idea sochi...” chuckled Kushina.

Naruto’s eyes suddenly brightened.

“Then let me help.”  He offered catching his mom off guard. “Ero-Sennin did the same thing he did to you with me on the training trip. Instead of helping with the Futon Rasengan he’d go spy on some women and then said writing wasn’t easy.”

“He did what?” growled Kushina temporarily forgetting what Naruto had offered her.

“He bet me that I couldn’t write something better than him… But my book got given to some Daimyo and his wife loved it. Didn’t Ero-Sennin tell you?” mused Naruto. It had taken a year to write but still, Ero-Sennin had paid him a tonne of ryou for the book.

“I’m going to kill Jiraiya dattebane…” muttered Kushina as she cracked her knuckles.

“So could I read some of your stories kaachan?" offered Naruto. He still had loads of reasons to get back at his sensei besides abandoning him for women.

Like telling people he was Naruto’s dad just to pull girls unsuspecting Kaachans.

"No way sochi." muttered Kushina firmly. "I’m not being the one to blame for corrupting you.”


Damn curiosity.

When he’d gotten to his room soon after, Naruto had known there was no way he could go to sleep right away after finding out what he had. Didn’t stop him from trying to sleep though.

“Naruto-kun…” muttered Kushina unsurprised to find her son still awake. She was no different.

Naruto looked up to find his mom standing in his doorway, her book clutched to her chest.

“Here.” sighed Kushina placing her book on one of Naruto’s bedside tables.Sometimes it was just that she saw Naruto as a child, and not as a young man. “Read them and tell me what honestly what you think, okay sochi?”

This was her only chance to get some critique, at least that’s how she justified it.

“Okay kaachan…”

Naruto was in for a hell of surprise considering he’d only read the first two pages.


Honestly Naruto lost track of time flipping through page after page of his mom's beautifully crafted writings. Unlike Ero-Sennin’s smut, Kaachan really went deep on the love dovey stuff…  This wasn’t some kinky book for closet perverts like his sensei’s stuff, Naruto could tell just from the first story alone. It was about love. Not the kind Sakura had for Sasuke even though the teme had knocked her unconscious the day he’d left and even tried to kill her recently… Not the kind like Tsunade had for sake but a love that went both ways at times despite its failings.

The pictures at the end of a chapter were proof of that.

Honestly they looked familiar. Not just the characters in the drawings or stories, but the style.

They looked like Sai’s stuff…

It was the last story though that got to Naruto. Sure there was a story about a son and his adopted mother/sister figure. That was oddly hot. Sure there was a story about two sisters in a curious phase of their life. That was definitely hot. It was the last one, the only mother and son one. There was no picture for it yet, but Naruto had mentally had his own ones to suffice.

As soon as he’d finished he’d had to crack one off as soon as fast as he could. All the incestuous thoughts and scenes his kaachan had written were more than Icha Icha worthy especially the last one.


When Naruto headed downstairs for breakfast the next morning, he saw his mom in her usual housewife attire of orange dress and white apron, casually sitting in the dining room just staring at a cup of coffee.

“So, how were they…” asked Kushina, oddly eager to find out what Naruto had thought about the stories.

“Well I read all of them kaachan" mused Naruto as he took a seat across from her.

A slightly embarrassed grin crept over the redhead's face. "I figured you would. Did you find anything interesting?" she asked nervously.

"Is everything you wrote based on fantasy, or is some of it real?" wondered Naruto with a nervous grin. "...you know...the one about the sisters who 'experimented' with each other sounded like Mikoto-neechan and..."

Naruto had to avoid his mom’s gaze as he blushed.

"No point denying it now dattebane," muttered Kushina with a blush of her own. "Yes, that story was written based on Mikoto-chan and me when we were Chuunin..."

“Wow…” interrupted Naruto his eyes wide in shock.

Ero-Sennin would’ve had a field day.

“So that’s your favourite one? Figures dattebane…” smiled Kushina... It looks like she’d found the first certain story in her collection that made the grade…

Naruto was a little dazed in truth by the sudden confession.

"It’s just you and Mikoto-neechan..." mumbled Naruto. Who’d have thought the stick up his ass teme would have a mom like Mikoto-neechan especially since the Uchiha woman was always smiling. 

"Am I turning you on sochi?" asked Kushina with a sly grin. "Don't tell me that your obaasan is getting to you?"

"Baachan’s old but I only call it her cause I know it annoys her.” muttered Naruto. “You kaachan are not. I had to punch Kiba when he started drooling that time you came to the academy.”

Parent evenings for the loss…

“I mean look at you kaachan. You put kunoichi my age to shame…” added Naruto with two thumbs up.

Kushina quickly flashed her son a broad smile.

“Thank you." she added but seeing the look of surprise, Kushina reached across the table and grabbed one of Naruto’s hands. “This isn’t too much for you is it. I mean telling you about me and Mikoto-chan?”

"No kaachan I just…" replied Naruto, squeezing her hand. "I just had some thoughts about the other stories… Like was the son in the story with his godmother, jiji?”

"Minato and Tsunade-chan, sochi…” elaborated Kushina with a grin and if he’d had a drink, Naruto would’ve spat it out. “That one is just a thought I had…” she added with a chuckle. “It’s the same for Tsume-chan and Hana-chan in the mother daughter story…”

How could Naruto forget that one?

Hana was his biggest crush and much to Kiba’s annoyance, the feeling was mutual albeit the Inuzuka woman wasn’t as outspoken or as demanding as the rest of her family... So nothing major had happened yet. Plus Naruto had only just turned seventeen, Hana was three years his senior, not that, that bothered either of them.

For the record Naruto didn’t miss the little grumble Hana’s name had with it from his mom, but then he remembered one thing. He remembered why he’d forgotten that story…

 “Kun and Maki-chan…” he muttered before his shoulders dropped. They’d sounded the most familiar. It was the last story he’d read and the only without a picture.

“You noticed sochi…” sighed Kushina as her head lowered.

“It’s me and you isn’t in the last story isn’t it kaachan?” muttered Naruto and Kushina flinched as she nodded. It was only when Naruto squeeze her hand did she respond.

“Hina, Kuuina, Shina, Shin, Naru, Haru… I tried different ones but those were the ones that kept coming back…” listed the red head. “That was why I didn’t want you to read it sochi…”

She was silenced when Naruto just shot her a disarming smile and squeezed her hand back.

 “Kaachan don’t worry about it, I mean hell, you were my first crush.” Grinned Naruto… “Ero-Sennin laughed when I told him I was jealous of tousan having someone like you.”

“What?” mumbled Kushina shocked as much as Naruto had been yesterday when he’d been caught holding her book.

Naruto just squeezed her hand again but he bowed his head a little, avoiding his mom’s gaze.

“I didn’t seem fair that you told me this private stuff kaachan..."sighed Naruto and for a moment his mom looked utterly speechless for a moment at the revelation.

"Well...I guess that's normal…" she replied with a light blush, trying to process and justify what Naruto had just revealed to her. Lots of kids probably had a crush on their mother or someone’s mother…


"...so was this a real fantasy of me taking you?" interrupted Naruto wiggling his eyebrows.

"Don't get cute dattebane." Mumbled Kushina sternly, before the look on her face relaxed.  It was actually nice getting this stuff off her chest... “Come on. I want to know more about what you thought.”

Naruto was effectively pulled up as he held onto his mom’s hand and led her to their living room, however a thought hit him as they walked through their home’s hallway where there was a full length mirror…

The scene seemed just like one she’d described the mother/son story.

Kushina froze as she felt herself pulled in front of Naruto and her eyes never left caught her son’s look in the mirror’s reflection as he stood behind her and held her. His arms wrapped around her waist, just under her breasts, and Naruto squeezed tightly.

"You didn't answer my question," breathed Naruto into his mom’s ear as we both looked at ourselves in the mirror. "Have you ever thought about me having my way with you kaachan?"

Again Kushina gulped.

"....I have... sochi." she meekly whimpered.  It had been when Naruto had returned from his training trip… and lots of time since then.

"This is how Kun and Maki-Chan did it, isn't it Kaachan?" wondered Naruto stopping and Kushina froze. "In your book Maki can't believe her confession ne?"

Suddenly Kushina realised that it did.

"She feels ashamed 'ttebane." admitted Kushina her shoulders sagging.

"So what Kun does." breathed Naruto before he kissed his mom's neck. It brought a shiver from the red before Naruto pulled away and began to get undressed.

It didn't take long either

Kushina felt her breath hitch as she saw her son remove his pyjama top and shorts leaving him just as naked as she was.

"Maki can only watch with wide eyes as she sees her son..." recited the older Uzumaki, gulping becase she realised that it hadn't taken Naruto long to get undressed considering he only had his pyjama shorts and tee on.

"Then he slid up behind his frozen Kaachan, and whispers something Maki never would have believed..." grinned Naruto before his arms wrapped around his mom's mid rift. As if to emphasise his point he moved closer, letting his mom feel his growing erection against her rear end. Kushina simply gulped as she felt the crevice between her buttocks spread.

"I always dreamed about this..."  spoke Naruto softly and Kushina's blush reached a new level.

“W-what?” mumbled the older Uzumaki simply and Naruto grin grew a little bigger.

"That the truth Kaachan... I did last night." breathed Naruto against her neck, freezing Kushina whole. “…and on the training trip.” he whispered and he caught a change in the look in his mom’s eyes from the mirror they stood in front.

They became wide, filled with a near tangible desire as Kushina watched her son via the mirror, move his hands towards her woman parts. It wasn't until Naruto cupped the underside of her breasts with his warm hands, through the front of her robe did she let out a small gasp of pleasure. Her left arm crossed across her body, in a pathetic attempt to stop her teen son but it was useless the moment he began to gently manhandle her left tit.

In the end Kushina's left hand just rested atop of Naruto's as he began to massage her. A light gasp would slip her every time she felt a little pressure applied.

As Naruto continued to fondle his mom's breast with one hand, he reached down and undid the already loose bow on the garment with his left. Again there was little protest from Kushina or the garb she wore and soon Naruto found himself staring at his mom's bare front as the robe opened for him. She hadn't worn a bra or panties, so her luscious front was on full view to his hungry gaze.

"Kami your beautiful Kaachan..." grinned Naruto taking in every inch of bare flesh that the mirror showed him. He punctuated his statement with a firm squeeze of his mom's right tit that bought another airy moan.

"Sochi..." she breathed still in a state of disbelief that her secret fantasy was happening.

"I mean it Kaachan." breathed Naruto. His mom's stomach was taut like a kunoichi even if she'd retired young to become a mother. Her legs were long and trim despite her petite frame. But what really caught Naruto's attention was the tuft of red that hung just above his mom's already moist slit.

"I think you planned this..."grinned Naruto as his right hand began to slip down his mom's stomach.

At first, Kushina still didn't say a word or try to react. Her thoughts were on the fact that Naruto had taken to gently rubbing circles around her taut right nipple, and yet he hadn't touched the erect nub once.

Naruto took his mom’s sudden sharp breathing as a sign that she wanted him to continue. His fingers traced passed the roughness of her pubic hair, straight to the moistness of Kushina's already quivering cunt. He ignored the curtains of Kushina's pussy, and the button that was his mom's clit  despite how tempting it was to keep teasing.

"Hoped 'ttebane..." gasped Kushina at the sudden intrusion.Her daydreamed popped and her blush hit a new level of red at the admission and penetration.  Oh Kami.

Instantly Naruto felt his mom’s moist sex clench round his digit.  Like Genin in the Forest of Death, his finger began to explore eagerly. His finger had been drowned in a wet warmth like syrup.  Every little move brought another hitch of breath from Kushina.

She could practically feel, Naruto attempt to hit every nerve in her. As his finger began to light her insides up, Kushina had to press herself into her son just so she wouldn't fall. That only emphasised the fact his rock hard cock was rubbing against her robe only covered back door.

"Kun takes his kaachan in front of the fireplace ne?"grinned Naruto beginning to dry fuck his mom's beautiful ass.

"Hai..." moaned Kushina suddenly a little sharper as she caught Naruto's intense gaze via the mirror once more. She knew he was grinning even if she couldn'tsee his mouth. She could literally feel her pussy squirm to everyone of her son’s touches.

Dear Kami she’d never thought she’d ever admit to such a thing. That’s not to say she hadn’t dreamed of it.

"Then let's go Kaachan..." whispered Naruto pulling his hands away.

The loss of contact on her chest brought a slight curse from Kushina, whilst the loss of Naruto's deft fingers on her pussy caused a whimper to leave the red head'slips. But before Naruto could pull the digit he'd had in her pussy away fully, Kushina grabbed it's hand not bothered in the slightest by the  wetness.

"This is my fantasy sochi..." muttered Kushina as a small grin slipped onto her face. "Now lie down..."

"Here?" wondered Naruto with his brow raising. His dick twitched though in excitement. "Imagine if Baachan came?"

"She won't be here for another week at least sochi..." muttered Kushina as she finally turned herself and faced her son.

What she saw caused another blush to coat her cheeks. She'd known her little Naruto was not little, especially since he'd been grinding against her but still, seeing was believing.

“Lie down sochi…”

Like an obedient puppy Naruto did leaving his erect cock to stand up like a proud fleshy tower.

“Just like the book kaachan.” chuckled Naruto.

Kun-kun took his kaachan in front of the mirror.

After gulping,Kushinaplanted her petite feet on either side of her son’s blonde head.Her puckered pussy was straight above the teen’s face. Naruto couldn’t help but lick his lips.

Who’d have thought Kami granted fantasies?

Slowly Kushina lowered herself to her knees with a now full body blush. It ended with her Naruto’s head trapped perfectly between her spread thighs and his mouth barely millimeters from her aching cunny. Instantly, Naruto’s dick twitched as the scent of his mom’s sanctuary hit his nostrils.

The red head’s face lowered and her long locks practically tickled her son’s face.

“Lick me sochi…” muttered Kushina staring down at her son. “Lick your kaachan.”

What choice did Naruto have?

Without an ounce of hesitation, Naruto began lapping at his mom’s cunt.

As soon as she felt Naruto’s tepid tongue, spread her open Kushinafelt her navy eyes go wide before she let out an airy moan. She couldn’t stop her hips from sinking down a little further either.

“Oh sochi…”

Mentally grinning, Naruto just began to feast on his mom’s honey pot. Her sex tasted delicious. There was a unique tang to it that sent his Ninja senses to cloud nine. In fact as strange as it sounded his mom tasted like Miso so Naruto was more than happy to oblige. His tongue first ran circles around his kaachan’s pussy lips. Every lap brought another shiver to Kushina.

Practically a yip escaped Kushina’s lips next, whenNaruto's nose brushed her clit and unable to stop herself she began to grind her heated nether region on his face, inadvertently using his nose to please her further.

“Naru…”huffed Kushina airily.

Her hands buried themselves in her son’s blonde hair and Kushina couldn’t help but watch herself in the mirror. She could see her eyes become half lidded as she began to rock and huff. Her stomach muscles would clench and unknot with each rock. It was all because Naruto’s slick tongue was working wonders.

“Oh Sochi…” gasped the red headin appreciation as Naruto began to stimulate her pussy twofold. It hadn’t been by luck either that Naruto had noticed the exposed bundle of nerves. It’s why his tongue soon switched to swirling the puckered nub and his reward was obvious. His mom began to moan even louder.

“Wait…” gasped Kushina once more, her gaze dropping towards Naruto for a second.

The blonde could only blink as he was left open mouth when his mom suddenly began to crawl down his torso. It had taken every bit of will power Kushina had to get away from her son’s talented tongue, but she’d made him and herself wait long enough.

Left with his mom on all fours and on top of him, with her long hair falling around his face, Naruto couldn’t help but grin as he saw his mom’s still panting slightly.

“You taste better than Ichirakuskaachan.” smirkedNaruto and Kushina couldn’t stop her full bodied blush as Naruto absentmindedly licked his glistening lips clean.

“Don’t say things like that.” muttered the red head averting her gaze.

She wasn’t allowed to for long though as Naruto cupped her chin.

“Relax Kaachan, here…”

Surprised, Kushina froze for a second only to hum as she felt Naruto begin to suck on her lower lip. Her mouth then parted and in went Naruto’s tongue. Deftly Naruto slipped his hands a bit higher to his mom’s cheeks and he began to rub them gently and another hum of approval came in between her purring into her son’s mouth.

The mother soon duo had soon switched places as Naruto rolled his mom over. His still rock hard cock briefly pressed into his mom’s taut stomach causing a throaty grunt from the teen. Their lips had never separated though and both Uzumaki’s were left to hum into each other’s mouths until Naruto finally pulled back.

“See kaachan..?” mumbled Naruto as he stared down at his mom.

“Gomensochi.” smiled Kushina finally. Her face was still flushed but that was because she still couldn’t believe what she was doing. It was exactly like she’d written it.

First Maki was nervous, but Kun would switch from playful to eager which helped Makiperfectly.

It was only when Naruto eased her legs apart did Kushinasnap out of her daze.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” muttered Naruto as he grabbed a hold of his member with one hand.

He couldn’t help but stroke it at the sight of his mom’s beautiful bare form. He couldn’t ignore how his kaachan’s luscious breasts rose and fell gently and how her stomach was tense.

Despite a slight gulp, as she stared eye to eye at her son’s fleshy dagger Kushina nodded.

“Just slow dattebane.” muttered the older Uzumaki. She wanted to enjoy every second.

“Hai Maki-chan…” grinned Naruto and slowly he leaned forward, his meat at hand before he guided it to his mom’s hot and wet entrance.

Kushina's face was flushed, but she bit her lower lip in preparation. Her bum clenched, her muscles tensed and when Naruto slowly sank into her, a low groan escaped her lips. At first she felt her son’s dickhead pierce her already slick folds and she shuddered. There was a pinch of pain from how big her son was, but that was crushed like a kid’s stool sat on by an adult Akimichi as the incredible feeling of being stretched out hit her.

With every inch she was filled, Kushina moaned. She wasn’t the only one to lose their breath briefly as in kind so had Naruto. It was barely a huff that escaped Naruto’s lips as he shifted his hips forward. But he could feel his cock head first followed by the rest of him slide beautifully up his mom’s molten canal all the way up to her cervix. The pressure her sweating pussy put on his member was delicious.

“You feel great Kaachan.”

He was pleasantly surprised at how easily his Kaachan's pussy had  accepted him.

He’d expected to have to be a little rough upon entering, instead, her love canal seemed to suck him in, all the while stretching just enough to accommodate him. He could only smile warmly as his mom’s face practically glowed as he bottomed out inside of her.

Kushina couldn’t have been happier.

To be united with her son in such way was something she’d only dreamed about.

"You feel amazing too sochi." she said lovingly before she lifted both her hands. “Here.”

Gently Naruto leaned forward but the suddenshiftof his hips, caused a jolt of pleasure to travel through both Uzumaki’sbodies.

“I’ll try and live up to your expectations kaachan.” muttered Naruto before he clasped his hands with his mom.

“Just do that again Naruto.” smiled Kushina as she squeezed her son’s hands back.

“You mean like this.” Grinned Naruto as he pulled a good few inches out of his now coated cock before sliding it back home.

"Hai.Again sochi."gaspedthe redhead suddenly tensing.

Naruto chuckled as he pulled all 6 inches out and pushed back in, causing his mom’s back to arch as their hips met with a lewd 'Slap!'

"Fine Kaachan." Mouthed Naruto, causing a shiver to run down his mom’s spine.

It only got better for Kushina as Naruto began to pull more and more of himself out of her, right before slamming his cock right back into her tight, hot hole.

This time a much louder moan of approval left Kushina’s mouth as her back arched up like a bow.

“That’s it!” she encouraged sharply.

As Naruto began to get into a rhythm,  Kushinatriedto raise her hips to meet Naruto's.The result was instantaneous. Both Uzumaki’s breath began to hitch more often as they began to work into a rhythm. A foxy grin crossed Naruto’s face as he caught his mom’s subtle look towards him. Even though her head had turned she still managed to look at him from the corner of her eyes.  He could literally see the lust in them.

“Kaachan.” grunted Naruto before he paused for just a sec.

For barely a second Kushina was allowed to catch her breath. But it was only because Naruto suddenly pushed all his weight forward. He forced his bum was literally forced off on the ground as Naruto suddenly pinned his mom’s hands above her head and leaned all his weight forward. It ended with Kushina clamping her legs round son’s torso and Naruto burying his face into his mom’s sweat covered neck.

For both of them the change of position somehow made things even better.

“So good kaachan.” whispered Naruto rearing his hips back for yet another slap.

Another loud groan of approval came from Kushina at his declaration followed by another as their hips thwacked against each others.

‘Oh Kami…’ thought the red head hazily.

Somehow Naruto was hitting even deeper. She could literally feel every fierce thrust Naruto give hit her cervix. It was like his cock was battering it and forcing it open.Idly the thought of pregnancy crossed Kushina’s mind but that was completely ignored. It was drowned out by Naruto suddenly fucking even harder. In fact a trace of drool seemed to slip from the corner of her lips.

“Sochi…” gasped Kushina as another sharp thrust filled her.

Almost constantly Kushina found herself moaning.It wasn’t long before Kushinabegan to noticeNaruto's thrusts become more erratic.

Even Naruto knew he was close

But he kept thrusting as hard as he could. His mom’s moans made his heart swell with pride.  Knowing his kaachan was experiencing so much pleasure because of him was a huge turn on. Those facts combined were pushing Naruto closer and closer to his release. His kaachan’s pussy was one of a kind. It clung to his dick like a velvet vice. Every thrust he gave rubbed his throbbing shaft perfectly. The heat on his tool was incredible. Every time he tried to pull back, his mom’s molten walls somehow sucked him back in.

“Together…” muttered Kushina clinging onto her son for dear life.

The heat in her stomach was near overflowing. She could feel it. What added to it was how perfectly Naruto’sbody melded with hers. Her breasts meshed perfectly against his chest adding an extra source of bliss. She could even feel his warm breath against her neck.

‘This is my sochi…’ thought Kushina slightly dazed.

Who cared...?

It was all just so erotic.

“Cum for me Naruto-kun." she purred as seductively as she could.

Naruto gave a brief grunt having heard his mom’s words and continued to plunge his dick into his kaachan. His thrusts had become even sharper. Somehow they’d began to hit even deeper. In turn that caused Kushina to moan louder than she had before.

Dear Kami her voicewas so sexy.

Naruto just couldn’t help it. His kaachan’s pussy was one of a kind. It clung to his dick. Every thrust he’d given rubbed his throbbing shaft perfectly. The heat on his tool was incredible. Every time he tried to pull back, his mom’s molten walls somehow sucked him back in.When he finally came, Naruto came with a muffled roar straight into his mom’s neck.

“Mmpmnnn…” groaned the blonde.

He didn't even bother to ask if he should pull out. There was no chance of that anyway with how tightlyhis mom’s legs were wrapped round him.

Kushina’s breathsuddenly hitched as she felt the first blast of her son’s baby batter and that was it for her to. Her body tensed, and her legs somehow clenched around her Naruto’s waist even tighter.Kushina instantly saw stars as Naruto's cum blasted its way into her waiting womb.

It had been with one lastdeep push that Narutohad felt his dick blow it’s load and he felt his mom’s baby factory open for business. Somehow the grip his mom’s cunt had on his wary cock tightened and Naruto knew his soldier wouldn’t be free until it had run dry.


As the mother son duo rode out their orgasms Kushina could tell her pussy had clamped down on Naruto's cock and she willed it to never let go. Naruto too had noticed it. He gave several last desperate thrusts as he felt his kaachan’s pussy milk his cock for every drop of cum he had.

Slowly, both Uzumaki’s felt their orgasms fade and Kushina could only sigh in pleasure as she relaxed beneath her lover. Her legs fell atop Naruto’s thighs and the two just stared at one another basking in the afterglow of what they’d just done.Kushina was more than content to lay prone beneath Naruto and her sweat covered chest rose and fell with every breath as she tried to gather it.

The two were still joined at the hip.

"You know sochi…” muttered Kushina catching Naruto’s attention. He gave her a curious look despite being a little short on breath, but Kushina just smiled lovingly at her son. “In the end Maki knows they can't ever do what they did again..."

Naruto gave a half hearted grin.

“...and Kun is fine with that…" breathed the blonde only for the older Uzumaki to raise her hands to run over her Naru-chan’s chest.

"But Maki isn't." muttered Kushinawith a small grin.

"Is that a confession Kaachan?" breathed Naruto gently.

Feeling that her son was somehow still hard, Kushina began to rock her hips.

"What do you think, sochi?" muttered the red head before she pulled Naruto’s whiskered face towards hers and closed the gap between their lips.

Needless to say Icha Icha Taboo was a best seller as were it's subsequent sequels.


This was inspired by 'NarutosBrats' 'Icha series'. I hope you enjoyed it.

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