I Spy with my Sharingan Eye

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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters. I do not make any money from these stories

Title: I Spy with my Sharingan Eye

Pairing: Naruto/Tsunami mentions of Naruto/others. (Voyeur Sasuke) (First Person POV)

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters.

Yeah something a little different from anything else I ever wrote. Enjoy.


It all started in Nami no Kuni for me, when I’d unlocked my Sharingan. For those who ever read this, my name’s Sasuke Uchiha, I’m sixteen (or I was at the time of writing this), the Sharingan is basically my heritage and as for what ‘started’ I’m getting to it.

I’m a Ninja. I’m also the last of my clan to be precise… Don’t ask why. Just run with it.

The story begins with my team. We’d gotten our first mission outside of our village. It was to protect a client, a Bridge Builder. From who, we found out a bit later when we’d ended up in a fight. Look long story short the girl on our team who’s got an unhealthy attraction to my pretty boy self wasn’t involved. Our sensei was off fighting a guy with a giant sword which left me and my team mate, Naruto fighting this masked Nin.

Look the fight isn’t important, all you need to know is we won. I went down due to exhaustion to save my baka team mate from getting turned into a blonde pin cushion in a rare hero moment. No applause please. I don’t know why I did it, my body just moved on its own. Anyway, it was a good call on my part as Naruto managed to pull us through. It’s kind of obvious seeing as how I’m writing this.

Sometime later I’d woken up alone at the house we’d been staying in, it’s was the Client’s and as for the room I’d been knocked out in, it was the one I’d been sharing with Naruto. Speaking of which the only sign that he and my team were still here, were that his clothes and his sheets were all over the place in the room we’d been sharing.

It was odd, but I was relieved.

Still though, if pulling through and surviving was one way of Naruto paying me back, it was nothing to what he did for me.

No, not in the way some might assume by that last sentence.

We’re getting to the good part now. It was probably early in the morning if the little bit of sunshine in the room was anything to go by, and bleary eyed I got to my feet and headed out.

With all the grace of an Uchiha, I practically tip toed my way down the stairs before I stopped as I head a grunt followed by a moan of “Narutoooh.”

You might be able to see where I’m going with this.

As soon as I got sight of the kitchen, from halfway down the stairs I stopped, I literally crouched down and my, suddenly red eyes widened at the scene. For what wouldn’t be the last time, and I blame my photographic memory for this, I realized I had literally stumbled across a wild sex scene starring Naruto, an idiot who’s no older than me with none other than the client's daughter, Tsunami, a woman at least ten years our senior never mind the fact that she was a single mom.

They were going at it good and hard in her kitchen. Tsunami was on her back on her kitchen table, her ample breasts bouncing as Naruto stood pounding her pussy while he held onto her legs.

Literally Naruto hammered into Tsunami and in turn she moaned louder and louder. Her breasts shook like the table beneath her. She was clinging onto it for dear life. Her head had lulled to one side and her brown eyes had a hazy look to them.

It was incredible. I had a perfect view out of sight out of mind. A diagonal shot from my perch on the stairs through the doorway. I was fascinated by what I saw and how I felt seeing it. My eyes and ears committed every image and sound to memory. Needless to say I had my own mess to clean up the time the two had finished off.

Funnily enough voyeurism became an obsession with me from then on.

Blame Naruto.

That scene in the kitchen wasn’t the last time he and Tsunami had went at it. I’d caught him sneaking out one of the nights. He and Tsunami had fucked in the garden, the former plunging his cock to a new dark depth whilst the latter had been on her hands and knees begging ‘Hero-sama’ to fuck her even harder and I had the perfect view from the Roof.

It was the thrill of knowing I could be caught. It was the fact that I had front row seats to free porn. It was even the fact that my Sharingan was subconsciously influencing my thoughts. It was also the fact that you had to be patient. It was all of that and more why I got hooked to my personal spectator sport.

Funnily enough though, Naruto was going to be my main source of freeview sex.

Believe me, that statement still baffles me. Even more so when I’d thought Naruto was obsessed with Sakura. Apparently though she was just a diversion, at least if the confession Naruto gave to Tsunami was anything to go by.

Hell the confession explained Naruto’s love of this ramen stand back home.

It’s funny in Konoha my home is a massive clan sized ground, with me all alone. I’m not complaining. It’s peaceful. But the moment I got back home, Konoha that is, I’d immediately invested in a pair of binoculars and telescope and had set about keeping tabs on Naruto.

What’s even funnier is that I actually have an army of fans but having sex hasn’t interested me, never has. Bear in mind that Naruto has no known family whereas I’m supposed to revive a clan ‘because Konoha can’t live without the Uchiha.’ and I’ve had my fair share of offers. It’s just that it’s never interested me. Don’t blame the fact that I got a priority in life that goes ahead of sticking my dick in a velvet box. Blame the fact that I’m not interested in being used and abused like some sexual aid.

Back on topic though, it was shortly after returning to Konoha and after a training session did I get a second fix. The training session had dragged on too long and Naruto had dashed off as soon as he could. Of course I chased him in pursuit. He hadn’t even asked Sakura for a date, and I’d been long gone before she could ask me. I tailed Naruto from a distance. He was quick but so was I thanks to Kakashi’s training. Not once did he notice us and I was led to a scene of real promise.

It was Naruto, or two of him (all hail the wonders of his Kage Bunshin no Jutsu) and a kunoichi who I recognized as our Academies headmistress, Suzume. She was a strict woman I recalled if my few encounters with her were anything to go by and also a Chuunin. More to the point she was the type I’d never dream of watching or expected to watch having sex however I quickly learned, Naruto took all types.

The first thing I’d done having followed Naruto all the way to his home, was I’d looked for a vantage point. As it turned out there was an apartment block right opposite and with it being night, it had been easy to find a peeking spot. I’d known how to get to the baka’s home having been forced to go there before. The guy always left his window open.

It was the place where my successful voyeurism began and would continue to be honed.

As soon as I caught sight of the usually modest kunoichi grab Naruto (the real one) by the scruff of his neck before she began frenching him, I knew I’d stumbled onto something worth watching and immediately my Sharingan came to life.

Then I stripped off the only thing I was wearing – a pair of black shorts and started stroking my ever hardening cock. Lo and behold as I sat in front of my darkened window, my eyes glued to the sex-fiends, my hand tugging on my already rock hard shaft with a still then, practicing ease, as Suzume-sensei extracted her long tongue from Naruto’s mouth, slid off the couch and proceeded to do an awkward strip tease for three. Well one seeing as how ‘I wasn’t there and a Bunshin Naruto but still.’

She paused, adjusted her glasses, before giving the Naruto’s a firm instruction of some sort. Immediately the two blonde’s got to their feet and began stripping off her body length pink kimono. It practically unraveled at the seam, the mesh undershirt was then eased off followed by her baggy red pants eventually leaving nothing from me.

I was literally greeted by a full front nude shot of Suzume-sensei. She hadn’t been wearing any underwear, and her surprisingly huge breasts hung loose and natural, her pussy was neatly shaved ever except for a reverse triangle of fur just above her slick opening. She was a natural brunette, and her lush body was practically lilywhite.

I increased the torque on my cock as I peered through the binoculars, as Suzume beckoned the two Naruto’s close to her with a short glance to the two, before she cupped her breasts and rolled her mocha nipples between her fingers. Then she beckoned the two blonde’s forward with her finger and they literally sprang from nowhere before they latched onto a hand each.

Immediately Suzume-sensei shivered as the two blonde’s began kissing an arm each. Even with her glasses on I could see her eyes closed more and more, the closer Naruto’s mouths got to her shoulders. Her arms were then twisted slightly, in perfect harmony by the two Naruto’s before the two began to kiss and lick the kunoichi’s underarm.

I was stunned slightly, but not put off. It was an odd scene to watch but not an unwelcome one. A good scout knows when to go with the flow and this was one of them. I was soon rewarded when the two Naruto’s latched onto a breast a piece. Suzume-sensei threw her head back, her curly locks dropped further down her back and her mouth broke into an open ‘ooooh’ as her tits were tampered with. The two blonde’s clutched, and squeezed a tit apiece, occasionally suckling on sensei’s nipples.

I realized I’d finally hit the mother load after only two days back home, and I gripped my dick and fisted happily, as I witnessed the heated three way from afar. Sweat prickled my forehead, and rolled down into my eyes, but I blinked it away, never once taking my Sharingan off the scene unfolding in my 20X enhanced vision. The seasoned voyeur knows that concentrated stares are a must to get full value from the waiting.

After getting her massive breasts licked, sucked and fondled for a good while, the sexed up woman dropped to her knees and grabbed a cock in each hand. She muttered something intelligible before stroking the two, glancing appreciatively from one stiffy to the other, then up at her young lover(s). She smiled a knowing smile and popped one of the cocks into her mouth, sucked on it for a moment, and then partially swallowed the other prick. She bobbed her headband covered head back and forth between the two cocks, sucking expertly on each in turn, polishing one slimy rod with her hand while she vacuumed the other one with her mouth.

I almost blew my load when she threatened to jam both of them into her mouth. But again a veteran voyeur doesn’t spill his seed until he’s seen all there is to see.

The two simultaneously cock-sucked Naruto’s hung onto each other’s shoulders for support, as Suzume switched back and forth between cramming their cocks down her throat and being jacked off. Her cheeks billowed in and out as she out as she blew the two swollen cocks, her neck pointing towards the blonde she was sucking off whilst her glorious ass bounced to a rhythm right before me, until finally she disgorged her boy-toys and got back to her sock clad feet.

She pushed one of the Naruto’s down to the couch and with a quick adjustment the Naruto lay on his back, his dick pointed proudly roofward whilst his spiky haired head was almost out of view because of the arm rests of his white loveseat. It didn’t take long for Suzume to mount on top of him. Her breasts hung barely inches from where I assumed Naruto’s face was but his hands didn’t move up to them. He just help steer his straining member into her pussy. With a long drawn out groan, Suzume impaled herself on my team mate’s rod, and it was obvious by the way her lower lip trembled and her breasts began to sway that Naruto had already taken to sliding his cock in and out of her cunt. With a practiced rhythm the two went at it. My eyes briefly glanced to the other Naruto, the bunshin if I was right, who just stood there casually jerking himself off to the scene with a lewd grin of his own.

Suddenly the downed duo stopped, and both of them gave a glance to the Kage Bunshin, Suzume gave a come here instruction with a lone finger, before she reached back and spread her glorious ass cheeks apart inviting the second blonde to shove his mass up her ass.

I just gaped, not once breaking the voyeur code of silence. I had a sneaky suspicion about what was going to happen and I wasn’t disappointed. My, self pleasure suddenly went up a notch further somehow.

With his thoroughly saliva readied man meat, the Kage Bunshin climbed into position, right behind the waiting Suzume who’d once again began to rock back on forth on the cock she’d already been

plugged with. It was joined by another not long thereafter, as the copy Naruto eased his throbbing prick into her behind.

“Oh Kamiiii.” drawled Suzume as she was filled once more, and even I was astonished that I was able to perfectly read her lips.

From there the, the already hot action turned scorching, and I buffed my cock with reckless abandon as the bespectacled brunette got banged stupid from front and rear. I knew that the blistering scene couldn’t last long, and sure enough, the Naruto at the back who’d been hammering Suzume-senesei’s ass whilst having a one handed grip of her hair suddenly opened his mouth and let out a roar that I could almost hear, and feel, and came in her ass,

His body shook as his grip moved to the Chuunin’s slim waist, and shot his load deep inside of her, and the Naruto who’d been focusing on her front door promptly lost it as well. He’d practically fucked Suzume-sensei into an uncharacteristic frenzy and as for the woman herself, the cause to all the coming who’d gotten her sex holes filled to overflowing with hot, sticky cream, was overcome herself, and her glistening body quiver uncontrollably as came right along with my team mate.

I made it four-for-four, shooting sperm all over the concrete roof, that I’d stood on as I ogled the three-way meltdown.

And that’s what it was all about after all – mutual satisfaction.


And done. It's fun writing Sasuke different to his usual justified asshole self. But yeah I'm not keen on first person POV but this just worked. I won't write anymore to this. I hope you enjoyed it.


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