The Hokage's Assistant

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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters. I do not make any money from these stories

Title: Hokage's Assistant

Pairing: Naruto/ Tsunade 

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters.

Honestly this is more fitting for ff dot net as the lemon is nothing more than a bit of foreplay but it is here.

“You’re obsessed with my rear aren’t you Naruto?” sighed Tsunade as she scooted the aforementioned attribute onto her seat.

“Huh?” replied Naruto feigning his usual cluelessness. Of course he knew exactly what she meant.

Sighing to herself, Tsunade just pulled the younger blonde down by his collar for a quick after training pick me up.

“I meant you look at it the way most people in the village look at the Hokage monument.”

“I can live without the monument.” explained Naruto with a cheeky grin. Tsunade’s mesmerizing ass that tonight was in the navy blue capris however was a different story.

“Baka…” murmured the Hokage a slight grin on her face. “I don’t even see what’s so special about it.”

Hell she’d even had a three way mirror installed in her bedroom and all she ever saw was six buttocks.

A punctual erection challenged Naruto’s ready to learn posture. As he answered Tsunade’s observation, Naruto simply shut the little piece of paperwork he’d been ‘duped’ into reading.

“That’s why it’s my job to appreciate it…” grinned Naruto as he glanced towards the award winning ass. “Besides, I challenge you to show me anything in this office that’s deserves my attention more?”

Tsunade just shook her head amused. If she hadn’t known it to be fact, she’d have known that Jiraiya definitely had some say in the young blonde’s upbringing.

“Oh and one more thing Tsunade-chan…” continued Naruto. “You were just as interested in your ass as I was last night when you were…”

Immediately Naruto was stopped short as he was yanked forward by the cuff of his shirt.

“Shut up…” growled Tsunade as a blush covered her embarrassed as much as furious face.

Naruto just puckered up and snuck a second lightning quick kiss for the night.

“Tell me I’m wrong?” he grinned coyly.

Because unless his memory was shot from all the hits to the head he’d gotten off of Sakura, Naruto could’ve sworn when he was squeezing it, tickling it, patting it, kissing it and above all those fucking it he was literally ordered not to stop.

“I don’t remember.” muttered Tsunade with a huff as she pushed Naruto back into his seat.

“I thought I told you to lay off the sake…” shot back Naruto. Time training to be Hokage had really sharpened him up.

“I can’t remember that either.” grumbled the kunoichi stubbornly.

“Definitely the sake.” concluded Naruto only to regret it when he was ‘flicked’ on the arm.

“Focus baka, or don’t you want to be Hokage?” lectured Tsunade effectively ending the discussion.

They both knew the answer to that.

With a sigh Naruto returned to the paperwork he’d been working on. For the few months they’d been together before and now post the war, any time the two were in the office together Naruto had learned that Hokage office hours was not the time to catch Tsunade in a sexy frame of mind. Hell as surprising as it was Naruto included before he’d seen differently, Tsunade as Hokage was usually preoccupied, unnervingly practical most times and occasionally dead tired seeing as how the Hokage role wasn’t exactly a five day, nine to five shift like civilian work.

It’s what had actually helped Naruto start a relationship with the older blonde in the end funnily enough.

As Hokage any semblance of sexual mechanism was shut off like a switch. It was only on odd occasions did Hime-sama come out, more so now with the war being over. Most nights it was just cuddling with some talking not that Naruto minded that either.

Still in that persistent Naruto-ish trademark way of his, he’d managed to get past the Hokage side occasionally, again, more so now with war being over. Naruto had made it a personal challenge to bring out the seal-rocking personality out of its dormancy. Everyone needs a hobby.

It was actually since before JIraiya’s death that the two had been together. Staying together had happened after that and the sex not that far behind followed by their relationship now. The last one had been reluctantly at first on Tsunade’s part as there had been a whole host of reasons against their relationship ranging from Sakura, secrecy to taboo and age differences amongst others.

It was only after the thing with Nagato had things changed.

Ever since then and after the war the two had began and maintained a rhythm of quasi-platonic relationship to prying village eyes capped by rare sexual indulgence behind closed doors and seal approved rooms. Naruto relished both it’s just that one was liked more than the other. What, Naruto was a growing man? Besides occasional sexual satisfaction was one thing but earning it was another thing entirely.

It was forty five minutes later that the first sign of weakness appeared. Tsunade pinched her brow before rubbing her eyes tiredly. Naruto had barely caught it to be honest but the older blonde was quick to jump all over it.

“You’re doing it again?” muttered Tsunade warily.

This time Naruto really was clueless.

“Doing what?” he wondered glancing upward.

With a sigh Tsunade just cursed something.

“That thing…” she elaborated but that wasn’t exactly helping Naruto. The young blonde may have been hers and the rest of the Elemental nation’s knight in shining armor, but when he was quiet Tsunade thought he was a knight waiting to be in whining armor.

Still though, Naruto kept up the pouting puppy look.

“Forget I said anything…” huffed Tsunade as she returned to her work leaving Naruto to just bide his time.

‘That was close…’ he mused breathing a small sigh of relief.

It was hard to ogle a Kage Kunoichi. Not an impossible task though. Naruto had simply learned early on that when it came to a Hokage’s agenda, it was best not to intrude. But every time she paused, rose to get a scroll or something from a nearby shelf or even shifted positions like when she leant down to reach her table’s bottom drawer Naruto was on it and the younger blonde was pretty sure Tsunade was clued up to it to.

Ninja are paranoid like that.

It was funny, Naruto had learned to hone in on Tsunade’s rhythm. From her fingers tapping, paper rustling to even her legs inching to one side. There was also the ‘small’ matter of her chest rising with every breath Tsunade took or the way her tongue would lull to one side if she was deep in thought.

“Fuck…” she suddenly said.

Naruto’s first instinct to that would’ve been ‘I thought you’d never ask’ but he paused.

“What’s wrong?” he asked simply turning towards the kunoichi.

It was a good read on Naruto’s part as Tsunade briefly got out of her chair, her back arched and her ass stuck out as she glanced around the ground.

“Dropped my pen...” Cursed the woman annoyed. She could’ve sworn it had fallen left.

Chuckling Naruto just slid his own one over.

“Let me find it, yeesh Baachan…” he grinned before he got off his seat and to his knees.

He missed the glare the woman sent him at the old nickname.

Left to his own devices, Naruto began to explore the carpet around Tsunade’s feet. It didn’t help his cause though that he literally had to crawl under the desk and past the kunoichi’s feet, one of which was playing a balancing act with her sandal. Plus he could barely see a thing underneath the desk. Honestly itwould’ve helped if he had the Byakugan. Just as he was about to relay the bad news, Naruto felt something by one of his own knees as he inched back.

“Don’t move. I think I feel it.” He muttered as a sudden devious idea came to his head.

“I won’t but where is it?” replied Tsunade keeping her own gaze on her toyboy’s pert behind that had been swaying beneath her. In her opinion, her fellow blonde’s had hers beat by miles.

“Just hold still…” reiterated Naruto as he shuffled slightly to his right.

Suddenly a sharp gasp escaped Tsunade’s mouth.

“Mmmm.” She said involuntarily and her leg twitched slightly but her stubborn streak kicked in because of it. “What are you doing?” huffed Tsunade as a slight scowl crossed her face…

“Kissing your ankle…” murmured Naruto before planting another quick peck.

Another light shiver went through Tsunade.

“I thought you were finding my pen?”

“I’m multi tasking.” Replied Naruto smoothly, undoing a strap that had helped keep on the woman’s sandals.

“Maybe you should do a little less multi and a little more tasking.” She muttered as she could feel Naruto’s hand’s move to her right calf before he gave it a light squeeze. “Ohh… That feels good…” she added feeling her right trouser leg get pushed up to reveal more skin.

Briefly Naruto leaned forward before he began to kiss his way up Tsunade’s right leg, from her shin to as far as the inside her knee. When he got there Naruto paused to see if his attention had any effect. He was gratified by what he saw. There was slight shifting by Tsunade herself ever so slightly as she brought her legs together.

It just left Naruto to begin anew on the left leg, beginning once again at the ankle.

“Naruto.” muttered Tsunade with another shift .

The other blonde just blanked her briefly as he began to massage Tsunade’s left leg.

“I’m busy.” Replied Naruto as landed a couple swift kisses onto the older blonde's leg.

“No I’m busy. You’re dioohhh…’

Naruto had just reached the back of her left knee with a firm press of his hands, where they lingered. Tsunade’s legs were definitely indulging in a hip-driven swivel, and honestly the Godaime could feel her cunt morphing from a pair of tight, glistening lips into a moist, yawning Bijuu that woke up hungry.

The pen had already been pocketed, so Naruto knew he could stretch things out a little longer. It’s why he kissed his way back down the inside of Tsunade’s left calf.

“Naruohh… The pen, Naruto…” breathed the kunoichi.

“Got it.” sighed Naruto plucking the instrument from his pocket. It was between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. The other fingers were gently pressing their way up Tsunade’s thighs.

Quickly he offered the pen up, and it was claimed leaving Naruto to return his hands to the luscious curves of the Godaime’s lower half. His excuse was that he hadn’t found a lid. Hence with gentle motions he kept on probing and Tsunade began to purr. Even more so when Naruto inserted the forefinger of his left to where her moistening lips were. Instantly Tsunade parted her thighs a bit further and shivered sensuously.

“No panties?” mused Naruto feeling a dampening spot beneath his digit. It didn’t stop him from intensifying his intimate caress.

“What’s the point?” groaned Tsunade airily. Kami only knew how many times Naruto or she had ripped them off during the sex sessions.

The groan told Naruto, that his hime had psychologically passed the point of no return and she’d finally resigned to a toe-tingling sexual release. It’s what left Naruto to speed up the motions of the finger that teased her insides.

“You’re gorgeous.” breathed Naruto before he repeated his declaration again. “Gorgeous.” he grinned a little louder still probing with his finger. The blush on Tsunade’s face wasn’t just from the pussy pleasing. “GORGEOUS!” smirked Naruto, for an unnecessary third time louder still. It was lucky the office always had silencing seals for just such a situation.

By now Tsunade was near dripping and Naruto knew she’d want his articulate tongue. It’s why he eased his finger out and parted her knees a little further. It was all the rest bite Tsunade needed…

“You know, we still have work to do…” she huffed not once looking at Naruto, as she briefly got up from her seat. It helped Naruto draw her pants down to her ankles and he was immediately presented with Tsunade’s honey coated sex.

As soon as she was sat back down, Tsunade’s knees were eased apart, and straight away Naruto began to smother her delicate core with hot wet tastes along every bit of exposed femininity and within its invisible depths. Every squirm of Tsunade’s ass pressed her hot spot sensuously against Naruto’s earnest mouth that literally titillated and sizzled.

On instinct Tsunade ground her pussy compulsively against Naruto’s face, her left hand drifted to his hair, holding him in place whilst her groans intensified and shaped themselves into a consonant.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm…” she intoned, with rhythmic insistence.

Instantly Naruto’s tongue worked harder, and Tsunade’s thighs began to tremble around my ears. Her ass cheeks were hot as freshly made dango.

“Mmm…mmm…” groaned Tsunade again trying to say more. As she gasped between the repeated cries of urgent, orgasmic bliss, two word emerged, belted with ecstatic surprise:

“Mmmm…m-m- Fuck me.” crooned Tsunade, shaking her song into tender, rapturous whimpers as her pussy kissed Naruto wetly.

Instantly Naruto was stood/pulled up. By the time he’d managed to remove one trouser leg Tsunade had just reached into them and pulled him towards, on to and into her. She was so slick that Naruto slid in effortlessly, and as the two rocked giddily groaning into each other’s mouths the navy capris were left to cling to her ankles whilst the work the two had been on was left altogether.


Like a said a real short story more fit for ff dot net. But yeah Naruto/ Tsunade is one of my favourite pairs.

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