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Title: Cheaters

Pairing: Naruto/Kushina with a side of Minato/ ?...

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters.

Yeah another Naruto/ Kushina one shot.


“Kushina, I’m home.” called Minato, shutting the door behind him.

“So am I oyaji.” shouted Naruto from the living room.

Instantly, Minato’s eyes widened, as he heard his son’s voice before the grin on his face turned massive.

“I didn’t realise you were coming round...” smiled the older blonde as he realised that his son was apparently alone.

Slurpppppp... Pop.

That was the sound of a noodle being sucked whole by Naruto who just glanced over his left shoulder at his old man with chopsticks in hand.

“Well I’m here aren’t I.” grinned Naruto as he craned his neck so that he could look behind himself.

Briefly Minato glanced back towards the kitchen, figuring if his son was eating chances were his wife was cooking. She wasn’t there though...

“Where’s your kaasan?” he wondered.

Naruto just pointed to his lap, where lo and behold was Kushina, asleep, with her head resting on the younger blonde’s lap.

“Headache.” shrugged Naruto, as he briefly massaged his mom’s hair with his free hand.

The action brought a slight moan of approval from the red head.

It was shame though the mini reunion was cut short by a knock at the door.

“Not again.” groaned Minato annoyed, as he moved towards his homes front door. Somehow after the war, he’d been in demand even more so, due to the retained alliance between the Villages.

Unsurprisingly he found an ANBU Nin waiting for him.

The masked Nin whoever they were bowed apologetically.

“Forgive me Hokage-sama but...”

Minato just cut his Nin short with a raised palm.

“It’s fine just give me a sec.” he sighed, and the ANBU Nin nodded before he disappeared.

Immediately Minato rushed back to Naruto to apologise.

“I’m sorry Naruto I...”

“Relax jiji, I’ve been used to this since I was a kid.” smiled Naruto over his shoulder, giving his dad two thumbs up.

The Hokage just smiled in thanks.

“Are you staying?” he asked, hopefully. He kind of wanted to catch up with his son.

“Might as well keep kaachan here some company.” smiled Naruto as glanced down to his still resting hime.

“I’ll see you in the morning then. We’ll go Ichiraku’s after I wake up.” offered Minato sincerely.

Naruto just shrugged as he kept on smiling.

“Sure. I’ll be there at lunch time.” he grinned knowing his old man didn’t mind skipping on Hokage duty sometimes..

Minato just waved, before he teleported to the Hokage tower.

It left Naruto all alone. Well not really.

“Baka.” growled Kushina, conveniently waking up as soon as she felt her ‘husband’ leave. Immediately the blanket that had covered her was tossed aside to reveal her naked form, and she quickly began to ease her son’s cock out of his pants much to his amusement.

It was lucky her head had been resting on his crotch or else his old man would’ve seen his bulge.

“You’re so cute when you’re angry kaachan.” chuckled Naruto as his already wet dick was set free.

Kushina just muttered something that sounded like a ‘Baka Minato-teme' as she grabbed a hold of her sochi’s already hard cock. She was still pissed she’d been interrupted by her husband.

As soon as it was fully hard Kushina just crawled atop his lap, with her creamy white legs parting either side of Naruto’s own before she deftly pried her pussy open slightly, with two fingers before she impaled herself on Naruto’s meat.

Immediately the mother son duo let out synced groans of pleasure as they were joined at the hip.

“Always in a rush, ne kaachan?” quipped Naruto staring up at his mom.

Not in the mood for jokes, Kushina just snatched the dango stick her son had held and flung it to the side before she grabbed Naruto’s whiskered cheeks.

“Stop wasting time sochi.” she muttered before she crushed her lips against Naruto’s.

Like clockwork Naruto’s mouth opened and hungrily the red head began to moan into the young blonde’s mouth as his hands dropped to her ass and began massaging her, whilst their tongues went to work against one another. Such was the force of the kiss that it caused Naruto to begin to buck his hips and again Kushina just moaned into her son’s mouth.

Effortlessly the two began to work a rhythm with the teen bucking his hips every so often, and Kushina just rolling her own in response as her pussy’s nerves were set alight.

It only got better for the housewife, when she felt Naruto teasingly run a finger over her puckered backdoor. Unable to stop herself she shivered, and Naruto just grinned as continued to fuck and kiss his kaachan.

“Kami... Jiji’s a baka.” panted Naruto, giving a quick grope to his mother’s round ass.

Again Kushina let out a hot moan of approval as she continued to ride Naruto’s cock.

“Forget... Him.” she breathed, still hungrily kissing her sochi.

A few years ago she’d hated herself for loving her own son’s dick but they’d only started to fuck after he’d shown her what Minato had got up to as Hokage.

Since then, Naruto was more than aware of his mother’s love for him. Hell she loved his cum more than Ichiraku’s. It’s why with one hand he grabbed a handful of Kushina’s long red hair and pulled her face away from his own for a moment. Their lips separated practically with a pop, and it left Kushina’s tongue to hang limply out her mouth as Naruto maintained his pace.

“You’re such a slut aren’t you Kaachan.” grunted the blonde and his kaachan just gave a slight nod as her breasts bounced. Her breath waned as well each time she was cock rocked.

“Hai... Hai sochi.” she moaned as her hands held onto Naruto’s hair for dear life. For a second she was allowed to see her son’s hot dick disappear into her folds, but it was only for a second as her son’s thrust become more forceful, just like the hold he had on her hair.

So, for an age Naruto continued to fuck his mom at arms length, with Kushina grinding up and down his ever readying to blow member. To the blonde, his mom’s pussy always felt amazing and each time the red head weight moved round it he couldn’t help but groan huskily. Dear Kami it was so tight even though they’d had sex near endlessly since the end of the War and even before it.

“I’m gonna cum kaachan...” he huffed, as he pulled the former kunoichi back to him by her hair.

As soon as her body had been pulled forward, Kushina just latched her arms around her son’s head, and buried his face into her now sweat covered chest. Occasionally she was allowed to glance down as her son’s

grip on her hair dropped and she could feel his moist lips and tongue tease the valley of her breasts.

The sight alone caused Kushina too moan even louder.

“Me too sochi-kun.” she whimpered feeling her own end nearing and it wasn’t long before it came all thanks to her son’s load.

“I...” gasped Naruto as he gave just a few more thrusts, meeting his kaachan’s jerking hips a few more time, before a choked cry signalled his orgasm and it ripped through Kushina’s very core. In fact as soon as Kushina’s pussy had had its first taste of her sochi’s baby batter that was it.

“AHhhn!!” she whimpered as her whole body seemed to snap upward forcing her gaze to the heavens.

One spurt, followed by another, followed another as Naruto filled the red head with his seed, gasping as he lifted his hips a few more times just to make sure he emptied himself out properly.

Kushina could mewl as she felt each glob of her beloved son's beloved cum fill her. Each one going a little quieter than the last as less and less of her favourite drink came.

When it was finally over, the duo paused and the only thing that could be heard was each others laboured breathed and briefly, as was always the case after an orgasm from her only child, she reflected on how she’d fallen for her own son.

Somewhere down the line she’d become addicted to her son’s feel. Literally everything about her son drove her wild from the taste of his cum to the warmth of his breath and honestly she no longer cared about the incestous sessions the duo shared.

“I love you sochi...” muttered Kushina, briefly craning her neck down so she could kiss her son’s mane. Her love for her son had nothing to do with grievance towards Minato after all he’d been the one to pick up the pieces.

Naruto just chuckled slightly having heard the confession before as he gave one last kiss to each his beloved kaachan’s tits. He made a mental note to give them their due in a sec as he pulled his face back so that he could stare the woman eye to eye.

“Love you too kaachan.” he smiled with a teasing grin.


“Thanks Naruto for covering me...” grinned Minato sheepishly. His son’s Kage Bunshin disguised as an ANBU had always worked perfectly

Naruto just shook his head. Honestly he couldn’t believe his old man cheated on his Kaachan. Still his old man’s choice was his gain.

“Just be glad I don’t want the Hokage hat.”

Briefly Minato, sobered up at that. After the Third War, Naruto had told him something was up with his seal. Both he and Kushina had checked it but they’d found nothing wrong but Naruto had insisted there was something.

It’s why the younger blonde despite being only seventeen had retired as a Nin.

“Oi... No frowning when I’m around ramen.” chuckled Naruto knowingly. “Besides it’s only been five minutes since you were with Mikoto-baasan, ne?” he whispered off handedly.

Immediately Minato nearly choked on his ramen before he shot his son a withering look.

“You know it’s funny, thinking back to it, you and her always used to sneak off during my birthdays.” grinned Naruto reminiscing.

“Just be glad we didn’t do it on your bed.” quipped Minato cheekily.

Naruto could only roll his eyes as he took a quick gulp of his miso broth.

“How would you feel if I had sex on your bed.” he shot back, with a cheeky grin of his own.

“I’d beat you worse than Madara.” grinned the older man. “Still... I can’t believe you haven’t told Kushina. Everyone had you pegged as a mommy’s boy.”

This time it was Naruto who spluttered indignantly.

“You have no idea...”


And done. Another story uploaded. :) Got at least five more.

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