Slave to Uzu

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Title: Slave to Uzu

Pairing: Naruto/ Kushina/...

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters.

Another old story I never uploaded. I hope you like it. This is only a one shot as I'm too lazy to write more. The idea was meant to be a Naruto/ Kushina Harem but I only wrote so much... 


Orochimaru just smirked as he watched his first former apprentice leave. Kushina always was so impatient. Then again the young woman had helped him attack Konoha during the Chuunin exams, just so that she could be reunited with her beloved ‘Naruto-chan...’

“I don’t care about the old monkey, Minato-teme or the village. I just want my Naruto-chan back...

Those were Kushina’s exact words when she’d last visited Orochimaru, three years ago.

“So that was Naruto’s okaasama...” wondered Sasuke with a curious look. Odd, that Naruto had never mentioned her.

“Hai Sasuke-kun... She was my first student.” Little Kushina had been so eager to beat Minato-kun since he’d been paired with Jiraiya, but now she absolutely loathed the man. It was funny how the world worked. “She’s also the true founder of the juin you wear.”

Strictly speaking that wasn’t entirely true. The Uzumaki were seal masters, Orochimaru though had developed the Curse Seals based off of Kushina’s work when she’d been under his tutorship as well as the Hyuuga’s Branch Mark and several dozen failed experiment subjects.



As fast as she’d been able to Kushina Uzumaki had raced back to Konoha. She’d known her beloved sochi was due to return to Konoha today from his two year training trip – the Juin they shared had meant they’d spoken near constantly despite the physical space between them.

Frantically she’d rushed back like a woman possessed – the seal on her neck tingling the closer she got to her son.  It was like a juin fuelled version of hide and seek. By the time she’d gotten home, she could feel the mark pulse.

Hell, she knew the blonde was already at their home and she hadn’t even had a chance to get her welcome back gift completely ready.

What Kushina hadn’t expected was for Naruto to be able sneak up on her.

“Guess who?” grinned the teen, his hands gently covering the red heads eyes.

Kushina of course froze. It was so different hearing her son’s voice up close than just imagining it.

“Sochi?!” she breathed in disbelief

Well who else would it be, considering no one else was keyed into the home?

As soon as Kushina saw her now older son she launched herself at him.

Okay so maybe the seal did have a few small side effects.


Naruto just smiled as his kaachan smothered him.

“You’re back...” she muttered clinging onto the young blonde’s shirt.

After three years...

“Oi... No sad stuff...” grinned Naruto lifting his mom’s face.

Of course her eyes were filled with tears.

After Naruto’s younger years, Kushina had honestly thought she’d never have such closeness with Naruto. Mentally the red head shivered as thoughts of the Sharingan came back.

Kushina could only let out a squeak as Naruto suddenly kissed her temple.

 “I’m here kaachan...” smiled the teen softly.

Kushina of course crushed herself to her son’s form as sobs shook her form.

“Hai...You’re really here...”she mumbled again still unable to believe how much her son had grown.

Now by small side effect, of course when it came to Uzumaki juin and a Jinchuuriki in Naruto, meant massive side effect.

Gently Naruto pried himself away, before leaning down.

“Sochi?” mumbled Kushina still clutching Naruto’s black and orange zip-up.

What he did next surprised the red head and instantly caused a flush to overwhelm her form. Naruto lay a firm kiss atop his mom’s temple.

Of course she gasped and instantly Naruto took the opening.

It didn’t take much adjustment on Kushina’s part considering her son was barely inches taller than her but soon she’d wrapped her arms  around her son’s torso just to make sure she could repay the favour.

Hey, separation had only made the heart grow fonder. Besides, Kushina hadn’t even hugged her son since before he’d left for his training trip – which itself was a memory that still hurt her.

That wasn’t even considering all the years she’d missed because of rehab.

Kushina couldn’t help but whimper into Naruto’s mouth as he suddenly lifted her by the back of her thighs.

Destination: bedroom, after all it was late ne?


The bedroom was worthy of a palace and completely unlike the rest of modest home. Linen sheets, fur like carpet, a lavender scent and bathed in moon light despite the copious amount of candles in the room.

Having been pulled to the king size bed by Naruto, Kushina was left straddling the younger Uzumaki’s waist, and she could already feel the growth in her son’s pants rub teasingly against her own sex.

“Let me...” she breathed knowing she’d be her son’s first.

She’d seen firsthand how Naruto had shot down all of Jiraiya-baka’s attempts to get rid of his v-card to some worthless woman.

On instinct, Naruto let his eyes slid shut as his kaachan expertly unbuckled his trousers and pulled down his boxers exposing his hardening cock to room’s cool air. She leaned in, bringing her face close, and inhaled deeply, savouring one of only two scents that she considered more heavenly than the smell of ramen.

“Kaachan...”groaned the blonde as he felt his mother's warm breath tickle his member, teasing it and coaxing it towards full hardness.

Kushina simply grinned, knowing full well the effect she was having on him. She moved her mouth even closer but still didn't touch the pulsing piece of meat and then, with the tiniest application of chakra, she let out a slow, hot breath that prickled the skin of his cock, making it throb out in its full six inch glory.

“Enough!” growled the blonde channelling some of the Kyuubi’s chakra.

It wasn’t much but it was enough to startle his mom at the very least.

In a red flash the tables were turned.

Naruto had bent down and grabbed his mother by the waist then threw her onto the bed eliciting a small 'eep'.

“It was supposed to be me taking care of you.” muttered Naruto with a furrowed brow.

He then kicked off his trousers and underwear, tore off his muscles shirt and pounced at her. He literally ripped her clothes off, knowing that she loved it when he was just a little rough. He admired her naked form for a moment before looking into her lust filled eyes and diving between her legs.

He opened his mouth wide and latched onto her pussy as if to eat it whole. Kushina whimpered as he slowly ran the flat of his tong up her slit. When her reached the top he gave the small nub a few soft flicks then flattened his tong out again and repeated the process.

Kushina's whimper's gradually turned into moans as the heat started to spread through her entire being. She growled in frustration when, rather than push his tongue inside, Naruto just kept grinning and licking her now wet and pouting pussy lips. She ground her thighs against the sides of her son's head in an attempt to make him go deeper but Naruto stubbornly continued the sweet torture.

"o…Naru-c…chan please…" She breathed squirming.

Deciding that she had suffered enough Naruto allowed his licks to become more forceful. It started with his tongue dipping into her honey pot and tasting a hint of the juices that were building up. Instantly the red head moaned her approval.

"Ahh…deeper Naru-chan! Deeper!"

Of course Naruto listened and eased his tongue in deeper, exploring her tight walls thoroughly. The grin on his face stretched as felt the delicious nectar from his Kaachan's cunny began to assault his tastebuds.

Unknowingly what was making Kushina really leak beyond just the oral assault was the fact that Naruto's nose was teasing her clit with feather light touches.

"Sochi…" huffed the older Uzumaki.

After a solid minute Naruto finally had his fill of appetizer and pulled back to admire his work. What he saw made Naruto harder than any kunai's hilt.

Laying there flushed and breathing heavily, with her hands as if on autopilot playing with her perfect breasts, Kushina just gave her son a gracious almost disbelieving smile. Despite her Uzumaki stamina a thin sheen of sweat glossed her skin, proof of the intensity and duration of her orgasm.

Grinning all the while, Naruto crawled up the bed alongside his mother and planted a soft, loving kiss on her lips. Kushina's eyes instantly fluttered shut as she returned it. No thanks was needed. Wrapping her arms around her son's neck, their tongues soon battled gently for domination. Eventually she gave in with a whimper and let him explore her mouth. As they moaned into each other Naruto climbed on top of her, positioning himself between her slender legs and placing his large weapon at the entrance of her pouch.

"Wai…wait Naru-chan!"

She pushed gently but firmly on his chest and rolled them over so that she was on top, his cock pressing against her toned belly. She leaned down so her mouth was next to his ear, her hot breath sending a shiver down his spine as her husky voice whispered.

It wasn't a rejection or worry that Naruto then sensed but something else. It's why he tried to ask what only to be stopped by a gentle smile.

"Close your eyes Naru-chan."

Curious Naruto did so, but still why would…

His answer came in the form of a pop followed by Kushina quickly gathering he things. Naruto felt a third presence in the room but kept them shut.

“Take care of him...” Ordered Kushina to her shadow clone.

The perfectly nude copy of Kushina just frowned despite being so close to the object of their desires.

“But you said I can’t...”

“Only until I get back dattebane!" added the real Kushina quickly before she dressed herself and disappeared.

"Kaachan?" wondered Naruto eyes still shut.

He was answered by a soft pair of hands on his whiskered cheeks and a warm breath next to his ears.

"She's just gone to get your welcoming back present Naru." breathed the cloned Kushina.

The clone immediately got to work – considering all of Kushina’s urges were her urges – as she was eased Naruto into compliance by sliding her right hand over his eyes as she moved downward. She stayed close, rubbing the belly of his member along the smooth skin of her stomach and between her tits before placing a few chaste kisses on his bulbous mushroom-head.

The bed creaked as she pulled away. With his eye shut Naruto strained his ears to try and get a wisp of what she was doing, but to no avail. He started to feel a little foolish lying on his back, naked as the day he was born with his dick sticking up like a living flag pole. Just as he was about to ask if he could open his eyes he felt her soft tong flatten itself against his cock's underbelly and slid all the way up. He could feel the trail of saliva that went from the very base, leaving a cool sensation in the bedroom air. He groaned in pleasure as he felt her slippery tong whirling around the tip of his member.

Once again warm breath brushed over his ear as a voice filled with a combination of mirth, lust and love whispered.

"Welcome home Naru-chan!"


Naruto's eyes snapped open and looked down only to widen to the size of dinner plates at what they saw. There, with her slick tong caressing his fat cock head, saliva dribbling out of her mouth, was the Godaime Hokage Tsunade.

The...Godaime Hokage...

She was exactly as he remembered her; Pigtailed honey blonde hair, expressive brown eyes, e-cup breasts free from the grey sleeveless vest and a narrow waist that wasn’t being hugged by navy pants.

The real novelty was that…she was stark naked. Well that and she had an orange (his favourite colour) ribbon tied in a bow around her throat.

He watched in shock as she worked his head like a lolly pop, making quiet slurping noises. He barely noticed as Kushina started nibbling on his ear, all the while grinning at his reaction.

Unable to believe the situation – despite the seeing is believing fact; when Tsunade moved one hand to massage his ball sack, the other grabbing the base of his throbbing cock, and said…

“Forgive me gaki..."

…he passed out.


Naruto woke up to the blissful ministrations of two skilled mouths. He opened his sky blue eyes and met Kushina's navy blue ones as she alternated between kissed his lips and nibbling his around neck. She had moved and was now straddling him, rubbing her crotch against his stomach's defined muscles and making a mess as her warm juices spilt out of her shaved pussy.

He shifted his focus to the second mouth. He couldn't see it but the skilful suckling and swirling warmth that bobbed up and down as it surrounded the top of his member was incredible.

His memory came crashing back to him and he realized just who's mouth it was. His eyes widened again and he tried to move back but his mother's weight was pinning him down. He tried to lift her off in an effort to get away, never noticing how half-hearted the effort was due to the pleasure he was receiving.

Kushina placed her hands on his shoulders to keep him pinned down and murmured in a chastising tone as she nuzzled the space behind his ear.

"Naru-chan…stop being difficult…"

She straightened up and peered into his eyes while giving her most adorable pout.

"Don't you like my present?"

Naruto struggled for a moment but it was a losing battle right from the beginning. He pulled her down, taking her right nipple in his mouth and pinching her left nipple between thumb and finger. Kushina moaned happily as he suckled on her tit, gently chewing and flicking the bud with his tong while the opposite side was rolled, pinched and pulled in a sensuous massage that sent jolts of electricity sparking through her body.

The last male Uzumaki groaned as he felt his mother step up her treatment of his cock. She slowly pushed down on it, straining her jaw around the thick member and scrapping her soft tong along the underbelly as she took more of his length into her mouth. She was just over a third of the way down when she felt him hit the back of her throat. She stopped and worked her tong around, flicking the throbbing veins and coating the large shaft with her saliva.

When she was satisfied that she had covered as much as she could reach she pulled back, allowing her teeth to grate gently along the surface, only coming to a stop when they bumped against the ridge of his engorged Glands. She gave a strong suck, her cheeks converged as she applied more suction than should be humanly possible, making Naruto moan into his mother's tender bosom.

To her delight Tsunade's efforts were rewarded with a large glob of pre-cum, easily matching the volume of a lesser man's full load. She played with the thick cream, swirling it around in her mouth. She gave a loud moan of pleasure as she savoured the taste and consistency, and was rewarded with another heavy spurt that almost made her eyes roll to the back of her head.

Naruto gave a small sigh of relief as he felt some of his spunk leave his bulging balls, the stimulation without release was becoming almost painful. Still like his mother he also had a very high speed healing factor and his sack would refill almost faster than it could empty so her decided to step up the pace and really get the celebration going.

He bit on Kushina's earlobe whilst playing with her breasts and brushing his thumb over her nipples.

"Kaachan, why don't you go help baachan out?"

Kushina planted one last trail of kisses down his jaw line and slid of him, grinning foxily as she left his six-pack glistening with her pussy juices. She crawled down the bed until she was next to her mother who instinctively moved over. They ended up side by side, each straddling one of Naruto's legs.

As she moved over Tsunade was finally forced to release her son's cock from her mouth, Kushina's nose twitched as it detected a familiar scent and her eyes widened as she realized what was in her mother's mouth. In a flash she grabbed Tsunade's head and slammed their mouths together, eagerly trying to get her share of the prize

Naruto groaned in both pleasure and pain as he watched this happen. Seeing the beauties that were his mother and mother moan into each other as they engaged in a vicious tong war and his cum dribbled from the corners of their mouths was incredibly erotic. But the amount of blood it sent coursing into his already rock hard creature was almost equally painful. He could practically feel new tissues being built as his healing factor strained to adjust to the increased pressure.

Not wanting to remain inactive he lifted his knees so that his forelegs brushed into the two female Uzumaki's lower regions. They subconsciously started swaying their hips, grinding themselves against his shins and decorating them with matching trails of slick wetness.

Eventually, since neither managed to win the tong war, both beauties pulled back and looked at each other with glazed eyes. When they saw the cum dribbling down their chins they started licking each other clean in a way that strongly reminded Naruto of his tiger summons.

Just as they were finishing Naruto felt another glob of pre-cum bubbling up. All three watched as it emerged from the tip of his member and dripped all the way down to his balls. In perfect sync the girls leaned forwards with their mouths wide and tongs out and licked him from base to tip, completely cleaning off the gooey white stuff.

Naruto was suddenly struck by how similar they looked. There were quite a few differences such as Kushina's slightly tan skin, her faint whisker marks, her sky blue eyes and her strawberry blond hair. But otherwise she looked like a perfect copy of Tsunade, if only a few years younger.

He chucked those thoughts aside as he felt his balls throb again. He could usually hold out longer on the foreplay, but right now he really needed to fuck something.

Well two some things.

Quick as a flash he bent forwards and grabbed them both by the shoulder. In a feat of skill he then threw them further up the bed so that they landed on top of each other. Tsunade underneath, on her back with her legs spread and Kushina on top with her legs also spread, giving Naruto a clear view of their crotches as they rubbed together, juices mingling before sloshing onto the sheets. Both females moaned as bosoms pressed between them and their hard nipples met in a teasing dance. They started kissing again, drowning in lust as they waited for what was to come.

Naruto struggled to hold himself together as he climbed behind them. He knew he wouldn't last long in the state he was in so he was going to get the first nut out of the way.

He pressed the bulging tip of his thick shaft at the junction where the girls' flowers met and slowly pushed in. He didn't penetrate them, right now he wouldn't last a second in that kind of tightness, instead he speared between their puffy mounds and flat bellies.

Once again Kushina started leaking her heavenly nectar as her sensitive area was stimulated, the flow of liquid proved to be the perfect lubricant and Naruto's entire length was soon trapped between his two squirming companions. He took a moment to catch his bearings, forcing himself to tale long deep breaths.

He placed his hand on Kushina's rump, squeezing it and pushing down, causing the two pelvises to clamp down like a vice on his meat pole. He pulled back slowly, only extracting half of his length since he didn't want to risk slipping in.

Without warning he thrust his hips forwards, slipping in with almost no resistance thanks to the ample fluids. Both ladies yelped as he slapped into them, his pelvis pounding against Kushina's pillow-like buttocks and his ball sack slapping between Tsunade's cheeks.

It didn't take long for him to reach his limit and with a mighty roar strand after strand of thick, boiling hot spunk blasted out of him like a high pressure Water jutsu spraying them in white. It was a good thirty seconds before his orgasm subsided.

Naruto toppled back, sticking his arms out behind him so as not to fall. He panted slightly as he caught his breath and watched Kushina climb off their mother before toppling onto her back. He admired their naked forms as they lay side by side, their chests rising and falling steadily and their fronts covered in a mess of fresh baby batter. A mess that he was quite proud of.

No longer giving his taboo situation a shadow of a thought, Naruto heaved himself up and edged towards his mother. He grabbed hold of her hips and flipped her over, lifting her at the same time so that she was resting on her knees with her face lying sideways on the bed and her lovely round ass pointing right at him.

Seizing his still rock hard member in one hand and her narrow waist in the other, he brushed his head up and down, up and down against her puffy red nether lips, pressing just hard enough to open them up and catch a glimpse of the velvety flesh inside.

Tsunade twisted a bit to look over her shoulder, giving her son a lustful, pleading gaze.

"Please sochi-kun…I need it…don't make your kaa-chan wait! I need you baby!"

Her husky voice made him shiver in anticipation but he kept control of himself. Leaving his thick cock positioned at her entrance, Naruto shifted his grip so he was holding her waist firmly in both hands. He mentally winced as his fingers ran over her cum covered belly, but didn't let it bother him too much…she would just have to lick them clean later. He bent over as much as he could without penetrating her and emulated her husky tone as he gave one order.

"Beg for it obaachan! Beg for this big cock! Beg for me to fuck you silly!"

Tsunade whimpered softly at the delay and tried to thrust back, only to be blocked by her son's firm hold. Giving in she started screaming out even as she continued straining to break past his steady grip.

"Please fuck me gaki. Please!"

She kept rambling, as she struggled to coax him into fucking her but he tuned her out. Instead he focused on her writhing posterior, watching every movement until he saw her try another backwards thrust…and released his grip.

Tsunade's eyes rolled to the back of her skull and her mouth opened in a big "O" as her backward thrust impaled her slender body right down to the hilt of his ten inch shaft. Not giving her time to catch herself, Naruto reaffirmed his hold on her slim waist and started pounding into her tightness. He closed his eyes as he pumped in and out of her smooth flesh, in and out, in and out, he built up speed, establishing a rapid pace as she started squirting him with a thin spray of sexual juices.

Kushina let a warm smile light her face as she watched Naruto screwing their mother with reckless abandon. Having the beautiful redhead join in was a spur of the moment thing and she had been worried he would take it the wrong way, but no she was very glad she had taken the risk. Watching her brother pound in and out of the womb he was born from, his eyes shut and face scrunched up in pleasure was one hell of a turn on.

Her right hand drifted down to her snatch and she inserted two fingers, rubbing them back and forth in sync with Naruto's thrusts. Her left hand went to her stomach, rubbing in gentle circles, working the warm semen into her skin giving it a glossy sheen. She added another finger as Naruto picked up his pace, low moans rolling up from her heaving chest as the heat in her loins started to build.

She closed her eyes and listened to the sound of her mother's breathless panting, her brother's rumbling groans, the wet slapping of flesh against flesh and the squelching noise of her fingers drilling into her own leaking pussy.

Tsunade watched through glazed eyes as her daughter started fingering herself and rubbing Naruto's thick, sticky cream into her golden skin. She tried to reach out and caress her second child's glistening bosom but was unable to keep balance, needing both arms to withhold her son's wild penetrations. Taking a leaf out off Kushina's book she closed her eyes and focused on her other senses.

The firm grip of her boy's large and strong hands, that had now slid down to the junction between her hips and waist. The damp warmth of the white gooey substance that clung to her belly and the valley of her breasts. The crisp but rapidly dampening sheets beneath her that crumpled a little more with each back and forth motion. And most of all, the burning, stretching feeling as her folds moulded around her son's giant invading member. She silently thanked Kami-sama that she had already given birth twice as, time and time again, he speared past the entrance to her womb, repetitively stimulating the previously untouched depths of her being and sending electric echoes all through her body.

Finally, Naruto felt his second release of the night make its approach. He drowned himself in the exquisite texture of his mother's moist cavern, relishing the 'bump' at the end of each thrust as his pulsing organ hit the very bottom of her well. He felt her velvety walls begin to flutter as she to reached her limit. A low sound brushed against his ears, a soft purr of lust that he instinctively knew came from his mother. He desperately wanted to open his eyes, just a crack, just enough to witness what untold wonder was occurring beyond his eyelids.

But he couldn't. It was taking everything he had to stay his impending climax and savour the last moments of the blissful coupling. He knew that, if he were to see his mother's writhing form in all it's naked perspiring glory, he would loose what little control ha had left. Deciding to 'give it his all' he dropped all restraint and ploughed viciously into the willing woman before him. His movements became erratic and forceful. He could feel the heat radiating off of Tsunade's abused behind, glowing as evidence of their activities. With one last heroic acceleration her drove into her, his throbbing mushroom head burying itself into the ceiling of her womb, and he erupted into her like a volcano. Boiling white lava bubbled up from his loins, spilling along his constricting canal and flooding her forbidden chamber with seemingly endless powerful blasts.

Kushina snapped her eyes open and tilted her head to the side when she heard her mother's moans hit a crescendo. Her gaze landed on an unmoving Naruto, his knuckles white from the strength of his grip on Tsunade's hips and his face contorted in pleasure. Her eyes slid down and noticed that his thrusting had pushed the two older Uzumaki further up the bed. Her position now offered her a perfect view of the spot where they were joined, her sibling's thick, tan meat pole splitting their mother's pink flushed, creamy flesh in an obscenely erotic display.

The girl whimpered as she saw her brother's big sack constricting as he pumped his spunk into their mother. She moved her fingers even faster in and out of her slick cunt, pinching and rolling her nipples, putting every effort into reaching her own sweet release as her eyes stayed glued to the sight before her.

It wouldn't be enough. She knew with absolute certainty that it would take more than her fingers had to offer. Abandoning that course of action she pulled her hand away from her nether regions, moaning at the small popping sound as her needy lips unwillingly relinquished her digits, and went straight for the one thing that could bring satisfaction to all her sexual desires.

Naruto finally allowed himself to breath as he felt his orgasm subside. He could honestly say that that was easily one of the biggest loads he had ever shot, right up there with his first time with Kushina. For the umpteenth time that night his eyes widened. A tentative lick on his sensitive nuts, which were thoroughly wet from being sprayed with Tsunade's nectar, generated a new wave of goodness.

He looked down and saw that his Kushina had crawled underneath Tsunade and was now lying on her back, her red head directly below their joined organs. He groaned loudly as the soft bumpy flesh of her young and skilful tong licked him a few more times, from the way his mother's breath hitched he guessed that he wasn't the only one reaping the benefits of this new configuration. His observations were dashed aside in a burst of stars as his nut sack was sucked into Kushina's hot mouth.

She could barely remember her own name…had she been a virgin before today…if this was what sex really felt like then she must have been! She had certainly never been fucked like this before! As she lay naked on the ruined bed sheets, her face in the mattress, her ass in the air and her pussy stuffed full of her own son's cock she tried, in vain, to remember her ex-husband's name, his face, or the sound of his voice…anything. She cast her quest away as unimportant when the pressure in her womb increased, the result of another spurt of the heavenly magma that now filled her insides.

She felt herself growing faint as the stars in her eyes dance and multiplied. Then she felt something brush against her hypersensitive clit and the stars exploded, blinding her in white spots of light. It brushed over again, warm and soft and just a little bumpy. She felt her breath hitch before it brushed over yet again and she slipped into unconsciousness.

Kushina grinned victoriously as Tsunade toppled over and landed on her side, letting only a small spurt of their man's cum leak out before her legs closed, effectively clamping her pussy shut and holding it's steamy contents inside. Naruto's cock snapped up, bobbing around after the sudden release from it's previous confines and her smile widened happily.

She propped herself up on her elbows, arched her back and tilted her head backwards as far as she could. Like a bee on honey she homed in on her brother's glistening appendage, stretched her tong out as far as possible and used it to guide him into her mouth.

Naruto shivered as his mother fell to the side, unconscious, and his stiff shaft slipped out, the room was heated but compared to the raging furnace he had been buried in for the last half hour it was uncomfortably cold. When Kushina arched her spine, bent her head back, circled the tip of his dick with her tong and used it to pull his member into her mouth, he sighed contentedly. She had only taken an inch or so, but the warmth felt great on his sensitive, post-orgasm, cock-head.

Kushina's cheeks caved inwards as she wrapped her lips tightly around his shaft and sucked as hard as she possibly could. He posed no resistance but didn't help it either, letting the suction drag his waist forwards as his meat pole was consumed. When the movement stopped he looked down as saw that, because of the awkward position, she has barely taken a third of his length. He hunched over so she could hear him better and murmured soothingly.

"Just relax Kaachan, let me do the work!"

For a few slow seconds there was no reaction, but he waited patiently and was rewarded when her throat constricted a couple of times before it slackened.

He took hold of her nape and the back of her head, supporting them with his hands as he slowly pushed his cock further in. He pulled back gently when her gag reflex played up before progressively working his way back in, only stopping when his entire length was jammed down her gullet. Naruto took a moment to admire the effect his large organ had on his mother's anatomy, he could actually see a decent outline of it in the bulge that was stretching her throat.

He removed about half of his length before pushing back in at an agonizingly slow pace. He repeated the action a half dozen times before pulling out completely.

Crawling on hand and knees, Naruto slunk over to the headboard, resting his back against it with his legs stretched out in front of him. He looked over to Kushina, who was still propped on her elbows but now looking right back at him, and waved a hand to his pulsing erection.

"Come on Kushina-Kaachan!"

Kushina grinned, got to her feet and sauntered over, going from innocent kittling to foxy seductress in the blink of an eye. She came to a stop directly above him, her legs split with one foot on either side of his lap. She placed her hands on his broad shoulders to steady herself and slowly lowered her body. Naruto helped by guiding her waist with one hand and holding his cock ready in the other.

Naruto grunted as his mother sat on his cock, sinking all the way down in one steady plunge. Her shuddering breath blew over the crock of his neck as she wrapped her arms loosely around it. He responded by sliding his hands up and down her back before settling on her rump, massaging her butt cheeks as she accustomed herself to his girth.

Without warning the blonde haired vixen started bouncing, riding up until only an inch was left inside her and slamming down as hard as she could. They screamed out in pleasure, Naruto from how snug his mother's sheaf was holding his cock, Kushina from how from how wide her brother's weapon was splitting her pussy, and both from how their nerves were set alight by the intense friction.

Kushina bit painfully into Naruto's shoulder as the fire in her belly kept climbing, adding fuel to the constant flow of hot sexual fluids. She grinned into the puncture marks as she heard him growl at her actions. The slight taste of blood in her mouth was strangely pleasing, it's coppery tang sending a thrill through her taste buds, and she energetically worked her tong over the wound until there wasn't a hint of red left.

When Naruto felt his mother's longer than average canines pierce into his neck a deep growl tore out of his throat. While her enthusiastic slurping of his blood did serve to lessen his annoyance, he wasn't about to let her get away without a little…punishment.

"You want to be rough ne, Natsu-chan? Well two can play at that game!"

He roughly grabbed her butt cheeks and flipped around, getting onto his knees, so that Kushina's back was now pressed against the bedstead. The bed rocked and its joints creaked as Naruto brutally tore into his mother, relentlessly slamming her ass against the hard wooden panel behind her.


The youngest Uzumaki's cries were muffled as she sunk her teeth back into her brother's shoulder, desperately trying to hold herself together. She hocked her heels behind his back as each forceful thrust sent her spinning towards an earth shattering orgasm.

Naruto grit his teeth as his baby mother's tight walls started to flutter in an echo of what he experienced with Tsunade, once again bringing forth the similarities between mother and daughter. With a few more thrusts he was done, he buried himself in her cunt, grinding into her as his hands pulled her ass forwards, and blasted rope after thick rope of his potent baby batter into her wet cavern. The sharp, hot bursts and large, heavy splashes triggered a tidal wave of juices to pour from Kushina's womanhood, messily sloshing between them and covering the already ruined sheets.

"Wel…come …back … naru…to- …chan"

Naruto barely heard his mother's exhausted whisper before she passed out, her lithe, limp form slumping against him.

He tiredly moved over to Tsunade's sleeping form, keeping Kushina's body impaled on his slowly softening cock, and lied down. He straightened her legs out so they wouldn't cramp and gently pulled the other woman over to him.

"Arigato, obaachan, Kaachan…"

With his mother resting on top of him, her head resting on his broad chest, and Tsunade curled up against his right side, her head snuggled into his shoulder, a very content Uzumaki Naruto drifted asleep.


The following morning bought Naruto the unusual sight of a still very nude Tsunade hugging his right arm, her generous breasts practically squished against him. Meanwhile, there was his grinning kaachan to his left tracing a circle with manicured finger on his chest.

Still Naruto had seen the juin on Tsunade’s back. What he didn’t understand was...

Kaachan why...”

Kushina already knew what Naruto was going to say it’s why she shushed him by placing the fingers that had been dancing on his chest to his soon pouting lips.

“Well one, I know what she did?” muttered Kushina with a glare towards the still sleeping Hokage.

Of course Naruto gave a frown of his own. He and Tsunade hadn’t gotten off on the best of foots and even after he’d saved her, he’d been pissed that she’d gone to fight Orochimaru not even thinking about Shizune...

Hell he’d chewed her out about it, the moment he’d been conscious after being stabbed for her.

“Two, you have to deal with the Akatsuki ne?” muttered Kushina kissing her son’s head. Honestly that was what scared her the most, because she knew that the Uchiha who’d robbed Naruto’s childhood, was in the group.

Naruto simply nodded, suddenly it made sense.

“Tsunade-chan will have Ero-baka’s ear.” chuckled Kushina spelling it out...

Orochimaru had been the one to tell her about the Akatsuki. True Naruto had via their seal, but it was obvious Jiraiya hadn’t told him much. Her sensei on the other hand had been a lot more useful.

To get her son’s attention Kushina suddenly leaned forward that she could nuzzled her nose against the blonde’s ear.

“...finally because you’re going to be Hokage dattebane...” whispered Kushina, before she nibbled on Naruto’s left ear lobe.

Since Tsunade had taken the mantle of first female Hokage – that and Kushina’s own recent history – the red head knew her chance had gone. But Naruto if he wanted it could be Hokage. Why not? It’s not as if he’d be worse than anyone in Konoha...

Naruto grin broadened as his hold on his mom tightened.

“Sounds like a plan kaachan.”


And done.

All the stories I wrote were done at different times so the Lemon styles are all different. I just decided to upload them all in one go because I figured people might like this stuff.  

But yeah this was meant to be a Harem. Naruto/ Tsunade was one the first pairings I liked due to a story called 'Duty Calls' by 'No-Where Man X'. You can find it on this site.

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