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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Bleach or any of the characters associated with the two series. I do not make any money from this piece of fan fiction.

Title: Afterlife

Pairing: Naruto/Unohana

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Bleach or any of the characters associated with the two series.

Aizen simply sat with his hands clasped in front of his ever smiling face.

“You really think Naruto-kun will do it?” asked Gin because they were getting close to the day.

Aizen’s expressions didn’t change in the slightest. Why wouldn’t his son join them?

“What about Unohana? It’s fairly obvious something’s going on between the two.” Added the smiling Shinigami.

As always Aizen just remained as calm as ever…

“I know.” chuckled the man, slightly.

Why the blonde had, came down to a variety of reasons?

One of the reasons was because the young man had, had a pet project and it was something that had literally saved hundreds of Shinigami over the years. He’d invented something known as a soldier pill, three varieties of it actually. One restored reiatsu allowing Shinigami to cast more Kido spells, another bolstered blood regeneration which immediately extended the window wounded soldiers had in a life or death situationand the final one burned off excess fat as a last resort for extra energy during battles which meant Shinigami could physically fight longer.

Another logical reason was because Seiretei needed the Fourth Division. Naruto knew that and so did Aizen. Anyone who said otherwise was foolish. The fact was if it wasn’t for Unohana and her division Soul Society as a whole would be screwed. The simple truth was most Shinigami preferred and ultimately ended up in the twelve other Divisions of Seiretei which had left the Fourth Division understaffed. Honestly if it wasn’t for Unohana, the division would’ve collapsed which is why Naruto had been adamant to help the senior medic.

He said it was because he had a debt to pay for all the help the division had given him in regards to his ‘problem’ but Aizen had suspected there was something more.

The second reason was because Naruto hated bullying and belittlement, which was rampant in Seiretei because of the Class system that was in place. The Fourth Division wasn’t exactly held in high regards by the Eleventh Division in particular because they weren’t fighters. Now Naruto wasn’t going to have any of that. He’d had enough of that during his ‘Academy’ days which is why when word had gotten round about his all healing  and all covering pills, he’d immediately appealed to Yamamoto beside Unohana about the cost of overusing his soldier pills.

Withdrawal symptoms, addiction and depression were enough reason for Yamamoto and in turn the Central 46 not to ask that the pills be mass distributed between divisions. It was something that had immediately shot down most of the Eleventh Division’s Shinigami. True some had tried to ‘persuade’ Naruto to hand some pills over but that had ended quite badly on their part.

Aizen was more than aware that his son could fight. The young man had never shied away from it if he had too. It had endeared the younger Shinigami to many in Seiretei.

Still Naruto’s reason for helping the Fourth Division and his joining of the Twelfth one had become clear eventually. The reason was simple. Naruto had memory troubles. For some reason, Naruto would sporadically recall moments of his past life. Such a thing wasn’t unheard of in those new to Seiretei. Eventually everyone simply forgot. Naruto though on the other hand had been able to see flashes of his previous life. There was nothing major like the day he was born or how he’d died.

But Naruto would remember little things. Little things that made him who he was...

An example had been when Naruto had invented the soldier pills, Aizen had immediately heralded his son as genius but the younger blonde hadn’t liked being called that one bit. At first Aizen had thought his son was joking but that was when Naruto had confessed to knowing odd parts about his life. Things like knowing about being stabbed through his right lung by someone, or like beating someone who’d kept talking about fate.  Both had been called geniuses according to Naruto.

Small wonder then why Naruto didn’t like the term. Those situations were also from where Naruto’s distaste for noble’s had come from. It was that last one that had shown Aizen, that his son had at least some grievance towards Seiretei.


Vanity was never something that Unohana concerned herself with. For that matter, having been the Taichou of the Fourth division she’d never the time to worry about such trivial things. Then again she’d always been comfortable with her body. There was the odd wish that her legs were longer or her buttocks smaller when she’d been in the Academy. But doesn’t every person have the odd hang up?

Naruto definitely helped though.

“You’re so beautiful.” muttered the Third Seat leaning forward ever so slightly, his warm hands taking in every inch of milk white taut flesh that was curved in front of him.

The words and touch caused a shiver of excitement to course through the renowned medic and immediately she pushed her rear out just that little bit more. She could feel her student’s fingers clawing into her skin and literally feel his eyes roaming across her exposed behind and the trimmed mound above her sex.

“Every part.” smiled Naruto as sincere as he could be and he meant it. He’d taught himself to tell the truth and be sincere in any appreciation and his Taichou’s ass deserved.

Honestly Unohana found the blonde’s enthusiasm infectious, his voice hypnotic and as was always the case when the two were alone late at night she forgot that she was a Shinigami, never mind a senior one who shouldn’t have been fraternizing with a junior member of her division. At least that’s what the council would have called it.

Oddly that’s what made the relationship that much sweeter for the medic. There’s that and the fact for years now she’d been enjoying herself and the attention too much.

“You enjoy this, ne?” ask Naruto idly running his hands down the back of his Taichou to the plush bump of her bum.

From Unohana’s point of view, it was something that happens all too rarely. There’s too much work and too little play in her life.

“I love it.” She breathed for once with a playful rather than serene smile that most in Seiretei associate her with. It was an admittance of her love for the young blonde as much it was the situation.

Briefly Naruto’s paused before pressing his front to her back, his cupped hands clasping her firm buttocks, his thumbs probing determinedly into the dark cleft between her cheeks. Naruto practically worshipped Unohana bottom as everything about it, like its owner was beautiful. His palms briefly roamed across the fleshy cheeks, molding the supple skin. A light gasp escaped Unohana’s lips before she was left smarting by a gentle slap.

Suddenly, by contrast there’s a deliciously delicate tickling around her back door. A lone finger of Naruto’s was drifting through the valley between her cheeks teasing the ultra sensitive skin. Immediately Unohana brought a finger of her own to her mouth to stop herself from crying out. The sensation was subtle but incredibly powerful. She couldn’t resist shivering again. Briefly Unohana closed her eyes and exhaled sharply, her legs almost buckling beneath her. It’s only thanks to Naruto’s right arm being wrapped round her stomach, and just beneath her signature front braid, that she doesn’t.

With Unohana stable, Naruto’s left hand returned to its probing, his thumb pushing into the crack until the tip of it pressed against the medic’s puckered anus. She didn’t resist one bit, she just pushed back onto his hand, enjoying the delightful dirtiness of his thumb caressing he dark wrinkled skin hidden so deep away.

Without any more warning, Naruto eased his thumb into her, prizing open the tight vortex by a single fat digit and instantly Unohana’s whole body jerked as her backdoor was stretched.

“I’d like to kiss it…” smiled Naruto as he leaned his head onto the woman’s shoulder. “Can I kiss it?”

He’s almost begging. In between all the kissing, touching and admiration Unohana had forgotten the power a woman could have over a man, never mind one who’s a subordinate. It presented an opportunity. At first she’d felt vulnerable, willingly so. Now though, with just a few words control had been gifted back to her.

“Only if you do it properly.” She groaned through gritted teeth.

Immediately Naruto’s lips alight on the left side of her neck before they blazed a trail down south. His mouth drifted down the back of Unohana’s neck causing her to mewl in delight. Her whole body eased into his tantalizing touch as his mouth wandered ever closer to the thumb wedged up her ass. Even when Naruto dropped to his knees he still kept his thumb there.

Another gasp escaped Unohana’s mouth as she felt Naruto moist tongue circle her opened back canal until at last he slipped his thumb slowly out. The opening wasn’t left as such for long as Naruto pressed his face forward, his nose burying itself in between the cheeks before he shoved his tongue deep it’s way forward. The snaking muscle pushed even deeper into the tight black tunnel then Naruto’s thumb had and his relentless licking caused Unohana’s body to shudder uncontrollably.

“Stop making me wait, Naruto…” She ordered, overwhelmed by desire.

Immediately Naruto pulled his tongue back and another shudder shook Unohana at the loss of contact.

“Gomen Taichou….” breathed Naruto, giving one last kiss to each of cheek before he got to feet to how he’d stood previously.

Not once had his right hand left Unohana’s mid rift. As he stood up, another appendage made itself known, as it nestled it’s already rubber covered self in the crack between the older medic’s ass cheeks. Again Unohana moaned softly, as she felt the beautifully solid and perfectly formed cock of her toy boy make its self known again and this time

Mewling as Naruto began to nibble lusciously at her neck, Unohana just leaned into the blonde. Her left arm arced behind her to hold the blonde’s head in place whilst her right gently eased Naruto’s own down her taut stomach, past a small mound of black her hair to her waiting sex.

Smiling with satisfaction, Unohana suddenly plunged down onto Naruto, his erection driving straight up into her.

“Oh Narutoooh…” she cried as her dark hole was stretched out wide.

Her outer flesh parted to let him in.  Her inner flesh encompassed the male member, curving around it, gripping it as he rocked backwards and forwards. A wave of pleasure swept over Unohana and it made her feel as if she no longer had form, only sensation, sexuality, and a feeling that she had stepped into another chapter of her life.

Not once could the medic look back at the blonde, so she closed her eyes and savored the moment.

“You’re lucky there’s no Captain’s meeting tomorrow...” smiled Unohana earning a light chuckle from Naruto who simply nuzzled his face against the bare skin of her back.

They’d been together for more than a few years so it was no wonder that the attraction between the former teacher student duo had stayed strong.


And done. This is only a one-shot (well short shot) and was a fanfic I had done ages ago so I decided to post it and a bunch of others today. It is only a one shot and yeah Unohana is a little OOC but hopefully you liked it. If anyone wants to adopt it feel free to. :)

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