A Shinobi's Paradise

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Additional Warning This series contains lots of lemon including generous bits of Oral Anal Hand Job Blow Job some bits of Yuri including Fingering and Fisting along with some Toy useage. This series also contains some bits of Body Modification/Enhancement with the use of chakra along with anything else that comes along the way other than that let the series commence!

Chapter 1:Healing the Mind and Body

It was a bright warm sunny day in the Village Hidden in the Leaves, the sun was shining bright when wasn't hidden in a barrier of vlouds greeting the village like an old friend as its yellowish gold aura resembled that of the village's residential Jinjuriki, Naruto Uzumaki. 

Blue birds were chirping a merry tune as they were perched high atop thier lofty branches in the lush dense forests that surrounded the village as a calm cool inviting breeze was blowing through the village that was nestled in the heart of the Land of Fire.

It had been quite some time since the Fourth Great Shinobi War had occured, four weeks to be exact the village had recoverd quite quickly from the aftermath of the war returning to its former glory under the rule fo the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade of the Senju, the last of her clan, one of the three Sannin three fo the most powerful individuals of the Shinobi Realm.

Our heroic blonde shinobi Naruto Uzumaki whom the main individuals whom started the war Madara and Obito Uchiha, two members of the blonde's raven haired comrade Sasuke whom everyone thought they were both dead however they had both survived thier fates. Thier goal was simple in nature they wanted to gather the Taisled Beasts to create a new reality that was free from all of the negative emotions that they thought the Shinobi Realm.

The war was an arduous struggle without Naruto in the begining, the Allied Shinobi Force fought hard against the army of White Zetzu and the Reanimated Shinobi thanks to an unforseen adversary Kabuto Yakushi who absorced the power of his master Orochimaru another fo the three Sannin. Normally the Reanimation Jutsu takes the lfie force fo the weilder in order to summon those who were not in the realm of the living acting as puppets following the will of the user almsot like that of both Kankuro of the Hidden Sand, the Hidden Leaf Village's neighbor and Sasori of the Red Sand.

The reason the Allied Shinoib Force won the Fourth Great Shinobi War was two pronged, the one being when Naruto finally gets wind of the events fo the war going on around him seeing as the Five Kage had hidden him from both Uchiha to prevent them from exctracting the Nine Tails from him. The second was due to his squad mate Sasuke Uchiha along with his brother Itachi had confronted Kabuto in the Elephant Graveyard in the Land of Lightning both wanted to stop the Hidden Sound shinobi from reanimating the fallen shinobi engaging in a arduous battle.

During this battle Itachi had entrapped Kabuto in a forbidden genjutsu that was from his family, the Izanami, when launched the victim falls prey to an endless loop only getting out of it when thier heart or mind is changed. After the battle had ended Itachi sued Tsyukiyomi to force Kabuto to release the Rainamtion allowing an easier time for the Allied Shinobi Force to turn the tide of the war.

Once Naruto had finally figured out what was going on he jumps into action trying to leave the island that he was on Turtle Island however he was stopped by his fellow Jinjuriki Killer Bee's older brother, the Raikage Ay, who boasts that he was faster than Naruto's father Minato Namikaze, the Foruth Hokage. After his younger brother promises to look after the blonde shinobi Ay lets Naruto go on to the battlefield and with htis choice the blonse haired shinobi single handedly turned the tide of the war resulting in the peaceful era that the Five Great Elemental Nations were currently in at the moment.

Currently our heroic blonde haired shinobi was strolling through the village streets whistling a merry tune while greeting the denizens with a hearty grin and a wave of his sun tanned hand. Our heroic shinoib was adorened in his usual outfit, an orange and dark trimmed jump suit with the mesh armor under neath hidden under all those clothes were rippling muscles sculpted from years from shinobi training.

Sandy blonde spiky hair which was smooth in texture alogn with sparkling blue eyes and strong masculine facial features could be visibly seen making any female to swoon in delight by seeing the blonde shinobi fainting to the floor as his sandal clad feet were walking down the dirt road hading off towards the village's Medical Unit still whistling a merry tune trying to keep up the fasade fo his innocent nature.

Deep down the blonde had a deep hatred for the village ever since he was a small child seeing as how the Third Hokage had created an edict to prevent any denizen fo the village from telling him that he was the Jinjuriki the hose of the Nine Tailed Fox resulting in the cillagers to shun and scorn the blonde shinobi causign him to have an intense hatred for everone in the village even though his first mentor Iruka had saved him from Mizuki being the only person to show the blonde any kindness during his time as a child.

Naruto had been summoned to the Hidden Leaf Medical Unit, which was on the eastern side of the village as it had been fortified by a sone barrier surroudning the curvumfernce fo the village it was a combination of both stone and strengthend by Captain Yamato's Wood Style making it much stronger in the process. This order was on the behest of the elder blonde Hokage Tsunade for what he believed would be a rountine check-up hwoever the blonde really knew what she was wanting something that he would gladly obidge.

It didn't take the blonde shinobi long to arrive at the pearly white double doors of the Hidden Leaf Medical Unit greeting his blonde comrade one of the members of Squad Ten, Ino Yamaka who was manning the main desk of the waiting room instructing the blonde to wait for a few moments intill a room was ready for him Naruto nodded his head as he sat doen on one of the comfortable cushiony seats taking up one of the magazines thumbing through it for a few brief seconds.

When the magazine wasn't enough for the blonde his azure eyes gazed upon a more heavenly beauty, the body of his blonde comeafe scanning her body subtlely under the skimpy nurse's outfit that she was wearing that hugged to her breasts that rivaled to his azure haired crush Hinata Hyuuga and the elder blonde haired Kage Tsunade they were a little bigger than D cup causing the blodne to lick his lips as he could see those cute pink nipples that were about the same size that were poking out from the violet colored outfit that she was waaring.

The blonde scanned fruther down Ino's body seeing that the violet colored top she was wearing that was cut at the midsection showing off her flattened toned stomach teasing him with its supple smooth sun tanned skin causing his mouth to water his azure eyes scanned down futher to Ino's slender waist and curvy hips the blonde was surprised to see a rather round heart shaped ass was stuffed in those tight shorts that matched her purple top that she was wearing causing his azure eyes to eiden as he placed a hand on his mouth keeping him from saying Dat ass.

Naruto was smirking as he was called back to the inner recesses fo the Medical Unit at the guidance of the platinum blonde haired kunoichi who was wearing a cute nurse's hat which was white with a red cross on it watching as her round heart shaped ass swayed back and forth hypnotically entrancing the blonde to smirk as he was lead into another room which was filled with various devices to check the vital signs of the body.

Naruto noted in his mind that the Medical Unit had grown quite nicely ever since the village had been fully restored after the war as he sat in a chair as Ino checked some of the blonde's vital signs includingi his heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and all of those other things. Ino marked all of the results on a clip board citing that the blonde's blood pressure was slightly elevated and his heart rate was slightly increased.

Ino lead Naruto into one of the hosipat rooms as they walked down a long narrow hallway  all the while he was transfixed on the platinum beauty's round heart shaped ass moving this way and that with every motion while leasing the blonde into a sterile room instuvting the blonde to rest on the bed and wait for a few moments Naruto nodded as he sat on the edge of the bed as Ino went to the nurse's station closest to the room where the blonde was residing in.

Ino placed the clipboard on the table and Tsunade scanned over it throughly she was quite intriuged at Ino's remarks at the blonde shinobi's increased heart rate and blood pressure causing her to rise from her seat at the nurse's sation insturcting Ino to reside in her place somthing that she did obediantly lest she were to get a light finger flick in punishment as Tsunade walked off towards the room where the blonde shinobi was residing.

All the while Naruto who was wearing a garment being the only thing he was wearing he was quite frightened at seeing a rather big bulge tenting in his garments as he could hear foot steps causign him to panic wrapping up in the blankets of the bed hoping that Tsunade wouldn't see this as he was thinking in the back of his head. 'Oh man why did Ino-chan tease me so much I'm as hard as rock and Tsunade-obachan is going to see this.' 

Suddenly near his broad shoudlers the blonde could see two personifications of himself, one beign an innocent angel with pure white garments with a halo adorned atop his head while the other beign a devil adorned in crimson which resembled the crimson locks of his mother Kushina with two horns atop his temples with a demon tail slithereing onto the supple slender flesh of the blonde as his lips were at the blonde's ear lobe causing him to shiver as the two were begiing a conversation. "Go on you know you're as hard as a rock I've got a plan wait until the nurse walks into the room and pound her senseless." 

Both the blonde and the angelic version of the blodne gasped in surprise to the devil version's plot the angel being the voice fo reason rebuked both the blonde and devil version fro planning such a scheme. "No you know that doing this will only fuel the the beast within known as Lust one of the Sene Deadly Sins." Hearing this the devil tapped him on the shoulder not caring of htis argument from the angelic version. "Forget about that you know you're in need you need to fulfill that need." The devil personification smirked rather mischeviously as the blonde listened to the foot steps from the elder blonde haired kunoichi coming ever closer towards the room where Naruto was residing in.

Tsunade walks into the room, but first she knocks upon the door Naruto greets her with a warm bright smile as he relaxes flat on his strong spine upon the king sized bed fit for two people. "So what seems to br wrong with our patient today?" Tsunade inquires scanning the blonde over with her pircing emerald eyes Naruto had shrugged off the two personifications fo the blonde as he smiles rather sheepishly as he answers rather wuickly to the inquiring elder blonde Hokage as he scanned her over with his darkened azure eyes. "Greetings Tsunade-obachan I'm feeling rather hot all of a sudden."

Hearing this Tsunade placed a soft suppled moisturized palm on the blonde's sun tanned fore head feeling how hot the blonde shinobi was al the while teasing him with hher rather round heart shaped ass cheeks causing him to bite his lower lip as his cock twitched in great need Tsunade could feel that the blonde's body gets ever hotter with each and every passing second as he was biting his lower lip while looking at the buxom blonde haired Hokage while his azure eyes were scanning down her body. Naruto's azure eyes scanned up and down the elder blonde female's body from her soft supple skin to her ample breasts which were bigger than D cup her nipples were the same size as they capped those wonderous mounds fo flesh making the blonde's cock twitch more and more as his eyes scanned down to her flattened toned stomach as he licked his lips in lustful need.

Naruto's eyes scanned fruther downward scanning her slim waist and her curvaceous hips whihc were wide and had all the right curves ready willing and able to make children for the blonde shinobi not only to expand her own clan but that of the Uzumaki as well Naruto could then spy Tsunade's rather round heart shaped ass which had the soft supple flesh that any male not only the blonde wanted to grope the younge Uzumaki was just at the right place at the right time or maybe the blodne was blessed by Kami himself to be given such a wonderous gift.

Tsunade ran antoher check of the blonde's heart rate, breathing and blood pressureand the expert medical kunoichi noted the same increase the Ino had noted in her report casuing the elder blonde to have some slight concern for blonde male counterpart as she wondered what was goign on inside the blodne's body however deep within she knew why the blonde was so hot under the collar however she was trying to keep an innocent undertone as she jotted down the various numbers on another sketchpad as the blonde was trying his best to explain the reason why his body was so heated up.

"Well you see Tsunade-obachan the reason why my body is so heated up for is." Naruto was about to finish his sentence however the elder blonde stopped him in his tracks as she knew the exact reason. "I know the reason why its because Ino was teasing you ealier and your hormones are reacting to it." Naruto breathed a heavy sigh fo relief as Tsunade said this without even breaking a sweat Naruto felt that he wasn't quite out of the woods yet because Tsunade finished her expalnation. "A person's body is very special however ther is a blessign and a curse as your body is heating up cortisol is being released raising the blood pressure and heart rate."

Naruto had a horrified look on his face as Tsunade smirked however her smik quickly faded as she knew what needed to be done to fix the problem as the blodne shinoib inquires Tsuande on how to solve the problem. "This is bad Tsunade-bachan how do I fix this problem?" Tsunade breathes a short sigh as she rxplains the solution. "There is a way to fix this the body must release endophin in order to counteract the cortisol roease and there is only one way to do this." Naruto smirked as he lied back streching still trying to keep his innocent act up for only a few seconds longer.

Staring down at the rather sizeable bulge in the nursing gown that the blodne was wearing being the only thing that he was wearing she could clearly see the outline of a well endowed shinoib causing her to be a little shocked. The busty blodne female always knew that the blodne shinoib's clan always held shinobi and kunoichi with healthy life spans and forces however she wasn't expecting to see such a sturdy cock from the eager blodne as she felt herself inwardly lciking her full plump lips as she could feel her womanly pussy that was hidden in those sexy thong panties that she was wearing feeling those plump womanly lips.

Naruto was smirking as he was lying flat on his back as Tsunade wanted to examine this rather intruiging specimen of the Uzumaki clan as she calmly and collectively cleared her thorat which the blodne was expercting to be engulfed by his cock causing him to smirk. "Firstly you must remove the nursing gown." Naruto nodded as he unbound the nursing gown Tsunade was expecting to see a cock of about eight tnine inches or so, but what she actually saw was a massvie monolith of man meat standing about eleven inches long and vvery thick in its girth causign Tsunade to gasp in surprise.

Being unable to think clearly Tsunade licked her lips her pussy lips hushed her pussy juices as she was rubbing her powerfulthighs together which were a mixture of muscle and fat as she crawled towards his crotch helips were looming over the monolith man meat that belonged to the blodne as he snickered rather mischeviously. "Surprised I was betting you were thinking my cock wasn't as big as it is." Naruto smirked as both the devil personfication and the Nine Tails were controlling the blodne shinoib at this point as Tsunade nodded her head in agreement.

As if acting with another force Tsunade uses her cute pink tounge to lick the length of the blonde's cock as it was pulsing as her tase buds exploded upon the touccausing her pussy lips to gush her pussy juices making a wet spot in the sexy thong panties causign the blodne to smirk widely as he let a light moan escape his lips as he lightly patted the expert medickunoihci on her head feeling the soft smooth texture fo her blonde hair as her saliva was coating the blodne's cock causing it to glsiten a little bit all the while her soft supple smooth moisturized hands were going straight to work causing the blodne to moan loudly.

As Tsuande was teasign the blodne by stroking his cock lightly almost nearly not getting her phand wrapped around the base of the cock as she was storking it using her expert skill causing the blodne to maon loudly as the veins that lead from his cock to the rest of his body were pulsing causing him to bite his lower lip as the busty bldone female begins her work as she wraps her lovely red lips around thmushroom tip causing him to maon louder in pleasure as she teased the blodne further by using her pink tounge to lap circles around the tip makign sure to flick the head and crwon of the tip causign the blodne to maon louder in pleasure.

Without warning Tsunade engulfed the cock in a single motion making some rathe obscene sucking sound causign the bldone to maon loudly and wantomly without caring all the while Tsunade was bobbing her head alogn the length of his cock her saliva was leaking on ot the inches that wereoutside of her warm wet mouth causing the blonde to bite his lower lip as the pleasure was building up inside of his body as thick globules fo pre cum was leaking from the tip thethick oily substance leaked out on to Tsunade's tounge the taste buds exploded at the taste of this sticky oily substance the blodne shinobi could see that Tsunade's pircing emerald eyes were glazed over slightly as the lust and pleasure were over taking her body.

During this point the tip fo his cock was entering the back of Tsuande's throat feeling the muscles massaging nad caressing the tip causing the blodne to maon and groan in pleasure as he could feel his cock hardening and thickening inside her warm wet mouth causign her to gasp in surprise as the oily pre cum entering her throat it burned a little bit with its taste and texture at first however Tsuande was greatly enjoying the tase as the blodne smirked in pleasure feeling his balls twitching lightly signaling that his first laod was getting closer as his body tensed up a little bit.

All of a sudden the devil personification of the blonde haired shinobi popped back up upon the blonde's borad shoulder as he was greeting him with a perverted smirk. "See what did I teel you even from birth everyone gets that urge to fulfill the desires fo the flesh." Naruto nodded as he felt himself losing control of himself giving into the feral animalistic nature of the Nine Tails he gras a fistful of the elder blonde female's hair as he begins to lightly thrust his hips back and forth as he maons out in pleasure. "You're right min-me fulfulling the pleasures fo the flesh feels so good and Tsunade-chan is on a whole different level."

Tsunade gasps in surprise feeling the blonde's cock entering deeper and deeper in her throat with every buckling of his strong hips as his balls smacked her chin making a loudflesh slapping sound as he felt his balls tightening a little bit signaling his load was rapidly approaching as he bites his bottom lip as he continually thrusts his hips all the while Tsunade's moist wet inner walls of her mouth squeezed around the blonde's cock acting like a mouth pussy causign the blodne to increase the speed and power of his thrusts brining him closer to the edge.

Using a little bit of skill Tsunade hummed a slight tune sending pleasurable vibrations around Naruto's throbbing and pulsing cock causing him to squeeze his eyes shut as this was the thing that sent him over the edge and with one last skull slamming thrust he holds the elder blodne Kage by her head as thick loads of hot sticky Uzumaki spunk to shoot out from the tip the elder blodne instinctly gulped down what seemed like gallons of the blodne's spunk as he breathed a heavy sigh fo relief as he watched Tsunade swallowing his spunk as he leans back in the king sized bed.

Upon finishing his release the blodne then pulls his cock out of Tsunade's mouth making sure that she had swallowed every last drip as he was revealing his tre nature as he smirked eidely. "So Tsunade-chan did you enjoy that little sample of the Uzumaki specimen?" Encaptured by her lust the elder blonde nodded her head as the blodne smirked at her with a eide perverse grin. "It was so amazing Naruto-kun so thick and creamy and the taste is amazing such robust flavor." Naruto smirked as he could see the wet spot in the elder blonde's sexy thong panties causign him to smirk widely as he wanted to now please the elder blodne Kage was in heat at the curent moment.

"It seems you were enjoying this too." Naruto smirked as he then utilzed the Shinobi Arts belonging to his Chakra Nature Wind ripping her out of her seduvtive nurse's outfit revealing her womanly body her big breasts make a 'pah-plomph' sound as they were freed from the fabric prison as the blonde male gives the elder blodne female a tender passionae kiss locking his dry pink lips with her soft supple plump lips as they embraced feeling their bodies rubbing against each other allowing them to feel thier body heat Naruto felt Tsunade's ample breasts squishing against his broad chest as their tounges fought for supremacy.

In the end the blodne haired shinobi's tounge was the victor in the battle for supremacy and as his reward for winning this battle his tounge slithered around every nook and cranny fo Tsunade's mouth causing her moan in pleasure before the younger blonde breaks fof the kiss trailing aconnected trail of saliva against the two as his lips trailed down to her soft supple sun tanned flesh fo her neck kissing it lightly casuign Tsunade to tilt her head giving Naruto more room to play with as his lips suckled on the junction between her neck and collar bone causing Tsuande to maon in pleasure as her pussy juices gush upon the king sized bed.

Naruto then travels futherdownward towards the ample breasts teasing her a little bslithering his tougne around every inch fo her soft supple flesh causing Tsuande to quiver in pleasure for this was her weakness when someoe licked or sucked on her breasts it drover her crazy with pleasure the blodne then begins to suckle on the left breast his tounge was licking the puffy pink nipple in small cirvles making it fully erect in a matter of time causing her to shudder in pleasure she wondered in the back of her mind of how the blonde knew about her weakness. 'How did Naruto-kun know I liked my breasts licked and sucked upon?'

Naruto then transfers to the left breast then to the right breast leaving a trail fo saliva upon the soft supple flesh before sucklign on the right breast as his tougne licked over the soft supple puffy pink nipple causign Tsuande to amon in pleasure as the blonde smirked leaving those wonderful breasts beforegently biting and pulling and tugging on the hard nipples loving the melodious angelic tones of the blodne haired angel causign him to smirk before traveling down to her flattened toned stomach giving it tender kisses he then travels ever futher downward to kiss both her outer and inner thigh before finally traveling down to her soaking wet pussy as he noted just how wet she is. "Well well Tsunade-chan you must be enjoying this a lot because you're so wet down here."

Without warnign Naruto goes to work giving her great pleasure as he lapped up all of her pussy juices loving the tate as Tsunade quivered like jello in the palm of his hand as his tounge licked in circles around her plump juciy pussy lips casuign ehr to bite her lower lip as the blonde female's pussy lips opened wide allowing the blonde to enter inside causign him to smirk as his tounge slithered inside the warm wet pussy licking up all of the jucie as it curled around in circles as he could hear the elder blodne maoning wantomly without caring as the blodne's tounge explored every nook and cranny fo the bldone Kage's womanly pussy.

"My Tsunade-chan you taste so good." Naruto comments loving her taste as his tounge continued running laps inside fo Tsunade's warm wet pussy feeling her clenching and releasing around the tounge causing the blonde to squeeze his eyes shut as he noted her clit throbbing feeling all the pleasure in the body casuign the blonde to lick around this spot causing Tsuande to quiver in delight as she felt her orgasm coming rather rpaidly then without warning Tsunade wraps her heavenly long legs around the blodne's neck brining him clsoer allowing him to explore deeper inside her pussy something that the bldone greatly oblided.

Upon each and every lick the blodne shinobi suckled lightly on Tsuande's throbbing clit bringing her one step clser to her orgasm as the blodne got a generous amount of her pussy juices as her powerful thighs were gripping his neck tightly as her emerald eyes were glazed voer all the while Naruto was searchign for the sweetiest spot in the female's body, the bundle of nervers that brought the female into ecstacy he thought he had located it once as he heard Tsuande squealing out loud signaling to the blodne that he found this sweet spot causing him to look a little more closely he then hears Tsunade maoning much more loudly and more sensually in pleasure signaling to Naruto that he had lockated this spot.

"Ohhhh Kami Naruto-kun I'm soooo close!" Tsuande maoned in pleasure feelign ehr clit throbbing more and more as she was getting closer towards her edge as the blodne shinobi kept licking and lightly suckling this sweet spot causign Tsunade to yelp in pleasure as his darkened azure eylocked up with hers as he could feel her getting closer as he went back up ot her clit sucking harder and harder brining her lcoser to the end. "Cum for me Tsunade-chan let me get a real good taste of this womanly pussy." With a few harder suckles it didn't take long for the buxomly busty Hokage from doing what the blodne wanted squealing in ecstacy as she squirted her hot stickyorgasmic juices on the blodne shinobi's face as he gulped down the sweet fluid what he called nectar from Kami as Tsunade let him go causing him to fall back into the king sized bed. 

Naruto had aquired antoher ability from the Nine Tails, being the ability to recover rather quickly even after he had filled Tsunade's stomach with his rich thick Uzumaki spumk the younger blodne then grabs the elder by her slender waist causing ehr to awaken rather quickly as he grinded his rehardening cock against the moistened creamy folds of the elder blonde's creamy pussy lips as the tip rubs agaisnt her glistening womanly pussy makign the buxom blonde Kage moan in pleasure as she bite her lower lip.

Seeing as Tsunade's womanly pussy was sufficently ready for Naruto to insert his fully hardened cock inside of it the blonde smirked with a mischeivious grin. "So Tsunade-chan are you ready fro the ride of your life?" Tsunade lost in her immense pleasure and lust simply nodded her head she was putty in the palm of the blonde shinobi's hand ashe gripped her by her curvy hips as he sat upright in the bed placing the elder blonde on the tipf o his cocm sliding the mushroom tip into her womanly folds using the cum that was still on the tip from when Tsunade had sucked on his cock and her pussy juices as a lubricant to insert the cock tip inside the blodne shuddered in pleasure as he felt the warm wet vice grip clampind down on his cock as he thrusted his hips lightly getting inch by inch into the elder blonde's womaly pussy moaning without a care in the world who was listening.

Not wishing to be idle Tsunade aided the blonde shinobi in getting his cockdeeper into her womanly pussy bouncing downward as he thrusted upwards causign a wet flesh slapping sound as she felt inch after inch of the bldone's cock entering inot her tight womanly pussy all the while the blodne was groping the elder blodne's breasts makign her maon louder and more sensually in pleasure he couldn't help but pinch and tweak her fully erect nipples as if he was tuning a raido dial to his faborite radio station within a few light thruststhe blonde shinobi could feel his cock all the way inside the elder blodne's womanly pussy as they were connected at the hip Naruto was in love at just how tight Tsunade's pussy was as he began to tease her a little bit by a slow motion fucking.

After a few moments of this onslaught of pleasure Tsuande was getting tired of the slow pace that was the blonde was taking in fucking her womanly pussy thus she was begging the blodne to go faster and to not hold anything back anymore. "Naruto-kun please stop teasing me with that slow motion fuck you're doing don't hodl anything back fuck my womanly pussy with everything you got!" Naruto couldn't believe that the elder blonde with such an agelic body was talking with suck a dirty mouth thiscaused the blonde to release his inner self as he smacked those plump fleshy mounds that was the elder blodne's ass cheeks makign them jiggle and bounce a little bit. "So my naughty nurse wants me to fuck her harder huh well whom am I not to oblidge her in her request?"

With that being said Naruto stopped all of his teasing and thrusted upwards with all of his might causing Tsunade to gasp in both surprise and delight as she bounced down with the same force causing an earth quake to ocurrhin her body as the wet flesh slapping sound gets ever louder as the elder blonde's pussy juices begins to cover the younger blodne's throbbing cock causing him to smile widely as he continued his assult on the elder blonde's womanly pussy as the blodne shinobi was slowly losing control of his senses allowing the feral animalistic urges of the Nine Tails to take full control as the younger blonde's sun tanned hands travle all over the elder blodne's sun tanned body causing ehr pleasure to increase drastically.

Without warning Naruto gripped ahold fo Tsuande's wide curvaceous hips as he took control bouncing her along the length of his cock as he bit her neck causing ehr to maon in pleasure as the younger blonde suckled on the flesh between her neck and collar bone Tsuande was rather curios as to how the blodne was so skillful at pleasuring a female as he was let along a woman of her age yet she didn't rightly care at the moment as she was caught up in a whirlpool of pleasure as she just gripped tightly to the bed shees as the blodne continued his assult on her pussy.

All the while this was occuring Tsunade was experiencing body rocking orgasms just by the sheer force and power that the younger blodne was fucking her with along with the pleasuravle mehcingations that the blond was using to help alogn all the while the younger blonde's balls were smacking against ehr pussy lips as he could feel his balls stirring signaling that he was getting closer to releasing yet antoehr torrent of cum insde the elder blonde's womanly pussy. "Ohhhh fuck by Kami Tsunade-chan your womanly pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock!" Naruto was known for speaking what was on his mind even if thowords were rather not so innocent yet he couldn't help it as the elder blodne's womanly moistened wet walls were squeezing around the younger blonde's throbbing cock like a vice grip as Tsunade agreed with the younger blodnshinobi.

Mmmmm ohhhh ahhh nnrgh ohhh naruto-kun your cock feels so good buried deep inside my pussy I feel like a little girl again." Naruto grinned as he could hear the elder blodne's lustfilled moans of pelasure as he continued his onslaught not caring even in the slgihtest if he would get her pregnant he was just enjoying the pleasure of it all and he was proud that the elder blonde was enjoying it too as sweat was glistenign down their bodies mkaing them shine. "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself Tsuande-chan." Naruto said with a few haggard breaths that was ticklign her inner ear makign ehr blush brighter as the blodne was getting closer and closer to his climatic end.

Naruto then lets go of his grip of her hips as his hands go upwards to her breasts squeezing them gently at first, but hequickly squeezes them harder as if they were two melons for him to play with as she could hear him growling in pleasure as he was about to claim her as his own personal fuck toy for him to use however and whenever he pleased not caring that she was the Hokage at the time and she could simply send him flying out the window with a simple flick of her fingers however the blodne had a plan to prevent this from occuring in the future as he continued pumping his hips as if he were plughing a feild with those strong powerful hips as they were makign a piston pounding motion against the elder blonde's curvy hips making the flesh slapping sound to get ever louder with every thrust.

Naruto could feel his balls tightening causing him to bite his bottom lip as with every body rocking orgasm Tsuande's soaking wet womaly pussy was spasming clenching and releasing around the younger blonde's throbbing cock to pulse more and more causing the bar like cock to grow a deep dark shade of purple as he could fele himself getting closer with each and every thrust. "Ohhh fuck by Kami Tsunade-chan I'm so close to cumming againQ" Naruto growled with a low throaty groan causing Tsuande to maon in pleasure as she wantedthe younger blodne to release his load along with her orgasm to complete their pleasurable time together. "Wait just a little logner Naruto-kun cum with me cum together with me!"

Naruto nodded his head as he continued his onslaught for the span fo another fifthteen minutes he couldn't hold out much longer thus he wanted to speed up the process by just a little bit he could see that Tsunade's clit was throbbing wildly and he got an idea on how to quicken up the process. Without warning his sun tanned hands travle down to her womanly pussy then with a simple pinch of her throbbing clit that was all she wrote with Tsunade with a loud nearly ear pircing scream almsot borderlining on the tone fo heavenly Tsunade released a wave fo her hot sticky love juices as her womanly spasmed agaisnt the blodne shinobi's hard throbbing cock causing him to fall over the edge and with a loud growl of pleasure Naruto came alogn with Tsuande as he yelled out her neame. "I'M CUMMING TSUNADE-CHAN!!"

Naruto's screams of pleasure were echoed throughout the entire hospital both Ino and Sakura could hear this causing them to race towards the room where both Naruto and Tsuande were resting as the bed sheets were soiled with thier love juices as they panted heavily as they collapsed on to the king sized bed. "Tsunade-chan how is our paitent faring?" Sakura inquired her blodne haired teacher she smiled at her as she was panting heavily before answering. "O-o-our pa-pa-paitent is faring well Sakura-chan." Greeting her master with her trade mark fake smile Sakura and Ino left the room makign sure to shut the door behinde them allwing both blondes to partake in a pleasure filled slumber but before they could Tsuande wanted to thank Naruto for the pleasant tiem that they had together.

"Naruto-kun I wanted to thank you for that wonderful ride its been a while since I've had a man please me as well as you did." Naruto just simply smirked as he was snoring while breathing through his nose just as if he had ran out of chakra as he had done with those countless battles with those powerful ninja that he had fought so valiantly to defend the village against Tsuande smiled at him as she placed his head on her pillowy breasts she could see that his spiky yellow hair was parted ni a ll different directions casuign her to giggle like a little school girl as they partook in a pleasure induced slumber.

A short time later Naruto reawke from his slumber he was still resting on Tsunade's pillowy breasts causing him to smile sheepishly as he lifted his head up locking his azure eyes with her emerald ones as he greeted her with his usual greeting. "Good morning Tsuande-obachan hopefully I'm not hot anymore." Tsunade chuckled asshe checked the younger blonde shinobi's fore head feeling the heat had evaported from his body. "Its gone for now Naruto-kun however it will come back in time." Naruto's goofy grin soon dissapated as he didn't want to feel that heated feeling thus he inquired Tsuande how to quell it when it eventually returned. "Tsuande-chan what would I do if that heated feeling comes back?" Tsuande chuckled as she lightly kissed the yougner blodne's fore head as she replied to him with ease.

"If and when it does come back which the cortisol will vuild up in the body a release of endorhine must be released in order to to combat them in other words fi you feel hot again find a girl and fuck her like you did me." Naruto blushed hearing the elder blodne saying such words yet deep down he loved this beautiful angel speaking with such a naughty mouth as he smiled hugging her tightly kissing her lips passionately for a few moments before breaking off the kiss causing ehr to whimper as a trail of saliva connected to thier lips as the blodne shinobi chuckled rather innocently.

Naruto grabbed his garments after the duo partook in a steamy shower while partaking in a steamy kiss Naruto then leaves the Medical Unit with Sakura and Ino rejoing Tsuande in the nurses station wanting to hear all about the so called examination. "So Tsunade-sama." Ino began seeing as she was the one to kick off the conversation seeing as she was known for sleeping with every male in the Village let alone the Five Great Elemental Nartions. "Was Naruto-kun great in bed?" Sakura couldn't help but blsuh listening to what her friend was asking Tsunade just smiled replying with a simple nod causing Ino to giggle like a little school girl as Sakura worked on the paper work trying to stay distracted yet deep inside she was licking her lips as her Inner Sakura was getting pumped up wanting toexperinece what Tsunade had just through.

Once back at his apartemnt Naruto unlocked the door knob along with the pad lock as he walked into the door making sure to shut it behind him and locking the door knob that could only be locked from the inside. His little apartment wasn't the most lavish one in the village yet it was enough for him and that was all he needed as he walked into the kitchen hearing his stomach growling causgn him to walk towards the refridgerator to grab a quick meal qukcly heating it up in the microwave before sitting down on the kitchen table Naruto couldn't help but feel lonely a little bit as eh grabbed the chop sticks feasting upon his favorite meal this filled both the void in his heart and his empty stomach refilling his stamina.

All of a sudden Naruto could feel himself getting drifted off towards the inner recesses fo his mind where the Nine Tailed Fox Kurema called for him Naruto had learned the name of the Nine Tails after encountering the other Jinjuriki that had been taken captive by Obito while he was still wearing the mask. Upon reaching the dark room being greeted by the grinning beast something that Naruto wasn't expecting the demon fox to greet him with as the fox beast could sense Naruto's lonliness. "What's the big idea summoning me while I eat Kurema?"Naruto was interrupted by the low throaty growl of the Nine Tailsas the beast began to speak. "Listen kit I could sense your lonliness and I was thinking of a way to help you with it."

Naruto was quite confused at what Kurema was saying however he didn't want to interrupt seeing as the fox beast wanted to help the blonde out with his problem. "I propose we make a deal you svratch my back and I scratch yours." Naruto was rather curios as to what this deal was thus he listened intently to what the Nine Tails was saying. "Alright Kurema-sama you've gotten my attention so what is this deal?" Kurema smirked as he patted the blodne on his head as he explained what the deal was. "I can help you gather a harem of beauties so you'll never be lonely again." Naruto smirked as he licked his lips thinking of all the naughty things he could do no what he was going to do with all the females in the Five Great Elemntal Nations.

"You've got yourself a deal Kurema-sama." Naruto smirked with a wide grin as he felt a powerful feeling deep within his body as the Nine Tails smirked bearing his fangs. "I'm going to make you the Kami of this world kit." Without warning Kurema transformed into a female with long flowing cromson hair this female personifcation fo the Nine Tails formulated some hand signs as she utilized a few fo the Ram Seals as a bright crimson light engulfed the room then without warning Naruto's body was transformed into that of an Adonis gaining more muscle mass than he had before his shoulder more broaden his chest more profound the blodne shinobi was in love with his new body then without warning Kurema utilzed another ninjutsu knowing whom Naruto had fucked ealier as the crimson chakra left the blonde's body as he was quickly departed from the inner recesses fo his mind.

Tsuande had finshed her shift at the Hidden Leaf Medical Unit as the crimson colred chakra hunted her down like a hunter chasing an animal. It didn't take it long to find its mark right directly on Tsunade's plump ass cheeks causing ehr to maon in pleasure as her womanly pussy quivered in the emerald colored panties that she was wearing as her body was being modified to Naruto's liking her breasts became immense in size as did her plump ass cheeks as she fell to her knees as she came causing ehr panties to get soaking wet as a cromson colored whirpool symbol was apparent on her neck and the words 'Naruto's Medic' was written on her ass cheeks in neon yellow writing as she made her way back to the Hokage's office hiding her new body in a Tranformation Jutsu as she could fele herself returning to her orginal age of a teen ager.

A/N Thus the first chapter has ended hehe but don't worry this series has only just begun hehe now a few things I must adress that line that the Nine Tails says to Naruto is obviously a refereence to Death Note and secondly I just wanted to apologize for the slight delay inbetween the chapter with that being siad the scond chapter will be updated soon in fact if I feel like it I'll upload it later today with that being said see you gusy next tiem buh bye






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