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Chapter 1: Send me away, I’ll be back someday



The sun rosed over the tops of the mountains, bathing the valley in the light pink hue of morning. Sasuke Uchiha leaned with a tired sigh against the side of the building that would be his new high school. He had arrived to his first day an hour early. Uchihas were never late. Besides that he had been unable to sleep any longer due to the anxiety churning his stomach. A warm August breeze tousled his dark hair. The new school year had started a few weeks ago, and he would have to play catch up on top of everything else. 

Sasuke's mind wandered to his other responsibilities. He had been sent to this god forsaken city to defend it from supernatural beings that threatened to destroy it. Werewolves, vampires, spirits, witches, demons, and all manor of other evils. That's what he and his entire family were, Demon Hunters. One of the few clans still left in existence. He had been brought before his clan's council nearly a month ago. They had called him without warning or any indication as to what the summons was regarding, and standing before the most powerful and prestigious members of his family had been terrifying. His thoughts had been plagued with visions of being cast out, and continually racked his brain for any missteps or failures that would get him banished like his brother, but could think of none. 

Then the council had informed him that due to his prowess and skill set that they believed he had reached the level of a proper hunter, and he would be tasked with his own sector to guard. The thought had thrilled him. Finally he would get the chance to prove himself to his clan. Prove that he wasn't his brother, that he was superior in every way. He has spent his entire life in Itachi's shadow. Whatever accomplishments he made were disregarded as average compared to the older teen. By the age of eight, Sasuke could best a master swordsman, but Itachi could do it by six. By the time he was twelve Sasuke could cast spells that made sorcerers twice his age look like beginners, but Itachi could do the same at the age of 8. Then when Itachi had turned 16, the same age Sasuke was now, he had betrayed them all and was cast out. He had brought shame to the Uchiha name that Sasuke was determined to restore. 


Footsteps brought Sasuke out of his reverie and he opened his eyes. Fellow students were beginning to arrive. He watched them with disdain. He had no interest in social interaction with any of these people. Normal people knew nothing of the supernatural world. living their lives day to day, never knowing all the terrors and evil that lurked around them. It bored him. No, school was and obligation. He would have to maintain a normal identity to draw attention away from his nightly activities. Some boring desk job would be his cover, his secret identity. 

He watched the other students for a few moments, before deciding that it was in his best interest to find his class early and avoid the crowded hallway while he could. 

His classroom was on the second floor. Opening the door he found who must be his teacher sitting in a chair with his feet propped up on the desk, book in hand. He did not look up when Sasuke entered, or when he approached. Sasuke had to clear his throat to be acknowledged. The sound made the man's eyes flick up towards him, but that was all the movement he made before saying, "You must be Sasuke." He opened his mouth to confirm, but the man's eyes went back to his book, "The only open desk is next to Naruto in the back. You'll be seated there." It was clear to Sasuke that he had been dismissed. Black eyes narrowed in irritation, but he moved to take his seat. There was a blond boy asleep in the back of the room. His arms were crossed over his desk, hiding his face. This must be Naruto. Sasuke took the seat next to him, sliding his chair out as loudly as he could manage without it being obvious he was being an ass. Neither of the rooms other occupants budged. Sasuke scanned his eyes over the boy next to him. His clan possessed a special ability that allowed them to see the supernatural. They called it the Sharingan and it was one of the biggest assets to his bloodline, allowing them to seek out and identify friend from foe before the later could even sense their presence. But this boy was completely normal. How dull. Sasuke examined him again on an aesthetic level. Blond hair was messy and unkempt, and his clothes appeared to be old and warn. His orange shirt was faded and threadbare in places. There was a hole in his black jacket that hung on the back of his chair, and in one of his shoes, the knees of his jeans were also ragged. 

Sasuke's eyes fell to the desk that the boy was laying on. It appeared to also be worn. Covered in scrub marks, as though it was cleaned regularly. Faded words that he couldn't quite make out scattered the surface. Perfect, he was sitting next to the school loser. 


The bell sounded, and more students began filing in. Sasuke scanned them all but none stood out to him as anything but normal. It wasn't likely that there would be any beings with dangerous powers just roaming around a high school, but he was growing desperate. In the week that he'd been in the city, he had not encounter a single creature that he could target and slay. He was told this city was teeming with monsters, but now he was beginning to feel like he had been sent on a fools errand to keep him out of the way. Out of sight, out of mind. Is that how his clan dealt with  embarrassment? Why else would the have sent a 16 year old to guard an entire city alone. It wouldn't surprise him. After all they'd never even told him why his brother was banished in the first place. Sasuke knew that he had slaughtered a number of their fellow clansman, including their cousin, who had been Itachi's best friend, but that was all Sasuke knew. Even his mother wouldn't divulge the secret. 

The room had been filled with people, but their teacher still had not looked up from his book. It was too loud in here for Sasuke's taste. Smiles and conversations surround him making him uncomfortable. He'd never had friends, and didn't understand the point. They were messy and distracting, and not something someone of his abilities need concern themselves with. There was a tap on his shoulder and he looked up to see a pretty girl with pink hair standing beside his chair, smiling kindly down at him. "Excuse me, you must be new here. My name is Sakura, nice to meet you." She extended her hand to him.

"Don't get familiar. I have no intention of being friends with someone like you." He replied lowly. She blinked, startled and withdrew her hand uttering a small, "oh."

"Ha ha ha, way to go Sakura. Even the new guy fears your massive forehead!' A girl with long blond hair had been watching the interaction. 

"Shut up Pig! Its not my fault he's a dick. Bet you two will get along just fine." Her voice had changed from warm kindness to spewing venom so quickly that if Sasuke hadn't seen the words come from her mouth, he would have thought it had been two different people. Sakura returned to her seat across the aisle from Sasuke and folded her arms angrily. The blond girl smile scathingly and was about to retort, when their teach finally stood from his chair. Kakashi Hatake, his schedule had named this man. He stretched his arms over his head with a yawn, dropping his book into the top drawer of his desk. The class took their seats and silence fell across the small room. 

"Let us begin then, shall we?" And he turned his back to them unceremoniously beginning his lecture. 

Sasuke reached for his bag to pull out his books and various supplies to take notes with, but paused as he set them on his desk. The commotion had apparently woken Naruto at last, and he was staring at Sasuke. Three scars lined either side of his handsome and deep blue eyes bore into his own dully. He appeared to be as bored as Sasuke felt, and was looking him over as Sasuke had done while he was asleep. He tilted his head to the side and slight grin lifted one corner of his mouth. It wasn't a pleasant grin and it gave Sasuke and uneasy feeling that he knew he shouldn't get from a human. Naruto held his gaze a second longer before turning to stare out the window, lacing his fingers behind his head and leaning back in his chair, he obviously had no intention of paying attention in his . 


Sasuke glanced at the clock that told him he was nearing the end of his first school day. Naruto had fallen asleep again not long after Kakashi had started talking and had even slept through lunch. No one made any attempt to wake him and seemed to prefer to ignore his existence. The bell sounded at long last and Sasuke began gathering his things into his black school bag, and Naruto slept on.

He was trying to wind his way through the crowd to the exit when he spotted it. His first target. No more than 20 feet ahead of him was a boy his own age with brown hair and red paint marking his face, laughing with his friends and completely oblivious to the fact that his fate had been sealed the moment Sasuke's Sharingan had spotted him. Werewolf. Sasuke smiled to himself. He'd never faced a real werewolf before. In fact every enemy he'd defeated thus far on his own had been magical constructs created for training. They possessed the same abilities as the real things, but could not exist outside the training arena and had no independent thought of their own. Werewolves were easy, it would be perfect test of his skill in the real world. Sasuke turned to continue down the hallway, but ended up running smack into someone. blinking, he stepped back. Naruto was standing before him wearing the same grin he'd given him earlier. 

"See something you like?" his deep voice was barley above a whisper, but it rang clear as glass in Sasuke's ears. He glared and ignored the outcast boy's question, brushing past him like everyone else. Naruto's low voice reached his ears again as he passed. "Happy hunting." Sasuke whirled around, but Naruto had gone, vanishing into the sea of other students. 

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