The Siren's Song

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Additional Warning: This series contains generous amounts of lemon including Oral Anal HJ BJ Fingering Fisting Inc Body Modification/Enhancement Mind Contorl and Mind Breaking along with everything else that occurs in the series with that being said let the series commence!

First of the Siren's Song.

It was a bright warm sunny summer day in the Village Hidden in the Leaves or Konohagakure no Sato, the bright yellowish orange globe of light was beating down upon the village greeting it with its warm embrace. This brillant glove of light which aura matched the of the Nine Tailed Jinjuriki, Naruto Uzumaki, the hero of the Hidden Leaf who saved the village countless times from various hostile forces whom sought to extract the Tailed Beast that was sealed away inside of him.

A calming breeze of fresh air blew through the lush dense forest surrounding the village giving off an aura of peace as a melodious tune was echoing through the billage as the denizens were toiling hard at repairing the village after the aftermath of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. It had only been four weeks since Naruto and the fellow members of Squad Seven had single handedly turned the tide of the war resulting in the peaceful aura that was being emminated outside the walls of the Hidden Leaf.

During this time the denizens fo the Hidden Leaf Village had been toiling laborously to repair the village getting a few districts back up which were the Residential District, Commerical District and the Diplomatic District where the Hokage Tower, a larger towering structure near the heart of the village resided. It was here in the Residental District on the western side fo the village lied the smal apartment of our heroic blonde haired shinobi Naruto Uzumaki the hero who had helped turn the tide fo war stopping the main causes for the war begin started in the first place Madara and Obito Uchich, two members of the same clan where his comrade and rival Sasuke Uchiha Black Zetzu who stabbed Madara in the back when he was on the cusp fo achievingthe reality he desired and Kaguya a matriarch-esque goddess who sought to regather all of her chakra and absorb all of the shinobi and kunoichi of the realm something which the blonde wouldn't allow to happen.

Our heroic blodne shinobi was sleeping peacefully in his king sized bed fit enough for three people in itself as he had been ordered to take the day off seeign as his body was sore after days of working with his fellow shinobi and kunoichi to repair the village at a faster rate than it was scheduled to be repaored under the commands of the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade of the Senju, the last remaining member of her clan, one fo the three Sannin three of the most powerful individuals of the Shinobi Realm who had been reinstated as the Hokage after the Danzo incident and the coma she had reawakend from during the battle between Naruto and Nagato/Pain.

The blonde haired shinobi was rather impressive in stature, he stood at six feet one inch tall weighed about two hundred and twenty-four pounds his body rippled with muscles sculpted from years of shinobi training and sparring with his rival Sasuke Uchiha. Spiky blonde hiar that was sandy in texture could be clearly visible along with three blonde whiskers were seen on both cheeks as sparkling blue eyes that resembled the cerulean sky as his skin which was soft and smooth was kissed by the sun along with pale pink lips were clearly visible as the blonde was breathing at a ryhmthic pace as he was sleeping peacefully.

Naruto was wearing his nomral outfit which was an orange and dark trimmed jump suit which was sleeveless due to the fact that it was os hot outside this sight of his long slender arms with thier biceps and triceps were clearly seen would make nay female who could see him to swoon fainting to the ground. Mesh armor was underneath the orange and dark trimmed outfit acting as a protective armor for the shinobi protecting all of their cital organs while in battle  while trailing down to the waist down a pair of orange and dark trimmed shorts hugging to his storng hips and thicghs which were a mixture fo muscle and fat along with a dark pair of boxers which was hiding the most prominent feature of the blodne shinobi.

Even from his birth Naruto was more than average due to the power fo his clan's life force and the power of the Nine Tails or the Kyuubi his cock had grown in size and girth to that of a bull's. On one occasion when the blonde haired shinobi went in to the Hidden Leaf Medical Unit for a routine check-up Tsunade who was completely blown away at the bar like cock that the blonde had between his legs which had risen up by accident as the blonde gazed over the buxom elder blonde causing him to blush rather sheepishly. Upon seeing this monolith pole of man meat she had deemed it a 'bitch breaker' while filling out the paperwork saying that the blonde was in perfect health and ready willing and able to act as a full fledged shinobi.

As the day marched on like a solider in the midst of battle Naruto slightly awakened from his slumber rrising from the king sized bed loving the fact that it was so soft that he could easily sleep in it getting a better apprieation of the lazy life style of his comrade from Squad Ten Shikamaru Nara, heir of the Nara Clan, a militarial strategist just like his father Shikaku Nara. Wiping the slumber from his azure eyes the blonde couldn't help but feel somthing warm and wet wrapped around his immense cock  causing him to maon loudly and lewdly as his curiosity was peaked so to invistage the source of this pleasurable sensation the blonde pulled the curtain back and what he sees causes his azure eyes to flicker open allowing him to gather a better sense of his surroundings.

What or whom was giving the blonde this immense pleasure a beautiful bcrimson haired female with flowing crimson locks that fell down from her angelic head to her waist the blodne bites his loer lip as he scanned up and down her body from the sun kissed flesh of her beautiful body to the rather fleshy mounds owhich was her breasts which were bigger than Double D  Thirty-Six E to be exact. Her stomach was flattened and toned with a slender wiast Naruto couldn't help but see hercurvaceous wide hips able to bear children for the blonde causing him to lick his pale pink lips his azureyes cwere transfixed on to her rather round heart shaped ass cheeks which were very fleshy any male would want to grope them she could clearly see that Naruto had a bright red blush on his cheeks as his blood was bruing hotly in his ears.

This female turned out to be a female incarnation of the Nine Tailed Fox, thiscaused Naruto to be incredibly speechless whichwas rather odd for the shinobi since he was the most talkative among the rest fo the Konoha Twelve he could only watch on in awe as her soft supple moisturized hand was stroking his immense cock as the pre cum was bubbling from the tip which was normally shrouded in fore skin however her hand could barely wrap around the entire length fo his cock causing the blodne to maon louder and more sensually in pleasre as he could feel an urge that was bublbing up inside of him.

While Kurema bobed her head along the lenght of the blonde haired shinobi's immense cock causing him to maon in pleasure as a pirmal urge was begining to bubble up to the surface as the blodne whose grin was that of a pervered one partaking in the pleasure as the crimson eyed female greeted the blodne pulling his cock out with a loud sickening pop sound seeing it standing up in attention causing her to giggle cutely making her breasts jiggle lightly causing him to smirk as his azure eyes were begiing to darken with lust. "Morning sleepyhead." Kurema greeted him with a wide smirk as the blodne inquired Kurema the reason why she was in this female form outside fo the seals that the blodne's elder father Minato Naimkaze, the Fourth Hokage who sealed her away when the blonde was a child about seventeen years ago.

"Kurema why are you like that and why are you sucking on my cock like a horny bitch in heat?" Kurema giggled louder as he could see her pussy which was barely covered in a crimson colred sexy laced thong panties causing the immense cock to twtich in approval as the crimson haired beauty readily answered him. "Well Naruto-kun I've got an offer for you I think its one you're not goign to refuse." Naruto's curiosity was peaked futher as Kurema offered the blonde a dangerous deal one that would change the course of his life as the blonde wondered what scheme Kurema was planning. "A deal what kind of a deal Kurema-chan?" The grinning crimson haired female was grinning wider tat the blodne haired shinobi as she explained her plot.

"Well I was figuring that we could make a deal that will benefit both of us." Kurema explained as Naruto tilted his head curiously wondering what Kurema was planning assuming that she wanted to conquer the Five Great Elemental Nations ruling with an iron fist something that Naruto wouldn't allow. "Sorry Kurema-chan whatever it is you're planning I'm not going along wtihit." Kurema smirked widely and wickedly she wanted the blodne to say this Naruto shivered a little bit seeing this as she teased the knob like tip of the blonde's coccausing him to moan in pleasure. "Silly Naruto-kun it sweet to think that you have a choice in the matter, but in reality you actualy don't I was just hoping that you would willing accept my offer." Without warning Kurema formulated some hand signs catching the blodne completely off guard as the crimson haired female utilized oneo fthe ninjutsu under the Ram Seals causing the scroll that Naruto carried on his back while in Sage Mode to unfurl as the entire room glowed in a bright orange and crimson before it quickly dissappeared.

With that Kurema began to sing a mysterious tune filling the room with a beautiful melodious tune causing the blonde shinobi who was tensed up to relax his muscles he could feel himself exiting his body as his azure eyes turned into a bright shade of crimson as his ears were listening intently to the song like a moth to the flickering flames of a candle as a crimson whirlpoolmarker was on his neck inbetween the junction of his neck and collar bone. This jutsu was known as the Siren's Song, a sealing jutsu that when launched it would mesmerize the opposite sex making them completely subseptivle to the will of the user. Once Kurema finished her song the blodne smirked at her as she had broght out that primal urge that was buried deep within him as she leaned back allowing him to see her fleshy mounds on her chest causing the blonde to lick his lips as he pounced on her knocking flat on her rather round ass cheeks hugging her tightly.

"So Naruto-kun will you accept my offer?" Naruto nodded seeing as he wasn't infull contorl of his mind causing Kurema to smirk as he gives ehr a depe wet passionate kiss as his tounge slips inside causing ehr to gasp in surprise as his tounge wrangled with his as they battled for supremacy as their saliva intermixed with each others. In the end Naruto's tounge won the battle for supremacy allowing his tounge to explore every nook and cranny of the crimson ahired beauty's mouth and throat causing her to maon in pleasure all the while the blonde's hands were tracing over every inch of her sun tanned body causing Kurema to shiver as the blonde broke off the kiss as a trail of saliva trickled out landing on her sun tanned neck and big breasts as the blodne leaned forward his hot husky sultry breath was tickling the crimsonhaired beauty's ear causing her to shiver in pleasure. "Of course I will accept your offer Kurema-chan."

Kurema was inwardly jumping for joy hearing the blodne haired shinboi accepting her offer all the while he was kneading her breasts makign ehr maonlewdly in pleasure hersmile was transfixed into a pervered grin while her pussy juices were gushing out of her tight pussy causing the blonde to see her crimson panties were soaking as he smirked before leaning back on to the head of the bed as he smacked her rather round heart shaped ass cheeks making them jiggle and ripple like ripples on the surface of the pond. "Kurema-chan get back to sucking my cock you volutptious vixen!" Kuremaobeyed the blodne's command teasing him a little bit by leaving kisses on his knob like cock tip as thick syurpy pre cum was bubbling from the tip as her tougne lapped it up her taste buds exploded tasting this oily substance as the blodne could see hearts in her eyes causing him to snicker.

Without warning Kurema engulfed the tip into her warm wet mouth feeling the immense lenght streching her jaw way past its limits as her saliva were oozing out of her mouth coating doen the lenght of the blodne bull like cock what shedidn't have stuffed in her mouth as she begins to bob her head along the length making some obsecene suckling sounds as the blodne bit his lower lip as he could feel the cock tip throbbing and twitching as the veins were pulsing as the blodne's heart was pumping at a rhymthic pace. Then without warning Naruto grips Kurema by her head gripping tow handfuls of her crimson hair suing it as a reign ashe pushed his cock deeper inside her warm wet mouth pushing inch after inch into ehr warm wet mouth untill it hits the back of her throat as it opened up willingly inviting the blodne's cock inside Naruto seemed to have a telepathic link between the crimson haired beauty as he lightly buckled his strong hips causing her to gasp in surprise as her crimson eyes were glazed over as her lust was overflowing her as the blodne took control of the entire scene. 

His thrusts were light at first as his big balls which were much larger than normal to the size of oranges swelling with thick loads of verile  Uzumaki spunk the blodne maoned out louder and more wantomly in pleasure as he was bouncing both of Kurema's filly hardned niples getting a good feeling of their weight as her msun tanned jugs were jiggling lightly to the blodne's thrusts as he could see a tube like silouette agaisnt the soft supple flesh of the crimson haired female's neck causnig the blodne to swell up with pride deep down he wanted to do this willingly in his mind this was his reward for saving the Shinobi Realm over and over again as the blodne begins to increase the speed and tempo of his thrusts as his balls slappedKurema's soft cheeks causing them to redden as he did which matched her flowing crimson locks.

Naruto was absouletly in love with Kurema's tight throat as it squeezed aorund his immense pole fo man meat her pussy juibes were gushing out of her tight soaking wet hole as the blodne was groping Kurema's rather large breasts makign her maon in pleasure sending pleasurable vibrations aroudn the blonde hiared shinobi's cock causing him to bit his lower lip almost causing him to release his thick torrent of his spunk as the loud wet flesh slapping sound echoed throughout the room the blodne wasn't caring who was listening to this he had also opened the door wanting anyone to see this as he continued his thrusts as his breath was heavy and haggardy rasping as he was breathing through his nose as he could feel himself getting closer to releasing feeling his big balls tightening and his monolith of flesh was throbbing and twitching singaling his release as he was grunting and groaning like na animal in heat as he increased the speed and power of his thrusts Kurema was rather pleased with her jutsu that she had launched as she smirked around the blonde shinobi's cock as she was getting skull fucked by the blodne.

Wishing not to be idle Kurema begins to show off her expert skill by humming on the blonde's cock and with it was she wrote for Naruto as he gripped her head holding her down as a torrent of thick creamy chunks fo his spunk shot down deep into the crimson haired female's throat causing ehr flattened and toned stomach bulged a little bit as she gulped down what seemed like gallons fo the blonde's spunk as her cute cheeks puffed up as he pinched her nose shut not wanting her to spill a drop as he smirked at her. "Don't spill a drop you horny kitsune swallow it all take all of my verile spunk!" Naruto commanded Kurema whom he had a telepathic link with heard his commandment eagerly as she continued to swalow the entire load that the blonde shot down her throat as thick shots of yellowish white spunk continued to ooze down into her stomach as the blonde held her throat for the span of about three to five minutes before releasing the grip on the crimson haired female relaxing on the bed as the blodne lets out a relaxed sigh as Kurema fell upon the opposite side of him before he embraces her wrapping her up to his full weight as she molded to him like a puzzle piece as her breasts squashed against his broad chest as they fell into a pleasure induced slumber.

Upon reawakening from his pleasure induced slumber Naruto streched as he let out a yawn as his stamina quickly recovered from the pleasurable experience with him and Kurema. When Naruto looked around to see where Kurema was he noted that she was nowhere to ve found as the blonde haired shinobi had returned control of his body or so he thought as he could hear the angelic melodious tones fo his mother Kushina calling him for supper causing the blonde to smirk in delight as the entire house was filled with the sweet smell of a hearty healthy meal being cooked by the crimson haired matriach. Naruto arose from his bed as he puts on a clean pair of orange and black trimmed boxer-briefs along with the same colored pair of shorts as he walked down the long narrow hallway entering into the den and walking into the dining room.

Once Naruto entered the dining room he could hear the sweet angelic music of the crimson haired matriarch of the Uzumaki Clan, Kushina Uzumaki, who was laboring over the stove working on the finishing touches of the clan's dinner putting the flavorable spices into the dish as the blodne took his seat at the dinner table as his azure eyes couldn't help but stare at his crimson haired MILF o fa mother. Scanning up and down her curvacoues voluptious body his mouth was watering seeing Kushina's flowing crimson locks that framed her angelic face as it flowed down to her midsection of her strong and slender spine as he could see the sun tanned flesh in the clothes that she was wearing that emphasized her rather large bountiful breasts which were bigger than Double D almost the same size as Kurema's as the blonde's mouth was watering more.

Naruto's azure eyes were darkenign with lust a little bit as his eyes traveled down to his mother's body seeign the hourglass figure along with wide baby bearing hips and the cherry on top of this sexy sunday was Kushina's rather round plump juicey heart shaped ass seeing the sun tanned flesh as it swayed hypnotically with each and every step that the crimson haired matriarch made. Kushina places the tray of food on the table as Naruto then turned his gaze at his crimson hiared sibling Karin who was just as beautiful as thier mother as the crimson haired elder female places the plates filled with food to both her crimson hiared aughter and her blodne haired son all the while Naruto'smassive bulge was clearly visible in the tent of his pants.During all the while the trio was partaking in thier hearty and healthy mela the crimson hiared female was teasing the blodne hiared shinboi instinctively with her round heart shpaed ass cheeks the blonde's cock was growing ever larger seeing as his lust was over taking him bit by bit.

Naruto was feeling his body heating up as he wanted to just lose control and pound his mother senseless right there on the kitchen table right after they had finished theor meal something that he wouldn't normally think about and it was certainly something that wouldn't deem socialable in the eyes fo the village, but Naruto didn't car about those things all he wanted was his reward for winning the war. Unbeknowns to the blonde haired shinboi he was still under the effects fo Kurema's jutsu causing the crimson haired female to apear in the midst fo the trio causing Kushina to gasp in surprise seeing as how the Nine Tails just appeared outside of her seal causing Naruto to snicker before being scoled by Kushina. The tounge lashing from the crimson haired matriarch was brief but rather sharp like that of a blunt sword as while collecting the dishes taking them into the sink to wash them allowing Naruto to return to his room with Kurema in his clutches groping her breasts as he did so.

Once back int his bedroom shutting the door behind him this time Naruto throws Kurema on ot the bed as she inflicted the blonde with her jutsu wrapping him up futher around her smooth and slender finger while the crimson haired female was fingering her tight pussy causign her  pussy jucies to gush ffrom her tight quivering fuck hole causing the blonde to smirk as he striped himself of all of his clothing revealing his massive cock was standing at full mast causing the crimson haired female to lick her lips as the blonde utilizes his chakra natured Wind to rip off all of Kurema's clothing revealing her beautiful body as he lightly inserted his cock tipinto her plump pussy lips as he begins to lightly rock his strong hips back and forth as Kurema's plump pussy lips begins to quiver as the crimson haired beauty was maoning loudly and lewdly in pleasure causing the blonde to smirk widely while groping her bountiful ass cheeks causing her tight pussy to gush her sweet juices like a waterfall.

Naruto begins to increase the pacing and tempo of his thrusts slidng more nad more of his massive monlith meat stick into Kurema's tight glsitening wet pussy causign her to bite her lower lip as her hardening nipples were aching to be suckled upon something that Naruto was eager to oblidge as he did just that all the while Kurema's inner walls were lightly squeezing on the blonde haired shinobi's immense cock cclamping down on Naruto's impressive man meat causing him to moan in pleasure wantomly as nearly half of his man meat was inside of Kuema's tight pussy as it was streching and molding  it into his own personal cocksleeve as he continued hsi pleasurable mechinations grunting like an animal in heat.

With every pasing second Naruto was continually inserting all ov his eleven inches fo his impressive Uzumaki man meat as his large balls were making an obsenely loud slap against the crimson ahired female's perfectly plump pussy lips making his balls nice and shiny as he was still sucking on the erect left nipple before leaning back leaving this nipple leaving a trail fo saliva upon both the erect nipple and the fleshy mound of Kurema's breasts before switching to her right nipple as the tipf o his impresvie cock grinded against her throbbing clit making her maon louder and more sensually as pleasure filled through her body like a waterfall as theblonde's thick syrupy oily pre cum was bubblign from the cock tip causign ehr to shiver in pleasure as bits of electricty shot up and down her strong and slender spine.



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