Naruto's Carnal Nature

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto it belongs to its respectable owners, furthermore I don't wish to seek a profit from this series I simply wish to please the reader.

Additional Warning: This series contians genterous amounts of lemony content including, HJ BJ Anal Oral some bits of Yuri including Fingering Fisting and some slight Toy useage. This series also includes some GenderBending not to mention Body Modification/Enhancement  along with some bits fo Inc, now with all of that out of the way let the story commence!

Chapter One Introduction

It was a rather warm sunny day in the Village Hidden in the Leaves or Konohagakure no Sato, the sun was beating down upon the village greeting it like na old friend with its warm radiantyellowish orange rays which resembled the aura of the village's residental Jinjuriki, Naruto Uzumaki, the hero of the Hidden Leaf. This bright radiant globe of light was hiddne by a barrier of clouds as it hung over head in a curtain of cerulean (when the clouds weren't clocking the curain allowing the bright rays to shine down upon the village.)

Blue birds were chirping a merry tune as they were perched high in thier nests resting in the lofty branches of the lush dense forest surrounding the village givning off n aura of peace filling the air with thier merry songs as the day marcheonward like a solider in the midst of battle. Deep within the heart of the village its denizens were going about htier normal routines strolling thorugh the village streets while whistling meloudious tunes of peave and joy as the day acted as fi it was dragging on seeing as it was closest to the longest day fo the year in the Shinobi Ralm.

All was peaceful, even the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade of the Senju, the Slug Princess one of the three Sannin, a trio fo the most powerful indiviguals of the Shinobi Realm, who was toiling away in her office inside the Hokage Towr couldn't help but comment on what a peaceful day it was as she was toiling her fingers to the bone on the mountain of paperwork that was resting on her desk that was made out of mahagony wood by her assistant Shizune whom kept her mentor in line so to speak to keep her from rakcing up a bigger debt than she could ever hope to pay off.

Meanwhile ni the heart of the Residential District, one of the five districts that intertwined the village itself was quite a rather strange disturbance going on. To be more precise the nose was coming from the Uzumaki Clan home itself, this spacious mansion like compound was home to the predeccsor of the buxom blodne hiared Hokage Minato Namikaze, the Yellow Flash otherwise known as the Yondaime Hokage. Within the halls of this spacious mansion which had a rathinviting den complete with a warm and cozy fireplace with a bear skin rug on the hardwooden and floor accompanied by acomfortable leather couch that was violet in color along with two love seats or recliners with the same violet color. There was a kitchen with modern day appliances along with a fully stocked refridgerator stuffed to the brim with healthy foods alogn with some packets of ramen for a few occasions.

Down the long narrow hallway which was lined with pictures of the Uzumaki Clan whcih were alligned in perfect symatry were three bedrooms for its occupants along with two bathrooms so the entire family could take thier showers without encountering any problems seeing as how women and females take logner showers than boys and men do. These three bedrooms were lined with carpet above the hard wood floor while the bathroom were lined with porcaline tile, the windows were lined with violet colored curtains with light crimson trim while being tied up with light blue straps to allow the sun light to enter into the rooms while the bright sunlight was beating down upon the village.

The source of the sound was emminating from the Master Bedroom, where a single occupant was lying flat on her back on the king sized bed she was panting heavily like an animal in heat. Her name was Kushina Uzumaki, the crimson haired matrirch of the clan whom stood about five feet five inches tall weighed around one hundred and sixty-four pounds with thirty-six E cup breasts were heaving up and down as she had one of her sun kissed well moisturized hands cupping the glorious globe of flesh while her slender fingers were pinching the peach colored nipples. Bright cromson long flowing hair adorned her heavenly frame as the hair flowed down to her round heart shaped ass cheeks. Smoldering violet eyes were glazed over slight as she was encaputred by her carnal nature which was overflowing like a waterfall as two fo her well manicured finger nails were dug deep inside her plump womanly pussy her juices were gushing out as she was letting out loud carnal monas of lustful pleasure.

One would wonder why the voluptious MILF was so horny for, as she had forgotten toclose either the shutters or the vurtains hoping that any man would walk by and enjoy the show that she was providing would just climb in anpound ehr senselss she wouldn't give it any care in the world. The reason why she was horny was the fact that she was so lonely it had been quite some time since her husband Minato had passed away protecting her and his two children when the Nine Tails or Kyuubi had gotten loose when Kushina had given birth to her two children, an event that would bring joy to any family however the birth fo Kushina's tow children was marred in an even of immensesadness and loss.

While the buxom crimson haired MILF was fingering her plump womanly pussy she was staring at the picture that was in the night stand. It was a picture of the crimson haired beauty and her elder blonde hiared husband it was taken on the day that they had gotten married whcih was a rather happy event for the duo Kushina loved her husband very much and even though he was a rather great lvoer he was rather gentle for her she wanted a rough lover to rock her world in order to bring her to that minnumbing pleasure that she sough so very much. All the while Kushina was flashing back to that moment while moaning out her lover's name in a loud lefashion. "A-a-ahhhh M-minato-sama!" Kushina squealed in pleasure not caring anything at all who was listenign to her as she continued to pleasure herself at this point her thumb was running circles around her throbbing clit.

Flashback No Jutsu

It was right about the time that Kushina was about to give birth to her two children Naruto and Karin she was in her third trimester and her water would break at any time. Minato was overjoyed at the prospect of being a father for the first time as he was making all of the preparations seeing as his wife was the current Jinjuriki at the time seeing as he was the ruling Hokage at the time and he didn't want to allow any harm to come to his villagers. To that end the elder blonde haired Jonin along with the advice fo the Third Hokage, Hizuren Saritobi, who was wearing his age quite well created a barrier around the outskirts fo the village to keep the Nine Tailed Beast from getting free, vut even if it did seeing as Mianto was a master of sealing jutsu could easily seal away the Tailed Beast if need arose.

Everything was going well, under the guidance of the medical kunoichi who had accompanied the couple into the barrier was coaching Kushina during the final moemnts of the child bearing process reminding her to breathe while she was pushnig with all of her strngth to push the two children out of her which took the latter part of the day. With a few final pushes as the night fell both children were extracted ot of the crimson haired beauty, sweat was rolling down the holls and vallys of her strong yet slender spine Minato couldn't help but notice the rather perverted smile on her angelic face as her two children were placed upon her flattend and toned stomach as she was breathing heavily. Soon a loud unified cry could be heard cutting through the silent night air breaking the calm stillness with thier cries of fresh breath as Kushina began to fedd the two children with the milk that filled her sun kissed jugs that had grown rather larger due to the child braring process as Minato breathed a sigh fo relief wiping the sweat from his blonde brow.

Then all of a sudden without warning the medical kunocihi were incapacitated causign great cause for alarm. Searching around thier surroundings the duo were searching for the source of the ambush, then the assailant appeared out of the blue clutching the younger Naruto in his clutches Minato was shocked as to who was responsible for this unwarranted attack however Kushina knew the reaspn why the attacker had come. Call it foresight or a preminition but Kushina knew this masked assilant known only as the Masked Man had come to extract the Nine Tails out from the crimson haired matriarch Minaot had a choice to make whether to save his son and get separated from his wife which was exactly what the masked assailant wanted or save his wife at the risk of losing his young son which had just been born into the Shinobi Realm.

Making a tough choice Minato chose his son utilizing his Flying Rijin to save the young child just before the paper bombs that the Masked Man had surrounded the younger heir in. This was exactly what the Masked Man wanted the Fourth Hokage to do causing him to get seperated from his comon hiared wife leaving her completely helpless ginbg the Masked Man full opportunity to extract the Nine Tails which he did with his Sharingan Eye calling the beast freeing it from his sealed prison seeing as how the Masked Man had some sort of knowledge that the complex system of seals that kept a Tailed Beast bound to its female host had weakeend during child birth giving the Masked Man a perfect chance to seek his revenge. 

Once the extraction hadocucured Kushina didn't show any signs of weakening at seeing as the Uzumaki Clan had a very special trait, which was thier life force and lfie span was stronger than any individual in the Hidden Leaf Village. This angered the Masked Man seeing as he wanted her to succumb to the extraction thus in reaction to this the Masked Man commanded the Nine Tails to finish off his previous host something that Minato wouldn't allow as he utilized a Time Space Jutsu to teleport the blast to another dimension before using his patented Teleportation to teleport his wife and his two children to their clan home placing them on the king sized be in the master bedroom before returning to the battle field to deal with the re-sealing of the Nine Tails. Getting wind of the NineTails' release Hizuren Sarutobi along with the three members fo the Ino-Shiko-Cho team were awaiting the Nine Tails' attack on the village preparingtatic that would repel the beast.

Meanwhile Minato dealt with the Masked Man setting off an intense battle between the two, the elder blonde wanted to fight with his full reserve yet he was concerned for the villagers a fact that the Masked Man was quickly able to recognize as even he pointed this out during thier battle. Minato's concernse were quickly diminished however when a Kushina clone informed him that his predessor was dealing with the Nine Tails allowing Minato to hold nothing back at this point allowing him to not only easily win the figh but effectively finishing off the Masked Man in the porcess allowing him to return his full attention to the village. All the while as this battle was occuring the ThiHokage along with the Ino-Shika-Cho trio were fending off the Nine Tails enthralled in an intense struggle to repel the Tailed Beasts towards the village gates.

Finally Minato had arrived preventing the Nine Tails from getting off another attack that would surely would have finished off the Third and his forces with the help of his master's summoning Gamabunta the Chifef Toad whom squashed the Tailed Beast under its weight. Then Minato had an idea as he forged the hand signs for a Teleportation Jutsu this time though it was larger than normal the result being that he used almost all fo his chakra as he had teleported himself and the Nine Tails to another location causing both the Third andthe villagers to gaze on in awe at the sheer power the Fourth had. Once the yellow light dissapated the elder blonde haired shinobi who was on his knees weakened from the action  regained his composure while the beast was readying for another attck however it was soon stopped by the crimson haired beauty seeing as her special chakra was capable of restrainign the beast using a little ability known as the Art of Restraint causing a slew of chains to hold down the beast allowing Minato to put his grand plan into action.

When Minato gets back up on his feet he begins to formulate the hand signs for a forbidden jutsu as one of Kushina's clones who had the two children the blonde hiared shinobi utilizes the Reaper Death Seal, a forbidden jutsu that resulted in the death fo the user as he split the Nine Tails charka in two portions. One hlaf was inserted into Minato's son Naruto while the other half he inserted into his daughter Karin before succumbing to the effects fo the ninjutsu seeing as the elder blonde's lfie force wasn't as strong as the crimson haired beauty yet the elder blonde instills some sagely parental wisdom to his two children before departing giving his wife one last kiss which was long and passionate before fully succumbing to theffects of the forbidden ninjutsu.

End of Flashback No Jutsu

Currently Kushina was pumping her two fingers in and out of her tight quivering pussy she had lost count at the number of orgasms she had at this point as her nipples which were hard and super sensitive were trobbing in need aching for someone to suck on them as the crumson haired MILF was biting her lower lip as she neared her climax while her thumb was rubbign, massaging and carressign her throbbing clit as she was maoning wantomly as her body was glistening with sweat and her crimson hair which was sticking to ehr body parted and some fo the strands were sticking to her angeliv face which was transformed into a perverted smile as she was encaptured in bluss ful  pleasure.

Then she saw ti the yellow and orange stripped dildo on the top of her dresser, something that she had aquired while during those long cold lonely nights that she longed to feel the touch of a man she arises from the bed instinctively sauntering ehr wide child bearing hips causing her round heart shapped ass cheeks to sway back and forth in a hypnotic manner as she grabs the toy from the dresser. This toy was rather special it had a button in the middle of it which was connected to a vibrator near the middle of thedildo Kushina then crawls back into the bed spreading her heavenly long legs which were creamy due to her pussy juices leaking down her legs as she inserts the toy inside her pussy as she turns on maongin loudly feeling the toy moving up and down as if a male's cock was pumping inside fo her causing ehr to maon louder in pleasure.

Kushina feelign ehr climax aproachingfaster turns up the knob causing the toy to  increase the spped and power of its ryhmthic pumping motion while Kushina used her free hands to pinch and tweak her nipples causing her to squeal in pleasure as her clit throbbed wilder. With one hard pinch of her throbbing clit that was all she wrote for the crimson haired beauty as she arched her strong and slender spine as she released a large torrent of her hot sticky lvoefuices as she panted heavily turnign off the toy but not before letting out a loud primal scream of blissful pleasure her violet eyes rll into the back of her head as she fals back into the king sized bed falling into a pleasure induced slumber for a little while. nce Kushnia reawakened from her pleasure incduced slumber she arises from her bed as she waks into the bathroom to get into the shower.

The crimson ahired beauty turns on the shower water letting the water cascading down her voluptious body, letting the water cover over her curvaceous hips and power thighs that were intermixed with muscle and fat as the heated water eased her mind a little bit as she scrubbed her body down getting all fo the love jucies of of her body. While Kushina was in the shower as the steam fogged up the glass to be exact in the bedroom next to the bathroom that Kushina was in lied a spiky blonde haired male in the king sized bed. This male was Naruto Uzumaki, son of the Yellow Flash, the bearer of the Nine Tailed Fox and the hero that had saved the Hidden Leaf countless times form variours hostile forces that had tried to extract his half of the Nine Tails, but time after time they had all fialed. Naruto was a rather impressive shinobi with golden hair sparkling blue eyesrippling muscles from head to toe as he wore his traditional orange and black trimmed jump suit.

One of the manyabilities that the Nine Tails had bestowed upon the blodne was the gift of being rather well endowed however that wasn't the end of the story his cock was massive the size of that of a bull it would almost literally spring free of its fabriprison. One would wonder how this well endowment came to be simply put it was a two fold answer. One being the gift from the Nine Taisl while the other reason for this was due to hsi artifical arm that he recieved from Tsunade as she had given to him after a botched attempt to properly launch his Wind Style jutsu Rasen Surinken resulting in his trip to the hospital. Unbeknowns to Naruto his artifical limb was infused with the DNA of the Senju modifying his body which increased his muscle mass a little bit which the blonde greatly liked as he was relaxing in his bed seeing as he had a day off thanks to Tsunade's orders.

Naruto was really liking his lazy afternoon he could clearly see how his comrade Shikamaru got along with his lazy life style, yet the blodne didn't wish to be idle for logn thus he decides to take a walk down the long hallway trying to keep the clear fact that his cock was semi erect. The reason it was this wya one would ask simple answer he had been lsitenign to his mother whom had been pleasuring herself causing the blodne to inwardly lick his lips thinking of al the naughty things he wanted to do with the crimson haired beauty causing abright crismon blush to be clearly apparent on his face as he smirked perversely. Ever since he was a child he always wanted to impale his mother with his growing member one would call it a carnal nature that only grew as time had progressed seventeen years to be in fact as the blodne could hear the angelic voice of his mother in the bathroom causing him to smirk as a bar like siolette was clearly cisible in his orange and dark trimmed lounging around shorts.

Naruto smirked as he felt the carnal nature fo his inner demon of lust was awakening as he could hear the angelic voice causing him to lick his lips around his dry parted lips that resembled one of Orochimaru's snakes as the blodne decides to give in to his carnal nature. Call it a primal instinct that the blonde had ever since his birth he didn't fugure that he would need this primal instinct, but he felt this carnal instinct calling out to him liek a siren's song as he steps into the bathroom he could see the silouette fo his mother as the blodne strps himself of all fo his garments as hopens the glass door Kushina was unaware of this at first until the blodne opens the door letting a rush of cold air to enter the bathroom cauing her nipples to harden as the blonde licked his lips as the bar like cock was fully freed as the blodne shinobi whose sparkling azure eyes were darkening with lsut as he hugs his mother tightly causing ehr to gasp in surprise.

Kushina loved her little son with all of her heart, she had shown it greatly when the blonde hiared shinobi had achieved the rank of Chunin embracing him in a warm embrace squashing her big breasts against the blonde's broad chest as she had given him a warm wet passionate kiss sealing the relationship between mother nad son. Naruto was teasing the crimson ahired MILF causing her to maon feeling the bar lick cock rubbing agaisnt her round heart shaped ass cheeks causing her to bite ehr lower lip feeling the immense lenght and girth of her son's member causing her ciolet eyes to widen in suprise. Kushina knew that her son was well endowed thanks to the power of the Nine Tails however she didn't knwo just how causing her tight pussy jucies to gush from her tight pussy as a slight bit of drool was leaking from ehr warm wet mouth as her lust was bubbling up inside her body.


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