A Man's Responsibility

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AN: This was only a matter of time. Here it is. The most plot-less piece of porn I have ever written.

Chapter 1: The First Morning

Naruto emerged slowly from his slumber, with the heavy, mind-muddling murky laziness that always accompanied a good night’s rest. The bed beneath him felt heavenly, warming him gently.

He lay there, not bothering to open his eyes as he basked in the pure comfort. In the aftermath of the war, with him being hailed as a hero, he was kept busy by the Hokage, traveling all over the countries for diplomatic missions. With the few times between those outings, the best way to relax, sometimes, was just to do nothing. He had to admit that Shikamaru’s lazy lifestyle might not be so bad. Of course, he’d never, ever tell him that.

Even better was the silky-smooth feeling of a naked female body atop his…


Naruto’s eyes snapped open and he sat up, the sheets sliding off his chest. He was naked, apart from the bandages wrapped around his prosthetic arm. In the last few years, he’d made sure to keep up with his training, especially in the aftermath of losing and then replacing his arm. As such, his musculature had expanded in size while gaining more definition, resulting in a chiseled bulk that had even Rock Lee passionately shouting exultations of impressed jealousy. It had taken him a while to get used to the way every girl he met would blush and stammer at him. Even Sakura and Ino had to stop and do and double-take every time he saw them.

Even more impressive than his physique was his cock. There was simply no way around it: Uzumaki Naruto was hung like a bull. His shaft, swollen to the girth of his muscular forearm, stood straight up with his morning arousal, long enough that the head, shrouded in foreskin as it was, slapped against his beefy pecs when fully erect, like it was now.

Upon seeing this tremendous endowment during a routine checkup, Tsunade, the village’s foremost medical expert, had unwittingly called it a ‘bitch-breaker.’ As such, the blond young man had kept to himself, relying on several masturbation sessions a day to keep his lusts in check, so as to not potentially harm a girl with his immense size. Most likely due to his super-potent Uzumaki lifeforce, his cumshots were just as bold and bull-like as the rest of him, with coconut-sized balls to match.

However, as his morning wood towered straight up, tenting the sheets prominently, the bed’s other occupant was revealed, draped across his muscular body. Scarlet hair fanned out across a curved back, while a round-cheeked face marked with whisker-lines nuzzled his hard, flat abs cutely. The sheets conformed to the spherical shape of a round bubble butt, while nine long, fluffy tails emerged from underneath to splay all over the mattress...which Naruto suddenly realized was way bigger than he remembered. A pair of plump, soft mounds molded against his side, warm and squishy, while sleek, smooth legs tangled with his, and atop her head sprouted two russet-colored, triangular, fuzzy ears.

Naruto had never seen this girl before, and yet he knew who she was right away. “K...Kurama?!” he cried, completely bewildered, “What the hell’s going on, dattebayo?!”

The redheaded foxgirl stirred, moaning in her sleep. Something soft and puffy rubbed against his thigh as she raised her head, red eyes lidded sleepily as she leaned on her elbows. “Nnnngh, why do you have to be so loud all the time?” she complained slowly, thickly, “I was having such a great dream.” Then her pouty lips quirked up in a tired smile. “I guess the real thing is just as good, though…”

“Kurama,” started the man, putting a firm, commanding note into his voice that his years of ninja training had perfected, “What’s happening? Where are we? Why are you outside the seal? For that matter, why are you a girl-ttebayo?!”

The girl giggled, sitting up and straddling his thigh, making him groan as her soft thigh rubbed his swollen nuts. “We’re still in a safe place, don’t worry. In fact, we’re still in your house…but different.” She shrugged, her plump, large breasts jiggling heftily. “Well, there’s no way to lead up to this, so I’ll just say it: you’re in another world.”

Naruto’s brow furrowed, even as he tried not to stare at the ripe, creamy tits being thrust into his face. “Another world? Like that one from a while back? The one that Obito…? Wait. Who could have done something like that? Was it an enemy? How do I get back?!”

“There’s nothing to go back to,” said Kurama, her expression suddenly serious. It was a change that felt wholly out of place to the young man, despite having never seen her human face before. “It’s not that you’ve been taken to another world. It’s the world that has changed. I don’t know how, or when, but…the things you remember are no longer the way they happened. Time itself has been changed, and the world has always been like this.”

“Like what?”

Her expression brightened. “Well~ Basically, you’re the only male in the entire world!” she told him brightly, rubbing her pussy against his leg, making him grunt in surprise as his cock lurched with arousal. “A man only comes around once in a lifetime, and the women need breeding!” She leaned forward, smushing her soft breasts into his broad chest. “So, let’s start with me!”

Naruto sputtered, blushing bright red as the naked, curvy, nine-tailed woman started humping and grinding up against him, her long tails undulating through the air. “W-w-wait a sec!” he cried, “Y-you can’t just go from that to th-this-dattebayo!”

A petite hand closed on his beefy cock, unable to fully encircle it, and began to stroke up and down, and he bucked his hips reflexively, a deep rumble ripping from his chest.

“Ne, you asked why I was a girl, didn’t you?” asked Kurama, still leaning on his chest to gaze up at him with glimmering hearts in her eyes, squeezing his stiff cock, “It’s because having sex is sooo much fun~”

So saying, she stood up, revealing a glistening trail of wetness on his muscled thigh as she spread her legs, standing over his towering erection. Her expression melted into something lewd, her breath coming in pants as her whiskered cheeks flushed. “Mnn~ Naruto~” she cooed, legs trembling as his fat head pressed against her puffy cunt-lips, “Let’s start things off with your favorite morning wood-sex!”

“W-wait, sto-!” Naruto reached up to stop her, but instead, found himself seizing her wide, baby-bearing hips, his fingers sinking into the creamy flesh. In the next instant, something hot and wet slid over his foreskin-covered head, making him moan as the Kyuubi’s pussy opened wide to admit him.

Then, there was a clap of flesh on flesh as she sank down on him, drawing him all the way into her heat, a smooth, soft sleeve of pussy-meat that stretched and stretched and stretched around the massive monolith. Before Naruto could gather his wits, his cock was buried inside a girl’s body for the first time, bulging out her belly obscenely. He stared, momentarily transfixed with confusion, then by the way her face twisted up in an expression of pure bliss. Her pussy squeezed his cock, making him groan. He tried to pull her up, off of his dick, by the grip he had on her bubble butt. Her legs had gone weak, leaving it up to him, lifting her up as if she was as light as a feather. The way her walls fluttered and sucked at his dense girth, however, made his muscles weaken, a moan issuing from his lips as his grip slackened. She shlicked all the way back down, bouncing neatly into his lap with a breathless squeal, splashing juices all over his hairy groin and balls.

She moaned, squeezing her tits around the tubular bulge spanning her body with a lustful expression, kissing the knob-shaped tip, her red nipples rock-hard. “Sho gooood~” she slurred, “This world…s-sex ish the beeeest~!”

Naruto felt adrift, unmoored. What sort of new world was this, that would make the Kyuubi no Yoko impale herself on his cock so easily?! He couldn’t understand, and the pleasure fogging his brain only made things worse…but better. Why can’t I just…go with it? he wondered to himself. He bucked his hips, bouncing Kurama up and down, her slippery cunt sliding and coiling along his prick. Sex felt like this all along? How could I have kept away from it for so long?! “Kurama!” he groaned, wrapping his brawny arms around the curve of her back, pressing her even more tightly against him as he began to properly thrust his hips, plowing into her twat with loud, wet, shlicking bucks, his mammoth cock pulverizing her tender hole and battering through her cervix in an instant. His balls trembled, ready to discharge their first load of the day. “I-I can’t hold it back…I’m gonna…!”

“Cum in me!” demanded the horny fox, her eyes fluttering, drool running down her chin, “Breed me! Make me into one of this world’s women! Forget about going back! This place is a paradise for a horse-hung stud like youuuuuu~!”

As her strident, passionate words echoed in his ears, something primal reared up deep inside Naruto. For once, its source wasn’t the overwhelmingly powerful demon fox, who was currently riding his cock like a woman possessed. Instead, it came from deep within himself: an instinct that until now he’d never had reason to think he’d need. He felt himself give in to it as he crushed her surprisingly petite, but richly curvy hourglass figure against his muscles, her fluffy tails flailing delightedly. His cock throbbed powerfully, hips pumping upwards to pack as many huge, girthy inches into her quim as possible, with only one goal in mind: to breed this bitch in heat. It no longer mattered that she was a chakra beast capable of leveling an entire city within seconds; here and now, she was a woman and he was a man. There was only one acceptable outcome now, and that was for him to make her as pregnant as possible.

With that thought in mind, Naruto pulled Kurama into a deep, lusty kiss, their lips mashing together with drool running down their chins. His tongue, strong, brash and brutish, tangled with hers, making her moan and melt into him, while his mammoth nuts began to gurgle loudly. With a strangled grunt, he hilted himself fully inside her tight, slippery satin sheath, as his balls clenched so hard, so laden with dense, pudding-thick jizz, that the motion was accompanied by an audible wet guttering noise.

A long, thick, greasy rope of cocksnot slithered up his cumtube, bulging it out as every lurch of the blond’s manhood pumped and pumped and pumped it up his tremendous length, until it blasted forth from that fat mushroom head. Kurama screamed into the kiss, creaming and spasming as the hot, frothy dick-slop exploded into her warm, welcoming womb, the force causing it to churn and roil about ceaselessly, working itself into a swampy mess of super-virile little wigglers. Her poor little eggs stood no chance, vanishing into the flood of virility to be set upon and fertilized in an instant. All the while, her tight, cock-swollen tummy began to bloat larger and larger, the foxgirl’s comely body trembling and shivering with constant pleasure as her whimpers and pants of bliss slowed down, becoming calmer, more languid as he stroked her back. He didn’t know how long he spent cumming, but it was time well spent, even as he felt her pebbly nipples begin to trickle with milk, drizzling all over his chest.

Finally, she broke away from the kiss, eyes clouded and unfocused. “Did you enjoy it?” she asked rhetorically, her voice husky with lust.

“Of course I did,” he answered, grasping her ass, “It felt so…right, dattebayo.” He groaned rapturously, her twitching pussy wringing out an extra gob of spunk. His cock was softening now, but was still deliciously swollen and sensitive, the silky sleeve giving him a massage that simultaneously relaxed and encouraged him some more.

“Good!” giggled the fox, leaning in to kiss his throat, nibbling at his neck, “Because you’re going to be doing that from now on...to everyone.”


Once he’d finally extracted his flaccid dong from Kurama’s gaping, thoroughly creampied pussy, Naruto had at last left the bed (he wasn’t sure why it was King-sized, but it was still pretty comfortable) to go take a shower.

The bathroom connected to his room had likewise received a major upgrade, the ceiling stretching high above, with a skylight at the top. The glass-fronted shower stall was nice and spacious, affixed with multiple jets on every wall. They switched on as he stepped in even without touching any faucets. He jumped, looking warily up at them, but then relaxed as the warm water washed over him. “Man…this world’s got some pretty neat stuff-ttebayo,” he muttered to himself, grabbing the soap and starting to scrub down. He undid the bandages on his Senju arm, not even sparing a glance for the paler flesh; he’d long since grown used to its appearance, but preferred to keep it wrapped up so as to not unnerve people.

The water and suds streamed down his chiseled bulk, running rivers through the sharply defined contours of his pecs, around his biceps and down the chubby slab of his soft cock. He made sure to clean under the foreskin; no matter how often he washed his prick, the thick hood of skin would always re-accumulate great, heaping, stinky wads of congealed cum. It was more than a little frustrating, really.

He spent a few minutes just soaking, luxuriating in the warm jets, before finally stepping out of the stall, leaving the water to shut off behind him. Shaking his head in perplexity at the strange phenomenon, Naruto toweled himself off, absentmindedly grabbing a fresh roll of bandages to wrap his arm, not realizing that they had not been present before he’d gotten into the shower.

Naruto exited the bathroom and, sparing a glance and a smile at a snoozing Kurama, headed for the door, still naked. He figured that since there wasn’t likely to be anyone else in the house, he might as well have breakfast in the nude.

Indeed, he encountered no one as he walked down the halls, passing row after row of doors in the long passageway. What kind of place do I live in now? he wondered. Eventually, however, he found the stairs, through a large archway, and descended them, looking around at everything. The floors were hardwood, carpeted with soft velvet. The stairs swept about in a grand curve, one of three in the massive room. “How goddamn big is this place, dattebayo?!” yelped the blond man, blue eyes bulging, “Where the hell do I find the kitchen anyway?!”

“Down the stairs, do a 180 and head through the door there, proceed to the end and go through the double doors on the right.”

Naruto leaped into the air, sticking himself to the wall as he glanced around, instantly on alert as a bland male voice suddenly spoke up, sounding eerily close. “Who’s there?!” he demanded, already circulating his chakra to sense for any nearby signatures. All he felt, however, was the overwhelming mass of power from Kurama, along with another, still quite large, chakra signature coming from downstairs.

“Apologies, sir, have I startled you? You asked for directions and I thought you wanted it answered. I am called VEX. You may consider me a ‘Disembodied Intelligence.’ I monitor and regulate all functions in this house. I trust the shower was to your liking?”

The blond blanched. “Were you watching me in the shower?”

“Yes? How else could I have run the water when you got in?”

“N-nevermind,” grumbled Naruto, shaking his head, “How do you get to the kitchen again? I’m starving-ttebayo.”

The disembodied voice repeated its instructions, and Naruto, unsticking himself from the wall, descended the stairs, suddenly more self-conscious of his nudity. He considered covering his crotch, but decided that was a fruitless endeavor. Even while soft, he was still a solid seven inches in length, much more than could be easily hidden by a hand.

“What’s in all these rooms, anyway?” he asked, eyeing the many doors that he passed on the way down the hall.

“At the moment, most of them are empty,” said VEX, “Some are storage for various objects. Should you wish it, I can have the CRs put them to use.”

Naruto had no idea what a CR was, so he only said, “Er, nah, that’s okay. Maybe later.”

“Of course, sir.”

As he neared the kitchen, light shining through the open doors, Naruto heard a velvety, feminine voice humming a gently tune. Something about that voice eased his apprehension just a little, even as it sent a tickle of faint arousal through his dangling sausage. He stepped into the room…and felt his heart skip a beat.

A woman stood at a stove, tending to some thick slabs of bacon and eggs in a frying pan as she gently swayed back and forth. A thick, soft curtain of crimson hair tumbled down her back, all the way down to her ankles, tantalizingly keeping the huge, juicy, jiggly globes of her creamy ass hidden. Her hips gently swayed back and forth as she hummed, showing off just how wide they were, perfect for rearing children. A frilly apron was tied across her front, stretched taut as it tried desperately to contain a pair of magnificently massive, round tits, which gently wobbled and bounced under the fabric, sides visible from where he stood.

She looked up at him as he took a step forward, a smile spreading from a plump pair of cupid-bow lips across an ovaloid face, while a pair of violet eyes gazed into his blue ones. “Oh, well look who’s awake!” teased Uzumaki Kushina, seeming not to notice her son’s flabbergasted expression, “Well, you’re just in time anyway, so I’ll let it slide~”

Naruto swallowed, a lump in his throat as he strode towards her, nudity and arousal forgotten as he beheld his mother. The mother that he had only met once, as a projection when he’d fought Kurama for control over his...well, her power. Their moment together had been brief, but the embrace they’d shared was one that he could never forget.

“Oh!” the redhead gasped as her tall, musclebound son wrapped his arms around her thin waist, burying his face in her shoulder as he hugged her tightly. Her expression softened even further as she reached up to stroke his spiky blond hair. “Well, what a lovely greeting for your poor mother, dattebane,” she cooed, kissing the top of his head, “Did you have a good time with Kurama-chan?”

“Kaa-chan…” he mumbled, overcome with emotion as he squeezed her tightly, “You’re really here…!”

She blinked. “Hm? Of course I am. Did that other world not have me in it?”

He looked up at her, surprised. “H-huh? You know about the world being different?”

“Yes,” said Kushina, “Kurama-chan told me all about it. I admit, it took a while for me to believe it, but…you act like you’ve never seen me before!”

“Kaa-chan,” Naruto began again, licking his lips, suddenly aware that he was pressed up against his mother, naked, with his cock rubbing her soft, cushiony asscheeks, “What…what’s with this world? Kurama told me that things changed, but then she started fucking me! And this house is enormous-ttebayo! And that weird voice-person-thing! I don’t know what’s going on…”

The redhead sighed, turning off the stove. “Poor baby…you’re so confused, aren’t you? Why don’t you go sit down and have your breakfast? Mommy will explain everything to you.”


Tears streamed down the young man’s face as he bit into the bacon. In all his years, he’d never tasted any food as good as this. Even Ichiraku’s ramen couldn’t compare to the love that had been cooked into this breakfast, made by his mother.

Said mother stood over him, her ponderously full, round, heavy teats piled on top of his head with warm, dense softness as she massaged his shoulders. “Well? How is it?” she asked, her slender fingers lightly caressing his muscles, “A breakfast made with my love?”

“It’sh sho good…!” moaned Naruto, unable to stop chewing even to answer her question, “I’ve never had food thish great before!”

“Awww~” cooed the redhead, hugging him, pressing her taut, bare tummy against the back of his head, “My son is so sweet! Mm, I feel like the luckiest mother in the world~” She giggled. “So, anyway, you want to know about the world, right?”

“Mm,” agreed her son, swallowing and wiping his mouth, “Kurama said I was the only man in the world. How’s that possible-ttebayo?”

Kushina shrugged, making her tits jiggle atop his head. “Nobody knows. It’s just how things are. Women have been able to give birth thanks to special genetic technology, but it’s always to more daughters. Pregnancy can last anywhere from a few weeks to three months, while a girl reaches sexual maturity within half a year.”

“Nngh,” he grunted, feeling her hefty, apron-covered flesh smushing on top of him, sending a strong tingle down to his groin, “Why did Kurama f-fuck me so quickly?”

She hummed, stepping away from him to stride around to his side, hips swaying hypnotically as she began clearing up his empty plates. “Well, it seems that when the female-only birthing technology was first used, it had some...side effects.” She bent over, wiggling her heart-shaped buttocks at him. “Since women were giving birth without a man to supply a Y-chromosome, only girls were born. Not just that, but as the pregnancy process got shorter, the girls started to mature and become fertile earlier and earlier. We’re just so- mmn~ -so horny.”

Naruto flinched in surprise as his mother looked over her shoulder at him, licking her plump lips. His cock twitched as she lifted up the dishes easily, ass wagging and swaying as she padded on bare feet towards the sink. She bounced a little on her heels as she set them down, her bubble butt jiggling and clapping sharply, making him gulp.

He thought back to how Kurama had been unable to keep still, humping his leg and stroking his prick even as she tried to explain what had happened in the world. He bit his lip as his naked cock began to swell, veins as thick as Kushina’s fingers crawling around and down his girth. Everyone’s horny…even my mom? he wondered, hand drifting down to wrap around his erection, Th-there’s no way I could do even her, right?

Suddenly, a slender, more feminine hand seized his wrist, pulling his hand away from his inflating tool. “No you don’t!” chided Kushina sternly, wrapping her massive tits, now free of her apron, around his head, “Can’t have you wasting cum! You’ve got your job, dattebane!” Even as she spoke, her dainty fingers wrapped around his girthy shaft, unable to completely encircle it.

Naruto moaned as the two huge, smooth, warm orbs of womanly flesh swaddled him on either side, dense with marshmallowy fat and motherly love. “K-Kaa-chan! What’re you...what do you mean?”

The redhead giggled as she gently caressed her son’s tremendous endowment. “Well, once you were born, it was decided that Parthenogenesis was no longer needed. So, you’re gonna be paid by the government to knock up each and every girl you come across. Just take this big,” she squeezed him, “Fat slab of meat you have there, grab a cutie and shove it right in-ttebane! Nnngh, everyone’s such a dirty slut, they’ll cum their brains out on the first thrust! Just use her, dump your load, get her pregnant and leave her! We’ve all been bred to want babies! We crave them!” She was panting now, breasts heaving and wobbling around him. Looking up, Naruto saw that his mother was practically drooling, hearts glimmering in her eyes as she gazed lustfully down at him. “Naruto...even me! I’m just a horny bimbo who wants to get bred by my magnificent studly son!” She left his back, dropping to all fours to crawl under the table.

Naruto spread his legs instinctively, blood pounding in his ears, faintly still unable to believe what he was hearing. He watched as his gorgeous, buxom mother shuffled up to his two-foot dong, adoration and worship on her lovely face as she squeezed her full, juicy breasts between her arms, pink nipples puffy and hard. “Oooh,” she cooed, lips parting rapturously as that massive, veiny shaft loomed over her, “Magnificent~ Even though I gave birth to something like this, it’s so beautiful that I just want to suck it~! Mmmn, such a manly smell, I’m getting wet~”

He groaned as those soft, plump lips kissed up against his tip, nibbling at the head. A soft, wet tongue swirled around the bulbous knob as the redheaded MILF settled onto her haunches, legs folded comfortably underneath her as she reached up to peel back his foreskin. “H-hey!” he hissed, fists clenching at the spike of pleasure as his head was exposed to the air, “W-why’re you going for such a dirty place-ttebayo!?”

“Dirty?” asked Kushina, pouting at him, “Where else am I gonna get my breakfast-ttebane? Your stinky, smelly dickcheese is just the thing for a depraved slut-mommy like me!” She gazed down at the fist-sized head, disappointed, “Naruto! Did you clean yourself?! How cruel! The smegma you build up overnight is my favorite thing in the morning and you wasted it!” She glared up at him, even as her dainty hand continued to stroke him, up and down. “You’d better be ready, young man!”

With that, she darted under his looming bar of cockmeat, using her free hand to firmly grasp his huge, heavy balls. Her slender, soft fingers dug lightly into the swollen, round cum-tanks, testing their firmness, hefting their weight. Kushina shivered in delight at the size of her son’s prodigious nuts, each one dense and hard, packed to the brim with ultra-virile Uzumaki sperm. “So heavy…~” she breathed rapturously, her hot breath washing over the hairy sack, “Did you not cum enough with your pet fox, baby? Don’t worry, Mommy’s gonna drain out your poor, stuffed bull-balls. Mmmmmwah~”

Naruto bucked his hips with a growl as that set of moist, plump lips squished against his left nut, a tongue slithering out to swirl all over the gravid sphere and slather it with saliva. Instinctively his hands shot out, snagging her crimson locks and grabbing fistfuls like reins. He pulled her to him, burying her face even more firmly in his testicles and prompting her to lavish even more worship upon them. His gargantuan rod curved over the top of her head, veins and head slowly going more and more purple with lust, precum marbling and bubbling from his slit to pour and splatter down all over her backside.

Finally, Naruto released her, pushing her away from his slobbery sack to send her sprawling on the floor under the table, legs spread and pussy quivering. She was panting and glassy-eyed, cheeks and chin slathered with drool, whimpering. “L-look at you,” he panted, grabbing his cock and swinging it back and forth, watching her follow it, “You’re no mother...you’re just a needy, cum-starved cow!”  The blond slapped his mother across the face with his cock, the solid, beefy club smacking her cheek hard enough to turn her head, making her moan as precum smeared all over her. The act and his words, so casually degrading, actually surprised Naruto. To hear himself say and do such a thing without even a second thought…were these his instincts as an inhabitant of this world? “What’s that?” he asked tauntingly, “Does Kaa-chan like it when I cockslap your pretty face?”

“Y-yesh,” she slurred, nuzzling his massive shaft and cooing as it spat a flat, jelly-like glob of glistening precum onto her face, “Please! Hit me again, baby! Show Mommy who’s boss with that big, hard babymaker~”

The massive club of cockmeat smacked hard across her other cheek, sending her reeling and making her see stars. Over and over his dick swung, a trunk of hot, solid sexual muscle beating her into submission, every stunning blow making her pussy gush, deepening the puddle beneath her. Precum spurted out in torrents, splattering all over her cheeks, lips, nose and forehead in great, warm, sticky, musky gouts, coating her beautiful features in a raunchy glaze that dripped copiously onto her heaving, bouncing jugs.

Finally, with his helmet swollen and darkened to a deep purple, Naruto tired of degrading his mother. Reaching out, he seized a lock of hair once more and crammed his aching prick into her mouth, stretching out those plump, soft lips, moaning as he buried himself inside her soft, wet cheeks, tongue wiggling and and writhing against the broad, bulging underside. The blond yanked at her, plowing himself as deeply into her face as he possibly could, inch after inch of bicep-thick meat bulling into her throat, bulging out her neck visibly…

As her satin-smooth gullet stretched around his meat, gooey saliva drenching his shaft, he sat back, using his grip on her hair to pull her head down further and further, until finally her plump, juicy lips kissed up against his pelvis. He gazed down at the gorgeous redhead with wide eyes, while she peered adoringly back up at him. “H-holy shit, Kaa-chan…” he breathed, “How’d you take all that?”

Even as he asked, he stood up, chair scraping back against the floor as he dragged Kushina with him, broad hands clasped tightly around her head. Hissing with pleasure, he began to pump his hips, harder and harder, faster and faster, fisting her crimson locks to haul her into his thrusts. He pounded and pistoned his hips viciously, jackhammering into his mother’s tight, wet throatpussy, slobber squirting and bubbling from under her stretched out lips to dampen his blond pubes and dribble down all over his swinging balls. His hips became a blur, coring out her throat with obscene gags and glucks of pleasure.

Gazing down at her face, Naruto found the rest of the world falling away. The only things he could hear were his heart pounding, his ragged, lustful panting and the rapid-fire *shluckshluckshluck* of his rampaging dong plunging into his mother’s beautiful face. The only thing he could see was her eyes, staring back up at him even as her nose buried itself in his tangled forest of blond pubes. Tears rolled down her reddened cheeks, and the walls of her gullet clung tightly to his massive schlong, massaging the veiny flesh. Even as he fucked her mouth, balls slapping heavily against her neck and the tops of her tits, her gray eyes shone with unconditional love and adoration, silently begging him to go to town on her. She eagerly swallowed and sucked as hard as she could, hollowing her cheeks and drooling all over him, reaching down between her thighs to finger herself. Shuddering and twitching, Kushina cummed, over and over from her son’s brutal face-fucking, juices streaming, gushing and puddling on the floor from her sodden quim.

Finally, with a deep, bestial roar, Naruto climaxed, nuts clenching mightily in order to pump out rope after hot, sticky rope of virile cum. It raced down his brawny fuck-pipe into Kushina’s with long, throbbing, swelling pulses to splatter directly into her belly, audible to both of them with its density. Within a few powerful spurts, her flat, spiral-marked tummy was filled to the brim, and then began to steadily bulge, growing bigger and rounder, making the gorgeous MILF look like she’d just undergone nine months of pregnancy with triplets.

Then, the force and volume of her son’s ejaculation overwhelmed her devoted sucking and swallowing, causing the thick, greasy nut-slop to back up and overflow up her throat, making her choke. Streamers of jizz shot out of the stretched corners of her mouth, making her go cross-eyed as they erupted from her nostrils as well, spilling down the curvature of his twitching cum-tanks to spatter onto her huge tits.

Still lurching and flexing with orgasmic pleasure, Naruto pulled out, moaning as his mother’s tight, slippery throat, ropes and bubbles of saliva dripping luxuriously from his bicep-thick shaft. As the fist-sized head popped free of her cum-stuffed lips, the slutty woman immediately reached up and seized the massive trunk in both hands, shivering as her fingers failed to encircle his girth, but nevertheless she began furiously stroking him. Wiggling with delight, pussy still gushing, the redhead did her best to milk her son’s tremendous prick, feeling the manly muscle flex and jolt powerfully, spitting huge, fat ropes of musky yellow spunk. It splattered all over her buxom body, blanketing her creamy skin in a heavy, hot glaze, his ball-batter being a mix of a thick sludge and dense, surprisingly heavy chunks of jelly-like nuggets of sperm. She gurgled, cum bubbling from her stuffed mouth and nostrils as her eyes rolled.

Naruto sat back in his chair, panting as his orgasm tapered off, cock still twitching and oozing as Kushina gasped and writhed, rapturously smearing the sludge-like spunk into her flesh. He watched as her great, ponderous melons wobbled and squished under her grip as she massaged his cum into her jugs. “H-how’d you learn to suck cock so well?” he asked again.

His mother swallowed thickly, over and over. “Nnnnghhh~” she moaned, “I’ve been practicing on you, baby~ Mama has been your fucktoy for the longest, ever since you had your first stiffy.” She licked her cum-stained lips, leaning forward to plant a loving smooch against his leaking helmet. “Mmm~ Of course, I’ve been helping out those girls you’re always bringing over.”

“Girls?” Naruto wondered aloud, “You mean, like Sakura-chan, Ino-chan, Hinata-chan…?”

“Of course, silly!” giggled the redheaded MILF, “Ino-chan’s sure is a go-getter! I don’t think I’ll ever forget how you first met; what a natural dicksucker-ttebane.”

The young man imagined the long-legged, graceful platinum blonde girl with her fine face distorted into a slutty blowjob ahegao and groaned, cock spitting a greasy glob onto his mother’s cheek.

She didn’t even comment on it, scooping it up with her dainty fingers to suck it into her mouth. “Mmm~ and don’t forget Tenten-chan! The two of you have been inseparable ever since you were kids and popped each other’s cherries! She’s always coming by to practice yoga with us, and I know you can never get enough of those tight pants~” Kushina winked up at him, even as she reached down to finger herself some more, her sodden pussy going *shlickshlickshlick* “Nnngh, and as for Hinata…well, honey, you really found a treasure. Oooh, what a cutie, with a body like that, asking to be your steady girlfriend…I bet her mother wouldn’t mind if you just...took her home with you~” She giggled, leaning forward to kiss his stiffening cock. “In fact, just bring home any little cutie that you like! This big house is a little empty with just the two of us, and VEX can take care of everything. Isn’t that right?”

“You are correct, madam,” agreed the disembodied intelligence, making Naruto jump.

“Oh, and as for Sakura, I believe your study sessions with her tend to go well once you’ve melted her little Tsun-Tsun act. Girls these days are incredible; even I can’t look away from a butt like that!” Kushina suddenly pouted and got onto all fours, turning herself around. She thrust her bubbly, milky MILF booty at the muscular man of the house, shaking her hips. “Isn’t my ass nice?” she asked, “Please tell me that your poor momma isn’t gonna lose out to all the younger girls!”

Naruto’s mouth watered as he stared at the jiggling cheeks, perfectly round and smooth, spreading and clapping as his mother wiggled her hips. Her asshole and sopping wet cunt called to him, womanly musk calling to his prick. Licking his lips, he slid off the chair, kneeling down as he joined Kushina under the table. His massive, arm-sized cock slapped down on her pillowy buttcheeks and wedged itself between them, grinding back and forth as he reached around to seize a great, overflowing handful of her jizz-slimed tits. “God,” he moaned, squeezing heartily, “You’re so thick and heavy, Kaa-chan!” He found her nipples with his thumb and index fingers, areolae fat and juicy, and pinched the stiff nubs, tweaking them even as he began to hump her. His hips slapped against her buttocks, causing them to flatten and ripple beautifully. “I bet if I stuck it in your pussy, you’d totally get pregnant, right?!”

Kushina squealed as her son began groping her fat milk-melons. “Ohhh, yes! This month is super-dangerous for Mommy, so be sure to pump everything into my womb! I want a whole litter of granddaughters! And when they’re old enough, I want to watch you fuck them! And every girl their age! Even middle-schoolers can have babies in this world! They’re so cute, with their innocent faces and sex-pot bodies! If you fuck me, I promise to give you some of your very own-ttebane!”

“Are you serious?!” groaned the blond, his cock spurting thick, syrupy jets of precum all over her back and hair, “Fucking little girls is okay?! And incest?! This world is so messed up!”

“You’re this world’s prime,” breathed his mother, twerking her fat ass back at him, “The best, most virile stud-breeder. Everyone wants your love, baby! Show the whole world how much Uzumaki Naruto loves them!” She shuddered, rivers of juice trickling down her plump thighs. “Now…fuck me like a dog under the kitchen table!”

Naruto growled deeply, grasping her massive ass in order to draw himself back and position his fist-sized helmet at her plump slit. He knew that once he thrust his hips, there would be no going back. He would become a part of this obscene, filthy, astonishingly lewd world, where little girls could have children so young and incest was expected.

He plunged deep into a warm, honeyed, wet silken sleeve and everything dissolved.


AN: So, basically what has happened is that Naruto has become subject to the Aomizuan Doujin, A World Where No One Gets Mad, Even If You Suddenly Ram Your Dick Into The Pussy Of A Girl You Fancy. Yes, that is its actual name.

Technically, Naruto has not been moved to a different world. Somehow (because I felt like it), the Naruto-verse has changed to one more suitable to Aomizuan. Only certain characters (Naruto, Kurama, etc.) have their memories of the old world, but don’t care. In this universe, the only thing that matters is sex. Society is modern with some sci-fi and a little fantasy.

Girls develop EXTREMELY quickly, hitting puberty at a young age and developing greatly. Oppai Lolis are the norm. As such, this is going on AFF.

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