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Naruto Uzumaki sat on the edge of the hot springs, lazily leaning on both hands as his head hung back. Most who passed would only see a small boy, no older than six sitting and relaxing, but this was hardly the case. Whether it was by the slight tense in the muscles of his back, or the cute moans escaping his mouth, anyone taking a closer look would have gotten a much lewder idea of what he was doing. Between the boys slim, pale thighs sat a head of a woman, the rest of her body submerged in the water, her shoulder length purple hair swaying as she moved her head back and forth. Anko Mitarashi, Tokubetsu Jōnin of the Hidden Leaf Village, worked eagerly on him, taking all nine inches of boy meat down her throat, humming lightly around him as she did, Her brown eyes watched his facial features change with each bob of her head, feeling satisfaction in the fact she was pleasing her new fiancee so well on their first night together. She had jumped at the chance, being one of the chosen women to be with the only living child of the fourth, and being able to live worry free for the rest of her life financially. She loved the idea of early retirement, even if it meant popping out a few brats in the process. Of course a huge plus was the fact that her new lover was packing a serious surprise in his pants. Her first idea as a couple had been to head to the hot springs with him, knowing fully what she was doing, although she hadn't expected the monster that had slapped her in the face when she removed his towel. She had come prepared to suck a three inch cock, making it last less than a minute, but had been pleasantly surprised. So this was the situation she found herself in, choking on a six year olds cock in a private room, not only that, but being engaged to him! It was not the direction she intended to go in life, but she wasn't complaining.

Narutos brain could be described in one word, fried. He had never felt anything like this before. A soft, warm heat covered his entire manhood, sucking and massaging it expertly. He felt her hand massaging his balls, the sack resting in her grip as she pleased him. He wasn't sure what was happening at first, but as soon as he felt her stroke him he fell under her spell. "Gllrck Glllckh" Was all that could be heard as his new wife sucked him off. He still didn't know why he was getting married so early, or why it was with more than one woman, but if this was anything like how his life would be he wasn't complaining. Anko was one of the prettiest women he had ever seen, and he thought that before he had seen her naked. But the show she had put on for him at first really solidified that thought. The first thirty minutes of the visit to the springs had been one of the most erotic moments of his young life, Ankos body slowly dancing for him, showing off every curve in a show more fitting for the red light district. Showing off her perky yet soft DD-cup tits, her ass, each tanned globe jiggling with each movement, just waiting to be groped, which she had said he was free to do at anytime. She had spent some time, crouching down over him, showing off her tight, thin lipped pussy, the perfect example of what a woman should look like. She had given him a lap dance, a strange sight for anyone surely. All of this had led to their current situation, Naruto moaning lowly, as Anko gagged on his full length. One of his hands moved, weaving his fingers into her silky hair, grabbing it and slightly speeding up her movements. She giggled at him, feeling the thickness of him in her throat, stretching her wide, and causing her to cough and gag on him. She had to say he was lasting longer than she thought, but all of her talk about being an expert had been just that, talk. She had no experience with men, especially since her mentor had pushed everyone away from her. When Naruto didn't have a problem with her becoming his wife she had to say it made her feel amazing, finally someone who would accept her, even if it was only a little boy.

Naruto whined slightly as he felt Anko slide off of his cock, feeling her stop at his tip, before releasing it with a loud pop. Her nearly came at the sight, the purple haired vixen panting, red faced with saliva connecting her to his cock still. She smiled at him, making his heart speed up, followed by an overpowering feeling of lust as her tongue extended, taking the strands of saliva and swallowing them. "Hehe, it looks like i might need to try something else to get you to come" She said seductively. She slowly stood, exposing her wet body, beads of water slowly falling down to where they came from.  She leaned close to his face, as it lit up with a blush, causing her to giggle at how cute he was. She gave him a peck on his lips, before straddling him, feeling his cock press between her pussy lips. "Dont be nervous Naruto, i promise i'll make you feel good." She said with a wink, grinding against him, her wet cunt sliding aling the shaft causing him to moan. "A-anko it feels so good" He moaned cutely, causing her to almost squeal like a school girl. There she sat, in a stripper squat, holding the base of a hung six year olds cock, pressing his tip to the entrance of her virgin hole. Her juices were already leaking down onto him, slowly sliding down his shaft. She rubbed it against her a few times, before sliding down onto it slightly. The head popped in, feeling it spread her wide, more than she ever thought, almost to much for her to take. But she was determined, doing this was a wife's job, and she'd be damned if she wasn't going to be a good wife. She braced herself, hyping herself up before slamming down. The two tanned globes of her ass, smashing down onto his thighs, the doughy flesh, soft and hot against his. She watched as Narutos eyes crossed as the pleasure hit him, his cock encased in the tightest, wettest and warmest hole yet. Anko was used to pain, but something about this felt different, like it was important and should be remembered, so it felt even more intense, even as she began to ride him. 

She couldn't help but feel happy as she heard his moans, while Narutos thoughts were few and far between. The feeling of Ankos pussy was to much for the boy, it was like all of his world narrowed down to his cock, all that mattered was the tightness around the fat boy meat, and the woman that was pleasuring him. He could feel a heat building in him with each thrust of Anko onto him. His small body twitching in pleasure as she rode like a practiced whore. Her body, now exposed to him looked perfect. Two perfect tits jiggling with each bounce, capped with small, pink nipples that looked perfect for sucking. Her ass, the tanned heart shaped mounds quaking each time the smacked into his young thighs, causing a shock wave through the cheeks. Her pussy gripped like a vice, sucking and spasaming around him, feeling like it was milking him of everything inside.  Anko was getting lost in her work, going into an almost auto pilot as she rode him, working to empty the boys balls. She didn't intend at first to let him cum inside, satisfied with only sucking him off for today, but now that she was doing it she didn't think she could stop. She had practically accepted what was going to happen, she, a shinobi in her prime was going to let a small boy, nearly young enough to be her own son, knock her up. She knew it would effectively end her career, and chances at revenge on her Sensei, but she knew even if that happened she would be fine from now on. Her womb had begun its work, ready to be the perfect place to receive his seed, and grow his first child. Of course even she found it odd, she was going to be giving a six year old a kid, it almost made her laugh, id it had not been for the massive fuck stick in her, she might have, but all that could come from her mouth was his name, and lewd moans of approval. She felt small hands rest on her waist, looking down and seeing him gripping her, just like a normal lover when his girl rode him. She felt her heart twitch, something she had never felt before. She leaned down, giving him a searing kiss before grinding into him faster. 

Naruto's hands began to rub over her smooth skin, feeling like silk under his hands, he couldn't believe his situation. He might not be old, but he knew what was happening was not typical for someone his age, but still here he was. He thought it was weird at first, why would someone like Anko want to marry him, she was pretty, and had a nice body, surely plenty of guys were after her. Now that he had her, he didn't plan on letting this end, he would be happy if he could continue to live with her for the rest of his life, he just hoped she wouldn't leave since he was so young. He felt each movement she made on him, going from letting him slide out until only the tip remained, and then slamming back down, and grinding with him fully sheathed inside. Her hands fell onto his chest, lightly raking across it as the pleasure in her built. She couldn't believe he still hadn't cum, she felt her own orgasm approaching, not knowing how such a young boy was going to make her cum, when it was both their first time. Her pussy was spasaming wildly around him, juices leaking like a waterfall as she rode him. Her body covered lightly in sweat from the workout, she felt the pleasure build to a roar, before her pussy clamped down on him. Her legs began to shake as she cried out, cumming all over her young lover. Naruto's eyes widened as the tightness increased, feeling his cock stiffen inside of her. He felt an urge to pee, when suddenly he exploded in her. Anko could feel each spurt inside of her, flowing straight into her womb, filling her to the brim. The young mans virile sperm already reaching deep inside, attacking her eggs. She leaned against him, panting as she came down from her orgasm. She kissed him lightly, before slowly getting off of him." oh Naruto, that was amazing" She said happily, causing him to smile. "Yeah, you felt awesome Anko" He said as they sat down into the water, planning to clean each other, happy with the new closeness in their relation ship. 

In the night, two figures made their way down the road slowly, one a tall, busty and beautiful blonde woman, her impressive breasts, no doubt in the running for biggest in the nations, jiggling with each step. Next to her a teen with black hair, dressed in a kimono, holding a pig. "Tsunade, are you sure you need to go back?" Shizune asked her mentor. "Yes Shizune, i have an important matter to tend to once we get there" She said trying to calm her student, of course she had left out the most important detail of the letter, an order from the Hokage that not even she could refuse, but she didn't quite know how to explain to the girl next to her that she was being called back to marry a six year old "He's young enough to be my grad son, what are they thinking"  She thought to herself. Hundreds of thoughts running though her head. She knew why they wanted her to come and become his wife, no doubt hopeful for a new generation of Senjus for the village, but she still couldn't believe that she would be one of MANY wives for such a young boy. She figured she could work it out once she got there, she grabbed Shizunes arm, before pulling her as she began to run towards the village "Come on Shizune, the sooner we get there, the sooner i can drink" She said as she pulled the young woman, quickly making her way towards her soon to be lover.

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