Just This Once

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Story 1: Just This Once

Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with?  Drabble.

Tags: Angst, slash, no sex


“That’s ridiculous, you’re a guy, how the hell could I possibly be in love with you?” But his voice shook, and he could tell by Naruto’s face that he didn’t believe him. He said nothing, but stared at Sasuke with a horrified look in his eyes. “Naruto, say something!” He yelled. “Why are you looking at me like that?” 


Sasuke’s nervousness was turning into full fledged panic. He had feared this day for so long. It wasn’t possible for him to keep this secret forever, eventually Naruto or someone else would figure it out, would notice that he could never keep a girlfriend, that he never slept with any of them, or that he only spent time with Naruto. He hadn’t expected it to come out this soon. It was too soon. He wasn’t ready to lose his best friend to emotions he had tried so desperately to control. “Naruto... please...” 


“How long?” Naruto’s voice was harsh and he flinched at the words. Rough hands seized his shoulders and slammed him into the wall. Sasuke gasped and the first tears fell silently down his cheeks. No. Please don’t take him From me. He couldn’t lose Naruto. “Always.” His voice was barely a whisper. “It was only ever you.”


His best friend stepped away from him and Sasuke grabbed at his shirt. “No, please! I’ll never do anything! I can keep it hidden. Please just forget.” He had never had to result to begging. He had never been this desperate. But no one had ever meant anything to him like Naruto did. He was the one constant in Sasuke’s life, the only bright point, the person who pushed him to be better, that never gave up on him. The only one. It was all slipping away. He couldn’t stop it. “Naruto, please don’t go.” 


But Naruto took another step back and Sasuke watched the fabric of the white shirt he was clinging to slip through his fingers in what felt like slow motion. Sasuke could feel every crack in his heart as it shattered like glass. Pain seemed to radiate outwards. “I’m sorry... I tried. I tried so hard...I promise... I tried... I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He was still staring at his now empty hand as he sank to the floor. Everything was gone. His entire wold was falling apart.




Naruto stared at his friend. It couldn’t be true. Sasuke was in love with him? There was no way. Sasuke would never keep a secret like that from him. That was ridiculous yes, what Sasuke had said. That’s lie. It’s written all over his face. Naruto was terrified as he looked at Sasuke. He’d never seen his dark friend like this, the fake laugh and smile as he denied his feelings, the panic in his eyes. It scared him. “How long!?” He was angry. He couldn’t understand what was happening. He pushed Sasuke into the wall, he wanted answers. 

Always? He thought back quickly, racking his brain, trying find something that would make all of this make sense:


A cold winters day many years when they had been sitting on a high bridge over a river. Sasuke had stood on the railing with one hand holding on for support as he leaned out, staring down at the cold icy waters below. “Stop that or you’ll fall, and I’m not jumping in after you.” Naruto has scolded him.

Sasuke has laughed, “Would you miss me?” He’d asked a glaring Naruto. “No.” He said to water. “How could you miss me with all those pretty girls around?” 


There was a flash of a summer night when he’d helped a very drunk Sasuke to get home safely. They had collapsed on Sasuke’s porch and pale arms had wrapped around his torso as those elegant features hid themselves in the fabric of his shoulder. Naruto attempted to dislodge him, but the arms held him tighter and a sad, soft voice whispered, “No... please... just this once... don’t let go.”



Neither of these memories had made sense at the time and Naruto had ignored them, but know the stood out so vividly in his mind. He stepped back in shock. Sasuke was crying. He’d never seen Sasuke cry. Naruto couldn’t hear his words. His heart was breaking at the look on Sasuke’s face. Pain. That was all it said. He took another step back. Guilt wracked his body. How could he have have been so blind. Always. His best friend had been in so much pain, and been so afraid for so long, and he hadn’t seen it. Sasuke was sinking to the floor in defeat, and all of his words seemed to reach Naruto’s ears at the same time as he lunged forward to catch his friend. I’m sorry, I tried. Please forget. Don’t go. 

No. He would never leave. He gathered Sasuke in his arms and held him tightly against his chest. 


“I love you.”





*this was something I had an idea for the past little while that just didn’t fit into any of my other story ideas. I really liked it. I wanted it to be felt, and at this time, while I feel the a plot would give it deeper meaning, any plot I had for it seemed to weight down and drag it back. So, left it in its raw form with no context, to be interpreted in any universe. The last words are meant to be uncertain as to which one of them said it. Perhaps one I’ll find the right story for it and I’ll rewrite it to have deeper meaning. Thank you for reading, dear reader.  





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