I Will Always Love You

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“Naruto.” Shikamaru’s voice calling his name brought the blond boy out of his wandering thoughts. He had been so tired that he’d barley paid attention to anything his friends were saying all day.

“Huh?” He asked, looking around the table at the faces of his friends, who where all staring at him with questioning faces. Naruto, Shikamaru, Sakura, Kiba, and Gaara, had formed a study group a few months prior to make it through midterms in Kakashi’s social studies class. 

“I said, the library is closed for the weekend, and we are weighing options of another place to study. Can we throw your name in for consideration? Would Iruka mind having us?”

Naruto blinked, confused, “Iruka?”

Sakura rolled her eyes at his absentmindedness, “Your guardian? What is with you today? It’s not like you to be so distracted.”

Naruto shook his, “Sorry, I meant why are you asking if Iruka would mind... I don’t live with him anymore...”

“What?!” Kiba shouted. A number of people around the library glared at him in irritation for interrupting their concentration. Kiba winced at his own forgetfulness of there present location and his next words were more of a hiss, “when did that happen?” 

“About a year and a half ago.” Gaara, who had yet to look up from his book to engage in the current discussion, answered the question for him. The rest of group all stared at him. 

“Has it been that long? And really none of you know that?” He was slightly hurt at the realization of how absent they were from his personal life. He knew he had told them, had even asked for help moving, which only Gaara had assisted in. 

“Um... so... where are you living then? Roommate?” Sakura asked tentatively. A faint, guilty blush crossed her cheeks. 

“Yes. Middle of town.” He said, somewhat shortly. “And to answer your other question, it’s probably fine to meet at me place, but I should run it by my roommate first. I doubt he will care but would appreciate the heads up.” The last part was said more to himself than tothe group. Gaara, however, responded with a snort. “Nah, I bet he’ll care,” he chuckled to himself. 

Naruto glared at him and was about to retort, but Kiba interrupted, “who is your roommate then?”

Naruto blushed, now this part he was aware he hadn’t told them. “Um... it’s Sasuke.” Gaara had put his book down to watch the spectacle unfolding before him, grinning. 

The rest of his friends stared at him dumbfounded. Kiba has opened his mouth, but before he could shout again, Shikamaru elbowed him in the ribs. “Sasuke? Uchiha, Sasuke? Who went to high school with us until he decided he was better than everyone else, broke Sakura’s heart when we were 15 and left? That Sasuke?!”

He said in a lower but still incredulous tone, massaging his ribs where Shikamaru jabbed him. 

“Yes.” Naruto replied simply. He was no longer looking at them, but was rummaging around in his back pack for his phone, before remembering that it was in his pocket. Naruto cared very little what his male friends thought of his living situation, but he was nervous to meet Sakura’s gaze. Pulling out his phone, he found he had a missed message from Sasuke already. “Food,” Was all it said. It had been received over an hour ago. Naruto replied, asking both about what kind of food he was wanting, and about the study group. “I don’t care.” Was Sasuke’s immediate and only response to both questions. Typical.

“He says he doesn’t care about the study group meeting at our place.” He informed them, finally looking up. Gaara chuckled again and Naruto ignored him. Naruto met Sakuras gaze. She was leaning forward on the table they were sitting around. One arm was folded while the other sat vertically supporting her pretty head as her chin rested on the back of her hand. Her gaze was inquisitive, but there was a slight smile playing at the corners of her mouth. That smile made him nervous, as did the glint in her emerald green eyes. 

“That guy was an asshole.” Kiba stated bluntly.

“Still is.” Gaara muttered, having returned to his book.

“You stayed in touch with him?” Kiba expression was one of bewilderment still.

“Obviously.” It was the first thing Shikamaru had said anything for awhile, and Naruto turned his head to face him. Shikamaru was leaning back in his chair, fingers laced behind his head in a casual, lazy manner. He was looking at Naruto but his face was expressionless. “He was my best friend, of course I stayed in touch with him.” Naruto was answering Kiba but his gaze didn’t leave Shikamaru, trying to read his face without success. Naruto sighed, he was tired, and had known that the announcement of having Sasuke Uchiha as roommate would not go over well. And if he was honest with himself, he was a little disappointed and hurt that it had taken so long to come out. He had kept it a secret, it probably should still be one, but it shouldn’t have been this easy. A year and a half... 5 years since they’d become friends again. So much had happened over those years that his friends knew nothing about...may never know anything about. He knew so much about his friends and their lives, did no one except Gaara ever wonder about his? “Look, regardless of my roommate, my place is open.” He began packing his books and paper into his backpack. Sakura looked concerned, and he felt a pang of guilt. He should have told her. She had loved Sasuke so much. But then again she had never bothered to ask about him or tried to get in touch with him, and hadn’t taken an interest in Naruto’s life either. Full of mixed emotions turned to his group, “I gotta go. Let me know what you decide about next meeting.” They all muttered some form of farewell, as he slung his backpack over one shoulder. He gave them a half hearted smile, and a thumbs up as a show of good faith, before turning and exiting the library. 

The air outside had a bitter cold edge to it and he pulled his coat closer. Naruto’s head was a mix of thoughts as he got into his beat up, old pick up and drove home. It was a 30 min drive from campus to home. He and Sasuke had found a place in the middle of the city, between both of their schools, but it meant that they both drive further than most other students to and from school. He was so distracted that he nearly forgot to stop for food. 

When he finally arrived home he found Sasuke asleep in the recliner. The sun was nearing the horizon and a warm glow filled the living room. The tv was on low, playing the evening news. The remote resting on Sasuke’s right thigh. Naruto went into the kitchen to put the food in the fridge. There wasn’t any food in the fridge as neither of them had gone shopping for several day. Sasuke must have been hungry to have been messaging him. He didn’t like to text. But if Sasuke was finally asleep, then Naruto wasn’t going to wake him. He returned to the living room. The sun had finished setting and the only light now came from the tv. He went to the blinds and closed them before walking over to his roommate. The light from the tv flickered across Sasuke’s tired face, and worry filled Naruto’s chest. The chair Sasuke was in was fully reclined. His bandaged left arm and leg were propped up on pillows. Naruto wondered if Sasuke had finally taken a pain killer in order to sleep, or if he had simply run out energy. Naruto checked the bandages as best he could with out touching the sleeping boy. No blood, that was good. Naruto grabbed one of the blankets from the back of the couch and carefully covered Sasuke with it, before grabbing another one and curling up on the couch to finish watching the news. It was still only 7:00, but he felt as tired as Sasuke looked. Neither of them had slept since coming home from the hospital the previous day. He watched the news anchors prattle on about some new anti government movement, and the cult that had risen up to protest recent laws, before he felt his phone go off. It was a text from Shikamaru. “You seem distracted, so I’m sure you forgot that the weekend starts tomorrow and that we were planning to meet every day as our midterm test is in 4 days. Your place tomorrow, 8 am?” Naruto wondered why Shikamaru even bothered to study. He was the smartest person that Naruto had ever met and easily the top of their class. He was smarter even than Sasuke. Nevertheless, Naruto responded and gave Shikamaru his address. It was 5 minuets before Naruto was also sound asleep. 





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