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Disclaimer: I don't own the Naruto series or any character. I am simply a fanfiction reader. I don't make any money writing this.

I confess that I'm a sucker of the Hinata/Raikage pairing. I know that many fans love NH (believe me, I also love NH), but I like to read Hinata being dominated by the kumo Kage. As there are few pieces containing the pairing, I have decided to contribute to it writing this oneshot, which contains a short lemon. I wish more people would write similar stories... Warnings: in this story the Raikage is starting a relationship with Hinata, and features the morning after their date, which ended in a sexual encounter in her house. English is not my first language, and this is also my first lemon (well, my first piece of fanfiction). I have heavily inspired in other lemons in order to write this. Thank you for your criticism. I hope you like it! 


The next morning, Hinata woke up to find that she was alone in her bedroom. Quickly, she remembered the events unfolded on the previous night. She didn't expect to get so drunk, nor to have sex with the former Raikage. Speaking of A... Hinata had to confess she had not foreseen to have such an amazing session of sex -she lost the count of how many times A had made her came. Hinata felt guilt clutch at her stomach, thinking about her recently dead husband, but she salivated at the thought of the Raikage's massive cock. Right now, there was a conflict in her mind: which was stronger, lust or guilt? They seemed pretty equal, but then, Hinata was alone at the moment.

This kind of thinking went on and on, when suddenly she heard two people speaking, more specifically one whining -her son, Boruto, the other laughing -the ex-Raikage. Then, her bedroom door opened, and Hinata came into view with A, who ported a sly smirk.

"My, my... I see you have waken up."

The Raikage walked the distance between them, and gave her a quick peck in the lips, which left Hinata speechless for a moment. Seeing that Hinata was a little confused, A decided to play a bit.

"Love... what about another round?"

His cock was big even though it was semiflacid now, and A smirk became wider as Hinata gave it a surprise look, her beautiful purple eyes wide as saucers. The signal was clear to A, he was going to give that incredible body of her a hell of a ride -and taking into account last night, she would love it. So, A leaned into another kiss which Hinata responded first uncertained, then with as much passion as possible. Raikage shuddered when he felt her hand squeeze his cock, making it even harder and bigger. After a couple of minutes of intense making out session, A felt the moment to breed come, so he stopped the kissing, picked his cock and tried to stuff it into her wet snatch. However, Hinata did not let him in.

"A, could I be on top? I want to give it a try..." she let out timidly.

"Of course, love" the Raikage quickly responded.

He salivated, he was on the point of seeing her glorious huge tits ride him, he was going to feast on them bouncing ridiculously, as the previous night he didn't have many chances to enjoy them. As the Raikage lied down in the bed, Hinata climbed on him, and then tried to penetrate herself with his massive cock. She was shuddering in excitement -she must confess that riding was the best position to bring her to orgasm, and A enormous cock apparently had a natural talent to make her cum.

Making herself comfortable, Hinata put the thick log on her lower lips, before slamming all the way in into her cunt. She screamed after the insertion, not because of the pain but for the pleasure. Hinata squeaked as her eyes rolled back on her head. It's ridiculous, she thought, just to insert his fat cock and I'm already on the verge of cumming. The Raikage was grinning to himself like an idiot, having seen how he already had Hinata completely dominated only with the start of the fucking. So, he decided to step up the game, and started thrusting up and down of her soaked cunt. Naturally, A was rewarded with louder screams of pleasure.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Hinata?"


A smirked, "I intend to, love. I'm going to fuck you till you can't walk. I'm gonna make you scream so loud that everyone in Konoha is gonna heard you."

Hinata gazed at A, her eyes glazed over with pure lust, still chanting his stud's name, cum tracing down her pussy lips and pouring into the Raikage's belly.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Yesssssss! Harder, hardeeeeer!"

A then placed his hands on her thick womanly hips, moving down to take her bouncing ass, increasing his pace. The sounds of her massive curves slapping against his hips filled the room. Hinata moaned lewdly as her eyes kept rolling up to the back of her head from absolute pleasure. She could not form words to express her emotions. All she could do was support the orgasmic assault she was receiving.

Seeing her free huge breasts bouncing back and forth, the Raikage licked his lips and put one pink nipple in his mouth, tasting it. This decided it for the pale-eyed milf, which exploded in a monstrous orgasm. Unfazed by her cumming, A continued violating her womb, now filled to the brim with his meaty joy. Half an hour later and half a dozen orgasms later -or so Hinata thought- A noticed himself near completion, and so he told to his fucked silly partner.

"Amazing, Hinata, only you can cling so tight to my cock"


"Only I can make you cum so much, don't you think, slut?"

"Ah! Ah! Yeees, only you! I love you so much, A!"

The Raikage chuckled, then groaned as he felt himself explode into her, shooting thick ropes of cum into her soaked pussy. Hinata could feel it filling her up to the womb. The sensation of her stud's warms cum flooding her insides make her explode into another mind-tearing orgasm, her entire body spasming, her huge breast heaving as she shuddered from the intense pleasure.

However, A was not done with the fucking yet. He withdrew his cock from her swollen pussy with a loud thud. Hinata groaned as she felt a river of her lovers cum flow out of her gaping pussy. She slowly got back onto her knees, wide eyed, breathing heavily as she inhaled the musky scent of the Raikage's enormous amount of cum. The blue-haired milf closed her mouth sighing, still shocked from her multiple orgasms.

"More, A, oh, give me more please!" she moaned.

"Now, now, calm down my love. I promised I would fuck you all day, and I will. But first, you have to earn it. Suck my cock!".

Hinata obeyed, getting down to her knees, and picking his huge prick with her hands, comparing his size to hers. I can't still believe it! His cock is as thick as my wrist, and so sooooo large. No wonder it makes me cum like crazy. Hinata was licking his lips in anticipation for another round of fucking. She woke up from her rumbling to A slamming his meat into her wet mouth. Quickly, she wrapped her luscious lips around the head, sucking and slurping on it like an oversized lollipop. She rolled her tongue around, savoring the taste of her own cum on the meaty log.

Next she began slowly bobbing her head up and down, each time trying to get more of A's cock down into her throat. It was slow work, because of the huge cock, but after a few minutes she had managed almost all his size in. Hinata breathed in his manly scent, moaning and rubbing her legs from excitement and pure lust. This made A groan at the sensation, but he needed more. He grabbed the back of Hinata's head, forcing his cock down her tight throat. Her eyes widened as she struggled for air, her slender neck bulged out at the monstrous intrusion.

Feeling that his cock now sported a massive hard on one more time, the Raikage began to withdraw his cock, coated and dripping with saliva until the large bulbous head was the last thing in her mouth.

"Have I earn my reward, A? Please, please, stick your big cock back into me, love."

"Well, yes, I'm pretty satisfied with your blowjob honey. Relax now. I would like to try a different position, not that I don't like your tits bouncing in front on me. Get on fours, Hinata. Prepare yourself"

Internally, A, was praising god. Disheveled hair, puffed snatch leaking cum, amazing body covered in sweat, breast breathing heavily... Hinata belonged to him. Her husband must have been turning in his grave right now. If only he had died many years before... Her body folded over and she balanced herself on her arms. Her back arched as she raised her ass in the air, presenting A with a view that many would kill to watch. A grinned wickedly shifting behind her, prepared to fuck her in the doggy style position. He positioned on the entrance, and entered her.

"Mmmm... mmmm... mmmm..."

Now Hinata was panting quietly. She's never had sex like this, so hard and brutal, and she was loving it. Naruto had always treated her like glass, making sure to be careful, as if she was going to break or something. He would whisper sweet things in her ear as they made love. And for a time Hinata believed that was the only way for two people to be intimate. But not A. No, he was vehement with his fucking, pumping himself inside with his massive cock, filling her to the brim, rubbing her clit every time.

Hinata never knew she could get off from this type of sex, but she did and it was wonderful. It was a thrilling sensation. She wanted to feel more of him so she voiced her desires.

"Moooore. Please, A. I want more. Give it to meee."

She looked over her shoulder, her lilac eyes glassy, concentrated lust while nibbling her bottom lip, making it all the more sexier to the stud which was giving her more orgasms in a day that she has had in a year. The way her cheeks flushed with desire, the way her azure dark bangs hovered over her shoulder made the Raikage's dick to painfully twitch. Hinata was so sexy that it hurt. Without warning, A withdrew from inside her, only to violently sheath his log back in.

"Aaaahhhh.... Yes, yes! Ohh A yeess!"

Hinata exploded in another orgasm, coating his dick with her nectar as her upper body collapsed on the bed, but he would not relent on his thrusts. Wanting to feel her huge breasts on this position, A leaned and cupped the heavy tits. Of all the women he has had, Hinata possessed the best breast. The combination of size, form, cute little nipples and gravity-defying mammaries made them legendary worldwide.

"Your breasts truly are something... they never stop to amaze me."

"Ahhh, you like them? You can ahhh, use them in whatever way you like aaaahhh. But pleeeaase, don't stop fucking me aaahh."

She had started to slam herself back into his cock, trying to match his speed. He quickly grabbed her thick juicy hips, her massive ass cheeks bouncing, increasing the rhythm. Hinata was making ear-splitting screams, A hitting her g-spot over and over. She picked a pillow to muffle her whining, feeling more orgasms coming.

"So good... sooo goooood... Ah ah ah ah... Cumming!" An idea formed in A's head, so he stopped the coupling, Hinata moaning in protest.

"Why did you stop?"

He lifted her up, putting her against the bed's headboard. She took the hint, wrapping her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck. The Raikage began to pump into her hard again. To hold back a scream, she bite down on his right shoulder, drawing out blood, but it didn't matter to A. He started to devour again that sweet mouth of her, violating her tongue and starting a fight for dominance. Hinata responded, not wanting to lose.

"Fuck, love." She couldn't take anymore, more orgasms kept coming.

"Cum for me!"  Hinata felt her eyes roll to the back of her head one more time, her ninth orgasm hitting hard.


"Louder, say my name louder!"

"A! Oh A!"

"You love it, don't you? Your husband died a month ago, and here you are, with a black cock up to your womb"

"YES! YES! I love it, I am your slut! Breed me! YES YES YEEES!"

All these dirty talking as well as her tight pussy was making it difficult for A not to cum again. He wanted the sex to last forever, because Hinata was so fucking sexy and desirable, but it was impossible. A came again, lots of his thick cum filling her womb, rope after rope. His cum caused her to came one last time, calling it for the day of rough fucking. Putting his huge cock back on his pants, the Raikage pecked his lovers lips and stared lovingly into her beautiful lavender-tinted eyes, which were heaving after the effort.

"Thank you, A.Could we sleep a few hours? I am truly exhausted..."

"Of course. I love you, Hinata"

"I might love you as well, A."

The kumo nin smiled cynically, thinking. Well, after the orgasmic mess I have just reduced you, of course you love me, slut. Oh, I regret very much all the time lost. If only I had Naruto killed many years before... I would have breed your incredible pussy sooo much.



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