The Uzumaki Clan

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Hiruzen let out a sigh. "Fine, we will vote on your case at the beginning of next moth, but be aware that you will require a unanimous vote as you don't meet the standard size requirement for a clan." he said as he marked an official document.

Kushina took the document and looked at all the spaces where she would need signatures, it was a lot of people. "Thank you Hokage-sama, I'll be sure to get all the required votes." She said, before turning to the rest of the room. She bowed at the waist, her red hair spilling fowards. "Honorable councilers I look foward to speeking with you all, I am sure I can show you that making the Uzumaki family a clan will bring good fortune to the village and your own interests." She said, standing up and leaving as she finished her part.

The second she left the room she tore off into a sprint. Chakra powered he feet as she sprinted back to her apartment. She threw the door open and saw a large busty blond standing there with a small bundle. She let out a sigh of relief. All the attacks had made her paranoid and she couldn't even activate the old seals as only the hokage's family and clan members could set up harmful defences on private property.

Tsunade turned and saw the younger woman walk in. Kushina tore off her flack jacket, the one size fits all unisex vest idea may be fine for men, but men have fairly standard chest sizes. As the jacket left her the shirt underneeth seemed to inflate as her now freed breasts breathed for the first time in hours. Tsunade looked on in amusement, She had faced similar difficulties and there was nothing that made an annoying situation better than seeing someone else have to deal with it too.

"Thank you Tsunade." Kushina said as she melted into the couch. Her tank top and biker shorts making it clear that she had no undergarments as her nipples and deep camletoe became visable to the blond medic. 

"Don't worry Kushina, Naruko's a little angel. I'll look after her whenever you need a hand, now tell me about the meeting." Tsunade said as she put the baby down in a cradel and walked behind the new mother.

As Kushina talked Tsunade gave her shoulders a rub down. Using her medical skills to relax the muscles. As she did she got a nice view of the redhead's nipples, the tanktop loose enough to show them off from a top down angle. The blond began to rub lower, touching kushina's shoulderblades and sides. She started to grind her pussy against the back of the couch as she listened. The back of the couch coming up to the perfect height to stimulate her clit.

"So you need votes from all the clan heads, the elders, the civilian members, the Hokage, and all three sanin." Tsunade said after Kushina finished the story.

"No I thought it was just the  Clan heads and the Hokage?"Kushina half said half asked. Unsure of herself at the moment.

Tsunade walked over and sat down next to her, pulling the woman into a one armed hug and speaking out, "No thats not quite true. Due to the unplanned switch of hokage we are technically under wartime law. That means full council whenever possible, and unfortunatly because we aren't actually at war, it will be possible." The redhead sunk down further, melting into the busty blond. Tsunade looked down and her heart began to speed up. "I'll tell you what Kushina. I'll give you my vote, the senju clan's vote, and I'll throw in some babysitting for the little one. On one condition."

Kushina sat up straight and turned to her friend, "Really, would you? Oh thank you so much! I promise I can do whatever you need. Nothing's too much for all you did for me and Naruko." Kushina said with a look of joy and determination. At the words 'Whatever you need' and 'Nothing's too much' Tsunade could feel herself get wet.

"Really, Im so glad Kushina." And immediatly as she said this she turned to the redhead and shoved two fingers into her womanhood. Pushing the tight fabric of the shorts up into her crotch. Before Kushina could even process what had happened a shock went through her body and she couldn't move. Tsunade carried her to the bedroom with ease and began to strip them both. The redhead lie motionless as her swollen tits were shown off. Next came her shorts, showing off a tangle of red hair and a pair of tone legs, all surronded by a large ass. Tsunade saw the stretch marks from her pregnancy and grinned. This was visable proof that the womb in front of her could carry children. Tsunade stripped herself and if she could move, Kushina's mouth would have dropped. Tsunade had massive tits. Ther sloshed around with suprising firmness for their size and the woman's tone stomach and slightly muscled arms made her a very lewd sight.

"You see Kushina here's the thing. I'm the last senju, but I can't carry kids. See while I can mostly remain young and youthful," She gestured to her tone body as she said this, "a woman's eggs are limited. Fortunatly I'm the world's best medic so I found a way around that." At this she reached down for her crotch and began to let out green chakra from her hands. "See men and women start off pretty much the same, Men's nipples are just underdeveloped breasts, and a woman's clitoris is just an equally underdeveloped penis." At this the glow from her hands faded and a large, veiny, dripping cock was visable. "See men never run out of sperm, so with some overclocked regeneration and a bit of DNA manipulation, I can get a woman pregnant."

Tsunade looked down at the red bush and frowned slightly. While pubic hair was perfectly normal it was annoying to deal with when giving oral and she really hoped the night would end with some fun. A blue sharp glow surrounded her hand and dove at the bush. Kushina almost flinched at the mere thought of a chakra razor near her labia but her captor was the world's best surgeon and soon Kushina could geel a cold breeze on her pubic mound as it was now bald. Tsunade got down on the bed and picked Kushina up. After some manuvering and some manhandeling of the paralyzed woman, Tsunade was laying on her back with Kushina lying frozen on top of her.  Kushina was shaking and tears were dripping down her cheeks. She was going to be raped and impregnated by one of her only remaining friends. She started to sob at the thought when a delicate hand cupped her cheek. 

"Don't worry Kushina. I'm not going to keep your nerves locked off. It's your choice in the end. I just needed time to explain without you inturrupting with a question or freaking out." As she said this Tsunade pushed her other hand into the young woman and released the jutsu. She kept her fingers inside the woman and started pumping as her thumb rubbed on Kushina's clit. "Just remember, you need a unanimous vote and to get mine you need to let me fuck you until you pop out a few kids." As Tsunade said this Kushina thought of how many times her baby had already been attacked. Naruko held half of the Kyuubi and that had somehow become publicly known. They attacked the two women with vigor to try and slay the demon, not knowing that until then Kushina had held the whole demon with no issue, and still had half even now.

Her mind made up Kushina looked to Tsunade. "Ok, I accept your deal. Just go ahead and get it over with." She closed her eyes and heard Tsunade's laugh.

"Hey there now, don't go acting all mean just because of this. You're still one of my best friends who isn't dead or one of my perverted teammates." Tsunade gave her a kiss and licked up the tears from earlier. "Just because I'm going to fuck you stupid and impregnate you, doesn't mean we won't still have fun like normal. We'll just also be having some of this kinda fun on the side." And with that The woman used her strength to lift the redhead up and drop the frozen woman on her pulsating shaft.

Kushina froze up and could do nothing as she was used to jerk the blond off. The sanin's strength letting her lift Kushina with such ease that she was practically jacking herself off in the redhead's pussy. Tsunade was enjoying herself but not as much as she thought she would. Sure it was a nice pussy but Kushina was frozen like a dead fish. If she was crying in pain or going along with it, then it would be hot. But just in the middle and unresponsive was dull.

Suddenly the pair flipped and kushina was spun. Rotating while still on the massive cock, her body was swung so fast that her legs shot out like propeler blades. It was ridiculous but went to showcase how much power the medic really had. Kushina was face down and being plowed into the bed, Her ass was slapped by Tsunade's hips with every thrust. Suddenly they were slapped with a hand and she spun around only to see the blond looking annoyed.

"You know the more boring you make it the more you're going to get fucked. Stop being so damn boring." And with that Tsunade leaned foward and grabbed Kushina's tits. A green glow filled the sacs and then the groping hands began to twist and pinch. Milk started leaking out at a startiling pace as the blond continued to fuck her, now grabbing her tits and squeezing milk out with each pull foward.

Kushina cried out and Tsunade grinned. Suddenly she got an idea and took up a more uniform pace so she could focus. In an odd combination of regenerating a limb, and also keeping one alive before reattaching it, she managed to sprout a second dick. Tsunade began to take longer strokes until her cock head was right outside the pussy she'd been fucking. In an instant she did four things things. She dropped the second dick down, reached down to the redhead's pussy with one hand, used medical chakra to rebuild her hymen and repair all damage from recent childbirth, and then finally speared the woman with both of her cocks. One in the ass and one in the new virgin pussy.

Kushina was on her elbows at this point and felt an odd sensation before pain hit her. She shakily looked down past her leaking tits and saw her pussy bleeding. The pain was enough that it took her a second to feel that her ass was also full. "Wh-Wha" She stammered out.

"Congratulations on losing your virginity again, oh and your anal virginity. Isn't medical ninjutsu the best?" And with that the Blond went back to pounding the woman under her. Her pussy much tighter and her asshole almost painfully so. The redhead howled out in pain and the blond tied her pain receptors in her crotch and ass to her pleasure receptors before slapping her ass hard.

Kushina was panting now. It hurt but it hurt so fucking good. She was panting at this point as two cocks filled her, one hand milked her, and another spanked her now red ass. Tsunade reached over and pulled two fistfulls of red hair before she started cumming in the woman under her. She quickly let go with one hand and put it to her own crotch. The green glow covering both dicks, slightly calming the pleasure receptors and locking the sperm production in overdrive.

Kushina was filling up with sperm. Her ass and pussy seemed to have a stream of it flying up them and it wasn't stopping. Nore was the pounding. Tsunade saw Kushina's belly start to inflate, either because her womb was filling or her actual stomach was. It didn't matter as it turned her on and she began fucking the poor holes even harder. At this point Kushina looked pregnate again and she was feeling sick. For some reason the stream of cum sped up like a fire hose and she couldn't keep it down. She threw up and a stream of cum erupted from her mouth. For some fucking reason this made Tsunade even hornier and Kushina began to pass out. Her unconcious body was continuiously used for another ten minutes or so, Tsunade with one hand to shake the girl's entire body and using the other to ensure she didn't die from the stream of cum flowing through her body and out her mouth.

Tsunade put the woman down and looked at her work. Kushina's pussy was gushing cum back out and there was already a puddle of it flowing off the bed from all the seed that flew out her mouth. Tsunade let the cocks shrink away and decided to spend the night. She began to lay down next to the blond. They lay there in the puddle of cum and Tsunade grabbed the limb body in her arms. Kushina was forced to bend as if spooning while facing tsunade. Her back arching foward at an angle that would have been painful in the morning if she wasn't flexible and the owner of a healing factor. 

Tsunade began to make out with her new fuckbuddy. She loved the taste of her own sperm and the stimulation from making out with a woman she had fucked unconcious was nice too.  She entwined their legs together and felt the swollen stomach press against her own. Tsunade wrapped her arms around Kushina and gave her a squeeze. The feeling of the cum engorged stomach against her own was perverse in a very odd way.

Cum began squirting out of Kushina at a rapid rate. Some of it coming out of her mouth and directly into Tsunade's still active kiss. The rest of it shot out of her lower holes, spraying Tsunade's slit and pussy. The medic licked her lips and began to dryhump her fuckbuddy, cum pumping out of Kushina from both ends with every thrust. Eventually her stomach emptied but cum was still leaking from her pussy. 

Tsunade decided that it was an apt time for more strange uses of chakra to do kiny deeds. She pulled Kushina's ass into the air to keep the cum inside. Then she placed her hands on the cum coated labia and spread them wide, using chakra to stick them in their wide open place. Taking care to keep Kushina upside down, Tsunade reached her hands to her own Ignored pussy and pulled her own lips apart before locking them open with chakra.

Tsunade stood up, threw one leg over Kushina's waist, and accidentally stepped on the redhead's tit. Milk splashed out and Tsunade blushed at her clumsyness, while reminding herself to fix the modifications to Kushina, otherwise the woman would be producing milk at ten times the normal rate and would feel pleasure whenever her pussy was abused. 

Turning back to her origional task, Tsunade lined up the two spread open pussies and pushed them together. Scissoring the readhead's open tunnel with her own. Then with another application of chakra they were sealed together. Tsunade began to lie back down, shivering in delight as her own cum seeped into her open cunt. 


The light hit Kushina's eyes as a strange noise hit her ears. She looked up and saw a young fifteen year old girl with her hands to her face and mouth open in shock. Her flat but spiky black hair and dark eyes told Kushina it was Shizune, Tsunade's apprentance. Why was the girl scream- Oh.

Kushina looked down and saw the mess from last night. It all came back to her. She tried to get up but found herself stuck to Tsunade by the hips. The blond sat up with tired eyes and looked at the two women freaking out in front of her.

"What are you two yelling about?" She asked as she let go of the chakra surrounding her lower half. Instantly Kushina was free and sat up herself.

"T-tsunade sama, what are you doing!" The girl said, nervous at first and seeming annoyed at the end. Tsunade let out a groan and sat up fully.

"We were fucking" Tsunade said with a deadpan expression. The girl's face flushed and she stamped her foot down. Absentmindedly Kushina noticed from the sound that the girl was wearing ninja heels. It was kinda cute.

"What do you mean Tsunade sama!" The girl demanded and crossed her arms. Tsunade let out a loud groan and grabbed Kushina by the hips. Suddenly Kushina was flying back and found herself impaled on the two giant cocks once more. 

Kushina's back arched as her insides were stretched out. "Oh my god not so fucking fast." She cried out as her back arched in pleasure and pain. Tsunade shoved her hand into Kushina's mouth to silence her and looked over her shoulder to Shizune.

"This is what I mean." The girl said nothing in response and Tsunade rolled her eyes. The hand left Kushina's mouth and a chakra string shot out it's pointer finger before attaching to shizune's robe. With a flick it was torn off. The girl let out a squeek and two more fingers flew, shredding her panties and bra aswell.

Kushina looked at the girl and felt a little aroused. She had a streamlined athletic body and was perversly young. While the general age of consent was only 13, additional laws for civilians pushed it up to 16 for them. So while legally able to engage in intercourse, it was still taboo and naughty for Kushina to be looking at her like this. Which is what made it so hot.

With her cockwarmer(Kushina) distracted by her slut in training(Shizune) Tsunade began to work her magic with her free hand. Growing Kushina's clit until it made itself into a dick. With her other hand Tsunade sent out two more chakra strings and pulled Shizune in to them.

"W-wait, p-p-please n-no." Shizune cried out as she was dragged over. However even Tsunade's finger was stronger than the girl's full might, and she was quickly impailed on Kushina's new cock. The two of them began to thrash and flail, trying to let the black haired girl excape. Tsunade was having none of that and with both hands attached chakra strings to their limbs.

Tsunade may not be a puppet master by any means, however the phrase "Know Thy Enemy" was one ninja lived by, and her largest role in the war had been combating the suna ninja troops due to their poisons. Needless to say the two in front of her were at her mercy.

Kushina was in heaven. Honestly she should have felt worse but the whole 'human puppet' thing had resolved any guilty feelings she had. The girl's tears had always been a turn on but it was buried under the guild they caused, now the just made her harder inside the tight tight pussy. 

Oh and on top of that there were two amazing dicks inside of her, their owner's massive tits pressed into her back as they all sat there stacked up. Suddenly there was a crack of smoke and three clones of Tsunade appeared, as the origional pulled the pile apart.

Shizune lay there, crying with blood dripping out her pussy. Tsunade walked over to her and looked down. "Now, you'll be a good apprentice and do what I say. Otherwise I'm making three clones and we'll all shove a dick into your pussy. You won't die or anything. Ill make sure of that, however you'll be ruined forever." Shizune gave a small nod that broke out into a sob, and was rewarded with a kiss on the lips. A quick one at that. 

Suddenly Tsunade's hands were on Shizune's crotch and a dick sprang forth. Two clones ran up behind the young redhead women and the small girl, and promptly began fucking them with two dicks each. Tsunade herself let her own dicks shrink and began to finger herself. As the clones fucked the two girls on the bed, Tsunade walked up while using another medical ninjutsu on herself.

Kushina and Shizune suddenly felt a hand grab each of their cocks and Tsunade pressed their heads to her nipples. To their shock the nipples sarted to stretch out and over, before their dicks were pushed inside and swollowed by the massive tits.

Tsunade's eyes had rolled back into her head. Her tongue was out and she was drooling like mad. This was glorious. As her clones rammed into the girls it pushed them back and fowards, pistioning their cocks while in her nipples. 

She was barely concious as her last clone picked her up by the legs, making her body go parallel with the floor, front held up by her tits as they were speared by two dicks. The clone started fucking it's master and the movement increased the intensity of the nipple fucking on the other side.

The six of them made an odd but erotic sight. A tan young redhaired beauty and a petite yet very attractive young girl. Both of them held up by clones of one of the most attractive women in the nation, her massive tits pressed into their backs. Furthermore those clones had two dicks each, and they were spearing the two beauties with unholy vigor.

On the other side of the two was an equally erotic sight. Their faces twisted in awe and pleasure as their dicks were pushed into the nipples of the origional blond. The sanin's nipples were opened impossibly wide thanks to her ninjutsu and the beauties' dicks thrust in and out of the massive tits, squirting milk with every push. The sensation had made the blond "fucked stupid" and that effect was likly escilated by the final copy of the blond. 

Then part two hit. One after another they all began to cum, and thanks to more medical ninjutsu antics, no one stopped. At this point Shizune had both of her hands around the massive tit and was fucking it angrily. "You fucking bitch, you stole my first time. Ill make your fucking tit explode with cum." However even as shizune tried to pump her master full of cum, her own ass and pussy were overflowing from the clone infront of her.

Kushina was howling in pleasure and was currently making out with the clone behind her. She hadn't turned around or anything, her back was simply arched to the point her head could face back and upside down, and the two engaged in a battle of tongues.

Tsunade's tits were somehow bigger, Shizune's ideas apparently working to an extent. Her face was erotic enough on it's own without the rest of the scene, her tongue out dripping drool, her eyes rolling back and tears streaing down her face. She had done a little too well it seemed.

Kushina was the first to pass out, and when she awoke she found herself between master and student, the young girl's cock in her mouth with the blond filling her two lower holes. She then realized she was tied to the bottom of the kitchen table and the two were playing cards.

The table rocked slowly as the two used her like a cum dump. Suddenly tsunade screamed in rage and threw the cards down. In her rage she began to fuck Kushina violently. Shizune giggled as the force was enough to shove her dick into the back of Kushina's throat.

Kushina decided to just go with it and with a glint of mischief in he eyes, clamped down with her abdomin and started twirling her tongue. The two at the table let out a cry of suprise and began to cum. Well if you can't beat em, join em.

2 votes down, many to go. 

AN: Im posting a list of the planned partners of Kushina, I'll mark people off as I go but if you have any ideas for someone on the list who hasn't gone yet, I'll look into adding it if it seems good and fits. The more Ideas I have for a particular encounter the sooner I'll write it so thats also a way to get the chapter you wanna see moved up the list. Final bit, if there are enough ideas for a person who has already had their turn they'll probably have a return chapter. As of now about half the cast already has a second appearence planned so post any ideas that you think up.

Rough Encounter List


Aburame (maybe, might skip them)

-Other Signatures Needed-
Elders(Maybe, might have them send her to kumo as a diplomat)
Danzo (He counts as an elder but will have a seperate chapter)
Civilian Representatives

-Non Clan Vote encounters-
Mei Terumi (She will come to visit Kushina and might get wrapped up in a few encounters)
Raikage(If sent to Kumo)
Angry Civilians(They break in and a "Don't hurt my baby, ill do anything" situation follows)
Kyubi (He won't get out but Kushina might get stuck in her head for a while)

-Timeskip/Epilogue Encounters
Naruko x a Lot of people
Hinata+Naruko vs Hyuuga Clan

Thats all I have planned. If you think of ideas for people without encounters planned, bring them up. If theres enough Ideas they might get a chapter, or If theres a lot of really good single ideas for multiple people I might do a bonus round of short encounters at the end in one chapter.

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