Breaking The Pale Eyed MILF

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"When I was your age I was running outside like a normal kid!" Naruto yelled into his computer from his seat in the Hokage office. His son let loose a scream of rage and the last thing he could see was the keyboard rush up to the camera as his son's video feed cut out. Naruto fell back with a sigh. His son was such a brat, always causing problems and taking him away from his work. Couldn't the little shit understand that being the Hokage was much more important than missing a few birthday parties, or spending most nights sleeping in his office. He spun around and looked out the glass windows. He honestly couldn't remember when he had last slept in his own bed. Maybe he would go home, sometime. In a week or so. Maybe.

Boruto tore his phone out from his bag and slapped his laptop back open. He closed the video chat and opened up an old file of his on the computer. Scrolling through he selected the things he needed and opened them up so transfer them. Hopped out of his chair and looked around for his cord. As Boruto searched his room for the USB adapter the images and videos began to load up.

The screen showed a shaky image, as if the photographer had dropped his camera in surprise as he took the photo. It showed a pale figure sitting on a red couch. The blurry figure was completely nude, and their  legs spread out almost in a split. The figure's legs almost span from one arm to the other on the sofa. The picture is from slightly behind and above and the front of the person is mostly blocked from sight. The only other details noticeable are the short blur of blue hair, the tip of the figure's breasts as it's back is arched, and the fact that the room was identical to the downstairs living room.

As the pictures progress they increase in quality and more and more videos begin to show up. There's a vertical image looking straight up into a pair of beige panties pressed between two long white legs, all surrounded by the purple pleated fabric of a skirt. Another image taken from an angle opens. Its taken from the top of the bathroom wall cabinets, as if hidden up where no one would look. The picture shows the same woman in the first image, She's looking away into the mirror and showing off her backside in clear detail.  Her shoulders are pulled back as if stretching and looking to the side of her back, it is obvious why. The profile of a massive breast peeks out from her front. Her back is arched and water flows down her spine and continues down into the curves of an ass large enough to match her tits. The woman has her hands on her cheeks, and is squeezing them slightly. Their fingers almost align with red fingerprints from an earlier self-grope. The flushed skin stands out like a light against the pale creamy skin. Her front is reflected in the mirror but blurrier than the first image from the steam. The only detail that can be noticed are her nipples, they stand out in the blurry image like bright pink dots of color.

Finally the first video starts to play. Its the same bathroom, taken from a place on the floor. The sides of the toilet in the edge of the shot makes the camera's hiding place behind the seat obvious. Suddenly the door opens and a pair of dainty nude legs walk in. It quickly shuts the door and slides down. The camera is too low to catch more than the bottoms of the breasts but that doesn't matter. As the figure sits on the tile floor its legs open wide to reveal a magical sight. A pair of tiny pink lips surround a vertical slit, the skin around them flushed. The figure shifts around, spreading its legs wider and setting down a jar and some cloth covered sticks. As this happens her pussy is clear in the camera's view. 

The shapely spread legs create a background for the arousing image, the tendons that connect to her groin are pulled tight from her almost split, and  draw a pathway right to her prize. Above the slit is a small hood and a patch of skin covered in short blue hair. Slender hands reach down, and begin to rub the area with water, cleaning herself off and digging her fingers into every crease and nook, briefly dipping past her lips and rubbing under the hood on top.

The hand pulls away before returning covered in warm wax. It paints a long strip along inside of her thigh. The figure sits there a moment before pulling it back. A patch of reddened but smooth skin is revealed. The figure flinches with the act, but quickly gathers another mound of wax. The process continues, moving around and in towards the center. By the end of the video her pussy is bald and smooth. The hand rubs the red skin before getting up and leaving.

Next is a series of images. Through a crack in a bedroom door the woman is visible, thrusting into her bed. In the next image she has pulled back and another woman is under her, connecting them is a fleshy hard penis that seems to be where the top woman's pussy should be. After various images of the woman partially in or out the one on bottom locks her long pale legs around the blue haired beauty and there's a puff of smoke, leaving only the same woman on her back, legs spread wide and her pussy empty as her own shadow clone henged with a dick disperses due to her inability to concentrate.

The final video comes from the perspective of the television back in the living room this time with sound. It picks up after the action has started. Her legs are spread out like in that first blurry image, but her body is tilted at an angle this time. One leg lies out on the couch, the other is pulled straight up into the air and locked behind her arm. In the hand of that arm is a pair of cum stained boy's boxers, a bright lightning blue like a lot of Boruto's clothing. The undergarments are held up to her face and covering the top half, all that's visible is a ruby red bottom lip and a tongue that darts out to clean the salty dried sperm off the fabric with a soft moan of delight.

Her free hand is grasping a large purple dildo at it's base. It spears into her with reckless abandon making obscene wet noises as it churns her insides. Diving in from the movement of her hand, before quickly pulling back out, the pink lips hugging the shaft as it leaves.

"ah.. ah.. aaAh." She starts softly panting before suddenly rising in pitch and volume, as she does she flips a switch at the bottom of her toy. The dildo whirs to life but it isn't obvious what it is doing until her pussy overflows and the fake cum spills out. Her second hand is rubbing her clit rapidly and her still raised leg is shaking, toes curled, then wrapping the limb around the back of the couch she lifts her body up in a seizure of pleasure. As her spine arches and her pussy is lifted off the couch and into the air, one leg on the seat and the other raised behind to anchor her in place.

The dildo falls and the gluey fake sperm pours out of her slit at a faster pace. She crashes back down and her face is now visible. A pair of pale eyes flutter open as Hinata Hyuuga Uzumaki moans softly with a melodic tone. her hand still lazily rubbing her vagina. Her flushed chest rises with her heavy breathing as the 'cum' flows out of her reddened lips.

She reaches down for the dildo and flips another switch. It begins to hum and vibrate. She touches it to her entrance and lets out a sigh of relaxation. Suddenly the sound of the door opening breaks the scene. Hinata quickly sits up with panic in her eyes. She throws a basket of laundry on the floor to cover the puddle before sitting back into the couch. As rapid footsteps are heard she flashes through a set of handsigns. While the room likely shifted back to normal for all there at the time, genjutsu has no effect on a camera or it's recordings.

Himawari runs in and latches onto her nude mother. With a cry of joy. The force shoves her back and her face goes slack for a second. As the little girl buries her face into her mother's nude breasts her chatter is muffled by the flesh enough for the mic to pick up a humming noise. In her panic Hinata had hidden the vibrator in the closest hole around, and it was still on.

The scene continued on. Himawari spun around in her mother's lap and began to kick her legs on the side of the couch as she talked about her day. The video showed the nude mother's legs on either side of her unknowing daughter, both of them sitting in a puddle of sticky fluid as the elder tried not to react to the vibrator literally buried inside her. At one point the vibrations get to be too much and Hinata cant help moving. She rubs herself up against the figure in front of her ever so slightly. There they sit and the contrast between the innocent girl and her sinful mother, makes the woman's lewdness all the more apparent. Eventually Himawari got up and left, her thighs and butt covered in the white mess.

As soon as she left Hinata flashed through another set of handsigns and the area went mute. She let out a silent scream as she curled into a fetal position and her hands flew to her crotch. She pulled the toy out with a swift motion, her lips followed the leaving dildo as her body refused to let go. By the time it was out she had reversed her position from curled up to thrusting her hips up towards the ceiling, her pelvic bone pushed against her tight skin as her legs shook before she fell into a boneless and unconscious mess.

A few minutes after Boruto can be seen running downstairs with a massive hard on visible through his pants. He pushes his mother back onto the couch and lies her flat. He begins to jerk himself off to the sleeping body. He moves down and touches his head to her slit, not going any farther but still pumping up and down on his shaft. Suddenly he cums and his seed shoots up her hole. As he pulls back the stream of false cum now seems whiter in color as it mixes with his sperm. He covers her with a blanket and hikes his shorts back up. His eyes dart around before he walks over to the television and reaches out to stop the recording. 

As the on screen Boruto does this the real one throws a clenched fist into the air from under a pile of loose electronics. In his hand is the adapter cord that he swore he had three of, but had taken ten minutes to find a single one. He runs over and begins to put all of the pictures and images into a single video file. At the last minute he adds a few more in before taking the finished 'movie' and copying it to his phone titled "Home movie". 

Now he just had to wait till the next day. Kurenai was only over on Mondays, Hokage-Sama hadn't been back in weeks and even if he did decide to show up it wouldn't be until hours later, Himawari would go off to play with some friend or to some Saturday junior-high classes, and thus the house would be totally empty except for him and his mother.

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AN2: I usually use GoogleDocs for all my writing but I sometimes use that for class so I don't really want any 18+ materials on there. Because of that all of my writing besides this, and the second chapter of “Helping a Friend” (Hina/Saku/Naru threesome with more plot) have all been written using the text box on the site. Which is clunky and has no spell check to speak of. As of now I'm using Open Office so should look less like it was written by someone just learning how to write english.


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