The Secret Mission

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Hey everyone! Here is another story to dd to the collection! This was a challenge fic from an awsome fan, Rich. He had an idea and chose me to bring it to life, and here I am lol. Thank you for the support and I hope I don't disapoint! As always, please let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy <3 <3 <3

P.S. This one is kind of short to just give you an idea lol 


          I woke up to my phone ringing off the hook next to my bed and I groaned. I grabbed it without thinking and answered it “Hello?”, Lady Tsunade’s voice rang in my ears “About time! I have been trying to reach you!” I looked over at the body lying next to me and sighed “Yeah, I kind of had a long night. What’s up?” she sighed “Get ready, find Naruto, and get in here. I have a mission for you both”. Without warning she hung up, and I looked at my phone for a second. She could at least say please. I stood up and stretched, turning towards my bed “Naruto, get up. We have a mission” he stirred for a second before lazy blue eyes met mine “Damn, really?” I shrugged “Hurry up she’s not in a good mood”. He stood up and I watched him try to find his clothes on my floor. We weren’t dating, but we enjoy each other every now and again. His body was more toned and firm since he returned with Jiraiya, making it hard to not notice him. Every girl in the village started to take notice, I was the only one who did something about it.

                We got dressed and I locked the door behind us. Naruto stretched and his shirt lifted, revealing scratch marks on his lower back. I bit my lip as I thought of last night, and walked past him “Come on, we can’t keep her waiting”. We knocked on the door and walked in after she told us to. She had a bottle of Sake on her desk and a huge stack of papers beside her. She was rubbing her head and growling “You guys finally made it” we bowed “Sorry for the wait, my lady” Naruto sighed “What is it grandma? I was enjoying my sleep”. She threw a book at him and he dodged it, looking at her carefully “Stop calling me that, brat!” he chuckled “Yeah, yeah, just get to it”.

                She sat down and looked between us “You two are going to the village Suntra. The prince needs escorted here so we can make negotiations on weapons and money” Naruto nodded “Suntra is the village who creates weapons of war, right?” Tsunade smiled “yes, and the prince needs you to bring him here. If word got out that he was traveling alone, there would be ninja trying to capture him for ransom” Naruto squinted at her “This happen often?”. I closed my eyes and fought back the frustration he caused me. Tsunade wasn’t far behind “No, but they have had threats to take the prince. Suntra is a very wealthy village and enemies have been trying to find anything they can to get their hands on the riches” I sighed “It’s alright, we accept the mission”. She nodded “Good, Naruto go get your bags packed and meet Sakura at the gates in 30 minutes” he shrugged “Yeah, alright. I’ll meet you there”.

                I stayed behind after Naruto left and Tsunade cleared her throat “Sakura… there is one, small detail about the mission you need to know. Kind of like a secret mission in the mission” I raised a brow and folded my arms “And that would be?”. Tsunade shifted uncomfortably and then met my gaze “We want the Prince to be more than willing to negotiate when they get here. It takes a week to get there and back, so you have a week to complete this. You must do anything, and I mean ANYTHING the Prince asks you to do…catch my drift?” I looked at her for a second, then it hit me and my jaw slacked “Really?”. Tsunade rubbed her head “yes, really. Please Sakura, we need this to work and he will accept our offer easily if we give a little extra. So… do you mind doing this for us? Or do we need to find someone else?” I clenched my jaw and forced a smile “No… I will do it”. She beamed “Thank you Sakura. Naruto is to not know about this at all”. I bowed “Understood, anything else my lady?” she stood “No, your dismissed. Please, be safe out there”. I walked out the door and took a deep breath, thinking this just got a lot harder.

                I met Naruto at the gate a little while later; a couple girls stopped to talk to him. He smiled and laughed, then looked up to find me walking towards them. He waived “Hey, you made it on time” I scoffed “I should be saying that to you”. The girls eyed me and then looked at Naruto “See you later Naruto” they purred, and walked away; looking back occasionally. I folded my arms “Really?” he shrugged “What? You jealous?” I rolled my eyes “Keep dreaming”, he motioned to the gates “Come on, let’s get going”.

                We headed towards Suntra and was silent for a little while, then he spoke up “You alright? You seem a bit tense?”, I chewed my lip “Fine”. However, I wasn’t fine at all. I had to keep this a secret and make sure Naruto didn’t find out. Meanwhile, I had to do anything the prince wanted me to do for him… even if it meant sexual nature. I didn’t have many partners… okay I did, but it was better than Ino’s! How the hell am I going to ‘entertain’ a PRINCE. He’s probably had many women, and I am no prize in his eyes. I bet he’s gorgeous, and here I am, plain jane. Naruto hit my arm lightly “I know your lying” I looked at him and shrugged “I don’t know… I just hope the prince isn’t an asshole. Royalty tends to be that way” Naruto let out a short laugh “Yeah, tell me about it. Let’s just escort him and get it over with”.

                When nightfall hit, we decided to camp out and get some rest. Naruto pitched the tent and I went to gather firewood. When I came back he was leaned over the fireplace he finished making and was placing ingredience for dinner next to the fire. His body moved slowly, and my eyes were glued to his arms and chest under his shirt. When he looked over he grinned, making me bite my lip “Did you get the firewood?” I nodded “Uhm, yeah I got it”. He stood up and strolled towards me, taking the wood from my hands and returning to the pit. He placed the wood in a tiki shape, and placed some moss underneath. We always brought a lighter with us so he went ahead and lit it up, blowing on it gently to get it started.

                I cooked the dinner, which was rice patties and a fish he caught earlier. When we were all done, we sat by the fire and relaxed, looking at the stars. He leaned against a tree and placed his hands behind his head “Awesome dinner Sakura. I’m glad you learnt how to cook while I was gone” I hit his arm and he hissed “Not cute Naruto!” he chuckled “My bad, damn that hurt”. I rolled my eyes and leaned next to him, then he looked over at me “You know it’s getting late. You want to call it a night?” I looked over at him and smiled “Are we really going to sleep?” He shook his head “Nope”. I shrugged and he put the fire out while I went inside the tent, waiting for him to come in.  He finally followed me with a sigh and zipped the tent behind him. Then, he looked over at me and grinned “Time to relax” I helped him get his shirt off and pressed my lips against his. Then, we spent the next hour teasing each other and enjoying our night alone. 

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