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The Next Generation


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            A New Generation rises from the ashes that were the Second Shinobi War, the smallest Hidden Villages have been vanquished by the might and power of the 5 great villages and those that were not destroyed, their Daimyo came to the agreement to disband their Hidden Villages to avoid the shadow of war into their lands. The Kages of the respective 5 great Villages where forced to a negotiation table by their own Daimyo to avoid further destruction of their lands and the deaths of their subjects.

            Weeks passed over and after many hours spend on the tables of negotiation to try and reach a cease of hostilities an agreement finally was reached. The Kages have agreed to cease all hostilities and start a mutually beneficially alliance between all five villages, for the  first time since the split of the nine Bijū between the Villages by the First Hokage all five Kages have agreed to work together to try and bring a new era of peace between the lands giving their children a chance to live a full life.

The Kages have agreed to establish a new system for their shinobi called the “Shinobi Guild” a system where their shinobis would still work in teams performing tasks and missions were they would work, but instead of working for a village they would work for the guild and their respective leaders (the Kages). The Kages would still retain their power on their respective villages and each one would name their shinobis, but each Kage could give any shinobi any new task as long as they were present on his area of authority. The Jobs/Task and or Quests would still be classified just like the previous system classified the missions where D ranks would be given to fresh Genin risk normally would be low and lost of life would not be expected (some exceptions might happen), the C ranks would be given to experienced Genins and Chunins where combat was to be expected to some mediocre or poorly trained individuals who would normally be no match to a trained Shinobi, B ranks are normally given to experienced Chunins and it is to be expected to have combat with trained individuals such as like Samurais and Rogue Shinobis, A ranks missions will be given to Jōnin this type of ranks combats with more specialized enemies  are to be expected and Injuries and or deaths is to be expected, finally  we have S rank where only the most experienced Jōnins are selected to this task matter of this ranks are extremely confidential.



            In the Village Hidden in the Leaves we find deep behind a desk a person that everyone should recognize a survivor of 2 Shinobi wars, master of all the jutsus of his village and one of the most powerful individuals in the entire Elemental Nations. The Professor was staring at his paper work like he would be staring at his mortal enemy only to be broken from the staring match has someone breaks through his office door. Now mind you only two being would dare to burst through one of them being his former blonde student and informal princess of the village and the other being is a certain red haired girl. Luckily for him it was only the bombshell of his former student that came barreling toward his desk and if looks where to be trusted she wasn’t in a very good one.

          “Sensei, How come you still have not confirmed the request I have made for a team!” the blonde yelled at her elderly leader while leaning on his desk and slamming her hands on top of it, Hiruzen couldn’t help but stare at her generous breast as they bounce, but being the one that trained Jiraiya in his perverted ways he managed to hide his intentions. “Tsunade please calm down and try to not break my desk again, as for your request for that particularly team have made me to think thoroughly about your request, and though I feel proud of your decision to request a team and pass down your knowledge to the next generation I cannot be but worry about your choice of requesting an all-female team.” The Hokage mentioned to his student while leaning on his chair fully expecting a response from her.

            Tsunade looks at her teacher and cannot help but understand his position, but her mind have been made and she will insist on said team. “Sensei I understand your position as our Leader you cannot help but worry, but you also need to see the potential of this team we would have a Genjutsu/Taijutsu/Ninjutsu specialist with the Uchiha, the powerhouse/seal expert/Kenjustsu specialist in Kushina and the Taijutsu/Tracking specialist with the Inuzuka. Not to mention that I will serve not only as the Commander I will serve also as the Medic specialist and Taijutsu specialist. In other words Sensei this will be the best balanced out team available on this side of the guild.” Tsunade said full with pride and confident that she has made her point, Hiruzen cannot help but feel proud of his student she has not only managed to out talk him and convince him but she has also managed to find a good team formation.

            Leaning forward resting his elbows on his desk and looking straight at his student the Hokage smiles “Very well Tsunade I shall grant you the team you have requested under one condition” He smirked at her awaiting her response. Tsunade not being able to say no just nodded in response. “This team will be new team 7” the Hokage said smirking at her frozen expression for a second. “T-T-T-Team 7 Sensei are you sure about that?” she asked still not believing that he was giving her that team and never less that designation. “Of course I do Tsunade you will have the new Team 7 I see it fit seeing that it’s a new formation lead by none other than a Sannin and that Sannin being a Senju, just imagine the request for your team in fact it is official  you will be in command of team 7.” He said smiling still at her look as she only nod in acceptance and walked out and as she walked out the Hokage couldn’t help but stare her ass as she walked out.

Somewhere else in Konoha we find out a very special person not only she is the last member of her once dreaded clan but she is also a Jinchūriki her name is Kushina Uzumaki she is a 16 years old girl her crimson red hair cascading to her lower back while her violet eyes shone in excitement today was the day that the teams will be named, rumors where that a Sannin was looking to form the first all-female team and Kushina was more than excited to be on that team. She looks herself on the mirror and cannot feel but to be proud not only she has a fit body result from the training given to her by Tsunade, but she also have a sexy one on that her fair skin soft to the touch, her long crimson hair, two C cup breasts with rosy nipples and a well-trimmed vagina where seen with a pair of well-developed hips, her body was well developed for a girl of her age thanks for her genes and training. Kushina couldn’t help but believe that this was going to be the beginning of a new part of her life.

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