An Equal Deal

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Naruto was fuming as he listened to Tsunade had mouth the former Hokage's. She continued to rip them down and call the fools. It wasn't long before Naruto exploded.

"How dare you say such awful things about them. They died fighting for what they believed which is more than anyone will say about a washed up coward like you." Tsunade was angered by his words and stood up making him aware of her full height mad even taller by the heels she was wearing. As she towered over him he stares back into her amber eyes without flinching showing off his resolve. She smirked as she looked down on him and reached out and ruffled his hair.

"A cute kid you got here Jiraiya. I'll see you later, better make it a couple years find some other fool to take the job." As she stepped out the door Naruto yelled and lunged at her. She was ready and used her hand to bat him away several feet down the road. "Kid, it'll be years before you have a chance of touching me." Naruto bounced up looking no worse for wear than when he came charging out of the bar.

"Ohh ya. What would an old lady like you know. If I hit you have to come back to Konoha with us how about that?" Tsunade put on a smirk again.

"what do I get out of that deal?" 

"I don't care, whatever you want."

"You'll give a girl ideas making statements like that. Tell ya what. I'm putting my freedom on the line so you should too. If I knock you out before you touch me you'll be my slave and I'll even go easy on you, I'll only use one finger."

Before Jiraiya could stop him Naruto yelled out "You got a deal.You better get ready because here I come." Naruto Harvey at her while Tsunade lazily bent over and picked up a pebble. She flicked it with one finger imparting immense force and her tying Naruto right between the eyes. He fell backwards immediately being launched several feet backwards and was out instantly. Jiraiya tried his best to argue with Tsunade that he was just a stupid kid and didn't know what he had said, but she wouldn't be swayed. The best he got out f her was that she'd continue his training.

Naruto woke up three days later groaning as his head throbbed. The first thing he noticed was the long arms  that were wrapped around his chest and leg drapped over him. He yawned sleepily and rolled over to look at who he was in bed with. Seeing Tsunade he thought about what had happened and freaked out. After several minutes he tried to extract himself slowly from her limbs and noticed how much stronger she was than him. Even after she had been inactivity he fo years he could feel a huge layer of muscle just below he soft exterior. It was dense and thick and he'd never felt safer than with her on top of him. She woke as he squirmed under her.

"You wouldn't be trying to work your way out of this deal would you. That might make you the first Uzumaki to go back on his word."

"I-I would never do something like that. I just had to go to the bathroom that's all."

"You better go quick I have to go also." She released him and he scampered into the bathroom locking the door behind him as he tried to imagine how bad his life would be now. After several minutes he came out of the bathroom and had put on a brace face. As she sat up in bed he noticed something he hadn't seen before. Right between her legs there was a huge bulge. As she threw her legs over the edge of the bed she noticed his stare. 

"You better get over here boy." He slowly walked over like a prisoner about to be put to death. "Get on your knees and open your mouth. Don't say a word you better get used to this it's your life now." Naruto did what she said and closed his eyes as he started to cry. "Look at me." He opened his eyes and saw as she moved the sheet off her legs. Sitting there looking at him was a dick bigger than he ever would have imagined eight inches soft it was the most intimidating thing he had ever seen. "Put it in your mouth." He closed his mouth and started shaking his head back and forth. "We talked about this. You're my slave now that means one way or another you're gonna d what I say. Are we gonna have to do this the hard way." He paused looking at her frozen in fear. "Alright, brat." She grabbed him quickly and threw him over her knee. "Don't say I didn't warn you."

She let out to mighty two blows to his ass leaving each cheek a glowing red and leaving him screaming. "You do what I say and I'll take care of you we can have a perfect t of fun, if you disobey me though I'm gonna be bad and it's gonna hurt. Now I'm gonna give you another chance." Naruto quickly scrambled to his knees and tried to ignore the pain in his ass. He returned to staring without moving. "Now, kid." Without further prompting he lurched forward taking as much of her into his mouth as possible. "Very good. Now hold right there. You're going to receive another punishment this could have been avoided just remember you did this to yourself not me." Right as she stopped talking she started pissing in his mouth. His eyes shot wide open and he tried to pull his head back. She caught his head and stopped momentarily and started talking again. "You're gonna drink this one way or another. You're gonna think real hard about this. You lose even one drop you're gonna regret it." She started again and he started swallowing as fast as he could. Unfortunately for him she wasn't fast enough and it started coming out of his nose and spewing out of his mouth. He felt like he was drowning. Tsunade was frowning down at him and he's was over taken with fear again. He couldn't move and just sat there with her dick in his mouth. "That was extremely disappointing, Naruto. If I were you I'd start sucking and try to make it up to me." And so he did. Trying to act out a scene he read in one of pervy  sage's books he sucked as hard as he could and bobbed his head back and forth. She got harder and continued to stare at him causing him to put him s head down and close his eyes. She kept hardening up to her full length of eleven inches and the taste of piss slowly faded away. He soon found himself enjoying the taste and freaking out because of it. 'I can't be liking this. What's wrong with me?' He made every effort to make her feel as good as possible choking himself on her but she remained unsatified

After fifteen minutes his neck was killing him, but her stamina was running out to. Moaning she knew she was close to the edge. "You better swallow my load." With confirmation that she was close he sped up again. A few seconds later he felt her dick start pulsing and blast after blast flew into his mouth. Much like with the last task he was overwhelmed. It spewed out over his face and he backed off get a full coating of cum masking his full face. Having been worried about drowning he didn't notice the boner he was sporting himself. Tsunade was disappointed again, but barely showed it. She stood up and moved around him getting dressed while he stayed on his knees. After getting completely dressed she started talking again. "Get dressed were leaving." Naruto got up and moved towards the bathroom. "Nope, no cleaning up. Bad whores don't deserve to bathe." Naruto froze. "If you don't move you'll leave through town naked too." That sent Naruto into motion quickly. Three minutes later he was following Tsunade through the crowded streets a face covered in cum, reeking of piss, and his small erection pushing out his orange pants. He attracted a lot of attention as he moved through the city Tsunade walking slow on purpose. Some wondered where the smell was coming from unfamiliar with the mixture of cum and piss. Those who actually saw him switched from shock to disgust quickly and some even spit at him and called him a whore. Many of these smaller towns were extremely prudish and didn't take kindly to his obvious sexual deviancy.

After they left the city they made a small detour to a river nearby where he was allowed to wash. After he was done and dressed Tsunade stopped him and reached her hand into the back of his pants. She whispered in his ear "You did good. I'm proud of you." She punctuated her last word by covering her finger in chakra and jamming up his ass and into his prostate. He came instantly falling to the ground and filling his underwear. Spasms racked his body as pleasure kept surging for half a minute. Having just washed he was back to soiled clothes and was forced to walk for the rest of the day as his cum cooled and then dried leaving a white stain on his orange pants.

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