Hinata and the molester

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Hinata and the molester


A rough hand fondled the young high school girl's hefty bosom through her blaze. Another, form the same man, kneaded her plum rear with greedy vigor underneath her skirt and pink panties.

Hinata tried her best to hid her moans through biting her bottom lip. She bent over a little to try, in vain to stop the man's hands form groping her body. Every squeeze, and touch shot unwanted electricity up her spine. Her pale lavender eyes looked around the midnight crowd train. Only to see an ocean of heads as the backs of other men surrounded her.

Even if she did cry for help, no one would hear her as half the people on her car had head phones.

"You little slut." The man's heated breath tickled her ear and her long blunette hair. His lips kissing her neck as slapped her ass.

"Ah!?" An unintended moan escaped the teenager. The lingering stinging sensation made her twitching cunt quiver.

"P-Please…" Hinata panted. Gasping as she squirmed in the man's dominating hands.

"L-let me go…"

The molester answered by shoving his fingers in Hinata's' opened mouth. Forcing her tongue to dance between his fingers as she moaned.

"Not a chance." The man licked Hinata's neck as she moaned though his fingers. He pushed the panting whore up against the glass window of the train. Her harden nipples are crushed through her shirt against the glass and between her attacker's finger as he snaked his hands form her mouth to her breast. She felt his cock though his pants, big and throbbing as it poked at her bubbly butt.

"You've been walking around in this tiny ass skirt. Begging for nice dicking ever since you walked through those doors." He moved her panties aside to poke at her glisten pussy with his member.

Her attacker chuckled as Hinata's body shivered in un wanted pleasure. He quickly tore open her shirt and lacy bra. Letting her large breast and pointed tips bounce free. "I am going to fuck you. And you're going to beg like the little slut you are to be my bitch."

The school girl wiggled in the man's grip. Her body responding with harden nipples and a leaking pussy. Hinata is far from a virgin, having one or two boyfriends, but not of them could make her this wet so easily. The roughness of the man pushing her up against the glass, made her tongue unknowingly lick his fingers. His large cock bigger than anything she ever felt throb like a like hot poker on her clit.

"Ahhh…Please…. haaa…" Hinata panted. Not knowing if she's begging him to stop or to keep going.

As the attacker sawed his cock against Hinata's cunt, he took his hand form her abused bosom and placed on her large ass. He gave it a shape slap and Hinata nearly bit her tongue as she cummed. Her legs seizing up while her large ass shook and her cunt squirted her arousal all over the train floor. Her eyes rolled up to the ceiling as she twitched out powerful shots of lust.

"Look at you." The attacker laughed at Hinata's shaky legs. "Your cumming at the very feeling of my cock. Well if you want it that much…"

Taking a hard grip on Hinata's hair and another on her ass, the molester lined up his cock. And barreled its bulbous head right into Hinata's womb.

"Ahhh~!" Hinata gasped as the air was knocked out her. Her head pulled back like the reins on a horse as her ass is pounded.

"I'll give it to you!" The attacker cackled as he railed the young girl pussy. "I'll breed ya like the whore you are!"

Hinata mewled in delight. Unable to hold back the shocks that ripped through her spine as she arced her back. Unconsciously grinding her bouncy ass against her attacker as her body betrayed her. Racking her mind as she tried to resist the man's powerful assault on her cunt. His big cock ravaged the slick walls of her muff. Slamming through her cervix and pounding her womb viscously with his cockhead.

"Ah! P-Please-Ah~!" Hinata's muffled moans could have been heard throughout the train car, but no one seemed to notice. Everyone was either asleep or not listening to her crotch get brutalized by the man behind her.

Not even the deafening slap of her ass caught anyone's attention. The man's hand crashed down on the young girl's butt. Tanning Hinata's cheek's red with quick successive smacks to make her pussy squeezed tighter on the man's shaft. Her cunt squeezed heavy until, without warning Hinata came hard. Splashing the ground with her ejaculate again as her she went crossed eyed with lust. Her tongue drooling out her mouth as she broke. The man's cock shattering any will power she had in repelling her him.

"You masochistic slut!" The molester cackled with as Hinata squealed with every thrust and slap. "Cumming like a cock hungry whore! You love my fat cock that much huh?"

The rapist gave a hard slap as Hinata squealed and squirmed. "Yesh~! Ah! Iish loves yourish fa-at cockishs! Cockishs! Cockishs!"

Hinata gasped in delirium with her tongue waggling about and lost herself to the ravenous fucking. Shaking her hips to gobble as much cock as she could. Arching her back so her bouncing breast would mash up against the glass. Flashing any soul who would glance at the train that zoomed by.

The molester cock throbbed painfully as his release neared. "I am going to cum! I am paint your fuckhole white bitch!"

Not that Hinata cared. Her greedy cunt only sucked and gripped his cock harder. Moaning louder and begged to filled with the stranger's cum.

"Take it! Take my loud you fucking sow!" With one final shove, the rapist's cock spasmed as it fired out bucket's worth of jizz. The force of his seed rippled through the young girl as she cummed and shudder. Her legs turned to jello as she went limp. Her body dangling off the floor a little as she was only held up by the man's hard grip on her ass and his cumming cock.

Thick, rapid fire of the rapist's seed filled Hinata's cunt with to the brim. His hips jerked with every spurt of his cum. Trying his best to pound even more jizz deep into Hinata as she only moaned weakly at amount of cum flooding through her. With his cock, still cumming, the rapist let go Hinata. Letting her sink to the floor while he covers twitching rear in his spunk.

Cum oozed out Hinata's gaping pussy. She sighed blissfully while her body jerked in per-orgasmic bless.

"Heh. Thanks for the nice lay." The molester taunted Hinata. Even though she is too lust drunk to even hear him. Or care when more men came on the train and started gather around her. With large tents in their pants.

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