Tales of the Fox Sage

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Additional Warinings This series contains generous amounts of content including HJ BJ Anal Oral some bits of Toy usage along with some Fingering and Fisting accompained with anything else that happens to pop up among the series. Also there will be some bits of Gender Bending along with some light Mind Control using chakra along with some light Body Modification/Enhancement with all of that out of the way lets get the show on the road!

First Tale of the Fox Sage

It was a rather peaceful night in the Village Hidden in the Leaves mestled in the Land of Fire, the moon was full yet it was hidden in a somewhat barrier of clouds while the stars that shimmered so brightly during the night as they acted like silent onlookers watching over the village like viligant guardians in the night sky as the moonlight gave off a silverish glow even if it were hidden in the clouds resembling the silverish hair of the Toad Sage, one of the three Sannin, three of the most powerful sinobi in the realm. All of the denizens were resting peacrfully in the Leaf Village as the night marched on like a warrior in the battle field all except for one shinobi which just so happened to be the heroic blonde jinuriki the holder of the Nine Tailed Fox Naruto Uzumaki for some reason the blonde couldn't sleep this made him curios.

Seven-teen years had passed ever since the Nine Tailed Fox Spirit had attacked the Hidden Leaf Village the fox beast had been summoned by the Masked Man in order to seek his revenge this in turn started the events leading up to the blonde shinobi's birth. Even with the extraction of the Tailed Beast the matriarch of the Uzumaki Clan Kushina survived seeing how her life force was so strong as for Minato whom utilized the Raper Death Seal to weaken the fox beast to seal the spirit inside the body of his young son the crimson haired matriarch recaptured his spirit using a White Zetzu she brought Minato back to life the elder blonde has ruled as Hokage ever since leading the village with a stern yet gentle hand all the while teaching his son to become the next Hokage just as he dreamed of.

Hidden deep within the confines of the Uzumaki Clan home the blonde was tossing and turning restlessly in his bed the blonde haired male just couldn't get to sleep no matter how hard he tried while writhing in his king sized bed sweat was dripping down his back as his body was hot with his clan's blood his azure eyes flickers open as he arose from his bed. Scratching the blonde parted hair the shinobi wonders of  a way to get back to the peaceful slumber that he needed before the next day seeing as he had a sparring session with his fellow squeadmates Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha thus the blonde male who was quite handsome for his age with rippling muscles kissed by the sun was wearing only a pair of orange and dark trimmed boxers which were his trademark colors.

Seeing as the blonde was coming to only one conclusion as to why he couldn't sleep Naruto began to meditate in his bed he had remebered the training he had partaken with his other fellow jinjuriki Killer Bee of the Hidden Cloud as he had taught Naruto how to tame the Tailed Beast Naruto slowed his breathing as his astral prjection entered the housing facilities of the Nine Tailed Fox it being just a dark room with nothing just the cage where Kurema the Nine Tails resided Naruto's astral projection walked towards the fox spirit so he could get closer to see the cisage of his Tailed Beast now normally Kurema would greet the blonde with a steely gaze but this time the fox spirit's visage was different on this occasion hits visage was that of a foxy smirk knocking Naruto completely off his guard.

"Kurema-sama." Naruto began to spoke to the fox spirit after regaining his composure as he greeted the Tailed Beast with the samefoxy smirk that Kurema had given him. "I wonder why I can't get any sleep." Kurema chuckled at the blonde as the fox spirt began his explanation. "Listen kit just sense my chakra and you will understand why you can't sleep." Naruto had gained the ability to sense chakra ever since he had contributed to the Fourth Great Shinobi War thus the blonde easily enterd Sage Mode this in turn allowed him to sense that the crimson chakra that Kurema possesed was buring brightly with a deep shade of crimson that resembled his mother's hair the blonde quickly exited Sage Mode with a seductive smirk on his visage.

"Listen kit." Kurema spoke with a slight purr in his voice causing the blonde shinobi to almost literally get knocked off of his feet as the Tailed Beast continues to speak. "During some points in time even us Beasts become heated." Naruto's foxy grin became more perverse one such grin that even his master would find impressive as he could notice somewhat that Kurema was planning seeing as if the two had some sort of telepathic connection as his ears were perked up listening to what the Tailed Beast was planning as he allowed Kurema to continue speaking. "Listen kit if you can help me strach this itch I can give you some special attributes." Naruto began to blush a shade of bright cromson appeared on his face as he inquired what abilities the Tailed Beast was able to bestow as he pondered over the offer straching his chin with his right hand.

After a short amount of time passed as the blonde pondered on the offer as pleasurable images flashed in his mind the blonde finally spoke with a bright foxy grin on his visage. "Sure thing Kurema-sama I would be happy to help you." Kurema smirked in happiness as one of his paws reached passed the iron bars of the cage that he was imprisoned in patting the blone on the yellow colored head as the crimson colored chakra burned brightly as he smiled widely baring his fangs. "I figured you would see things my way kit now listen carefully." Kurema bcontinued explaining as he taught Naruto how to absorb the fox demon's chakra adding it as his own something that he had aquired after taming the Nine Tails however Kurema given the chakra freely this time.

Once the transferrence had finished Naruto took on a new form the blonde had the appearance of an Adonis his blonde whiskers on his chin that were three in number and blonde in color grew longer along with his fingernails had transformed into fox claws and his teeth were like fox fangs all the while Kurema continued explanation all the while the blonde was examing his new body. "Listen well kit when you aquired my chakra it gave you some new Ninja Arts." Naruto's curiosity was peaked when the fox spirit spoke these words causing him to grin as his azure eyes had turned into the crimson color of the fox spirit. "I wonder what they are Kurema-sam." Grinning widely the fox demon paw retracted back into the cage Naruto could see that the paw was then clutching some sealing scrolls with the Ram sign.

"Kit these two scrolls will greatly aid you with helping you strach my itch." Naruto smirked as he took the scrolls from the paw that was outstreched from the iron cage the blonde clutched the scrolls tightly while smirking widely as he took a step back. "Thank you Kurema-sam I will help you out." Kurema smirked widely bearing his fangs once again as the blonde's astral projection began to fade from the fox demon's housing facilities returning back to his body that was sitting upright his azure eyes that were closed were turned crimson as he spied his new body smirking seductively as he rose from his bed. Seeing as the Uzumaki Clan were expert seal masters along for having exceptional life forces and stamina the blonde thought of  a way to appease the Nine Tails for the night.

Utilizing a few hand signs Naruto summoned up a space time scroll this scroll contained an archive of various seal scrolls that did a number of things from increasing life force to summoning various items such as ninja tools extra food stores most of which carried his facorite ramen that came from Ichiraku causing him to smirk as his crimson eyes scanned over all of his colection. Naruto spied one scroll in particular one that would summoning a body without using Reanimation as a female appeared on the king sized bed the blonde found her quite ravishing with her ample breasts curvy hips long legs and bigger than medium sized ass Naruto then uses his powerful life force to bring the female back to life the female's haired turned to bright crimson that resembled his mother as the blonde smirked seductively seeing the female's hollow shell of a  body turning into sun taned flesh that the blonde would love to feast upon. causing him to smile brightly. 

The blonde's crimson eyes roamed over the crimson haired female's beautiful body causing him to lick his lips his tounge resembled one of of Orochimaru's snakes as the blonde pounced on her without warning knocking her flat on her bountiful ass sending her flat on her small slender spine as the blonde captured her full rosy red lips in a deep passionate kiss as the crimson haired female allowed a moan of pleasure to escape her sweet lips as the duo's tounges were entangled in a battle for supremacy. In the end of this battle which lasted for about a few minutes the blonde was victorious as his tounge plunged deep into the crimson haired beauty's throat exploring all the nooks and crannies making her moan louder as the blonde's taste buds exploded with the taste the the crimson haired beauty's saliva which tasted like honey to him.

After breaking off the kiss allowing them to gasp for air the crimson haired beauty began to speak with an angelic voice yet it was rather seduvtive with a sultry tone causing Naruto to smirk she could see the foxy grin that he was greeting her with. "Naruto-kun you can call me Kurema-chan." Naruto nodded as his gaze was affixed to her bountiful breasts which were bigger than D-cup making him smirk as he responded happily. "Yes Kurema-chan." Naruto then grips Kurema by her torso making her squeak in pleasure as the blonde kissed her neck making sure to get the junction between her neck and collar bone making the crimson haired beauty maon louder as she felt her sweet pusy juices begin to gush from her tight snatch causing her crimson colored panties to become soaked making the blonde grin with his foxy smirk.

Naurto's lips then trail down to the crimson haired beauty's bountiful breasts that were hidden by the upper half of her crimson colored night gown that was see through allowing the blonde to get a good view of her beautiful body the blonde then takes his time by sucking on the left breast making Kurema moan in pleasure making her sexy panties to get that much wetter making her long heavenly legs creamy the blonde had ripped off the upper portion of Kurema's night gown with a new ability that he had gained from the Nine Tails it was the fact that his fingernails could turn into sharp claws unding Wind Style seeing just how destructive it is. The blonde's tounge was teasingly licking Kurema's left nipple making her moan louder causing her to bite her lower lip as the puffy nipple that clashed with her hair color and eye color was begining to get hard.

Naruto then began to gently suck on Kurema's hard nipple causing her to squeak in pleasure as the blonde continued his mechinations causing Kurema to rub her long legs and her curvy hisp against one another feeling her inner core was buring with desire as the blonde then rises up without warning as drips of saliva fell onto the crimson haired beauty's ample breast as he lightly bit Kurema's neck causing her to blush in delightful pleasure as the blonde began his workings with sucking on the right breast as the right nipple begins to harden as he suckled on it gently making her moan loudly however Naruto was aware that she was praising his prowess causing him to create a sound and chakra barrier on his door as the blonde continued to pleasure the crimson haired beauty.

Naruto then placed Kurema on his lap allwoing her to feel his hardening member that was elven inches long casuing her to blush as she moaned as she grinded her bountiful ass cheeks against the blonde's member greatly impressed at its lenght making her shiver in pleasure. "Naruto-kun you're so big!" Kurema praised with gritted teeth as the pleasure was growing more and more as her crimson eyes were turning dark with a lustful flame that was growing with every kiss. Naruto then places Kurema back on the bed with her ample breasts facing upward causing the blonde to smirk as he used his new claws to rip off his orange and dark trimmed boxers causing his girhty tool to spring free of its fabric prison as it had made the aforementioned boxers rather tight before it was loosened.

The blonde then easily slide his girhty member between Kurema's ample breasts causing her to giggle with lustful glee as the tip of Naruto's member rested on her angelic chin as he began to lightly thrust his hips back and forth causing his member to rock back and forth bewteen Kurema's ample breasts as she had squeezed them around the blonde's girhty tool causing him to moan and groan in pleasure as he felt just how soft Kurema's breasts were as he praised them with gritted teeth. "Ah! Kurema-chan your breasts are so soft they're perfect." Kurema smirked with a foxy smile as she used her cute tounge began to lick the tip of the blone's girthy member making it pulse and throb and twitch in delight as the blonde moaned ever louder as her taste buds exploded when she licked around the tip making her blush and shiver in pleasure.

Kurema then used her expert skill to lick around the tip of the blonde's girhty tool making him moan louder as he began to thrust his hips at a more vigorous rhymthic tempo as his fleshy sack under neath his member was smacking Kurema's ample breasts with every thrust increasing the pleasure output by a litte then the crimson haired beauty began to suckle on the tip catching Naruto completely off his guard making his girhty member almost want to explode with his thick white creamy load yet he tried to hold on for a while longer as the crimson haired beauty's sweet tounge was licking around the head and crown of his memver making it pulse and throb more and more as the crimson haired beauty began to unleash all fo her tricks as she begins to hum around the blonde's member tip making him grit his teeth as pleasure from the pleasing vibration causing him to increase the speed and power of his thrusts.

Naruto's tempo began to increase to the point of a feral animal causing Kurema to blush and moan in pleasure sending more and more pelasurable vibrations making Naruto almost want to explode as he noted the crimson haired beauty's snatch was driping wet causing him to smirk with pride as he countiuned his mechinations as the crimson haired beauty took more and more of the blonde's member into her warm met mouth as her saliva was coating around the lenght of Naruto's memver creating a lubricant as the blonde gripped Kurema's curvy hips that were still cladened with her crimson colored night gown thus the blonde used his chakra enhanced claws to rip through the fabric setting Kurema's snatch free causing her womanly jucies to leak on to the king sized bed. 

Sweat was dripping off of the two lovers spines along with sweat drops were on thier heads causing thier hair to become parted and sticky as Kurema continued her mechinations driving the blonde crazy with lust spurring the blonde further on to the point that his thrust were that of a fack hammer his hisp were two poston pounding muscles as he ploughed the crimson haired beauty's ample breasts making the crimson haired beauty moan loudly sending more and more pleasurable waves around the blonde's memver causing pre cum to leak from the tip as it oozed down into Kurema's throat causing her eyes to widen as she greatly enjoyed the taste her mind described it as a salty sweet flavor like sea salt ice cream as the tip began to enter the back of Kurema's throat causing the blonde to squeeze his crimson eyes shut.

Naruto could feel hsi big balls begining to tighten signaling the load that was about to bubble up causing the blonde to continue his pleasurable assult causing the crimson haired beauty to grip on to the ksheets of the king sized bed as her throat began to instinctly squeeze around the tip of the blonde's memver making him moan louder in pleasure as the tip of his member begis to get dark purple the blonde could hold on no longer. With one last powerul thrust Naruto let out a powerful growl as his hot, thick, rich and creamy cum deep down Kurema's throat causing her to swallow what felt like gallons of the blonde's healthy seed as the blonde continue to drop his load into the crimson haired beauty for the span of three minutes before stopping pulling out his member with a loud poping sound as the duo collaspe back onto the bed panting heavily.

Crimson eyes locked with ruby as Naruto who had caught his breath after the pleasure filled high looked at Kurema with a hungry look on his face lust clouded his vision as he pounced on the crimson haired beauty causing her to gasp in surprise as he left a trail of kisses from her flat toned stomach to her inner and outer thigh waking up the inner lust demon hidden with the crimson haired Kurema causing her to moan in pleasure as Naruto was licking all of the pussy juices from Kurema's heavenly long legs as the blonde's taste buds exploded with delight as he aquired her taste to him it tasted like sweet honey causing the blonde to want for more as his tounge slide down to Kurema's dripping wet snatch as the blonde teased her by gently licking her pink lips making Kurema bite her lower lip as the pleasure coarsed through her body.

Listening to her moans of pleasure Naruto thought that Kurema sounded like an angel so he wanted to hear more of her maons of pleasure as he complimented Kurema on her sweet taste. "Kurema-chan you taste so good." Naruto decided to tease her no longer as his tounge plunged into her wet snatch making her moan in pleasure as her spine tingled with pleasurable sensations from upper to lower as the blonde feasted upon her casuing Kurema to throw her head back into the pillow as Naruto continued his tounge lashing as his tounge that slithered around like one of Orochimaru's snakes making sure to hit all of the pleasurable spots seeing that the crimson haired beauty was writhing in pleasure as she noted that her most sensitive pleasure spot was begining to harden.

Seeing this Naruto tried one more trick he gently suckled and nibbled the pleasure spot driving the crimson haired beauty to lightly howl in pelasure seeing that Kurema was the female version of Naruto's Tailed Beast this sent her pleasure center in her brain to become wild as the pleasure was overflowing this part of her brain as Kurema instinctly wrapped her legs around the blone's neck pulling him closer as her curvy hips that were a mixture of fat and muscle to buckle casuing Naruto to continue his feast as he bore his fangs as his hands cupped Kurema's bountiful ass cheeks gripping them firmly increasing the pleasure as the crimson haired female was getting closer to releasing her hot sticky pussy juices as the blonde smirked greatly praising Kurema as he greatly enjoyed his feast.

"Mmm Kurema-chan your juices taste like sweet honey from one of Kami's angels." Kurema blushed greatly after hearing this complimentas she began to arch her back as she felt herself getting closer. "Ohhh Naruto-kun I'm closer!" Before Naruto knew what had hit him Kurema let out a loud squeal of pleasure now to be completely honest this had been the second time that she had released the first being while Naruto had ploughed her ample breasts Naruto had a feeling that she was ready to partake in the main event as the blonde gave her a foxy smirk letting her know that she was ready after he had licked up all of Kurema's hot sticky love juices after a few more suckles on her pleasure spot in her snatch as when she had fell back on the bed posing for him in  a seduvtive manner.

Naruto engaged in a hot wet steamy kiss waking Kurema's inner demons of lust as she poinces on the blonde knocking him flat on his toned ass catching him off guard as she purred in his ear her hot breath that was tickling his sun kissed ear making him bite his lower lip as she was unkowningly gringin her bountiful ass cheeks against his girhty tool that had rehardened over time. "Naruto-kun I'm ready to go." Naruto smirked as he lined up his member with her tight snatch as he gripped her curvy hips as his member plunged into her wet snatch making her purr in pleasure as Naruto gritted his teeth loving the feeling of just how tight Kurema's pussy was as it squeezed on his member like a warm wet vice. "Ohhhh Kurema-chan you're so tight get ready for a fun ride."

Naruto began to bounce Kurema on his grithy member as her sweet pussy juices coated his memver as with every thrust the blonde rammed his memver into her tight snatched allowing her inner walls to squueze arnd release around Naruto's member the blonde watched as her hard nipples were moving up and down with every fluid motion as Kurema gritted her teeth as Naruto's member was streching her tight wall with every thrust driving her wild with pleasure as she praised the blonde. "N-naruto-kun you're so big!" Kurema squeaked in pleasure as the blonde lightly began to increase the tempo at which he was thrusting his hips upward and Kurema was bouncing her hips downward as thier pelvises began to smack lightly against one another creating a wet flesh slapping sound.

"Faster Naruto-kun harder please Naruto oh Kami you're member is reaching so deep inside me." Kurema leaned back as Naruto heard her request as his thrusts began to increase into a rhymthic pace as the sound increase thankfully for the blonde the sound barrier was strong so ieven if Kurema were to scream to the heaven no one would hear well no one except for Naruto anyway as he began to slap her ass cheeks causing Kurema to maon louder as the sun tanned flesh rippled with every slap only creating red palm marks as Naruto complimeted Kurema on just how well she was handling the blonde's pounding. "Ohhh Kurema-chan you're such a horny little girl aren't yo? Kurema nodded her crimson eyes locked with the blonde's Naruto knew that the crimson haired creation of the Nine Tails was loving every minute of this.

Naruto's was then caught by surprise as Kurema leand closer to whisper into the blonde's ear as Naruto was keeping up his rymthic thrusts all the while his balls were slapping Kurema's bountiful ass cheeks making them both smirk in unison. "Naruto-kun please suck on my hard nipples." Naruto smirked as she pleaded with him his smrik grew deeper as he grabbed on of Kurema's hard nipples placing them into his mouth suckling on them as if he were sucking on his mother's nipples like he was a baby causing Kurema to maon loudly as she was getting closer yet she wanted to hold on for a little longer then an idea crossed the blonde's mind thus he decided to put a new plan into action.

The blonde then flipped Kurema over with the same speed that his father Minato possed Kurema was completly knocked off of her guard as the blonde inserted his member back into her quivering snatch as he gripped her hips once again as he knew that his big balls were once agin tightening as another load was about to be unleashed Kurema knew this as seeing that she was connected to the Nine Tailed Fox Spirit whom was connected to the blonde as her hips were thrusting in tune with his. "Ahhh Kurema-chan I'm getting closer." Kurema wanted to feel his seed deep inside her however she began to howl in pleasure as Naruto had hit the sweetest spot in the female's inner core causing Kurema to squeal with mind numbing pleasure. "Ahhhh Naruto-kun right there keep that up please."

Nodding in agreement Naruto kept hitting that spot repeatedly causing Kurema to instantly lose it as she squealed in pleasure arching her slender spine as she released a hot sticky wave of her love juices as the blonde dept up his impaling at a feral pace his thrusts were of that of a fack hammer his hips were postons of strong muscles as Kurema's inner walls spasmed around the blonde's member causing him to fall over the edge along with the crimson haired femalecausing him to release his hot, thick, rich and creamy load of seed deep inside the crimson haired female's tight snatch with a loud roar of pleasure. KUREMA-CHAN I'M CUMMING!" With that the duo tired out thier stamina near depleated as they colaspe on to the king sized bed yet the blonde had enough for one more round.

After catching thier breath from their pleasure filled high the duo locked lips in a pleasure fueled kiss rewakenening thierinner demons once again as Naruto pulls back a trail of saliva trailed from their lips casuing Kurema to chuckle sweetly. "Only one more hole to please hehe." Kurema then teases the blonde with her bounctiful ass cheeks shaking them causing the blonde lick his lips as he bite his bottom lip as he gripped those bountiful ass cheeks as Kurema grinded on his member making the blonde maon in pleasure as his girhty member to reharden instantly as the duo exchanged foxy smirks and seduvtive winks signaling that they were ready for the grand finale however Naruto didn't realize that Kurema had never had anything Naruto's size inside her rear entrance even though she was created to please him.

"N-naruto-kun you're very lucky you'll be my first back here." Hearing this Naruto grinned in pride as he placed Kurema on her hands and knees as he ges on top of her inserting his girhty member into Kurema's tighter rear entrance as he could hear a scream of lust that was mixed in pain in pleasure then Naruto pulled out after hearing this he then lightly nibbled on her neck sending waves of pleasure taking away the pain as Naruto reinserted his membr back into Kurema's rear entrance as he gripped her curvy hips as he began to thrust his hips back and forth as his member dissapeared and reappeared inside Kurema's rear entrance all the while his big balls were smacking Kurema's bountiful ass cheeksall the while the blonde was massagingin and squeezing both Kuema's ample breasts and hard nipple increasing the pleasure that was quickly washing away the pain.as a widened smile of pleasure was clearly cisible acroos Kurema's face.

Once Naruto had washed away all of the pain he began to increase the speed and power of his thrust as he praised Kurema for just how tight her rear entrance was. "Ahh Kurema-chan you're so tight back here it feels amazing." Kurema smirked at him as she thrusted her hips in tune with his as thier tempo was increasing by the minute all the while Naruto was watching aKurema's pleasant expression as he knew that she was close to hitting her climax as he could see that her crimson eyes were glazed over as the pleasure had washed over her like a waterfall. "Faster Naruko-kun harder please don't hold anything back anymore." Kurema pleaded as the blonde graceflly obidged her as he began to utilize his full force as he felt the inner walls squeezing around his member that was pulsing and twitching deep within Kurema's rear entrance.

Sweat was dripping off of both the lover's spines as the duo continued this process of love making for about the span of what felt like an hour as they duo were watching the moon begining to wane as the sun was getting closer to risie seeing as the Uzumaki Clan were a proud clan they didn't want anyone to see them in thier acts of pleasure widhing not to disgrace the clan head Minato thus the duo increased the speed and power of thier thrir thrusts to an almost animalistic pace Naruto's stronger hips were onceagain becoming a piston powered jack hammer of pleasure as the duo were enthralled in yet another battle for supremacy with thier tounges making sure not to moan too loudly for even though Naruto had placed a sound barrier on the door he had forgotten to place one near the window.

Thier hearts were pounding heavily as the combined facts that they were pounding llike a couple of rabbits they were also scared to arouse any attention however in the back of thier minds were excited if anyone were to catch them in the middle of this heated dance of pleasure. Even though Minato was the Fourth Hokage he was well aware of the blonde haired son's antics seeing as he had mastered Sexy Jutsu just to make Iruka annoyed this made the blonde to smirk widely as he then fel the familar feeling of his big balls tightening signaling the release of his last load causing him to grit his teeth wishing to hang on a little while longer but seeing as Kurema's rear entrance was tighter than her snatch he couldn't help himself.

Kurema too knew this as she was using every trick in her entire handbook to greatly enhanced the blonde's pleasure output as the blonde was smacking Kurema's bountiful ass cheeks making them bounce and jiggle with every slap making her howl in pleasure yet the blone was quick to catch her as one of his free hand clasped around her mouth then letting it go then the crimson haired ceauty began to praise the blonde for his expert mechination. "Ohhh Naruto-kun you're the best ever I belive this is the begining of a beautiful friendship." Naruto smirked as one of his hands massaged and squeezed Kurema's ample breasts massaging and squeezing it making her moan with pleasure.

"Thank you Kurema-chan." Naruto smirked in pleasure as yet another plan was hatched inside the blonde's mind as another eiden smirk appeared on his visage. Then Naruto flipped Kurema back on to the king sized bed as she was on top fo the blonde as he once again gripped her hips ramming his member in and out of Kurema's tighter rear entrance making her moan and squeal in pleasure as she squirmed above the blonde shinobi as thier bodies were caked in sweat as thier hair was parted all the while the duo were captivated in a dance of pure pleasure as the duo reached thier climax within the span of a few minutes causing them both to moan and groan in blissful pleasure all the while thier crimson eyes rolled in the back of thier heads as they released with a mighty combined growl of lsut.

Unable to handle anymore of their expert mechinations both Naruto and Kurema released thier hot love fluids aas it intermixed with one another's as they partake of a lasting pleasurable kiss as they embraced one last time as they felt the peaceful slumber of pleasure overtaking them as thier eys were half lided as the duo were beginign to calm down  Kurema could feel the combined fluids that had made her flat toned stomach bulging making Naruto smirk with pride as the duo collaspe back on to the king sized bed as they panted heavily as the bed as the duo embraced each other as the bed was rather messy from their love making yet Naruto didn't mind for his mother Kushina was going to wash the blothes anyway thus the blonde didn't care as a eide grin was apparant on his visage.

With the last of energy Naruto turns to Kurma as he was playing with her softening puffy bnipples making the crimson haired beauty smirk in pleasure. Than-thank you Naruto-kun for helping me stracth that itch." Naruto smirked as he embraced his new secret lover for he was still having feelings for the azure haired elder daughter of the Hyuuga Clan Hinata as the blonde kissed Kurema on the fore head. "You're quite welcome Kurema-chan I was happy to do it." Kurema smirked happily as the crimson haired beauty closed her crimson eyes as her breathing began to slow down as she began to sleep however the blonde wished to use the last of his energy to speak with the Nine Tailed Fox one last time before the night was through.

Naruto was meditating peacefully his breathing was slow and steady as his astral projection enterd the Nine Tailed Fox's cage like room as the sspirit greeted the blonde with a pleasurable smirk as the spirit had been calmed down for the time being Naruto quickly entered Sage Mode seeing that the crimson strands of chakra were not buring as brightly as they were before as Naruto approached the cage. "Kurema-sama are you awake?" Hearing the voice of his blonde host as the fox spirit's paw was outstrched form the cage patting the blonde on his head. "Thank you kit for helping me strach me itch." Naruto smirked as he walked away from the cage yet he was stopped by teh Nine Tails causing Naruto to stop for a second. "Kit I have one last gift I wish to bestow you its known as the Life Force Exspansion just look into your own chakra network and you wil see it for yourself." Naruto noded and entered Sage Mode one last time seeing the orange strand of chakra that Kurema was talking about cauing him to grin widely.

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