Hinata's Little Bitch Boy

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Hinata smiled as she moved about the kitchen of her home, preparing six drinks on a serving tray for herself and her friends, who were waiting patiently in the sitting room. They'd been drifting apart as of late due to their respective obligations, and decided to get together to rectify such a thing. Hinata was also glad for it, because Naruto had been sent on a long mission, and she'd been feeling lonely without the orange-loving ninja around.

Nodding happily at the drinks she'd prepared, she picked up the tray and walked into the sitting room where Haruno Sakura, Yamanaka Ino, Higarashi Tenten, Sabaku no Temari, and Karui were waiting for her.

"Drinks are served." Hinata said with a smile, and after giving her friends their drinks, took her own and sat on the couch, where she was between Karui and Sakura.

"So, how have things been lately Hinata?" Sakura asked, and taking a sip of her drink Hinata replied "They're going well. Been feeling a bit lonely here since Naruto went on his mission. I'm so glad you girls wanted to have a get-together tonight."

"Oh, we're happy to meet up and stop our drifting apart too." Ino said, and Sakura nodded as she commented "I know. I don't like how I've been drifting apart from you guys, but it's so hard to get together with my shifts at the hospital taking up so much of my time. We really need to get together more often so it doesn't happen."

"Here here!" Tenten said, lifting her drink as she spoke, and the other five followed suit and lifted their own drinks in a show of solidarity.

"Now, since we've agreed to more get togethers to ensure our friendship doesn't fall apart, let's talk about relationships." Ino said, and Temari scowled as she muttered "What relationship?"

"Aren't you and Shikamaru an item?" Karui asked curiously, and Temari's scowl deepened as she said "Not currently. Unfortunately a relationship with Shikamaru is proving to be a very off-and-on thing, and right now me and the lazy bastard are 'off'."

"Oh, you poor girl!" Tenten said sympathetically, and Temari muttered "You're telling me. Now can we discuss someone else."

"Unfortunately, I don't exactly have much in the way of a relationship to talk about." Sakura said, getting agreements from Tenten and Karui.

"And I'm currently just enjoying one night stands and having fun." Ino replied, before all five turned to their host, whose face pinkened at being looked at and expected to talk about her relationship with Naruto.

"We-well... It's going fine." Hinata said, and raising her eyebrow Karui asked "It's just fine?"

"Ye-yeah. He loves me, and we spend plenty of time together..." Hinata responded, to which Ino waggled her eyebrows suggestively as she leered "And how is the sex?"

"The sex?!" Hinata exclaimed, and Ino grinned as she stated "Yeah, how is the future Hokage in bed? Is he a beast or a gentle lover?"

"He's... he's... he's..." Hinata began, then sighed and cried out "He's awful! He's just awful!"

"Really?!" Tenten asked, and Hinata nodded dejectedly as she answered "Yes. His penis is small rock hard and he can't even use what's he's got properly, humping me like a horny dog until he gets off! He can't even use his fingers or tongue right, he just waggles his fingers and all but slobbers in my vagina until I fake an orgasm to get him to stop. And no matter how often he does it, he just doesn't get any better, so I always find myself having to wait until he falls asleep so I can bring myself to a proper orgasm with my fingers or a dildo I have hidden away."

As she finished talking, her friends looked at her in sympathy as they said "You poor girl, he's not making you feel like a woman at all?"

"No." Hinata moaned, burying her face in her hands as her friends all looked at one another as if having a non-verbal conversation.

"Hinata." Karui said, and Hinata looked to her friend beside her, but before she could say a word Karui had taken hold of her face between her hands and pulled her into a searing, passionate kiss. Hinata yelped into the dark-skinned redhead's mouth in shock and placed her hands on the woman's shoulders as if to push her away, but stopped as a jolt of pure pleasure coursed through her body at their joined lips.

Hinata moaned as her eyes slid closed and she began reciprocating the kiss, just enjoying the waves of ecstasy that lit her nerves on fire as her partner's hands slid from her face and to her shoulders.

Breaking the kiss with a surge of willpower, Hinata looked at the former Kumo nin in shock as she asked "Ka-Karui, what are you..."

However, a slender finger stopped her from talking as Karui said "Hinata, we'd had a feeling something was wrong in your relationship with Naruto from seeing you around town. We didn't believe he was abusing you physically or mentally, but more like he was somehow leaving you unsatisfied. So we decided to come and see if it was true, and see what we can do to help you. And we know how to help you."

"Ho-how?" Hinata asked, her cheeks still rosy from the kiss she shared with Karui.

She bit her bottom lip in a light moan as she felt a hand massaging one of her breasts while Karui massaged the other as Hinata said "We do what Naruto can't. We pleasure you properly, make you feel like a real woman."

"N-no, I can't..." Hinata whimpered as Karui and Sakura began gently kissing her neck without stopping their groping, but didn't try to push the two of them away. In fact, she gave a sad whine as Karui released the breast she'd been squeezing, her hand slipping down the pale-eyed woman's stomach until her hand reached the waistband of her pants and panties.

"Hinata-chan, can we pleasure you and make you feel like a woman, make you feel things Naruto has been wholly unable to before now?" Karui whispered huskily in the Hyuuga's ear, the tips of her fingers playing with the waistband of her pants and panties as she awaited her answer.

"Say no, and we'll stop, apologize, and forget this ever happened, I promise. But do you want us to stop?" Karui added breathily, ending it by gently taking the lobe of the ear in between her teeth and gently rolling it around with them.

Hinata gasped, knowing that she should say no. That she must tell them to stop, no matter how good they were making her feel and the promise of even greater pleasure should she just accept. She had to deny it because she was with Naruto, she loved Naruto and he loved her. With her mind set, she opened her mouth to speak...

"Don't stop." she gasped softly, and with a grin Karui's fingers slipped into Hinata's pants and panties to her already wet snatch and began lightly rubbing the pads of her fingers over it. Hinata whimpered needily at the feeling of Karui's fingers teasing her pussy, and Karui smiled before capturing Hinata's lips in another fiery kiss as she plunged her digits into the pearl-eyed woman's needy cunt and began masterfully working them inside it.

Hinata groaned into the kiss as Karui, in a stark contrast to Naruto's awkward fumbling, expertly stroked, teased, and worked the inside of her pussy, sending thunderbolts of bliss coursing through her body. She wanted... no, needed more, and began subconsciously thrusting her hips into the hand that was currently sending the pleasure through her.

Sakura smiled against Hinata's neck as Hinata submitted to the pleasure, and reaching down she grabbed the bottom of Hinata's shirt. She quickly pulled the shirt up and over her breasts, revealing a pale lavender bra, which was too pushed up off Hinata's breast, revealing the large, creamy globes topped with pink nipples. As soon as they were revealed, Sakura left Hinata's neck and began licking, suckling, and rolling one of those beautiful nipples between her teeth.

"Ah!" Hinata gasped against Karui's lips, the pleasure from Sakura's assault on her breast combining with that from Karui's fingering her pussy and causing a wildfire of pure ecstasy threatening to completely burn her brain in a way Naruto couldn't dream to do. Karui took the opening of Hinata's mouth as an invitation to slip her tongue into her partner's mouth and begin trying to rouse Hinata's tongue into action.

Hinata quickly began fighting Karui's tongue with her own, eyes clenched shut as she felt herself drowning in pure joy from the ministrations of her friends-turned-lovers. And she didn't want to get free of it, she just wanted to drown in it and never resurface. She could feel an orgasm quickly building in the pit of her stomach, one far stronger than she'd ever felt before from getting herself off and one that Naruto couldn't even dream of giving her.

Breaking the kiss with Karui, Hinata began panting desperately as she gripped Karui's shoulder with a hand as she breathlessly moaned "So close... I'm so close. Please... Please..."

"You don't have to beg, Hinata-chan. That's what we're here for." Karui whispered, and with a one-handed seal she sent electricity down her arm and into the fingers currently working inside Hinata's pussy. Not enough to hurt Hinata, but just enough to push Hinata over the edge into her climax.

And it worked, as Hinata arched her back with a strangled cry as the orgasm that had been building inside her exploded, causing her entire body to spasm as it overloaded her mind and caused her vision to go completely white for a few moments.

As Hinata gasped and panted for breath, Sakura smiled from Hinata's chest as she asked "Enjoy it Hinata?"

"Yeeesss..." Hinata moaned happily, and Karui grinned as she slipped off the couch, moved in front of Hinata, and said "Well, it's only getting started Hinata-chan." Without waiting for a reply, Karui grabbed the waistband of Hinata's pants and panties and began pulling them down. Hinata, without being asked, lifted her hips and allowed Karui to pull them down and off her legs, exposing her glistening, manicured pubic area to them all. Gently pushing her legs apart, Karui slipped in between her thighs and began licking at her pussy greedily.

Hinata cried out as she felt the redhead's tongue begin working over her snatch, sending pleasure through her already-sensitive body and causing one of her hands to instinctively grab hold of Karui's hair.

"Mmmmm fuck." Hinata groaned, and Sakura kissed her way from Hinata's chest to her neck as she said "That's right Hinata. Let us pleasure you and make you feel like a woman as you deserve." Laying a few more kisses on Hinata's neck, she moved up and captured Hinata's lips in a kiss of her own, not wasting any time in thrusting her tongue into the Hyuuga's waiting mouth, who eagerly began wrestling Sakura's tongue with her own.

"Damn, this is sexy." Ino purred, one of her hands having slipped under her skirt into her panties, where she began masturbating as she watched.

"You know, I think Temari deserves to feel good too considering her Shikamaru problems." Tenten suggested with a grin, turning to talk to the suna nin about it. However, as soon as she was facing Temari, the blonde nin launched herself at Tenten and smashed her lips against the brown-haired weapon mistress'. Tenten wrapped her arms around Temari's neck and lost herself in the kiss.

"I think she agrees." Ino said with a smirk. She momentarily considered joining the two, but instead stood to her feet and walked over to the couch. Looking over the three women, she lowered herself to her knees in front of Sakura and rested her hands on the pinkette's knees with a smile.

Breaking her kiss with Hinata, Sakura raised an eyebrow and asked "What are you doing Ino?"

"Oh, I was just thinking about how much I want to get myself a good taste of Tsunade-sama's greatest apprentice, and how this is the perfect chance." Ino replied casually, and enjoyed as a blush dusted the Haruno's face as she heard Ino talk. However, instead of saying anything, she pushed her skirt up and began pushing her bike shorts and panties down. Grinning at her friend, Ino grabbed the waistband of the offending garments and helped pull them down and off her body, leaving Sakura's clean-shaven mound exposed to the air.

"Mmmm, looks as delicious as I'd always imagined." Ino teased, and as Sakura's blush intensified Ino moved her head in and began kissing and licking at the glistening lower lips. As she did so, Sakura gasped and groaned at the feelings beginning to run through her thanks to Ino's ministrations.

Hinata was completely lost to what was happening with Sakura and Ino or Tenten and Temari from the pleasure that Karui's talented mouth was giving her. She arched her back and gripped the red hair in her fingers with a guttural groan as Karui hit a particularly sensitive spot inside her drooling cunt with her tongue, sending more lightning through her body.

"S-s-so good, Ka-Karui..." Hinata moaned, grinding her pussy against the dark-skinned woman's face in the hope of getting even more pleasure from her. Karui didn't seem to mind her partner doing so and in fact even looked to enjoy it, as she got even more enthusiastic with her licking at Hinata's snatch. Hinata mewled and groaned as Karui's sinfully skillful tongue touched spots Naruto never even got close to, sending white-hot fire to burn every nerve ending in Hinata's body.

"O-oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!" Hinata cried as she arched her back again and pressed her crotch harder against Karui's face as a second orgasm ravaged her body. After several seconds, Hinata collapsed into the couch, gasping for breathe as she finally looked around. She saw Tenten and Temari scissoring on the floor, and next to her Sakura was moaning as Ino enthusiastically ate her out.

Looking up from her spot on the floor, Karui smiled and said "Looks like we've started an orgy."

"Ye-yeah." Hinata panted, and Karui asked "Are you done for night?"

Hinata gave a lopsided smile as she slipped off the couch into Karui's lap, wrapped her arm's around the former Kumo's neck, leaned in and captured her lips in a searing kiss. Karui immediately reciprocated the kiss, bringing her hands around and grabbing hold of the Hyuuga's soft, luscious backside, groping the flesh in her hands as she made out with Hinata.

After several minutes of intense kissing, Karui finally broke it, a thin string of saliva connecting their lips as she asked "So... would you mind eating me out, Hinata-chan?"

Hinata's face took on a deep blush as she looked at the former Kumo nin for several long moments before slipping out of Karui's lap, getting on her hands and knees, and lowered her face to Karui's groin. Reaching out, Hinata slowly, almost timidly pushed up the skirt, revealing a pair of white silk panties. Swallowing thickly, the pearl-eyed woman took hold of the waistband of Karui's panties, and appreciative of her partner lifting her hips, Hinata pulled them down and off Karui's legs, revealing her glistening, manicured pussy to Hinata's eyes.

Karui spread her legs to accept Hinata, who scooted in and began awkwardly, timidly lapping at Karui's lower lips. As she did so, Karui closed her eyes and ran her fingers through Hinata's hair encouragingly, which caused the woman to begin licking more enthusiastically, her tongue slipping into the wet channel as she did so.

"Oh yeah, Hinata-chan, that's good." Karui murmured appreciatively, and was rewarded by her partner's tongue that began sliding into her pussy, searching out the spots to make Karui feel as good as she'd felt. Hinata's tongue mapped out her current lover's fleshy channel, sending waves of bliss through Karui's body as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back, just enjoying the sensations coursing through her.

As the six continued their lovemaking, they all realized they were in for a long, pleasurable night.

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