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Prologue :


Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze moaned as a figure bounced on his cock.She was a beauty having a dark black hair and a round figure.She was Amaterasu,shinto goddess of sun.

She became his lover after he ascended along with inari.Inari was sleeping beside him due to exhaution from last night.She also had a similar body to Amaterasu but have 9 white tails from behind along with two fox ears.

Speaking of nine tails,he was shocked that kurama was a girl.She was a counterpart of inari with dark red features.He remembered making a body for her as she fucked him to coma.She looked like a feral kushina with fox features.

After becoming a god,he choose sex as his domain to not get bored in afterlife.He spent all his time fucking his harem as his children moved to earth.He made sure none of his children are power crazy immortals.


He looked around to see his wives sleeping on a large bed beside him.

His Wives are as follows.Hinata Hyuga,Shion,Tsunade and mei,Kushina,Kurama and Sarada.

He married shion as per his promise to her and also they loved eachother.As for tsunade and mei,one moment he was drinking with them and next morning he woke up naked between their impressive breasts.

He had a crush on his mother and was shocked knowing that the feeling is mutual.He have to be a gay to not lust after his hot mother.

The last one was a shock to him.It seems that sasukes daughter sarada had a crush on him which turned into love.Gaining sasuke permission he married to her.

He groaned as he dumped another load inside the sun goddess.He shoved her on bed as he stood up naked.Before death sasuke transferred his rinnegan to him.

Naruto looked at his wives as he activated sasukes eyes and applied tsukuyomi on them.He grinned as all of them were fucked in the illusion.

All of them screamed as they cummed crazily as their bodies got hours of pleasure in 1 minute.

He can make any dead girl come alive as his sex slave but he loved his wives so he was selective.He activated a jutsu as he split himself in two.His dark part menma and his lighter part himself.

His dark counterpart said"so whats the plan boss".Naruto smiled saying"keep my wives satisfied brother.I will go gather some more girls for my harem.Its lonely in heaven".Menma nodded as naruto opened a portal to another dimension.

Menma saw his counterpart dissapearing as he turned to his psuedo wives.The girls got up as they gulped seeing their husbands counterpart because menma never fucked gentle.

He pounced on his girls as the screamed in pleasure.Menma grinned as he fucked hinata while kissing his mother kushina.He made clones enough to satisfy the girls and two goddess.


Naruto steeped into void as he obeserved many dimensions.He had a hard time to choose as he choose the present elemental nations also called as earth.

Since he was a god he has all the information he needed.Apparently the earth was filled with supernatutals like angels,fallen angels,devils and yokai.He landed on human world as he wandered looking for girls suitable for his harem.

He sensed his bloodline in two places.One in kuoh and one in Kyoto.He decided to meet his descendents as he approached kuoh.


Naruto was on ground laughing as he observed his descendent,his  name was issei and he was a huge pervert like him.He observed his daily life as he also sensed devils nearby.

He saw a fallen angel named raynare killing him.He was sad that issei died as naruto didnt helped knowing that the devil will resurrect him.

Even though he didnt helped,he left the building in search of the fallen angel.

Naruto visited azazel as he bought the rights for the two fallen angels.Azazel already know him as he was a reincarnation of jiraya.Naruto smiled as azazel introduced his wife penume.Naruto was glad that jiraya found love in his new life.He chuckled remembering that penume was as lustfull as jiraya.

He looked at the church as he entered inside.He killed a priest named selzen as he looked into his memories.He was attacked by a guy named dohashit or something as he killed him using a truth ball.

Raynare,Kalawarnar and mitlett were scared at the newcomer.His power was much more above than azazel.He turned to mitlett saying "go to azazel directly.I dont like hurting children".She hurried as she was scared at him.

He looked at the two girls saying "now what to do with you".Raynare wanted to manipulate him saying "please dont hurt us.we will do anything.You can even use our bodies".Naruto saw through the lie as he activaed his godly powers.

Raynare and kalawarner fell due to lust so they were shocked as they grew horny due to his power.Naruto groped raynare saying"it was a waste killing you with these bodies.Dont worry from now onwards you two are my slaves".Both of them nodded in daze as naruto teleported to a room he booked earlier.

He tackled them on his large bed as he groped them.The two fallen angels began moaning as their arousal increased by every second.They moaned in dissapointment as naruto drew back.His clothes vanished as his cock dangled between his legs.

Raynare and kalawarner were shocked seeing his cock.It was standing with 13 inches length.It was much bigger than any supernaturals they known par dragons due to their body size.Like flies to a sweet they quickly got to his cock.

Naruto smriked as they both served his cock.He kept his original cock length as the girls can handle since they are lustful beings.He shoved raynare on bed as he turned her over.He ordered kalawarner to sit on bed fingering herself as he poked her pussy with his cock.

Suddenly without warning he slammed his complete length inside.A power hungry fallen angel raynare was instantly replaced by a cock hungry raynare.

Raynare screamed in pain and pleasure as naruto ploughed into her pussy.She slept with hundreds of beings but was never this much satisfied.

She screamed in pleasure saying"Yes master.Please fuck me.Make me your bitch.Destroy my pussy for your pleasure".Naruto grinned as he increased his speed.Due to his powers,raynare became a mess as he fucked her to his content.He saw raynare squirting as she fell unconsious.

He groaned as he cummed deep inside her womb.Her stomach enlarged at the amount as naruto filled her insides.She moaned in sleep as naruto drew back as cum dripped from her pussy.

He turned to the fingering kalawarner saying"bend here bitch.Now its your turn".She obeyed as she kneeled like a dog before her new lord.She screamed in pain as he entered inside her womb."Yes master iam your slut.Please fuck me.Destroy my pussy just like raynare.I will be an eternal bitch to your cock" kalawarner said as naruto fucked her pussy

She was no match for his cock as she also broke similiar to raynare.Naruto drew back as cum dripped from both of them as they sported bulging stomachs due to his immense amount of cum.He made his cum infertile so that they wont get pregnant.

He turned to them saying"The night is not over whores".Both of them spread their legs as they invited their new master to destroy their pussies more.


It was morning as naruto woke up seeing the sexually broken bodies of both raynare and kalawarner.He cleaned himself as he created a bowl of ramen using his powers.He had no need to eat but he just enjoy the taste of ramen.

He saw the two sluts waking up as he completed his breakfast.As soon as he came into view both of them aimed for his cock to serve him.He increased his power as both of them stopped looking at him.

He looked at them saying"Remember from now on you are my sluts.You two lost every right to be normal.Dont ever go outside the room.If you do i will kill you the next second.This room fills with food,water and entertainment every 24 hours so cook something for yourselves when hungry.Your sole existenece is to be my cum slaves whenever i get bored.Understood sluts".

Both of them nodded as they were scared and aroused by his power.Naruto also said"i will not be present all the time so be like a good girls and stay in this room".Naruto vanished as the two of them were left with eachother.

They pounced on eachother as they began kissing to collect the cum on others body.Raynare transformed her pussy into a cock as she began to fuck her partner.


Naruto left the room as he began to approach kyoto to meet his and kuramas direct descendent.He decided to travel like human as he was getting bored of using his godly to instantly teleport.


Rias and his peerage will never find the fallen angels as the room was sealed with his personal seals.Issei trained himself hard as he wanted to protect his precious friends.Rias was happy as issei came across a nun named asia as rias reincarnated her as a bishop with asia permission.





This is my new story guys.How is it?

Naruto will travel into different dimensions to collect his harem.Raynare and kalawarner are his slaves rather than his harem.

I only add some girls from a dimension not everygirl.I mainly focus on girls who has less screen time or were nit noticed by main Protaganist.

First Universe is DxD since it is his elemental nations into the future.

Please choose the next dimension which will be after 4 chapters.

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