Father-Son Onsen Escapades

BY : AlexUzumaki
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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, its characters, nor do i make any money from this. This story is simply for the fun of writing.

Wow. This was originally supposed to be a one shot but as i began writing more and more things kept coming to me so this ended up being way longer than i expected. So as such this will now be a multi chapter story. This is my very first time writing a fanfic so be easy when you review lol.  Anyway, this story came as a result of wanting to fix the criminally lacking amount of stories featuring Boruto. 



Jūho Sōshiken - Twin Lion Fists

Jūken - Gentle Fist

Hakke Kūshō - 8 Trigrams Air Palm

Kyubi - Ninetails

So without further ado


“JUHO SOSHIKEN!!!” Boruto heard his little sister Himawari scream while sparring with their mother Hinata as he watched from the roof of the Uzumaki household. Since awakening her Byakugan years ago, their mother has made it her business to train Hima in the art of Juken. He’d never admit it, but he was beyond proud of the progress his sister has made.


“Ok Hima, let's take a 5 minute break, then get back to training” Hinata said wiping the sweat from her brow. “K mama” replied while chugging down some water. “You know, when I train with you i'm reminded so much of your uncle Neji. Your skill almost mirrors his”


Boruto rolled his eyes while scarfing down the last of his burger. “C’mon mom stop swelling her head up. She only trains so hard to impress Inojin. Right sis?” That remark made Hima turn redder than the Uzumaki symbols on their clothes. “Sh-SHUT UP!” she stuttered out while trying to hide her embarrassment. “HAKKE KUSHO!!” she yelled while aiming in his direction. Boruto laughed while effortlessly dodging it. “Better keep the training up” he mocked while disappearing, leaving only wind and leaves behind. “Stupid elder brother”


5 years had passed since the battle with Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki, 17y/o Boruto thought while jumping from roof to roof. Little had changed in Konoha since then. He's become a jonin while his 15 y/o little had just made Chunin. Since him and his sister were pretty much able to take care of themselves now, Hinata went out with her girlfriends a lot more, when she wasnt training Hima. Then there was his shitty dad, Naruto Uzumaki, aka the 7th Hokage. Ever since he became the Hokage, he had little to no time to spend with his family, something he had resented him for when he was younger. But after rescuing him from Momoshiki, something had changed. He and Naruto had come to a mutual agreement and he began to spend more time with his family. Boruto no longer resented his father, in fact the whole ordeal had made him realize just how much he loved his father. And that lies the problem. He loved his father a little TOO much. Not in the father/son type way they should have, but in the romantic way. He didn't realize he had these feelings until 3 years ago when he was 14.


How does that feel Boruto?” his father asked him as he felt his hard cock pierce his virgin hole. “More. so good. More” was all he could stutter out. Naruto grinned. “You're so cute” he said as he bent over and licked his son's nipple. This brought about a collective moan from the teen. Boruto’s eyes damn near rolled back as his father gently rolled the abused nipple between his teeth. “Dad” his son weakly said. Finally done teasing the nipple, he turned his attention to his son's painfully hard cock, which was already leaking a stream of pre cum. He then began jerking off his son simultaneously to the thrusting. “Dad im close. I'm so close. Can I?”. “Yes” replied Naruto as his thrusting speed increased. “Do it Boruto”, the older man whispered. “Dad I'm, I’M-”


Was all Boruto remembered saying as he jolted up from his dream. He was just about to say “what the fuck was that all about” when he felt something warm in his boxers. What was on his hand as he pulled it from his boxers was sticky, white liquid. “Fuck” was all he could muster. He had just had a wet dream. His first wet dream, and it was about his father.


Back in the present, Boruto blushed beet red as he shaked that memory from his head, continuing on his way. Ever since then these feelings had done nothing but grown, no matter how much he knew they were wrong And in turn he began to distance himself from Naruto, something that hurt the both of them as they had just gotten close again. But only Boruto knew the reason for this newfound distance. He had resolved to take these feelings with him to the grave.




*Knock knock*


“Come in” Naruto said without looking up from his papers.


A brooding young blonde man ended. “You wanted to see me dad?”


“Please address me as Lo-”


“Don't start old man” he cut Naruto off


Naruto couldn't help but laugh. “I'm just kidding” he said looking up from his work.”Back to business. I have a special D Rank mission for you to take”


Boruto looked at his father with a dumbfounded expression. “A WHAT?! You expect me, a JONIN, to take a louey D rank mission?!” He couldn't believe what the old man was asking him


SPECIAL D Rank mission. And this isn't just some d rank mission. This one happens to be one of great importance. Now open the scroll and read it”


Boruto let out a disgruntled *sign* and did as his father told him. As he quickly skimmed over the contents, he had to fight back the urge to go into a rage. “Hey old man! What's so special about a stupid escort assignment? It doesn't even say exactly WHO i'm supposed to be escorting!”


“Calm down. You’ll find out all you need to tomorrow. Just report to the front gate and he’ll meet you there. That'll be all.”


“He’ll? Just who is this person” Boruto thought. “Whatever” was all he said as he left the Hokage’s office. Naruto had a smirk on his face. “Heh. that boy’s so much like me it's scary” he said aloud as he went back to signing papers.




Boruto waited at the front gate like he was told, waiting for this mystery man he's supposed to be escorting. At first he was annoyed with such a low ranking mission, but after he calmed down he thought that a little time away from the village would do him some good. But still, waiting patiently was never one of his strong suits.


“Just where the hell is this bastard” he said as he leaned against the gate. “Right here” said a voice. An all too familiar voice. He looked up in a rush to see a tall man with 3 whiskers on each side of his face and ocean blue eyes. The man was none other than his father, Naruto Uzumaki. “Dad, what the hell are you doing here?”. The confused youth asked. “What does it look like?” Naruto responded sarcastically. “I'm who you’re escorting.” Boruto couldn't believe what he was hearing. “YOU?! You mean to tell me that you called me all the way to your office just to tell me that i'm escorting YOU?! And just where the hell are you supposed to be going?” Boruto angrily asked. “Bingo.” Naruto snidely said. “And if you had bothered to finish reading the scroll, you'd know that WE'RE going to an onsen.” We're? Boruto thought. “The look on your face says it all. While this is an escort mission, it's more than that. It's actually a trip for just the two of us. A sort of father/son bonding trip.”


“Just the two of us?” Before he even realized it his entire face had turned red. Thinking of just the two of them, together and naked in onsen made Boruto’s cock twitch. The thought was almost too much. “Forget it old man. Find someone else” he said as he began to walk away, trying to hide his growing erection. Just as he had passed his father, Naruto grabbed his wrist. “Let me g-” he began to say as he turned around and saw his father's sullen face, those big beautiful blue eyes of his looking like those of a sad puppy. Just then he felt himself be grabbed into a powerful bear hug. His face grew even redder as he tried to free himself from his father's grip, but he just wasn't letting go. “Please Boruto” his father begged. “I worked my ass off to get the weekend off just so we could rekindle the bond we used to have. I need to know why my only son hates he so much”. At that point he had long since stopped struggling. In fact he had no more strength left. It took all he had just to keep from breaking down in tears. He had spent years building a wall around himself in an effort to hide his true feelings, and Naruto had smashed that wall in an instant. “Stupid old man” he said as he finally returned the hug. “I could never hate you” he whispered”. He really did love his father. More than should be humanly possible. Boruto put his hands behind his head as he started walking towards the gate. “Alright old man, since you went through all the trouble” he said with his usual cocky tone. He didn't even have to turn around to see the happiness on Naruto's face. And that in turn made him happy. But he was happy for several other reasons alongside the fact that he made his father smile. He was also happy because he had just hatched a scheme. He had spent too many years running from his feelings. In the process it severely damaged his relationship with naruto. But he was done running. He planned to do something about it. Besides, Naruto wasn't the only one who knew how to scheme.

“Just you wait old man” he thought as he and Naruto left the village.

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