Night in the Hyuga Household

BY : Doublenog
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Thanks to BigE2955 for some helpful advice. This is my first story here(and the first full, for the lack of a better term, story anywhere), I hope you'll enjoy it.

In a dimly lit room of the main Hyuga household, two men just finished their conversation about their family.
"Please excuse me, I still have some work to do." Said the younger man as he got up.

"I'm concerned about you too." Said the older man.

"I'm just following through with my ninja way." Replied the younger man, one Naruto Uzumaki, as he left father-in-law, Hiashi Hyuga, behind.

'I hope he didn't notice, that was a lousy excuse.' He thought. 'I didn't bring anything that even looks like something I can work on.'

He looked around the house, heart pounding in excitement. A small smile appeared on his face as he watched Himawari was sleeping peacefully. Suddenly he heard a distant voice.

"Can't sleep, Boruto?"

Naruto followed the voice to find Hanabi having a chat with his son. Seeing them get along brought warmth to his heart as well, but he had to admit that he didn't really focus on his son. No, his focus was on the absolute bombshell that was his sister-in-law. He watched her earlier too, her long flowing hair, beautiful face, cute voice, irresistible figure even her traditional kimono can't hide and her graceful movements in her bout with his son left him struggling to control his boner, something that his sister-in-law didn't fail to notice. She sent him a few knowing smirks, and in a moment when she "innocently" passed next to him she gave him a stealthy whisper.

"Tonight, my room."

He didn't have to wait long before the subject of his attention left Boruto behind. Silently, she went to her room, her stare briefly meeting Naruto as she moved past him.

'Just a little longer'

Once the Naruto was sure that the coast was clear, he followed her footsteps, heart accelerating with every second. He had waited all day for this moment. He lightly tapped her door, careful not to make any noise that could be heard by anyone but her. The door opened, and a pair of lust filled blue eyes met a pair of equally lust filled silver eyes. Hanabi pulled him inside, closed the door and soundproofed the room with a special jutsu. Finally, they were alone.

"You came." She said, running her hand across his chin.

"You had any doubts? It has been way too long." Naruto said back, hand already sliding on her cheek.

"Well, you should come with the kids more often." She said with a smirk.

"You really love playing with them don't you." Naruto smirked back.

"Of course I love playing with my cute little nephews, but..." Her arms grabbed Naruto's face. "...I think I prefer playing with the father." Hanabi pulled Naruto for a kiss as soon as she finished the last word.

Naruto was quick to respond, parting his lips to allow Hanabi's tongue to slip in, while getting ready to greet it with his own tongue. While their tongues were busy slipping against each other, their hands were busy working on the other's clothes. Hanabi pulled down the zipper of Naruto's coat while Naruto undid the belt holding Hanabi's kimono together. They both peeled off each other's orange top layer, exposing their white upper undergarments. This affinity to orange was not the only thing they have in common, both of them are fun loving people with a mischievous side, and both of them were devoted to Hinata.

Yes, even though the two hid their scandalous relationship from the world, the one person the average person would imagine that it would be hidden from the most was completely on it. That's why she had stayed home, giving her sister some time alone with her husband, despite being the one who suggested visiting her father in the first place. In fact, not only is Hinata OK with it, she was the one who suggested it in the first place. She noticed that she alone couldn't quite satisfy Naruto seemingly endless stamina. She knew that Hanabi, being the heiress, is set to marry within the clan even if that means enduring a loveless marriage. She noticed the attraction developing between the two, even as they tried their best to hold it back. And she made clear that she was more than ready to share. Ironically, the Hyuga household was one of the safest places to do it covertly, as some of its walls contain one of few materials that can block the Byakugan's vision.

Back in Hanabi's room, Naruto's lips left Hanabi's, and moved down to her neck, alternating between kissing it and softly sucking her skin. His fingers dug into Hanabi's chest, squeezing her breasts through her remaining clothes.

"Ahhh..." Hanabi let out a moan. She raised her head, giving Naruto easier access to her neck while her hands held Naruto's hands, pressing them deeper into her ample bosom.

"Glad you're enjoying my special meat and potatoes."

Naruto let out a chuckle.

"I think that these..." He emphasized his word with another squeeze, "...are too big to be potatoes. Melons is more like it." Hanabi was not quite as large as her sister, but that is hardly saying much. She was rightfully proud of what she had. Hanabi moved her hands to the prominent bulge in Naruto's pants.

"Your meat and potatoes look like they want to have some fun too."

She gently pushed Naruto, sitting him on her bed, then took off her remaining top garments. She smirked as Naruto's eyes quickly focused on the sight of her bare breasts. His hands tried to squeeze them again, but Hanabi playfully shoved them aside.

"Uh uh uh, you'll have plenty of time to play with them later. But right now..."

A realization hit Naruto as Hanabi grabbed his pants and pulled them down, taking his underwear and shoes along with them. He spread his legs, giving her room to go on her knees between them, and trap his erect dick in her cleavage.

"...I think they want to play with you."

Now it was Naruto's turn to moan as he felt Hanabi's soft breasts surround his dick. Hanabi spat down a bit, lubricating her boobs with her saliva and after applying a sufficient amount, she started moving her breasts in circular motions around Naruto.

"Hanabi... Your breasts... incredible..." Naruto said in bliss.

Hanabi smiled at Naruto, and intensified her actions, alternating between moving her breasts together and moving each one separately.

Naruto watched Hanabi's fleshy globes as they worked on his cock. Large, perfectly shaped, featuring cute rosy nipples, they teased him by their mere presence. But he knew better than to disobey Hanabi's order. She can take the lead for now, he'll have his turn later. He felt the pressure building in his nether regions, and was about to warn Hanabi, but she got there first.

"If you worry about making a mess, don't. I'll take care of that." She said to him.

Not wanting to let her do all the work, Naruto placed his hands on the bed, and used them as leverage to thrust into Hanabi's cleavage. Feeling Naruto was near his limit, Hanabi applied her finishing touch by licking the tip of his penis.

A loud groan echoed in the room, and a sticky white fluid erupted from Naruto's penis. Hanabi caught most of his sperm in her mouth, but not all of it. Drops of the white liquid sprayed over her upper body, slowly dripping down.

"You know," Hanabi said after she licked the sperm off Naruto's dick. "it tastes better than it looks." She gathered some of the liquid from her chest on her finger. "Want to try?" She offered her finger with a grin.

"I think I'll pass." Naruto replied.

"Yeah, I figured as much. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it." She smiled and licked her finger. She then grabbed a nearby tissue and begun wiping the rest of his sperm off her body. Naruto sat and watched her, drinking her beauty with his eyes.

"Nee-sama is so lucky." She suddenly said. "Sure, I get this fancy title, but she got freedom. Freedom to be who she wants to be, freedom to marry the one she loves."


"I know it's really childish, but sometimes I can't help but dream I could somehow marry you too, even if only as a secondary wife. That you'll take me along with your family and we all just run away together and live freely. You get me better than all my possible arranged partners combined." She stopped for a second, focusing on cleaning a bit of semen that reached her hair. "The clan matchmakers only care about genetic compatibility. They work on the almost contradicting task of maximizing the purity of the eyes while minimizing the chance of inbreeding defects. Personal compatibility is of no concern. My parents were one of the rare cases there was some actual love there." Hanabi looked down. "And even though the head is supposed to be the one in charge of the clan, sometimes it feels like it's the other way around. You know what happened with my father and uncle, right? One had to die, and the other was forced to send his own brother to his death, all for the sake of the clan. Being the Hokage and all, you get what I'm saying, right?"

"Yeah..." Naruto replied.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not running away from it. It's a great honor, it comes with a lot of perks and I'm well aware that there are people out there who'll love to have the problems I have instead of their problems, but sometimes I can't help but to be a little childish."

Hearing Hanabi pour her heart like that had a very strong effect on Naruto. He got up and hugged Hanabi.

"Wow. Hinata told me it was bad, but I didn't realize it was that bad." He said to her. "Look, I don't know how long we can keep this up, but I want you to know that one way or another, I'm there for you. And I'm sure Hinata is too."

Their lips met again. But this time it's was slower. More gentle and loving. They broke the kiss after a while, and Hanabi's gaze turned to Naruto's dick, already hard again.

"Naruto..." Hanabi said his name in a desperate tone. She threw away her remaining clothes, revealing her already soaked vagina. She stripped off Naruto's undershirt as well.

"Please make love to me."

Naruto didn't need to be told twice. He laid her down on the bed, and covered her body with kisses. Be it her forehead, her cheeks, her mouth, her neck, her collarbone, her breasts, her arms and hands, her stomach, her legs, her feet, any spot he could reach. His hands joined his tour through Hanabi's body, caressing her soft skin wherever they went. There was one spot he did skip though, saving it for last. He rose back up her body, reaching her wet core, and after a few seconds of teasing her with his breath, he went in, drinking Hanabi's sex juice. He was rewarded with her sweet moans, each one egging him further. Suddenly an idea popped in his mind. Snaking his hand under her, he went pass a plump buttock and reached her anus, giving it a soft brush. His other hand went up, and pinched her nipple.

"A-AHHHHH" He heard her scream in pleasure. Her own hands were not just sitting idly too, they both were busy grabbing Naruto's head, pulling him and massaging his scalp. But Hanabi wasn't satisfied with Naruto's tongue alone. She gave his head a sudden push, sat up and used Naruto moment of disorientation to pull him over, placing them head to head again. Naruto got the message.

"Can't wait anymore, huh?" He whispered. Quite frankly, he grew tired of foreplay himself.

Hanabi didn't even bother answering, she just grabbed Naruto's penis and placed it in front of her opening.

Naruto slowly slid inside her, savoring the warmth of her inner walls as they moved around him, greeting his dick like it was always meant to be there.

"Oh yes, fill me..."

Hanabi felt the sense of completeness only Naruto could give her. His hand moved to her face, brushing her distinctive bang aside as he claimed her lips again. She sent her own hands, sampling his well built body. Her eyes gave the Hyuga heiress the ability to find sensitive spots with ease, and she memorized some so she could stimulate them even without her Byakugan active.

Naruto withdraw a bit, then thrusted back in, building up the cycle of pleasure. In, out, in, out, slowly picking up pace. Hanabi caught on, pulling and pushing along with him. He broke their kiss and pulled his head back a bit, allowing the lovers to admire each other's body. Hanabi moved one hand to his chest, while her legs coiled around his bottom. Naruto watched her react to his thrusts. The way she gasped every time he went in, the way her long dark hair flowed around her as she moved with him, the way her breasts rocked around with every impact. He remembered her words from earlier, and figured now is a good time to give her breasts some attention. He shifted his weight to his elbows, freeing his hands to grasp her swaying melons. Hanabi moved her other hand to his chest as well, enjoying the feel of his muscular chest as much as Naruto enjoyed her voluptuous one.

As their shared pleasure robbed them of their ability of normal speech, blue and silver eyes met again, communicating their feelings and desires without words. Everything else became a blur, and their senses focused on their lover. They could see every detail of the other's body to the location of the smallest sweat drop. Hear every little breath and moan. Smell nothing but the other's scent. Taste the lingering taste of their previous kisses. Feel every little point of contact. And with one final dive, they both reached climax. Naruto's sperm was once again shot out of his penis, this time deep inside his sister-in-law. Hanabi couldn't see it, of course, but the feeling inside her was unmistakable, Naruto's second load wasn't any smaller than his first.

They both stayed still for a short while, enjoying their orgasm before reluctantly pulling apart. Naruto got off Hanabi and lay down by her side, watching her chest rise and fall she she regained her breath. Hanabi's fingers traced random shapes on Naruto's chest.

"You said you don't know how long we can keep this up, do you think we can keep doing this even after I'll marry?" Hanabi suddenly asked.

Naruto thought about it for a while. "I don't know. Hinata may be fine with it, but I doubt your future husband will."

"What about you? What do you want?"

"Well, I obviously not going to complain about being with the two prettiest girls in the village at the same time." Naruto grinned, then wore a more serious expression. "Seriously though, I want you to be happy. If that means risking a scandal, that's fine with me as long as it's fine with you and Hinata. And if you prefer to play it safe, I can do that too. As I said, I'll do what I can to help you. If we can't do it this way, I'll find another."

"Thank you." Hanabi smiled. "Speaking of being with both of us together, how about you tell Nee-sama to come too next time?" She asked as Naruto got off the bed.

"I'll... I'll ask her." Naruto got hard again.

"Great. Tell her that with the two of us working together we might actually defeat Mr. Fox's recovery." She couldn't help but to chuckle at Naruto's increasing blush.

"S-Sure." Naruto's imagination was already working overtime. He got dressed and prepared to leave the room.

"Sweet dreams, Hokage-sama."

"Good night, Hanabi."

Naruto slipped out of the room, his mind filled with visions of the two Hyuga sisters. He didn't even notice that his son was not around, having left the house to follow his own little adventure.

Despite the threesome setup in the end, this is written as a one shot. Mostly because I don't really have any idea on how to write it. Maybe one day I'll get some inspiration and write a second chapter, but I can't promise anything.

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