Liberating Summer

BY : Randall
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This story contains incest so if you're disgusted by the idea of it, save yourself some time and don't read it.

Naruto was currently eating his breakfast. Judging from his face and the tempo of eating, you could clearly tell that he wasn't exactly a morning person.
He graduated high school a week ago so he wasn't in a hurry and took all the time he needs to fully wake up.
Hearing his mother approaching the kitchen, he managed to mutter out a good morning without even lifting his face up from the scrambled eggs he had.

"Good morning Naruto!" Kushina replied happily, being the early bird Naruto obviously wasn't.

By the time Naruto almost finished his scrambled eggs, Kushina already prepared her own breakfast and took an opposite seat at the kitchen table.
Naruto was just about to get up from the table when he noticed something that made his eyes go wide, namely Kushina's big, bare breasts.
He just stared at them almost hypnotized, thinking 'They have to be at least DD!' and the juicy, pink nipples seemed to stare right back at him. Kushina took notice of the lack of the noise Naruto made with his fork and turned her attention to him, she instantly saw her son ogling her impressive bust.

"Um mom..." Naruto said, almost startled when he realized that his mother caught him staring.

"Oh Naruto, it's just so hot this summer that it's more comfortable for me to walk around like that. I just thought that as an adult man you won't mind seeing your mother's breasts" Kushina explained, sounding a bit disappointed.

"I-I mean it's okay mom" Naruto stuttered, "I was just caught off guard because you didn't tell me before, I don't mind as long as you're comfortable" Naruto continued.

"That's good to hear dear" His mother said while putting on a smile and digging back into her breakfast.

"Um, I'm gonna go back to my room" He uttered while turning back and leaving the kitchen as soon as possible, thanking the God that his mother was too busy with her breakfast to notice that he was now rock hard.

Naruto now sat on his bed, thinking about what happened just a minute ago downstairs. 'Damn it! How didn't I notice that she was topless!?' he cursed himself.
It wasn't the first time he saw his mother's boobs, Kushina was never too shy with her body and once in a while he could see changing in the bathroom with the door open or notice his mother's nipples through a thin shirt on a day she didn't put on a bra.
It was the first time he saw them from such a close distance, almost right in his face. Just recalling that event made his erection throb.

A lot of young boys going through puberty have erotic thoughts about their own mothers, but he was way past this age which made him feel a bit guilty about how aroused he got. He needed to take care of his boner desperately though because he doubted that it will go down on it's own and he had no plans of locking himself in the room for the whole day to keep his mother from seeing it.

Naruto walked over to his doors to lock them, quickly discarded his black boxer briefs and sat on the bed again. He didn't even have time to turn on the laptop and find some porn, instead he just closed his eyes and fantasized about a pair of big jugs and covering them in his cum.

Afterwards he just carried on with his daily routine, almost forgetting about what happened in the kitchen earlier today.

As Naruto stepped out of the shower he decided to reward himself for finishing his routine of calisthenics with watching some Tv. He didn't bother to put on more than his boxers because as Kushina mentioned, it really was hot this summer.
Walking downstairs he heard some Tv noise meaning that someone was watching it already.
'Ah I bet mom's watching her dumb soap operas again' Naruto thought, slightly irritated.

When he entered the living room, Naruto almost gasped because he completely forgot about his mother being more comfortable with wearing less clothes around the house now.

Kushina was sitting on a black, leather couch, wearing just some loose, blue shorts. Completely exposing her large breasts to Naruto.
Before his mother noticed him, he quickly put on a forced smile to replace the look of surprise on his face and act as casually as he could.

"Hey mom, still killing off your brain with some soap operas?" Naruto said with a smile while taking a seat next to her on the couch, trying really hard not to look even an inch below her neck.

"Oh quiet you, I deserve some leisure time on my holiday" his mother responded, giggling slightly at her son's joke. "You might as well watch it with me, we barely spent any time together before holidays started" she continued. Naruto didn't reply, trying and failing to focus on what's on the screen instead of taking a peek at the fine pair of breasts right next to him.

'Crap, that's not good' he thought as he felt his dick getting hard again.

Before he could make up any excuse to leave again, he heard his mother speak once more.
"You know..."

"Yes mother?" he responded, trying not to sound annoyed at the fact that his mom just prevented his escape.

"I was thinking that it must be quite hot for you as well... maybe you should wear less around the house too?" Kushina resumed.

"Erm, I'm not sure mom. I'm already not wearing much, I'd be completely naked then" her son replied, sounding slightly uncomfortable.

"Yeah, but I mean it's nothing I haven't seen before." Kushina giggled before adding "Besides I think you'd love it, you can really feel free at your own house"

Feeling that his mom wouldn't stop persisting "I'll consider it, I just need to make myself more comfortable with the idea of it." he said and nodded in defeat.

Knowing that her son is as stubborn as she is, Kushina seemed more or less satisfied with his answer.

So that's it, thank you for reading.

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