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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor do I own the characters featured within the story. This work is non profit, and is purely meant for entertainment purposes.

This is a sequel to my original Sasuke x Mass Harem story, the Lone Wanderer. While you can read this first if you want to see the various crossover characters rather than the Naruto girls in the original, you might be confused by situations, references, flashbacks, stuff like that. You've been warned.

Here's a link to the original:

!Warning! This story is going to contain extremely graphic depictions of sex. Lemons are going to be rife, aplenty, and limes will be scattered throughout the entire fic. There will be BSDM, master/slave relationships, anal, all sorts of things you can think of. Again, you have been warned. !Warning!

The premise of this story is that Sasuke will be traveling from anime dimension to anime dimension... and well, essentially screwing the female characters within them while attempting to get back to his home. The dimensions featured are not exclusive (not even close) to the ones that are in the tags. I will leave a table of contents below to help define which dimension Sasuke is in at different times, for ease of use.

Chapter 1 - Prologue, Naruto dimension.

Chapter 2 to ? - Introduction arc, Fairy Tail dimension.

And so on, and so on.

Without further ado... enjoy!

It was unfathomable to Sasuke, that exactly one year ago, he had proposed to her.

A gentle breeze blew through his hair, lifting up and revealing the mismatched eyes that had been hidden beneath the curtain of raven locks.

He stood there. On that very same bridge, peering into the stream that slowly flowed beneath him. Sasuke could see his reflection in the clear water, that shimmered ever so slightly beneath the sun light. He was resting against the side, idly twisting the diamond ring that glistened on his finger.

Sasuke sighed, shifting his feet ever so slightly, the wood creaking beneath him.

A lot had changed.

He had been traveling for a long time, after all. First with Orochimaru, as they went from hideout to hideout, evading Konoha as he prospered beneath the snake sannin's tutelage. And then, after he had disposed of his 'master', he had roamed with Team Taka - on the hunt for his brother. It all began to jumble together after that, fighting the Gyuki, the Five Kage Summit, the war. After that, he had begun to wander even more, and in that time, he had found his many wives.

It was funny.

Sasuke had learned to regret so many things that he had done in the past. Deserting Konoha. Killing Itachi. Pledging his sword to the Akatsuki, and threatening to destroy the village he had been born in.

But… if there was one thing he would never regret doing, it was meeting his wives.

Naruko, Sakura, Samui, Mabui, Karui, Tsunade, Anko, Karin, Mei, Konan, Ino, Temari, Gina, Tsume, Hana, Tenten, Rias, Kurotsuchi, Tsunami, Yugao, Kurenai, Robin, Shion, Ayame, Erza, Kushina, Shizune.

The list was extensive, undoubtedly. And yet, over the course of the previous year, he had wed each of them - either in extravagant ceremonies, as with Naruko and Sakura, or in secret to protect their reputation, with women like Samui or Mei.

Of all of them, only one of them truly 'lived' with him, and that was… Erza.

A bit of surprise, maybe, but Naruko had gotten tired of Erza keeping them up all night, as she continuously forced Sasuke to sate her rather… extreme urges. A year after her exposure to him, and she had only gotten more and more addicted - to the point where she couldn't even sleep without a load settling in her womb. There were plans in the making to rejuvenate the Uchiha compound from its destruction during Pein's attack. Maybe then, they could all live together - but for now, it wasn't uncommon to see his wives lounging about on the couch, fresh off of missions or visiting from other villages.

Of course, it was much more common to find him in bed with his visiting wives, pounding them into the mattress, reminding them with every forceful thrust how much he loved them despite the distance.

He had slipped out of the house early this morning. Easing a passed out Erza off of him, cum drooling lazily from her pussy. Past Tenten and Anko, who had been fast asleep on the couch. There had been a close call, with Hinata. But - she had just been going to the bathroom, and all he'd had to do was duck behind the kitchen counter until she was fast asleep, sandwiched in between Anko and Tenten on the couch.

Now, he was standing here. Thinking.

Taking care of twenty seven different wives was no small feat, and honestly, sometimes he just got a little tired. It might seem a little ridiculous - but having to pound his wives' cunts, day in and day out, dolling out creampies and facials like candy… well, it could get a little repetitive. Not that the sex had gotten worse or anything like that, but girls like Erza could wear him out after a couple of hours, and he was practically locked indoors for days on end whenever Mei or Kurotsuchi came to visit for a 'diplomatic mission' to the village.

Sasuke sighed once again. It was probably time to head home. He was sure they were missing him… and, well, he was missing them a little as well. Not that he would ever admit that to them.

He pushed himself off of the railing, and began to walk back to his apartment.

"Mmm… maybe cut back on the sugar next time." Sasuke said, putting down the cup of tea he had been drinking from. "Or… better yet, don't add any at all."

Anko rolled her eyes. "I swear, you are a weirdo sometimes, Sasuke-kun." she said. "How the hell did I marry a man who doesn't even like sweet things? Or dango?!"

Now, the sight before him was one that would make nearly any man cream his pants. Anko wasn't naked… technically. She wore a thin yellow apron that was draped down her front. But other than that, her body was void of clothes. It was as modest as things typically got in the Uchiha household - but even then, Anko had a way of perverting that, not so sneakily allowing one of her nipples to slip out, or pulling the apron up under the pretense of wiping her brow with it, but really just showing off her shaven snatch.

And really, she just 'accidently' dropped things too much. And she wasn't even shy about admitting it - making a show of it, wiggling her hips from side to side as she 'fumbled' for whatever object she had dropped, Sasuke's mismatched eyes typically glued to her round and plump ass.

Surprisingly enough, Anko was actually a terrific cook. It made some sense he supposed, she had been an orphan and had undoubtedly learned to take care of herself. Not that being an orphan really guaranteed that - he'd tasted Naruko's cooking before, and...

… never again.

Soon, another cup of tea was slid in front of him - blissfully left unsweeten. He took a sip from it, shuddering as the warmth slid down his throat. "Thank you, Anko." Sasuke said.

Anko grinned. "No problem." she said. "Breakfast is almost ready." A pause. "Do you think Erza-chan's coming up for some food?" she asked.

Sasuke chuckled. "I don't think Erza knows what world she's in right now." he said honestly.

No, she wasn't asleep, nor was she in the other room. Rather - she was crouched beneath the dining table, her hands clutching at the support beneath it, as she bounced up and down on his fat cock.

In fact, the entire time that Anko had been conversing, Erza's hoarse screams had echoed throughout the room.

"You're so big! You're so good! Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh… oh… oh…!"

And he wasn't doing anything. He was just sitting there, sipping at his tea, as Erza practically fucked herself to death on his cock. It was one of the things Anko loved about Sasuke, how nonchalant about the whole thing he was. Some men would try to 'lord' their masculinity over them, or take advantage of them to do dark things, but he was exceedingly tolerant about it. He took care of them, he made sure that their needy pussies got the cock that they deserved, and in the meantime, he loved them as they loved him.

Really, a harem wasn't the proper way to describe their strange little family. That suggested that Sasuke was their 'master' or something of that sort. No, they were all equal. Sure, some girls were more addicted to him then others… Erza was living proof of that… but he never forced them to do anything.

He was very possessive, that was no lie.

Anko remembered a time, when she and Sasuke had gone to the store. She had flirted with the cashier to get a little 'discount' on their food… and although Sasuke hadn't done anything then, the second they had gotten back into the house, he had picked her up - carted her off to the bathroom, and had fucked her unconscious.

Needless to say, she made sure to flirt with that same cashier every time they went to the store.

"Do you think I could get a ride after she's done?" Anko asked, her back (and ass) turned to him now, as she worked over the stove, scrambling the eggs in the pan and tossing pancakes.

"Sure." Sasuke said. "I'm about to finish up now, anyways." He reached a hand down, gently resting it on Erza's juicy ass. With steady pumps of his hips, he began to thrust back against her - Erza gasping, only bucking her hips more and more, her moans of ecstasy growing progressively more and more strained.

One would think that after a year of hard pounding, that Erza would have become desensitized to her husband by now. But, that simply wasn't the case. If anything, he had become even better - learning her ticks, exploring every inch of her body, molding the inside of her pussy to the shape of his long and thick cock. Often, she lost track of the amount of orgasms she had in a night, but the cumulative amount had to easily be in the thousands by now.

Erza let out a long, hoarse moan, her hands clutching at the table support in a death grip - rattling the dishes on top of it.

And then, Sasuke bottomed out inside of her, blowing a massive load inside of her warm and fertile womb. Jet after jet of cum spurted into her most inner place, filling her up, turning her vision white and causing her to go limp. She slumped, his cock slipping from her snatch. It didn't wane for a moment, jumping back up fully erect - dripping bits of cum and slathered in Erza's juices.

Just in time as well. Anko slid a plate piled with steaming hot food - eggs, sausages, pancakes, along with a fork and a knife - in front of him. And then, she pulled up her apron, hopped into his lap, and slid his erection into her sopping wet pussy.

"There we go.." she murmured, resting her head on Sasuke's shoulder, her hands hooking around his armpits and fastening tight around his burly frame. "That's the ticket."

Sasuke inhaled deeply. His mouth was full of egg - and slowly, he began to chew it, savouring every bit of it, before swallowing it down. "Fuck," he groaned. "Your cooking is almost as good as Hinata's."

"Fucking Hyuga," Anko grumbled.

Sasuke chuckled, giving her back an appreciative rub. "Chin up," he said. "After all…" Sasuke murmured, his hot breath fanning out against her ear. "Hinata doesn't let me do a quarter of the things that I've done to you."

Anko grinned. "Can we bring out the handcuffs tonight?" she asked.

"For you maybe." Sasuke said. "My wrists are still a little chafed from last time."

"Don't act like you didn't enjoy it." Anko said. She had rode him long and hard - that night alone, he had pumped at least four loads into her cunt… and that was without even mentioning her tight ass or warm mouth.

"I did," Sasuke admitted, through a mouthful of pancake. He swallowed, washing it down with some tea. "But I much prefer tying you down." At that, he thrust up into her, catching her off guard and throwing Anko head over heels into a tremendous orgasm.

When she had finally come back to reality a minute or two later, she glared at him.

"Asshole…!" she grumbled. Gripping his shoulders tightly, she began to ground her hips against him, creating that delicious friction inside of her that allowed his mammoth cock to scrape across every inch of her inner walls.

Sasuke smirked, taking a sip of his tea.

"Out of twenty seven wives, that's the best you can do?" he said.

Anko grit her teeth. "What's that supposed to mean?" she said, her face rather heated.

Sasuke chuckled. "It's adorable when you try to force a moan out of me," he said, smiling slightly. He leaned up, pressing a chaste kiss to her cheek.

"Adorable, huh?" Anko said. "Not exactly what I was going for," she admitted. "But I'll take it." She settled down, although she still gently rose herself up and down on his shaft, loving the way his mushroom head would nudge against her cervix.

There a soft groan, that pierced through the kitchen. Anko craned her neck around, and Sasuke peered past her heaving bosom - as a familiar bob of shockingly red hair appeared from beneath the table. Erza clambered onto a chair, her pussy leaking copious amounts of cum onto the tiled floor, her appearance disheveled and sweaty.

"What's... " she panted. "For breakfast?"

"Eggs, sausages, and pancakes." Anko said. "Your plate's on the counter."

"Great," Erza said. Her teeth gritted, she eased herself up. She walked as if she had a clubfoot, cum spilling from her snatch and onto the floor like water leaking from a pipe. Erza made sure to press a kiss to Sasuke's cheek as she walked past him, and also made doubly sure to give Anko's juicy ass a smack as the violet haired woman rode their shared husband.

Erza collected her plate, before slipping into a seat that was just at Sasuke's side. "What's the plan for today, Master?" she asked.

Sasuke shook his head slightly. He was a little curious as to why she always insisted on calling him that - though it was undeniably erotic, and the mere sound of her addressing him as that gave him a hard on. A trick she had long since learned to pull another load out of him before bed. Actually, now that he thought about it, that's why she called him Master.

"I'm going to meet up with Naruko." he said. "Kakashi has her holed up in her office."

Erza blinked. "When are you going?" she asked.

"Mmm… I'm running a little late." he said, popping the last piece of his breakfast - an egg into his mouth. Once he was done, he leaned back slightly… relaxing for a moment, taking in the warm sensation of Anko's walls gripping his member. "Sorry for cutting this short," Sasuke said, gripping Anko's hips tightly and pulling her off of his lengthy member.

Anko whined slightly. "It's fine…" she said a moment later, a pout on her face - although the attempted 'innocent' look was ruined by: a, it's Anko, and b, the fact that he could hear her juices sloshing onto the floor.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "I know I said you're adorable, Anko, but only Hinata, Sakura, or Naruko can guilt me like that."

The facade washed away in an instant, as Anko scowled. "Argh… fine, jeez." she said, folding her arms over her apron-clad bust. "I will be in bed, with those hand cuffs on. The moment you get home, I expect that cock inside of me. Understand?"

Sasuke chuckled. "You got it," he said, standing up. He pulled up his pants. Sasuke bent down, and Erza leaned up - kissing him. He collected a kiss from Anko as well, before striding out of the kitchen. He had to wash up after all… while it was no secret that he was wed to numerous women, he didn't want to waltz around the village smelling like sex.

He showered. Dressed. And then, he was out of the door.

Naruko had been shepherded into two different lives - her kunoichi life, where she occasionally went on missions, and her office life, where she spent long hours pouring over work that Kakashi would dump on her.

And unfortunately, for the time being, she was confined to the office part.

She wasn't in a cubicle or anything. No, she had her own office down the hall from Kakashi's - nice and private. She liked to keep the curtains drawn, the door closed… mostly so she could work in peace, and not have people gawking at her as they walked past.

Fame came with a lot of awesome perks, but she had never really gotten used to the fans or… even worse… fanboys. She shuddered.

"Careful there." Sasuke said, his hand softly gripping her blonde locks.

She gave a hum of acknowledge, Naruko continuing to bob her head up and down his member, her tongue swirling around his shaft - slathering it in her saliva.

That was another reason she liked her privacy. Sasuke made sure to pop in every now and then, to help… 'ease' the burdens of her captivity. Or, to put it a little less delicately, to pump a hot and sticky load into either her pussy, ass, or mouth.

Fuck, she loved him. Naruko was his first wife - but, he had a lot of others to attend to, and he knew first hand the desperation some of them had for his delicious cock. It was amazing that he had time for her at all, especially when Tsume and Hana were in 'heat' so to speak.

"Anyways - back to what I was saying." Sasuke said. "Samui sent a bird ahead to say that she's supposed to be coming in a week or so. It's been a while, and I think she deserves a treat - do you mind if we use your apartment for a day or so? Erza would probably keep getting in the way."

Naruko thought it over for a moment, her face twisting slightly as she continued to blob him. But, eventually, she gave a grunt of consent.

"Great." Sasuke said. "A little more tongue… there… there we go…" He let out a moan. "Getting close," Sasuke murmured. "Where do you want it?"

Naruko grinned - a distinctly odd look considering her mouth was full of cock, but endearing all the same. She reached a hand up, and tapped her nose.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Feeling kinky today, hmm?" he said. "Alright."

She continued to bob her head up for a minute longer, until with a tap, he signaled that he was ready. With a pop, she slid him from her mouth - grinning from ear to ear.

"Kinky?" Naruko said, licking her lips. "No… I just think I tend to work a little harder with a nice, hot load on my face, that's all." Her blue eyes were glazed with lust. Her cheeks were rosy, face flushed. Her blonde hair had fallen out of their ordinary pigtails, instead disheveled, poking up in odd places. Despite the messiness, she still looked sexy beyond all hell - Sasuke could still hardly believe a woman like her would choose to marry him.

Sasuke chuckled. "I can help with that." he said, gently stroking his member - angling the tip until it was pointed directly at her nose. She stuck her tongue out, her mouth wide.

He came with a grunt, spraying his seed all over her waiting face - painting her skin white as if he was using her tanned features as a target board. Jet after jet rocketed out over her, until she was covered. Some of it landed in her mouth, which she swallowed down with audible gulps, letting out refreshed gasps as if she had just finished a bowl of Ichiraku's ramen.

Naruko beamed at him. "Mind hopping out of the chair?" she said nonchalantly, as if he had just blown a load all over her face.

Sasuke complied, the chair squeaking as he stood up. Naruko slid into it - leaning back with a satisfied look on her face… which was hard to see, considering her features were bathed in a thick layer of white, gooey cum.

"How much work do you have to do?" Sasuke asked.

Naruko sighed. "I'm getting there." she murmured. "Hopefully I'll be done by tonight."

Just then, the door opened.

Kakashi walked in, taking one look at Naruko and Sasuke, before sighing. "You know…" he said, a forlorn expression on his face. "I kind of wish you would get around to continuing the Icha Icha series, Naruko." Kakashi said. "I feel like you'd have a lot of material to write about."

Yeah… this wasn't the first time Kakashi had walked in on Sasuke after he had done various things to his wives. He had over two dozen wives after all, and many of them were Konoha kunoichi. More than once, Kakashi had been forced to give a mission to say, Tenten or Hinata, whilst they were leaking cum down their thighs, and onto his once spotless carpet. Seeing Naruko with a massive facial didn't even faze him at this point.

Naruko laughed, glad that the cum had finally started to dry, and she could get back to work without dripping it over the papers. "Don't be so melodramatic, Kakashi-sensei." she said. "Like I told you before, it's in the works. It's not my fault that Sasuke won't help me with my 'research' for it…"

Sasuke sighed. "It's not my fault that whenever we get started 'researching', you tear my clothes off, throw me on the mattress and jump me." he said coolly.

Naruko pouted.

Kakashi chuckled nervously. "Well, here's another stack of paper." he said, dumping it on Naruko's desk. "Enjoy!"

And then he walked out.

A vein throbbed on Naruko's cum coated forehead. Sasuke cringed.


Sasuke let out a sigh.

The break he'd gotten this morning had been nice - but, he always loved being able to sneak off under the pretense of training, and just enjoy a few hours to himself. It reminded him of being on the road, of long nights beneath the starry sky, of reminiscing about days long past.

Of course, he actually trained when he was doing that stuff. The world may be at peace - something Sasuke could help ensure, considering he was married to three of the world's Kage and to the future Hokage - but he wasn't one to slack off.

He went through the simple katas, taught by scrolls he had pilfered from the ruins of the Uchiha compound. His movements were slick, fluid, almost like watching water flowing down a stream - although at any moment, he could lash out with a punch that could both shock and send you flying through a set of trees.

Then, he moved on to elemental training. Just basic stuff - a fireball shot into the trees, a Chidori through a rock, a few basic wind, water, and earth moves to keep his skills sharpened in those departments.

And after he had finally warmed up… he moved onto the real meat of what he wanted to work on today, the freshest dojutsu in his arsenal, the feared Rinnegan.

He had begun to widen his techniques with it, Naruko aiding him in that endeavor with what she had seen during her battle with Pein. He could command all of the paths at will, although he still had trouble with the Asura path. The irony was not lost on him.

But… there was more to unlock. Amenotejikara was a very useful ability, but there just had to be something else, there had to. The Mangekyou sharingan had given him two unique techniques - the power to summon Amaterasu, and the power to manipulate the eternal black flames as well. It stood to reason that the Rinnegan would give him more than one ability as well.

The best way to train with it was to experiment. Try doing different things, and to work it, flex his powers a bit - perhaps absorb a fireball that one of his Kage Bunshin fired at him, or uproot a tree with the power of the Shinra Tensei.

That night was different.

In the year that he had been doing this style of training, nothing had happened.

But that night… on the anniversary of his settling down with Naruko, everything changed.

There was a snap.

A shift.

A breeze in the wind, that caused the hairs of his neck to stand on end.

His Rinnegan burned. His chakra swirled, his body grew stiff - his hands clammy, his teeth gritted, his face twisted in a mixture of fear and apprehension.

A minute passed, then another, and another.

It appeared, in front of him. It made no sound, there was no smell, nothing to make it seem as if it was a real, aside from the fact that he could see it right before his very eyes.

"What… the hell…?" Sasuke whispered.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl. There was a whisper in his ear, of something he couldn't quite hear.

Whatever had appeared before him was circular - hanging a foot or two in the air. It was a deep purple expanse, swirling and shifting like when you dropped a pebble in a pond. There was something about it. Something eerie. Something strange… something supernatural.

Sasuke didn't have time to cry out, to yell, to do anything.

One moment, he was standing there - staring at the portal, his eyes the size of dinner plates.

And then there was a pull, on his entire body, as if he had used Bansho Tenin on himself.

His feet left the ground. He hurdled towards the portal, and soon he disappeared inside of it.

The world turned purple for several moments - his body first feeling as if it were on fire, and then as if he was freezing to death. And then, nothing. The purple ebbed away… replaced by a never ending blackness that stretched on forward.

Sasuke felt his consciousness drain as well.

But as the dark world swirled, one thing echoed in his mind, one piercing question that was prevalent above all else.

'What the hell just happened?'

The next chapter will be coming soon.

Something to note. In the original story, there were three crossover characters that were members of Sasuke's harem - Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail, Nico Robin of One Piece, and Rias Gremory of Highschool DxD. Whenever Sasuke visits their universes, these girls will be dragged along with him - and will depart his side the moment he leaves that universe and goes to the next. Just a note.

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