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Naruto sat on chair grumbling at the unending paperwork.His only saver was sasuke who was sitting across him.He took a break from his mission but sakura didnt know it yet.They talked about the mission result as naruto said"sasuke it sucks.the peace was good.but its boring,hell my sex life has dulled down".

Sasuke chuckled at his partner,after boruto and himawari are born hinata became less interested in sex as per naruto.He turned to him saying"atleast hinata is in home.iam basically living a long distant relationship with my wife".

Naruto grimaced as he remembered sakura throwing a fit on learning sasuke left again without seeing her.He want to help his former crush but he was out of ideas untill a thought came across him.

He turned to sasuke saying"sasuke i have an idea.but dont kill me".Sasuke nodded as naruto contined saying"you know the ino-shika-cho team right.aparrently they are following a arrangement called swinging.why not try it out".Sasuke was about to take his sword but actually thought if the plan,it was not actually cheating.The plus point is that sakura will not feel lonely again.

Seeing sasuke naruto said"come on sasuke not only sakura.hinata will also be lonely since i have to go to a alliance meeting for a month in future".Sasuke grumbled as he accepted but got a question"naruto what if our wives got pregnant by eachother".

Naruto waved saying"dont worry.i can make my cum infertile but as for are imfertile right".Sasuke blushed in embrassed at that.true he cant make a woman pregnant.sarada was a special case since naruto and tsunade helped to make him fertile for a single day.

His cursed orochimaru for that.During his betrayal,sasuke was tasked to impregnate as many girls as possible.but due to drugs and poison of orochimaru,he became unable to have children.He cursed karin for telling that information to naruto.

Naruto and sasuke agreed for swinger lifestyle as naruto entered a blood conract with sasuke.A thought came to sasuke as he said"naruto dont tell our wives about this.but lets seduce eachother wives".naruto grineex as he hugged sasuke saying"i know you are the best sasuke".The rivals formed their plan with the first target being Sakura.


Sakura sighed in displeasure as she slide the dildo again.She was frusrated that there is no dildo in leaf village with his husbands size.She cursed her husband for leaving her unsatisfied.The next time she sees sasuke,she will fuck him immediately even if people are watching.

She heard the doorbell ringing as she quickly opened it.Sakura thought it was sasuke as she kissed the person at the door.Sakura moaned into kiss but felt something different.The kiss gentle and not rough like sasuke.She opened her eyesas she drew backin shock as she accidenly kissed naruto.

He smiled at her saying"i hoped you would continue sakura".Sakura sputtered as she ran inside.Naruto found it cute as he sat on sofa as he noticed a raven seeing the two of them.

Sakura got into shower as she blushed at her action.The kiss felt different.Sasuke treated her like a slut and fucked her into submission.But with naruto she felt gentle love for the first time not like sasukes rough treatment.

She wanted to impress naruto as she put on a stunning strapless red dress.It was an agreement to elevate sakura loneliness.Every week naruto and sakura would go on a date like friends and even hinata knows of these dates.

Naruto blushed as he saw sakura.He have to admitt he still has a minor crush on sakura.He offered his hand as sakura held his hand and followed him outside.

The date was normal but for sakura she blushed at every afection naruto showed.She faled to noticed a raven looking at her with sharingan eyes.Sasuke knows sakura need a push so he was giving a edge to naruto.

Sakura blushed seeing narutos back as he escorted her home.Naruto was about to go but a dark thought came in her mind.She held his hand saying"naruto can you come inside.i want to talk to you ".Naruto grinned as he entered inside.

Sakura fidgeted as she felt nervous.She knew it was wrong but a dark voice whispered that as long as sasuke doesnt knows its fine.

Naruto sensed her emotions as he hugged her from behind.Sakura was shocked but gasped as he fondled her boob.Sakura turned to him saying"what are you doing naruto?".

Naruto grinned saying"iam doing what you want sakura.did yiu forget that i can sense emotions".Sakura struggled as she moaned at the contact saying"this is wrong naruto.iam married".

Sasuke was glad that sakura still loved him but naruto slipped a finger into her inner thighs saying"then why are you aroused.also it can be our secret,sasuke is not here right".

Sakura tried to resist but failed as she leaned into naruto for pleasure.He kissed her neck as sakura drew away from him.Naruto was confused as sakura looked at him saying"lets move to bedroom".Naruto grinned as he carried sakura to her bed.

Sakura fel horny as she was about to commit a taboo on their own bed.She was laid on bed as naruto removed her dress slowly.Sakura covered herself in shame as she already saw hinata cup size.

Naruto removed her hands saying"you are beautiful sakura.dont hide".Sakura moaned as naruto kissed her body.Dhe can literally feel the love naruto was showing her.She moaned in dissapointment as he drew back.

Naruto stripped as sakura blushed seeing his figure.Sasuke was handsome but somewhat skinner than naruto.He dropped his pants as sakura compared their dick sizes.

Naruto was two inch smaller than sasuke but thrice the thick than sasuke.She was about to serve his cock but naruto stopped her saying"dont bother sakura let me help you".

Sakura nodded as naruto rubbed his cock on her pussy.Naruto waited enough as he slowly inserted his dick inside her.

Sakura moaned as it stretched her pussy more than sasuke.Naruto grited his teeth at he tightness as he struggled to move it inside.Not even hinata was this tight as a virgin.

He felt her womb as he stopped himself.He saw sakura nodding her head as he moved slowly.He failed to sense a limbo sasuke clone seeing them as he jerked off.

Sakura moaned in pleasure as naruto fucked her.It felt so much different than her husbands rough love.She can almost drown narutos love.

Naruto grinned at sakuras face as he fucked his friends wife.He moaned in pleasure as her pussy tightened again.He increased his speed as he fucked sakura.

Sakura indulged in lust as naruto increased his speed.It was not full speed like sasuke but enough to make her moan in pleasure.

She felt his dick expanding as her eyes widened.She was so much in lust as she didnt considered the concept of geting pregnant.

Hot white globs of cum shot into sakura as she moaned in pleasure feeling the cum.She has to admitt naruto cummed more than sasuke.Her womb was full as naruto filled her.

He drewback saying"we are done yet sakura".Sakura looked up to see his dick still standing erect.She smiled as she kneeled infron if him preparing ti clean his cock.

They both failed to notice a pair if red sharingan eyes other than sasuke peeping in them.

Naruto woke up to see sakura sleeping on him.He replaced himself with a pillow as he left for home.As naruto left,sasuke appeared as he imprinted the picture of his own wife satisfied by his friend.

Hinata asked many questions on why is he late but naruto lied that the work was more than he expected.

Days passed as naruto left a clone for work and go to sakuras home.Sakura was delighted that naruto took time to meet her everyday.She also began to get bored of slow and gentle sexbyt everything changed as he summoned shadow clones on bed.

Currently she was riding a cock with another cock in her ass.Her mouth was occupied by another naruto as they gangbanged her.All three clones cummed inside her as they didnt stopped fucking her.Sakura fell unconsious as the pleasure was too much for her.

Unknown to both if them,the door was slightly open as sarada viewed everything.

She was first surprised as the hokage spent time with her and her mother.She dismissed it as she felt a fatherly bond with her idol.But she grew curious as days passed.One night she heard moans from her mothers room ss she decided to check it.

She got to the room as she peaked inside.Her eyes widened in shock at the scene before her.On her parents bed was her mother moaning like a slut as hokage-sama fucked her.

She unconsiously slipped a finger inside her nightgown as she activated her sharingan for better details.She muffled her moans as she fingered herself seeing her fatherly idol fucking her own mother.

Everyday sarada would come to sakuras room as she peeked on them.She cummed as she cleaned the floor still watching the debauchery infront of her.




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